Oh my god on a spur of the moment we decided to do Algalon yesterday and we managed to get it!

It started with me, Bel, Shady, HK, Auto and Hyad going into Ulduar on 10man to do Take Down those Turrets (which I've done already and so had Hyad), and we killed Flame Leviathan 6man.  Not hard really.  It's embarrassing to think that you can't do that with 10 people sometimes...

Anyway, I said to Bel, why don't we do an Algalon run?  So we got Cymre and Coolidge, Moopie and Azadelta to come.  I was a bit sad that Sevros (Sevrus renamed Sevril renamed Sevros) couldn't come, as he wasn't online at the time, but I know he would have gotten on if I'd rung him.  However, it was Bel's run and Bel didn't want to kick Autocrat out (even though Auto made the comment that he hadn't seen half of these bosses in Ulduar before).  So that was a poopy start.

And of all the nub things to do (with me even telling Auto no nub behaviour please!), while we are explaining the fight to Auto, Auto goes and shoots Algalon and starts it.  He claims he didn't do it but I have no idea how he shoots the boss who is not aggressive....

After a few wipes and then me yelling at Auto for being a nubnut, we did one attempt where it was like 2%.  It was so close.  I had rezzed and died in that attempt and I'm sure if I'd lived longer we could've done it.  Anyway a few more wipes and we finally got it!

Basically the fight needs 2 tanks, one tank tanks Algalon until he gets ?4 stacks, and then he gets sent to the other dimension where the other tank picks it up.  Collapsing stars float around and you have to kill them and when they are killed they make black holes on the ground which port you into another plane.  Living constellations come and then you kite them into black holes, and hope that there is still one black hole left for when Algalon starts casting Big Bang, where everyone will die if you're not the tank (though the tank takes a ton of damage).  You jump in the hole for big bang and stay in the other dimension for a few seconds and then pop out and rinse repeat until we get to phase 2.  Oh and there is Cosmic smash which makes a red thing on the ground, and it explodes if you're on it, as well as causing splash damage.

Phase 2 I didn't really understand, but the ghostie things which were in the other dimension appear in the normal dimention where Algalon is and then I was just running away from them, healing everyone whilst they burned down Algalon.

Yay for everyone, now we have Starcaller title!  It's been a while to get the thing together and running and we've been trying it for ages, but we finally did it :)