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My Cataclysm wish list - pre raid

Getting my head around Cata druid healing

Cataclysm is out!

Heroics - happy and sad

Slowly getting to 85

Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10man)

Resto druid blog trolling

ICC 10 man achievements Part 4

ICC 10 man achievements Part 3 + Naxx 10 achievements

Goddamnit they removed the quest!

Healing and Mana and specs

ICC 10 man achievements Part 2

ICC 10 man achievements


More Whelps! Handle it! (10 man)

Cataclysm World Events - phase 4

It's over 9000!

Xynzelle is back

Troll Epic flight form

Cataclysm World Event

Exalted with Frenzyheart! And 25 tabards!

Speed kill for Yogg-Saron

Cymre got the It's Over 9000! Achievement

Finally getting our Draconic for Dummies from Onyxia

Cataclysm Cinematic

Druid healing in 4.0

Patch 4.0 day

Last day of Arena season yesterday

A couple more achievements...

Should I call this the weekly frostwolf?

Fishing for Old Ironjaw

First heroic tier token!

Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 man)

So close on heroic BQ but no banana!

Got 1550 achievement in 5s!

LK 25 down at last!

Moo close to getting all his shards...

Zalazane's fall

Heroic 25 mans ICC

Back to Ulduar again... one more achievement to go!

Ruby Sanctum 25 down on Thursday!

Wow 4 wings down in one night!

Woohooo! More Ulduar 10 achievements

Good 3v3 on the weekend

Massive recruitment drive

What!? No Vanquishers?

Ruby Sanctum ouch!

Arena Achievement!

Oops! Sindragosa 25 down on 13 June!

Heroic 10 Marrowgar and Saurfang down!

First look at 25 man hardmodes in ICC

Finally! Killed Yogg Saron in 10 man

Lich King 10 man DOWN!!!!

Finally! Got my bracers from Dreamwalker.

Blood Queen Lana'thel down on 25!

Putricide 25 down!

A lucky VOA 25 for me!

Lich King 10 man

Sindragosa down on 10man!

Blood Princes, Queen Lana'thel, Putricide down in 10s last night!

Wow! Dreamwalker and Blood Princes down on 25man!

Dreamwalker 10 man healed to full!

Undying Achievement

Festergut 25 down!

Rotface 25 down!

Woot! New neck!

Healing Festergut 25

Rotface 10 down!

Raid on 10 February

Pugging ICC 25 man - not a bad effort!

God I hate Rotface

My first T10

Festergut 10 - you CAN do it with no pally tank!

Blessed Cenarion Boots

No Saurfang 25 this week :(

Festergut 10 down!

Mass Exodus

Attempting Rotface 25

Healing Lady Deathwhisper 25

Healing Marrowgar 25

Healing Saurfang 25

Rotface 10 man

My ICC Gear Wishlist