Friday, July 31, 2015

Raiding - We Soc'd him a good one!

Wednesday's raid made me roll my eyes.  You know how you get complacent when you think a fight is easy? Well, it felt like everyone was thinking that on Wednesday.  For EVERY fight.

Hellfire Assault.  Dreadfully sloppy.  At one point we had 3 Terrors up.  The raid damage from stuff like that was bloody terrible.  6 people died on that fight.  People weren't focussing the adds down and just hitting whatever, it felt like.  I'm not sure main assist was working though.  I think Nok died at one point and I rezzed him because he was supposed to be main assist.

The Iron Reaver.  SO MUCH FIRE. The first attempt, he had more health than he had previously before taking off and then a lot of people died during the second ground phase.  We had to wipe it, and after a stern comment from Kyxyn the next attempt was better.

Council was alright, and Kormrok had a weird issue with people not doing the empowered runes properly. One ended up under the melee and then it went all over the place, instead of towards the middle to collide with one of the other runes.

We had to wipe on Kilrogg because a tank died early and we had used our rez on someone else.  But the next attempt was ok, except for Voe running a heartseeker towards me on the right instead of to the middle.  Adds getting close to the boss was a problem also and it drives me nuts when me or Rag have to call out adds when the DPS should be doing killing that stuff.

Gorefiend at least went down and we had a little bit of time to spare at the end of Wednesday so we had a look at Iskar because there wasn't much point in clearing trash to Socrethar when we wouldn't get many goes at it (and with everyone playing like goofballs then it would have been a waste of time anyway).  I have to say that it was kinda fun to do Iskar on heroic.  The winds are faster and we had lots of us falling off. On our 2nd and final attempt on Iskar, Crooked was running trying not to fall off the edge and someone decided to throw it to him just as he was falling off and suddenly we had no Eye of Anzu.  I died that attempt because fat fingered Yuuda threw it to someone else and I also got blown off the edge despite displacer beast and roar. I found the whole thing rather funny - maybe it was because it was late at night, but it looks like a fight that's doable.

Thursday we were all getting ready for Socrethar. AGAIN.

This time we had 5 healers - Rag, myself, Yuuda, Bish and Rowyn. Our plan was to extend phase 2 as long as possible to get more damage on the boss because if we didn't kill him by the second phase 2 it was enrage and game over.  We would need Socrethar's health to be at least 49% after that second phase 2.

It was Rowyn's first time and I prepped her on what to expect (and she had watched the 2 min video already) and she actually did the mechanics very well.  She ran the fire to the correct side, though she did take the orb for a bit of a stroll Ultra-style one time, which we don't encourage because if you're targetted for the charge and fire next time you will be out of position and end up with a bad fire. We had a few people get stuck in the Fel Prison on various attempts and HK/Aimei made some dreadful Felblaze Charges and left fire trails at really bad times twice during the night that caused a wipe.

However we made some changes over the night which worked rather well. I got Rag to beacon the first two Man'ari, and then Yuuda and I would do the next two Man'ari, so healing them was much better.  Duck and Dan started interrupting the casters more and so they didn't get their horrible casts out as much.  Aimei started hitting the Dominator more as well.  Ghosts were better, as everyone was getting used to lining up with the fire. The second phase 1 was better because there was more direction on where to go instead of the free for all that it had been previously with people milling around trying to figure out where they should be (me included).

It was late and we had just had our 11th wipe and there was less than 10 minutes of raid time left. People were tired - Bish and Rag were waning and Kelthal left because he was really tired.  We ready checked and had everyone wanted to have one more go.

And OH MY GOD, we got it.  Poor Kelthal, he missed the kill!

And this time we managed to get a kill pic!  I did it before we did loot so everyone HAD to be there.

And loot... now this was different!

THREE glove tokens of... not vanquisher!  Three glove tokens of Protector dropped.  Those guys were VERY happy.  Luxy, Aimei and Madcow were the lucky winners!

