ICC 10 man achievements Part 3 + Naxx 10 achievements

On Monday night we did LK and one shotted Been Waiting a Long Time For this, even with both tanks dying (Thraso died first, then Hyad, but Thraso got battle res'd), and then we had to do phase 3 with one tank.  I died too in phase 3...

It wasn't too bad actually, waiting all that time for Necrotic plague to stack up.  Just long in phase 1.

We then went to Naxx afterwards and did the weekly which was Rasuvious, and then we did And they would all go down together and Shocking! for Hyad and Bel and Shady.  I was a nub and didn't make the jump...  But at least I didn't die!!!  Interestingly for the 4 horseman one, everyone went to the back and did it.  Last time we did it in all the 4 corners, having it in 2 corners made it so much easier.

This week Thraso wants to come along again, but since Coolidge and Cymre want to come we'll probably have to do a lot of the achievements all over again.  Really that's only Full house, I'm on a boat and Portal Jockey.  Hyad and HK still need to do Heroic Rotface and Heroic Festergut so we'll be doing that (which is easy).