More Whelps! Handle it! (10 man)

Finally got this achievement on Monday.  We had:

Hyad, Coolidge, Lushnek, Sevril, Azadelta, Beldarien, Shadevar, Faithless, Navi, Cymre

And boy were the DC's rife!  Even I Dc'd when they were aoeing the whelps down.  We probably had it the first time but then Shady dc'd and was ported back to Dalaran so we wiped it so he could get the achievement.  The second time was much better and we got it, with only Shady and Sevril dc'ing.  Fortunately both got back in and got the achievement.

We did it by having the locks running and spawning and then teleporting back up.  Coolidge gathered them all in the middle and then the DPS aoe'd them down.  Nobody died on the winning attempt that I can recall.  Boy it was finally good to get that!