Festergut 10 - you CAN do it with no pally tank!

Festergut went down again yesterday.  Had 2 warrior tanks and it actually went down on the 4th attempt.  We did have some amusing moments like when Shabadu iceblocked out of the Gas Spore so that the dps lost out on one debuff but we still managed to get it down despite the ranged only having 2 debuffs.  At the end of the fight we had 5 dead (4 died right at the end).  Though Shabadu hadn't done the fight before so we forgive him for his noobishness!

We did try to 2 heal it, just me and Bel but that was too hard, so Eboniee offspec healed it for us, which made a big difference.  Guardian spirit, tanks blowing all their cooldowns and spam heals saved the day.

I think we could probably 2 heal Marrowgar, though we did it with 3.  We did Deathwhisper with 2 heals and embarrassingly we wiped on Gunship (because stupid me told Hyad to tank the mage instead of Bronzebeard - DUH how dumb am I).  But the second attempt went smoothly and it can be done with 2 heals, I stood at the edge of the boat and got Hyad to tank a bit closer to me so I could keep him in range.  And we did Saurfang with our usual 2 heals and it went smoothly.

Tanks: Chihako, Hyad
DPS: Sevril, Huntinhk, Shabadu, Duskull, Eboniee
Heals: Navimie, Beldarien

And! I got a shiny new ring - Signet of Putrefaction

Had quite a few attempts at Rotface.  Somehow we're still not quite getting it.  Haven't approached that down to 3% attempt that we had with Darke a few weeks back.  But the kiting is improving though it's not quite spot on yet.