Sunday, September 30, 2012

Can undead be cute? FOR SURE! - Shabadu undead mage

One more chibi for the guild! A different, and non cute class this time!  Shabadu wanted to know what an undead chibi would look like... and he wanted to be offering some strudel as well, his favourite food!  I thought he should have a portal :) but I forgot to mention that.

So here is a chibi of Shabadu, courtesy of the lovely talented Sleepingfox!

Scary but cute?  No?  I love how Sleepingfox always does gear that is so easily recognizable.  I hope Shaba likes it because I certainly do! :D

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I know I should be levelling but...

I'm an idiot.  I spent all Thursday up pet battling instead of sleeping, though in honest I couldn't sleep, so if I had tried to sleep, which I DID try, I would have been wasting my time when I could have been levelling!

Ironforge and Stormwind are much easier to get into to pet battle than I thought.  Stormwind I did it outside near the edge of the lake where there are no guards but still within the city, and with Ironforge you can fly in (even though they still shoot you but it's pretty easy to get away and hide).  The hardest city is Exodar I found!

Woo I got a moccasin that made my 10th rare.

And boy have I been doing lots of battles!  I cheated on this... One of my caught 14s hit 15...

So I've now caught 100 pets in battles and got 200 points!  Wooo!

I managed to get my Tiny Twister and Tiny Bog Beast yay!  I partied up with Ancient to show her some spirit crabs - I even managed to get a rare one! I even dragged Arv cross realm to get a Tiny bog Beast!  I also got a Black War Ram from the mountains in Loch Modan, so that was great. 

This weekend I won't have much time to play, but... there is always time for a pet battle or two.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Revelations to me about Pet battles and Rares and Uncommons

I have been going through the achievements for pet battles and only figured out just now some things about pet battles which weren't quite clear to me before.

One of them was about rare pets.

When I was battling the other day I caught a rare.  It was a chicken.  I couldn't understand how that could be rare!  I mean you see chickens all over the place, right?  I just thought it meant chickens were rare in that area making it rare.

But actually, the pets themselves have quality, just like armour and weapons.  For the same type of pet, they have grey (poor), white (common), green (uncommon) and blue (rare).  There are of course rare spawning pets, and I hope they are rare quality as well (because it would be really crap to battle with them otherwise).

As a general rule of thumb I look at the stats.  If the attack power and speed are less than ten times the level then it usually means they are pretty crap.

So for this level 6 with 53 AP and 50 speed, it's pretty awful.
This one is a pretty good example of an Uncommon.  Level 8, 81 AP, 85 speed.
Look at the speed of this one.  123!  And AP is 94 which is quite reasonable, making it a Rare.
Everyone has their own way of levelling, but I was trying to level a few together, especially my rares.  Aza is kicking ass with just ONE thing (his Grell, which is pretty cool!) and hasn't really levelled others I think.  He did the whole of Kalimdor tamers with the one pet!

So now that I know what a rare looks like, I have been trying harder to capture those with good stats.  I'm now up to 8 rares!

Today I was thrilled because I got my achievement for Going to Need more Leashes (250 unique pets).  And I caught 50 pets in a battle for Going to Need More Traps.

You get a Feral Vermling as a reward for 250 pets.  I was worried because it wasn't showing up in my Pet Journal or my mailbox but I found you have to hit ressurect/heal all pets and it will appear in the journal.

I haven't started properly camping rares yet.  I have been to Wetlands a few times trying to get a Tiny Bog Beast, both day and night but I haven't seen one yet.  And also, I went to Arathi Highlands to get a Tiny Twister, and I went at night, as some comments said it only spawned at night, but I got mine during the day.  There were none at night.  There were a quite a few there during the day (and a few people as well).  I was pleased to get my Crimson Moth today - it only seems to spawn as the second pet that joins in a battle in Cape of Stranglethorn.  Twice I've seen it in battles in the Cape, and I am glad I got it this time.

