Monday, July 28, 2014

Our first Guildie with the Dark Shaman mog!

Cptsars is our first Frostie with the Dark shaman transmog!  Here are some pics of him looking awesome - he picked it up on Sunday's raid.  He is one awesome looking shaman!

Pity he's telling me he's gonna mainswap in WoD... :P

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A female tauren's thoughts on the new tauren female model

When Blizzard showed us the new female tauren model I must admit, I had reservations!  Though the model looks amazing, detailed expressions and more fitting underwear (tribal look!).

The hands and fingers do look a lot better!  But I feel like I've got a male tauren's face!  I do really like the angry faces!  And I now am a very muscular female.

I think my main anxiety is that it is no longer the same face that I've gotten used to for almost 10 years.  I think if I didn't play a tauren, I would like the models more.  I think it's like the undead models, and the night elf ones, oh and that gorgeous human male - as someone who doesn't play those races, I think they're amazing!  But because I have that special personal relationship with my tauren, I don't feel like I'll be looking at the same tauren when the model changes! Yes I know that I could just not turn on the new changes but then I'll miss out on all the other new models.  The other thing is that I know I'm not the only one - when Sev saw the new orc male models he too felt a bit of dismay because it wasn't the same face - and Tome of the Ancient too when she saw Sasche's new face!  But the change is coming, no matter what I do, so I guess I'll just have to get used to it, like we get used to every other new thing with each patch and expansion.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hearthstone - Navi's adventures in the Arachid quarter of Curse of Naxxrammas

I know Hearthstone is supposed to be a social game but it's hard to play sometimes at work (OK OK quit the groaning I know how lucky I am to be able to play at work) or during a spare few minutes at home when you want a quick game and you don't want to arena or PvP.  So when Naxx was being released I was super excited because now I can play by myself for a little bit and experiment with different decks.

Naxx was released on Wednesday Australia time (Tuesday for all those other people) and I couldn't wait to get a look.  So I had fun playing my favourite decks with the Arachnid wing bosses: Anub'rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina and Maexxna.

I had sound off when I was at work, so when I was playing Sars was chatting to me and he told me Kel'thuzad was making him laugh, and I was confused because I couldn't see Kel'thuzad as a boss, and I didn't really see him chattering away at the bottom of the screen!  But when I got home and played, I heard him loud and clear!

Oh and I was super thrilled to see Faerlina's art pic - after all I am a Genzoman fan and I can recognise his art anywhere!  Oh and I never realised that's how you pronounce Maexxna (Mai-ex-nar).

I think you can play your favourite decks with these bosses and it wouldn't be much of a problem on normal. I had a little bit more trouble when it came to the heroic versions!  In the heroic versions the bosses have 45 health and all of their hero powers are friggin' OP!

So looking at Anub'rekhan on heroic, I went through a few shuffles before I decided that I was going to have to smash my way through and ignore those 4/4 Nerubians (his heroic hero power - on normal it's a 3/1 Nerubian) and after trying my Warrior agro deck and my Warlock control deck, I gave up and used a Priest Deck with Ancient Watchers, Ironbeak owls, Silences and Defenders of Argus to get some usefulness out of my Ancient Watchers, and then used my Lightspawn with Power Word: Shield and Divine Spirit to smash Anub'rekhan.  Didn't get to use my Faceless Manipulators but tried to pull as many cards as I could with Northshire Cleric and healing from Holy Nova and Circle of Healing to get what I needed.  Mountain Giants were in my deck too but didn't get to use them... though I'm sure there are better decks out there to use, but the healing really helped me with this one.

Grand Widow Faerlina actually gave me a lot of trouble - Priest deck was bad because her hero power (Rain of Fire - casts a missile for every card I had in my hand which costs two mana on normal and one mana on heroic) was smashing me because I was being a card hoarder.  So I was trying to use a Rogue deck with lots of combos and cheap cards, and trying to put out an early Shieldbearer. I gave up and looked up someone else's deck and they used a Warlock deck with all normal cards, which was really good.  They had Voidwalkers and Shieldbearers for the first play to soak up the Rain of Fire, and then got rid of annoying mobs with Soulfire and plenty of cards with attack power battlecries (like Dark Iron Dwarf, Abusive Sergeant, Defender of Argus and Shattered Sun Cleric). The rest of the deck was filled with Argent Squires, Flame Imps, Young Priestess, Amani berserker, Dire Wolf Alpha, Haunted Creeper, Knife Juggler, Nerubian egg (brilliant for this fight!!) and a Doomguard (which never got used). It was a great hand and I was annoyed I couldn't come up with that myself!

