Finally! Killed Yogg Saron in 10 man

At long last we finally killed Yogg on Monday night.  It only took us 2 or 3 goes (that time) though that doesn't count the zillions of other times we've tried it.


Tanks: Hyad, Coolidge
DPS: Sevril, Moopie, Shadevar, Huntinhk, Shabadu
Healers: Cymre, Navimie, Melfina

Massive achievement spam in Guild chat!

We did have one attempt at doing Mimiron hard mode the day before, FORGET IT!  Was totally nuts.  I have no idea how you heal that crap fires everywhere!!!  On Sunday night we did Hodir 7 man, then did Freya 6 man (me being the only healer!).  Then we had a few more people turn up after their run finished and we could do Thorim and Mimiron and Vezax.