The Wowhead pet battle database is excellent!  It has clickable maps showing spawns.  Well worth a look!

And Cymre has a great guide to the trainers and also some of the rare pets that spawn too!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 2 of Pandaria

Well, we have our first 3 level 90s!  Aza hit 90 whilst I was at work (early afternoon), and late last night Souglyy hit it second, with Roshii third - both within seconds of each other obviously because they were questing together.  So that was pretty cool!

Our monk duo (Exray's monk Lushen and his cousin Leesin) were level 80 at the 24 hour mark with recruit a friend, and still going strong.  I wonder when they will hit 90?  OMG imagine if they hit it before me (which is probably VERY likely).

I got to 86 at least before Lushnek had to go to sleep - that's not bad for a day and a half!  People are talking about raiding already - sheesh I'm still levelling and EVERY expansion I go at a slow pace!

I spent time at work today doing pet battles - it's amazing how it's the perfect 2 min WoW thing that you can actually walk away from if you're busy too.  I've been busy collecting pets and achievements!

I was trying to get to 250 pets last night but I hit the wall at 2am and even JD was telling me to go sleep.  He wrote a great starter panda story - it's been a while since I read some of his fiction, and it was well worth the wait.  I still haven't named my pets - my Clockwork gnome seems to be the staple of my battle team at the moment and I am liking spiders as well.  I've been using my flyers to catch the lower level pets because the high ones are packing too much of a wallop.

My friends list is full so often these days, I'm sorry if I'm not saying hello to anyone but it's only because I haven't seen you online and of course, like everyone else, busy questing our little asses off!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Frostwolves Activity - 1st 12 hours after release

Well it's been exciting not only PLAYING the expansion but watching guild activity as we go along.  Aza has been working hard for realm first Warlock - at the moment he's up to 88.  Yay Aza!

Souglyy and Roshii are now 87.

Probably one of the most exciting things in guild would have to be our guild leader Fueghan who got not only one, but THREE Realm firsts in professions!

Now that... is hard work.  I had no idea he was going to even do that, though I did know he was stockpiling.

I saw a lot of realm firsts going through - mostly Alliance.  The only horde one I saw was Ashes getting Realm First! Zen Master Enchanter.

I've been levelling with Lushnek, and since we're levelling together it's great to see that Pet Battles is something I can do independently!  That and professions :)  However, I had a buggy achievement yesterday - I didn't get Newbie, but I did get Just a Pup.  But I think it was just buggy yesterday because I do have the achievement according to my Achievement tab this morning.

My first pet is my Clockwork Gnome.  Since he is strong against Beasts, I thought I would level him first.  He's been great and he's pretty tough!

I was pretty tired yesterday - levelling just takes it out of me!  So I went to bed at halfway through 85.  Looking forward to more stuff today.  And I hate to admit it but levelling in a new zone is exciting.  I even look forward to questing :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dragon Kite

My latest purchase is the Dragon Kite from the WoW TCG. When I visited Beruthiel she brought it out to show me, I loved it so much, I really wanted one - it's apparently a bit old now. 

I was playing with it and it was a bit dark, so I couldn't take good pics but here are some of the different colours at night.

Then I moved to a different time of day and got some better pics of the different colours.  There are 4!

I had a great time playing with it in the afternon.  It must be the child in me.  :)

Frostwolves Sweepstakes for level 90

With every expansion we have a guess as to who is going to hit level 90 first!  It's always a fun level to 90, and Aza is going to work hard at trying to get to 90 first and be server first warlock!

However, I think a little game may be in order!

Guessing who is going to be first might be pretty easy.. but guessing the trifecta of level 90s might be a bit tougher!