So for Maexxna, I was determined to do it on my own.  Her hero power was Web wrap which would return 2 random minions of mine back into my hand. On normal, it cost 3 mana but on heroic it costs 0 mana so she did it at the start of every turn.  Which meant that I needed minions that could charge or heal me because Maexxna would just try to overwhelm me with spiders.  Oh, and she started with 2 Haunted Creepers out already on heroic.  I used a hunter deck and let Maexxna put have 3 Haunted Creepers out and then used Explosive trap so when she put out her 4th minion (which seemed to be Shade of Naxxrammas or a Stoneskin Gargoyle) it would kill all the spiders and make the floor full of spectral spiders and she couldn't bring out anymore minions.  Then I was lucky because I had some good draws with another Explosive trap, and an Ironbeak Owl which dealt with the Sludge Belcher and made it to 9 mana crystals and just put out King Krush who smashed Maexxna - it was a close call but I haven't been able to duplicate the kill! I really want to try and do it without a legendary card in it - hopefully just common and rare cards so I have been trying again.  So muddling along with a priest at the moment to see if I can do it... but I haven't been able to outheal the damage yet!

So would love to hear what combos people are using - I am sure Dahakha has some expert tips to give me :P

Navispam - Plenty of places to look for Paladins

For AGES I have been trying to catch Plaidelf on her home server. But with so many toons, she is one hard lady to catch!  And then she's started playing Beta so I will never be able to find her now!

Plaidelf writes at Plenty of Paladins, and like me she writes about all sorts of things she gets up to in WoW, but especially her alts and their adventures (and transmogs). It's one of my favourite blog reads - I can't actually remember how I first started reading, but we have a lot of game/blog friends in common, so it was inevitable we would chat!  We chat through our blogs but it would be so much more cool to see her in game!

I did get to see her at one of the OLRG, but I was so strapped for time all I could do was say hi and bye and I had kids distracting me so I was a very poor conversationalist. I didn't even get a pic with her that time!

So after almost 2 months of trying to find her, I admitted defeat.  I had to ask a friend to ask her for her if I could battletag her so I could find her.  It makes me wonder why I didn't do that before because it made things so much easier!  Oh wait, I know why - that takes the fun and surprise out of it LOL!!

My friends were doing their OLRG and Plaidelf jumped out so I could have a long visit and a long chat and she could show me some cool things!

She used her alt from a PvP server.  And fittingly, a paladin, since her blog is Plenty of Paladins.  She asked me where I'd like to take some piccies and I asked her where she liked best.  Blood elves often say Silvermoon and so off we went.  Lukcily for me Plaidelf has a wide variety of 2 seater rides.

She showed me the emote where you eye someone up and down and the guardian's kneel.  I am not sure if someone has shown me that before, but I had to take a pic because I thought it was cool.

And this is one of her favourite mounts for Seish. It goes well with a Blood elf and a paladin.  I told her that mount looks silly when used by a Tauren.  Lots of mounts look silly when a Tauren rides it.

One of her favourite vistas through the archway.  I kinda ruined it with this shot, but pretend we're not in the picture and forget that I forgot to turn names off.

Another one of her favourite spots.  I remember these waterfalls, I got stuck in the rocks once.

And this place, Plaidelf says, makes her wistful and wonder how beautiful it used to be.  It was dangerous for poor little me because these Arcane robot things kept attacking me.  Luckily Seish despatched them quickly before I died.

And Seish's fave pet.  So cute, this guardian cub - rare now too, I hear, since they no longer sell it on the store.  It's doing the catching butterflies thing - awww so cute!  After that we played with all our interactive pets - Moon Moon's /dance, Tyrael's /dance, and ran around with Toxic wasteling, watching it eat critters and grow larger.  But time flew so fast and I had to run and do family things - Plaidelf's night is my daytime and she plays at night for family reasons (same as me!) and kids were clamouring for attention so I had to go.  It was a lovely visit and now I can talk to Plaidelf whenever I like! :D  Thanks for letting me meet up with you and Navispam you!