I was in the poops because there are 4 items that Socrethar drops for resto druids, 3 of which I would like.  And of course I rolled the one that I don't want.  Yuuda got the cloak with a socket however, which was awesome.  The rest of the loot was sharded but we all wanted Tier, and it was great to see everyone getting some Tier!

Everyone was so happy - and poor Kelthal will have to hear about it when we see him on Monday for raid, where we will be having a go at Iskar.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mischief with everyone else's Waystone Building constructs

I'm sure I'm just blind but when I've gone into Aimei's and Kyxyn's garrisons I've never really noticed these constructs with little portals and a line connecting them.  I was in Danleet's garrison and I noticed them and wondered what it was.

I tried to click on the portal and then suddenly I was riding on some little step thing on the back of one of those constructs. I'm sure anyone who has a Ogre Waystone building is probably laughing at me because I didn't realise what they were.  All they are is a fast conduit between two points. Dan told me that if I move it, you lose the little fast movement between the two spots. Kyxyn expressed his dismay that I hadn't noticed every time I go to his garrison because he has those same constructs. Aimei too.

Anyway, moving one around made the line go away.  So I thought I'd have some fun.

In Dan's garrison, whilst he was talking on Vent, I jumped on one construct and moved it into the Ogre waystone building.  I took it to the back of the building on the top floor and hid it behind a pole, then jumped off and innocently asked Kyxyn if I could use his Forge to get the buff and he said yes, and I could also check out the constructs.  Of course, that was what I was going to do in the first place.  So whilst he was busy looking at transmogs for his paladin, I immediately took one of the constructs and hid it inside the garrison main building.

Quick, before Kyxyn sees me!
This looks like a good spot
Here's a good hiding place...
There.  See if he can find it there hidden inside the archaeology artifacts room.

At this point, Dan shouted out on ventrilo, "Navi! Where did you put my other construct??"

I was laughing my ass off.  Unfortunately my bubble was burst when Kyxyn told him that he can just go to the Waystone building and talk to someone there and they will reset the constructs.  Well, that just took all the fun out of hiding them!  Well, that and the fact that I'm writing about it so he'll know where I hid them.

At least now I have something fun to do whilst I am visiting my friend's garrisons /rubs hands together mischievously

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Raiding - Still going on Socrethar

We had all night on Socrethar and I think we made some progress but still not quite enough - we hit enrage and died and he still had a fair amout of health.  That tends to suggest we haven't got enough DPS, but when you consider that the construct does a lot of damage...

... then you would think we should spend longer in Phase 2.

The night went a lot better though. It's funny how on normal you can just kill it in our first phase 2, and then you think you're doing all the same things but it just doesn't seem to gel.  We used to tank at the portal, but now we've moved to the middle of the room and that seems to be a bit better.  Ranged with Man'ari are now standing between Socrethar and the ghosts instead of off to the side (though in reality, it doesn't matter so much if the ranged stand off to one side and get a ghost coz they can kill it).

Mana is absolutely shocking for that fight.  Phase 1 is ok, it's just phase 2 draining all my mana, and keeping an eye on the Agony as well to dispel is also heavy.  I tried healing it with Moment of Clarity for mana but found that was really lousy especially in Phase 2 with all those Gift of Man'ari.  I thought to myself that I really wish we had 2 paladins so they could beacon both of those gifted people and make healing a bit easier.  At the moment I'm trying to get them into a mushroom and keep lifebloom on the weaker one and two rejuvs but once we hit 4 I've been telling Yuuda which ones I'm healing and he can focus on the other two whilst I'm going all out.  Nok was healing with us and I have to say his healing with 4 set is amazing, so amazing it just blows the rest of us out of the water, it's that good.

It was overall an improvement, and people are getting the hang of the fight, so hopefully it won't be much longer before we kill it (and then it will become like Gorefiend - you wonder why we struggled on it, it was just making everyone comfortable with the fight).