The challenge is, to name the first 3 Frostwolves to get to level 90, in the correct order and whoever gets it right, will win one of the Blizzard pets of my choosing (obviously depends on what you already have).  If you have all the pets already... well I will go and buy a TCG pet instead :)

Here's my guess:
  1. Azadelta
  2. Gutsy
  3. Fueghan
Good luck everyone and happy levelling in 14.5 hours!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A guild video to conclude the Cataclysm

Well, tomorrow is the BIG DAY! To celebrate the big day I thought I'd finish off the Dragon Soul Video that I had been making and we can relive all those early moments of the Dragon Soul raid - for some reason I keep forgetting to FRAPS Morchok videos so I have no heroic kills with achievements (or even the normal achievement!). Probably just as well - was running out of time in the song anyway.

And doesn't Nozdormu look GORGEOUS? :D Though Alexstrasza and Ysera aren't half bad either /grin. 

The Light of Dawn

On Saturday night I saw Souglyy and Poldra in a heroic ICC run, and I asked her if they were doing heroic Lich King.  She said yes and told me to whisper Ashes, a mage on the server who is always selling stuff, running stuff (in fact he is the one I bought my second Sandstone Drake from - it was so much cheaper than me getting my mats, I couldn't understand how he did that).

I sent a tell and got an invite, and made my way along.  It was a speed run to get to LK, I could see someone was collecting shards.  It seems to be a weekly event - lucky I managed to get it in before Mists hits.

Hilariously, Lich King heroic was one shot, but we wiped on Putricide.  And we nearly wiped on Sindragosa.  Having not done it before, nor progressed much on attempts, I didn't know we all get pulled into Frostmourne and then we run around healing and I have no idea what the DPS were hitting.  Next thing you know we're dead.  I had a nervous moment when people were talking about it as if we'd wiped, when I thought it was the normal bit where he kills us all, but Souglyy reassured me that we had completed it and then the talking started so I did feel better.

Arvash was on and asked me, wasn't I going to JD's ICC run on Sunday (Saturday night for them).  However, I was going out in the morning to take my kids and my nephew on the train to the city for Family Fun Day (cheap train tickets) and that usually wears the kids out for a good night sleep.

Take that Arthas.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ayelena fires it up!

Ayelena sent me an email the other day and a song, and asked me:
"Do you think you could put together a video to this music file and have Ayelena and Corael (with other toons as necessary) starring?"
I had a listen to the song, and asked him what he wanted the video to be about. The song was "Fire It Up" by Thousand Foot Krutch.

He said he wanted to show some of his warlock abilities since patch, and since there was a lot of fire in his abilities, the song seemed appropriate.

"I'm more than happy to let you make all the creative choices."

Reading that made me rub my hands together in glee.  I had a few ideas... and I was happy he was going to let me do whatever I want!  Now to just sort out a time.

One evening last week I dragged Ayelena around Firelands, Searing Gorge, Molten Front and Deepholm to get as many videos as I could.  We did a ton of walking shots and dying shots, riding shots and flying shots... I was beginning to feel guilty for being the ruthless director yelling "Cut!  We need to reshoot that scene!"  "You're off centre!"  "Ok fly that same path again but turn a little north..."

So here is the final product!  I showed it to Ayelena and he was very happy with it, and he said I could put it on my blog.  Only one small mistake in the credits .... I spelled the name of the band wrong!

Three must haves - A Blog Azeroth Shared topic

Cymre did this topic a while ago, and I didn't participate because I was either lazy or I forgot, but I thought I have one hour to go and maybe I can squeeze it in :D

Mataoka of Sugar and Blood asks us this week in the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic:
...with the new patch, and all the new things coming, what are three things that you will absolutely not leave behind? Consider these three objects your virtual backpack- the twist is, a tiny story to go along with each item.

The number one thing on my list would have to be my Formal Dangui.  Transferable around all my toons to wear, it's rare and it's gorgeous and it's original.  I remember the day I found it, I was so excited!  It's a limited supply item from a vendor and someone said it had a 3 month spawn! I am not sure if I believe that... I don't know many people who have it but I feel lucky to have one.

