Rotface 25 down!

At long long last we have killed Rotface! 2 attempts on Thursday and we got it!  Of course we had multiple attempts on Wednesday...

Healers present:

Check out my epic heals here.

Tried to double up healers on every target so that if one was running there was still someone healing that target.  So I had Tani+Melf on Fue (who was kiting), me and Bish on people with blobs, and the rest on MT and all of us on raid.

People really got the hang of kiting and avoiding the slime explosion and much better on slime spray.  A bit of panic towards the end but somehow we managed to keep people alive and I was one of the last cows standing!

Trauma dropped, and Melfina got that, he's really pleased.  No other caster/healer stuff dropped, the other things were dps stuff.  I wonder how Trauma goes for heals.  Will have to see how it is next raid...

And I frapsed it too!