Friday, July 22, 2016

Doomsayers - get your pamphlets here!

MMO-Champion said this morning that the Doomsayers were up in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. The Orgrimmar one is in the tauren area, near the totem pole. CONVENIENTLY located near a graveyard!

He give you a random pamphlet every 20 minutes, and there are 12 to collect for a Feat of Strength (so you can't search for it in your new search function in achievements) but you can do it faster by dying and he will give you one after you've died. I did the rez sickness method (thank goodness my bank is now clear because of wardrobe or I wouldn't have been able to do that) and put all my gear in the bank before I started killing myself with fall damage and then it's super short run back to him from the graveyard.

The 12 pamphlets are actually quite amusing! Be careful as they are grey items - easy to vendor when you're cleaning up your bags whilst doing the achievement!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Patch 7.0.3 - The Busy Reality

Patch dropped in the early hours of Wednesday but I was unable to login till I got home. When I logged in, it was overwhelming all the things that needed to be done!

Firstly, the wardrobe.

Everyone was spamming guild when they logged in with the Fashionista achievements and it seemed pretty easy to get all of the achievements for each item slot. I'm surprised they didn't make it 300 items for each slot, rather than 100. Shirts seemed to be what people lacked the most, but they are easy enough to buy from the guild vendor. Now we are all Fabulous!

Secondly, the bag cleanup.

Now that all our transmoggable items were in wardrobe, everyone was cleaning up their banks and void storage. The amount of space left was astonishing. And it was very welcome! Everyone crowed about their newly found 100+ slots of storage, and I was thrilled to be able to empty my void storage and bank of all the weapons, cloaks, shirts and cosmetic items (I had forgotten these would go into wardrobe). That alone took me more than an hour.

There was also a whole bunch of things that became toys. I had a panic attack because I couldn't find some of the things that had become toys (such as my Chef's hat) but they had magically appeared in my mailbox because they had been upgraded. Phew! I was more distressed about the things I had thrown away that had suddenly become toys (like Breath of Talador, Ever-blooming Frond, Tasty Talador Lunch) and thought I had better go back and do those things on Minndy some day.

Thirdly, all our action bars are empty!

Xyn and HK were talking about their empty action bars. I didn't have empty action bars, but I DID have some spells missing. The others were spending time redoing their bars (though to me I can't imagine how long that would take, surely that would be quick?).

Fourthly, there were a few people that were looking for invites to the guild. Friends of people, and so I was having disjointed conversations with various people whilst in the midst of trying to clean my bags, look at people's transmogs that they had made and update my healbot spells. That took up a good 20 minutes!

Lots of people asking if we were raiding. And we have learned by now, that we will not raid after a patch because inevitably there will be bugs and restarts smack bang in the middle of raid. And we were right. there was a restart scheduled fro 10pm. So it was lucky we weren't raiding. Nobody would be ready anyway, with all the chaos with abilities changing, gear switches, empty bars and new talent trees. But, we decided to do something light, like Heroic Blackhand, with 10 people.

That had a big nerf, but it was kinda rough! Healing wasn't as smooth as I had hoped, and I feel like I need some warming up to get used to it. One thing that I did like was that my area of effect ability would only highlight and place within it's cast range (Efflorescence, which has replaced wild mushroom, and it now permanently acts like it's glyphed. I must be the only person who used it unglyphed). No more Nature's Swiftness that I could see. Nothing that a well rounded druid can't handle, but just a little different to what I'm used to!

Anyway, we killed it by brute force, and quickly (and nobody paid any attention to mechanics) but it didn't feel easy. So I think tonight we should try some heroic raiding to see what it's REALLY like.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Warlords of Draenor in 5 words #WoDin5Words

I thought it would be interesting to see what guildies had to say about WoD in 5 words. When #Brexitin5words was going around on Twitter, I thought some of what they said was really amusing, so I roped my guildies in to play. I'd love you to add your 5 words (and it has to be FIVE WORDS! Not 2 words or 3 words! FIVE!) in a comment at the bottom of this post!

Navi: I finally raided as Boomkin!

Xyn: Garrisons gone but not forgotten

HK: Oh, I don't know Nav

Sars: Khadgar is a bad ass

Crooked: Lonely Garrisons, Cut content, facebook

Neuro: Highmaul BRF HFC Fully cleared

McTacky: Three phoenix out of five

Navi: Why are groups all melee?

Splatzor: Please no more Hellfire Citadel

Morz: On again off again relationship

Kael: Please destroy my beloved Garrison!

Fielsa: Log on, Garrison, Log off

Naesca: Not as Bad as Suspected

Moisty: Let me take a selfie

Mysz: Login, auction, instance, ponder, logoff

Luxy: Guild wars 2 fun fun!

Tye: Level all of the alts!

Moisty: I miss 10 man raiding

Bish: There was not enough content

CTwin: I cry when not raiding

Koda: Great getting to know Frostwolves

Disco: Thank God Illidan is back

And here are some replies I got from Twitter:

@GearDread: I actually had fun, yeah
@shadowlightings: I finally left the game
@jubtrig: Fifth World of Warcraft Expansion
@froo: Oh look, even MORE orcs!
@theiggep: Who thought this was fun?
@cinder_tweets: Horde is not for me
@Grimmtooth: Many spikes, many manly orcs
@blindidiotgod: It was a thing, yeah?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2 new mounts

Kyxyn is astounded that I have never managed to get one of the mounts from the Tanaan rare spawn big bosses, and this week I got my FIRST one! Apparently they have a 15% chance to drop? Geez, I must just be unlucky! This is the Tundra Icehoof.

My second mount is the Sabrestalkers exalted rep one that costs 5000 claws. And is it just me, or does anyone else think this Bristling Hellboar looks a bit like Pumbaa?

Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase!
Still a long way till 300 mounts! I should try harder... but I am just SOOOO lazy :D Mounts don't really excited me...