The second thing is my Arcanite Fishing Pole which I won from the fishing competition.  I love my fishing rod and I will be sad to see us doing away with fishing rods in Mists.  I hope it doesn't suddenly disappear from my bags, because I would like to keep it, like I do with my other useless items such as Mallet of Zul'Farrak and Scepter of Celebras.

The third thing is my Sawbones Shirt.  You can't get that in the game anymore!  And I still use it as my default red shirt, here it is on my feral set.  The only time I would even consider getting rid of it, would be if I got Precious' Ribbon but even then I'd probably still hide it in my bags somewhere.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Patient Martha and Navimie

I first met Martha during Gnomeageddon's 6th meme event.  That post was a huge blogging linkup phenomenon that I was really curious how we were all connected.  Martha felt the same way, and unbeknownst to either of us, we independently started our own sequence of how the meme had spread amongst the blogosphere.

Martha made a huge list with links of who had linked to whom - it was almost like a family tree - and it was extensive!  It was a great reference because I would go back to it to look at new blogs.  I made a visual chart, with links between the blogs that looked totally crazy!

Last month, I was reading Martha's blog and she had a squeeee post.  Squeee means one thing to someone like me - she must have seen somebody, and she had!  She had seen Kamalia and taken a picture with her and was super excited.  And much to my surprise, there was a suggestion she was going to kitteh spam ME in that post.  Well, I thought maybe I'll try to catch her!

And so began weeks of camping.

2 weeks ago, I logged on and she was online!  When I whispered her she was AFK.  I found her toon next to the AH, and I wish I had taken pics of me sitting next to her AFK, but she ended up AFK logging out and I was bummed!  So I sent game mail and messages and hoped I would have better luck next time.

Next thing you know I was getting game mail on my server from Martha, hoping we could cross paths!  So we did the sensible thing - we exchanged realID and hoped for a lucky crossover moment.

A few days ago, our times crossed! 

Martha had to get ready for work - so we didn't have much time.  We both had a laugh at the default titles that popped up - I SO DID NOT choose that title but it was really appropriate for our meetup!  I had so much I wanted to chat to her about - her Etsy horses, her stories, and about the huge coincidence it was that we both came up with similar yet different crazy ideas.

But she had to go, and I hope we can meet up again sometime!  I'm sure our paths will cross again :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Fall of Theramore - Horde Side - A Navimie perspective

I feel like I was the last blogger to do the Theramore scenario.  I have had busy days at work and not much time to do anything much except raid and sleep.  So yesterday I snuck in to do it after raid finished, with Lushnek and Shabadu.  Lush had already done it but Shab hadn't so I was glad I wasn't the only scenario noob around.

Twitter and my blogroll are full of tales of disappointment.  But I saw one positive tweet:

Of course I only saw the horde side of it.  I can't do it alliance side because I don't have a level 85 toon.

So my impression... it wasn't mindblowing but it wasn't meant to be a world event, apparently.  I had low expectations because I didn't know what I was doing.  I just followed Lushnek around and killed things and I didn't really understand what I was doing.

I ran to the ships and we killed the people and rigged the barrels to blow, then we talked to a goblin and then we had to kill someone on a gryphon and then we had to go and kill a tank and then we had to kill someone else and get a key from him and free a blood elf prisoner.

And at the end of it we got a shiny purple and I got a mana bomb in the mail.  Everyone keeps saying how that is in bad taste, and maybe it is.  But I think all of us, even the pacifists like me, are supposed to revel in the anti-alliance sentiment that is Horde.

 One of the mini bosses was doing a love heart thing.  I didn't get a picture of him.  He was pretty cool.  I thought Catwynn would find all these humans rather sexy, though her perspective of the battle (Alliance side) would be totally different.

I snuck in to see Jaina.  Wow she has a lot of health.  She turned and looked at me, I think she semi spotted me.  Thank god she didn't see me or I would be one dead cat.
Well that was the Scenario and Feat of Strength done.  And then on to the cut scene...
Arcane bomb inc...
Owww, my eyes...
I have done the scenario two more times since then.  The last time I did it, we could sneak past most of the mobs so it took no time at all!  Well, that and I was with Roshii and Flike (Souglyy's rogue) so sneaking around was what we did best.  And of course, Roshii's leet DPS.