On Sunday we got Xhul'horak down which was cool, putting us at 9/13N.  I did an Ultra and managed to fall off the platform when I was trying to run my debuff to the edge - how embarrassing. Nok had pugged it before so it was nice to be able to do the fight with someone who knew it. I was going to take a picture of the kill, but I forgot (and it's just normal, hopefully when we get a heroic kill I'll remember!). Duck was happy to get his 4 piece bonus (I passed for him - it would hve been my 3rd piece so he might as well use it since I'd probably bank it).

This Sunday will be the last time we'll be doing the first 6 bosses in normal as we'll be getting that 4th soul crystal thingie. It will be nice to save an hour and work on some of the later tier bosses!  Hopefully all raiders will pick up some tokens in the next raid week.  We can only hope!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ashran changes and a random meeting

Since the patch I actually quite like Ashran. I liked the changes they made and it seems more balanced - as in there are equal Horde and Alliance and your success really depends on your teamwork.  The 4 events + faction leader kill for a box containing an epic PvP loot item is a really nice change too, because it forces people to stay around for a while instead of getting their 200 points and then nicking off.  And you can get those 200 points from just killing people in Ashran, but if you want to get the chance of an epic you need to stay and play with everyone else.

I had already done Ashran earlier in the week and it was PvP night but nobody was on to play with when I first logged in and then only Sev was playing with me.  We ended up in Ashran and it was decent - firstly there was a queue to get in, and that's usually a good sign.  Crooked joined us as well and we got the dailies done.  Sev, unfortunately, like me, got an item that we already had as an epic item.

Whilst I was in there I got a tell from a hunter who said they read my blog.  I was excited and pleased to meet them and I photobombed them whilst we were in Ashran. I thought those kinds of things only happened to Rades (though that recognition was amusing because of a Cynwise anomaly)

I was surprised to see that they were in Tribo!  Which is Kaye's guild on Barthilas, which is also the guild where my crappy Barthilas horde alt is parked.

Brone told me that this was his alt and his main was on Saurfang alliance named Bronebeard, and I remembered, that was the name that I thought was spelled wrong.  I had to go check it up on my blog to remind myself and I found their comment on an old post.

After Ashran finished I met up with him at a neutral spot to try to take a proper picture.

If you can call this proper.  It looks like Talonpriest Ishaal is huging him from behind or smelling his neck or something otherwise indecent.  As I tried to reposition, I had a photobomber in platekini in my way.

So I decided to try to take a SELFIE.  Now I remember why I don't do selfies.  Because it's so bloody hard to try to take a good pic, especially when I'm a tauren and he's a dwarf.

Selfies as a tauren are hideous. No wonder I never use this thing.

Anyway, through the night I chatted to Brone, who introduced me to his wife Cass (also from Tribo) who was in the same Ashran. Interestingly, meeting her made something click - I had interacted with her before - I thought it had been on the Tribo facebook page but it was during a conversation on Tribo mumble. One of the female players in Tribo mentioned that her husband reads the Daily Frostwolf. Well now I know who said that!

Back to Ashran.  So the spawn timer on the Ancient artifact is now really annoying.  It drops and then there you have to wait a few minutes before it will spawn again (it's not an instant respawn like it used to be).  And I also like getting a box from every event now.  The other thing that was weird today (and I don't know it was me not looking correctly) was that Kor'lok had way more health than Kronos/Fangral.  I was pretty sure I saw 23million health on Kor'lok, and usually he's quite wimpy.

Secondly, I have never been to the jail/gaol on Horde side before. I went there for the first time today.

And I'm not sure if I've said this before, but that event under the ground is SOOO SLOW.  It is surely my least favourite event of the lot.  I do like how they made the races 5 rounds instead of 3, and also they increased the number of ores for Molten Quarry and the number of ghosts to capture for Ashmaul Burial Grounds (now 20, instead of 10).  They're not bad changes really.

But I'll say now, I'm never going to get those panda kills.  It's taking me forever and I've only done 168/500.  I miss those Nemesis group things we used to do!