ICC 10 man achievements Part 2

Well we came back yesterday and did Deathwhisper on heroic for Hyad, then we did Portal Jockey and Heroic Sindragosa giving us Heroic: Frostwing Halls which was cool!  That was the last achievement that Earthwisper needed for her drake, and it was cool for us too.  We were heaps better on the iceblocks that time compared to the previous time's attempt.  And the tank DEFINITLY has to wear Frost gear.

Then we did Flu Shot Shortage and Dances with Oozes, which were nice and easy.

Tonight we went back and did Putricide on heroic... and we managed to do in 2 attempts!  I had no idea what was going on the first attempt but the second time we got it easily with only Shadevar dying right at the end because he got the plague thing.  So Heroic: The Plagueworks was gotten by most of us tonight.

Thraso was impressed that it only took us two goes to do it.  I wonder if he thinks we're some kind of idiots or something.  He should realise however that we did have some of the highest dps'ers in the guild in that group (and awesome heals ie me and Bel!).  So basic strategy for Heroic Putricide was that there is no longer that Gas thing which makes everyone frozen, in that stage 2 blobs form.  And he also puts a plague thing that lasts for 60 seconds and it jumps to people within 3-4 yards so whoever gets it has to run away and stand there for about 7-10 seconds and then someone else has to take it off them otherwise they will die.  And so someone has to keep picking it up until it times out at 60 seconds.  All the ranged have to stand at the same spot as well for the green ooze, and when you get the orange ooze, you go and run into the corner and hide.  The Malleable goo apparently does more damage too.

So we went and did heroic Blood Princes and Blood Queen, so a few people got their Heroic: The Crimson Hall, and Sevril and Moopie go Once Bitten, Twice Shy as well.  I hate Heroic Blood Princes.  I hope I never have to do it again.  Next week will be Shadevar and Lushnek's turn to get their blood queen achievement.

After that we had a few bashes at heroic LK.  Ugh, not easy to say the least.  Maybe another attempt on Sunday.

All in all, a good night :)