Because I went in with low expectations, I don't think I was as disappointed as everyone else.  I just thought it was an interesting by-scene.  It doesn't really tell me much about why we are doing it, but at least now after doing it, I know what happened to Theramore - we dropped a bomb on it.  Perhaps I need to go read Tides of War like everyone else to find out more about what happened. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our final Dragon Soul raid

What a melodramatic title.  Technically it's not our last, because it's not like it's going anywhere.  However, it is our last week before patch.  Time to say goodbye to level 85 raids when we were max level.  It was our last heroic Dragon Soul raid before Mists of Pandaria.  This time next week, we will no longer be together as a 10 man, we will be levelling, fighting for quest mobs and exploring the wonderful new land and seeing the new scenes, monsters, allies...

/wipes a virtual tear

So you'd think we would be running like a well oiled machine right? 

... not quite.

Can you believe we wiped on Morchok?  Yes, we were confused who was supposed to be running to the first crystal and kabam!  Whoops, dead raid.

Things went smoothly again after that.  Until Ultraxion.  We blame Gutsy :)  It was his first time trying Disc, and he never really stayed out for twilight before, and so he kinda forgot on the 3rd twilight that he was supposed to stay out... and we died.  LOL.

After that, we made it to Madness and we got to the last platform and Fue and Seven died!  Whoops!  So we were at 5.5 million and I thought man, I don't want to wipe, but we ended up pushing through it and controlling those silly bloods and phew, we had it!  Talk about a close call.

Drumroll.... who wins the Lifebinder's Handmaiden?

And the winner is.... Fueghan!

AGAIN!  He wins the Firelands mount and the Dragon Soul one!  Talk about lucky dice.

And this post is late because I've been waiting for him so I can put a pic with this post, but now I'll have to post without it.  But I'll put a pic of Roshii after pickpocketing Hagara in it just so at least I have one picture on this post...

Farewell Dragon Soul!  I won't be seeing you again until I'm max level!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The rise and rise of unethical behaviour

This is actually a post about real life, which has some cross over into Azeroth.  What I actually wanted to talk about was...professional ethics.

I am one of those fortunate people that really loves what I do.  I love going to work, I love the work that I do, and if I find I'm not enjoying it, I don't do it.  People wonder, how can you love putting people to sleep all day long?  Is that even a job?  People can go to sleep by themselves! Surely anyone can do anaesthesia!?

Anaesthesia is a science, which dabbles in a bit of art.  If you think anyone can put someone to sleep, think again.  Look at what happened to Michael Jackson.  Even though his physician was a medical practitioner, he obviously didn't have the skills to look after an anaesthetised person.  Being an anaesthetist is a bit like being a pilot - it's the take off and landing which can be sketchy but usually the bits in between are smooth sailing.  That's why I have so much time to blog.

I think one of the great things about enjoying what you do, is that money is no object.  If it's interesting enough, you even do it for free.  I am no saint that works for free, but I definitely would not complain about  my income.  It's more than enough to keep in a lifestyle that suits my needs.  And I do charge my patients, so it's not like I'm working for peanuts.  But what is reasonable and what is unreasonable to charge, is what I have a bee in my bonnet about.

I have noticed increasingly that money makes the world go around.  In medicine, money is the root of all evil.  I have seen colleagues fighting over cases which give more money, seeing people chatting up and brown-nosing the surgeons so they can do their private work.  I see people whinging about others who get more private work, when really, it's none of anyone's business who is working with whom.  I see people having operations done by surgeons because they are privately insured or workers compensation (which means it pays a lot of money).  It makes me sad, because I feel that medical ethics has gone down the drain.  Operating on someone because you would get paid more for it? If the patient was public you would treat them conservatively, and not operate on them.  To me, that is unethical.

