Saturday, August 23, 2014

Live streaming and doing an about face

I will be frank, I thought that there could be nothing more boring than watching someone live streaming. Which is a really odd thing to say considering I enjoy watching arena games and Starcraft games at Blizzcon. People also stream themselves just playing WoW.  I could not think of anything more boring.  Why would I want to watch someone playing WoW when I could be playing it myself?

However, last night I was chatting to Ravz and I asked him "Are you having fun listening to us dying all the time?"  And I was a little surprised when he said "No".

A flurry of thoughts went through my head.  Was he disgruntled for missing out on the raid and feeling resentful?  Was he bored listening to us talking?  Did he think we were doing it all wrong and had a better strategy?  A bubble of indignation rose in my chest.

"Why?" I asked.

"I wish you were live streaming so I could see what you were doing," he said.  "I want to learn it so I can do it next time."

Oh.  Well I hadn't expected that.  And you know what?  I could TOTALLY understand what he meant. How many times have I sat out of raid and wished I could watch?  And listened longingly on vent dying to have been there to see it for myself?  It had never occurred to me that I could watch someone stream it... well, because I never really think of streaming as a fun thing to do.  But this was totally a good idea!

I was inspired.  I decided that I would look it up.  So in the middle of wiping on Heroic Blackfuse I was off googling "how to stream world of warcraft".

I knew had something to do with it.  And during some searches, some people said to use X-split so I decided to go with that. So whilst Jazz and Nath had their lagging issues and did a full restart of their computers, I was off downloading software so I could try this streaming thing.

Aimei was my test dummy and I bounced all my questions off him and made him watch the stream.  "How do I set up an account?  How do I get this to work?  Why can't I do this or that?"  But it actually turns out that the whole thing is very easy to do.  Just make an account on Twitch and X-split and then off you go.  So before long I was streaming, but I didn't realise it was streaming and Aimei was watching me fumbling around in game.  Now this was the funny part, because everything was coming through - my conversations, keyboard tapping, mouse clicking.  So after I did a bit MORE fiddling and disabled ALL game sounds (much to my chagrin - I can't cope with no game sounds) we were off doing Blackfuse again.  I told Ravzz I had it up and running so he watched it.

I asked him about it today, and he said that it was actually really good to be able to watch it.  At the time, he said that it looked very busy - which it was - and he said it was a really good learning tool.  I was happy and suddenly streaming went from being something stupid to something I might actually do for raids for learning purposes.

Naturally I had my own anxieties about it.  Have you seen my non beautiful UI?  Totally ugly.  And how about my bags being open sometimes?  Oh and how I often have quest objectives up on the side... OH, and what about people seeing me CLICKING stuff.  Oh and my personal chat - I hadn't covered that up - so people can see real names and all my private conversations etc! Oh and what if people hear me FART...

But I've now bought the subscription so I can block out the chat now.  Also, I will just have to be conscious of my language use - I do say a lot when I'm not hitting push to talk >.>

Friday, August 22, 2014

Mountains and Molehills - Saurfang's raid lockouts WIPED

It turns out that last night's reset didn't just ruin our raid by cutting it short, it had a more interesting side effect....

... it reset all of our raid instances.

Nobody on Saurfang has any raid lockouts anymore.

Jazz was on a rampage.  "BLIZZ SUCKS!" she ranted in guild chat.  "I want to kill Blackfuse!"

I actually thought it was a gift.  Suddenly we can clear some heroics and get some gear again.. but then we had to find time to raid, which was a pain in the butt. I even thought about jumping into a pug and then using their lockout but there was plenty wrong with that as Luxy, Glow and Tacky pointed out.

  1. Once I'm in their lockout if they kill any bosses then I will be stuck being unable to kill any bosses.  I had thought I would go on a PuG with a group not as progressed as ours.  But Luxy pointed out that other people might have the same idea.
  2. Also it would be nasty of me to steal their idea, and clean up the bosses and leave them with nothing to do.  I don't want to be THAT nasty person.
  3. If other did pugs and then we all had diff IDs even though same bosses we may not be able to raid.
So there goes my idea.  Somebody said let's just do SoO on Friday.  But I have no desire to do extra raid days - I need my fun times!  Fun times means I can relax, take pictures, talk to people... Ebay on my second monitor....

Tacky suggested, multiple times (he had to say it a few times to break through Jazz's popcorn antics) that Sunday's raid lockout could be used to extend the heroics.  Which is a good idea, but I still feel like that's wasted loot.  I suppose the loot wasn't supposed to be there anyway, so it's not wasted, really.  However, I didn't want Sunday's raid group to feel like they had to push quickly through content so the heroic team could get their raid lockout.  It's their raid their pace, I don't want the second team to feel like the girl in Jodi Piccoult's book "My sister's keeper" where the younger sister feels like she's only there to keep the older sister alive, to supply the older sister with a kidney, bone marrow, whatever because she was born to be a donor compatible.

But the amount of conversation about it was funny.  And some embarrassing typos.  Tacky was explaining his idea, and instead of saying "Navi can join Group" he wrote "Navi can join groin".  To which I replied "NAVI CAN WHAT?" and lol's from the guild.  Poor Tacky :P

So it's decided then. Whatever Sunday gets up to, we will extend from there.  And nobody is allowed to PuG heroics in the meantime!  And Jazz needs to Keep Calm and Work on her Tito. :D

Minipost: Raiding - So close I can smell the fumes!

We were so excited tonight, maybe we'd get Blackfuse?  Maybe!

But alas, it was not meant to be.  However, it was definitely progress!

We were plagued with weird lag issues which affected Nath, Jazz and Drauka.  Server had a shutdown at 1045pm and it may have been to do with weird lag because those three weren't the only affected ones.

I'm STILL being an idiot and dying with laser.  Poor Nath and Lushen still occasionally die on belt.  I'm still trying to fine tune that first laser - I've been sprinting then stopping as the blade flies by then trying to sprint again and yet also heal myself... it's just been ugly. Jazz has been doing it great most of the time now - whoever gets it I've been throwing my lifebloom on them with an ironbark, not sure if it's helping but clipping laser is way better than getting a sawblade IMO.

Don't know what I'd do without Morz calling positions.  I have difficulty organising myself let alone anyone else.  And EPGP.  Not there was anything to loot.

Exray and Aza were upset and frustrated because they have the fight down pat, whereas the rest of us are trying to find our feet still.  However, we were SO close - we got a 5% wipe this time, which means just a little bit more good positioning and we will have it.  I did say that I wanted to do a guild Garrosh on Monday. If we get it down - no, WHEN we get it down - we will do Garrosh hopefully as a 25 man.  I hope there are no more connection problems on Monday and no server shutdowns!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Minipost: Let it Go, Arthas...

I only started following Rygarius today and he put this video by Dallop T on twitter and I could not get it out of my head after that.

Fortunately I like Frozen AND I like World of Warcraft, but I am sure many people are horrified by the two being associated!