Healing and Mana and specs

I'm finding I'm OOM a lot more these days, especially when I'm not watching what I'm doing.  Now that rejuvenation is so expensive I find I have to hold back a lot more with heals, and do more raid healing with wg and only rejuv people who are low.  I have had to go do some reading about where I should be putting my points.

Lots of people are taking Furor.  I should put some points in that.  I'm wondering if I should drop points in Naturalist to compensate.  The extra mana pool would be nice.  I wonder if my healing would suffer because of that.  I wish I had given it some thought before I just whacked all my points in.

I noticed that on Dreamwalker normal that HK in his offspec nearly healed as much as I did.  I need to have a serious look at my healing rotation and see if I should be doing something different.