The other unethical behaviour I came across was lying.  In medicine, like anything else, mistakes are made.  You should own up to your mistakes.  I certainly own up to mine.  I've had complications from procedures, but these complications are an accepted part of that procedure.  I learn from those mistakes, I'm mortified by them, but I don't cover them up.  Being honest in our profession, I believe is very important.  It's when patients are LIED to, that's when they get angry.  And when I get lied to, I get angry.  If my junior training doctor lies to me about something (like they say they ordered a test but they didn't, or they did something dangerous then denied it) then they get a long tongue lashing from me about what is ethical behaviour.

The other day, one of the medical students was angry at one of my colleagues, another consultant, because he wouldn't let them attempt to do an injection of anaesthetic into the spinal cord.  Now this procedure has complications, and we usually only let our own training specialist registrars do these procedures, because they understand and respect the risks, and are willing to take on the responsibility of the complications.  It felt to me like even the medical students look at patients like pieces of meat to be played with, rather than people, and don't mind that their actions can have complications and consequences because it's all for their learning.  It made me upset, and I thought about how I need to educate these future doctors about ethics, empathy and treating people how you would like to be treated yourself.  That student was probably not the norm, as I often meet great medical students who would be great doctors, but I worry that this sort of attitude would be on the rise.  Students should be respectful to their elders, and not show their tempers like that anyway!  Hmph!

In medicine, medical fees are usually derived on what the medical practitioner thinks they are worth.  Each of us sets our fee structure to what we think we deserve to be paid.  The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission does not allow us to have similar pricing to our colleagues - they say this is collusion.  In medicine, you get a referral from your local doctor to see your specialist and then you have your operation with them, and don't really go shopping around for the best price.  It's interesting to me, because in real life we go hunting around for the best price of things like cars, computers, even toothpaste, but you have to accept this decision that people make about your health. 

And the funniest thing I find - is that if the doctor is very expensive, then people assume they are very good.  This attitude confuses me most of all.  There are a few of my colleagues who are very good, and I think are worth the money you pay for.  The rest of them, are no better, or even worse, and less experienced, than myself.  And people like that give my profession a bad name.

My father had a procedure done some years ago that required an anaesthetic - that procedure is something I do very commonly in my professional practice.  When he told me how much it cost him, I was astonished.  Firstly, the surgeons I work with, for those procedures, if the patient is in a health fund, then there is no out of pocket fee, or "no gap".  My fee, is also no gap.  It's a simple procedure, and it pays quite well already for 20 minutes of work.  However, my father's fee was three times the price I am used to seeing, and the anaesthetist bill was also 3 times my own fee.  And my parents' reaction to that?  "Oh, he must be very good, he's a professor!"  Are you kidding??  You were ripped off!  I was so horrified by their bill that I insisted they come to my hospital to have their procedure done the next time, done by one of my friends and colleagues - and it cost them nothing out of pocket.  And they even had a better outcome than the expensive one.  Go figure.

And they are not the only ones like that.  People in Australia really do think that the more expensive you are, the better you are.  Which I find... bizarre.

But I am hoping this is not the norm.  I think that there are just as many good and reasonable people out there as there are unscrupulous ones, and I hope that all you good people out there who need operations and things get the good, honest ones, not the money gouging ones who charge you just because they can.

I have never been good at making money from my private work - my fees are lower than most of my colleagues, but I feel happy with what I am making.  I think other people look at everyone else and think "Hey, they're charging x$ more than me, I think I can go at least that much as well!" which is normal, right?  But I feel embarrassed charging big $$ - it makes me wonder, is it a self esteem thing?  Do I not think I am worth much?

But I honestly don't believe I undervalue myself.  I don't think I have a low self esteem - in fact, I know I don't.  I take pride in the fact that I enjoy my work, and that others recognise that I enjoy it and am good at it. So why am I talking about this at all?  Am I envious of my colleagues that make more money than I do?

I thought about that a bit.  I am not envious.  Because I could easily charge that much money as well and keep quiet about it and earn big $$.  The reason I am talking about this is because this my World of Warcraft blog, and it is highly unlikely any other medical professionals I work with read it.  Talking about money and prices is very hush hush and closed shop in medicine.  I have often wished the public knew how much prices varied for operations, depending on which part of the city you live, and whether that would shock people.

I'll use this as an example.  In the more affluent suburbs, an epidural, for labour pain can cost someone up to $2000.  That's with top cover health insurance and you might be out of pocket about $500-$600.  In the less affluent suburbs, the normal price is $500-$800.  And people might think that the doctors out in the affluent suburbs are better... but I know for a fact that they are no better than many of us who work in the less affluent suburbs.

Another example, which I found a bit abhorrent - a well known, famous surgeon saw a patient for a tumour.  His fee was $40k - which is a lot.  Other surgeons I know, good and reliable ones, would do it for one third of that price.  When the patient said they would think about it, and ask around the surgeon said "By all means, look around.  But if you get it done by someone else and get a complication, that leaves you incapacitated, remember, you could have had it done by me."

Now what is someone supposed to say to that?  Talk about twisting your arm.  And complications can still occur, no matter how great a surgeon you are!  I don't deny that person was a great surgeon - but I DO object to suggestions like that, the subtle hints to put fear into someone.  I was so outraged, but I can't say anything about it.  People can charge whatever they want.  It's fair trade.

So, how does this relate to World of Warcraft?

Something like this happened.  Ouchies.

One of my Frostwolves guildies fell and injured himself, and he was sent to one of the posh private hospitals with posh prices and I was worried that he would have to pay a ridiculous fee when he could have had the same operation done for a lot less in a different part of the city.  I think that prompted the money concern with price gouging in different parts of the city.  Fortunately his fee was reasonable - it was within the range of what I said was reasonable rather than $600 more.

The other way it relates... well, as I said, I am pretty hopeless at making money.  The only way I know how to make money for SURE, is to work for it.  In real life, that means putting in more hours, picking up on call - working for the lowest amount of pay per hour (though by no means feel sorry for me, because the pay per hour is very high).  And that, is just like doing dailies.  I make most of my money from doing dailies.

Maybe I should read Spazzer's Gold Guide!

I get embarrassed charging high prices for anything.  That includes things I sell at AH, and prices for enchants or crafted items.  And in real life, I'm like that too!  I look at the prices my colleagues charge and if it was me, I'd feel embarrassed!  I shouldn't be though, because if people are happy to pay for it then I should be glad (and I should charge that!), but I can't bring myself to do that, I feel... guilty?  I'm not even sure if that is the right word.

But I really object to price gouging.  I object to people taking advantage of others because they don't know any better.  I know the attitude of most people is "If I can get away with it and some idiot wants to pay that, then why not?" I don't like people putting things on the AH for a really ridiculous price in the hope that someone will accidentally click "buy now" and pay 100x more than what it was supposed to be as an accident.  I suppose it really isn't unethical, but it is taking advantage of other people's stupidity.  But should we be taking advantage of that?  Shouldn't we be helping and educating those people?

And don't get me wrong, if you can make money that way, then good for you!  I can't, because I really truly am hopeless at it.  I'd give everything away for cost if it was up to me :P  I'm just trying to explain my difficulties with making gold except for the only way I know how - to grind it.  So for those of you who wonder why I can't make money from the AH - now you know why.  Because I'm dumb at it!

Back to my original topic - how can I address this rise in unethical behaviour?  All I can do really, is educate, and lead by example.  Calling people out publicly doesn't work and it's just nasty and rude.  I don't think I can change a whole generation of junior doctors, but hopefully others will see the positive side of doing what I do, and follow suit.  Some people don't want to be helped.  Others are already good.  It's the ones in the middle of the road, on the path between good and bad, that I hope to be able to steer in the right direction.

Phew.  Thanks for reading the rant.  I think I've finished now.