Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10man)

We got our Bloodbathed Frostbound Vanquishers!

We ended up doing the burn method.  We tried it the first time, and Cymre wasn't in dps mode, she was healing and dpsing and we couldn't get it, we were 1 million off.  Then we decided to try it properly after a long while of doing it the old fashioned way and failing.  So I DPS'd and she healed and Hyad died.  Then Coolidge decided to switch to his shaman just for blood lust and see how that went, and I healed and Cymre dps'd.  And we got it.  So everyone was super grateful to Coolidge for that.

Though in my own mind, I think we could have tried it without his shaman.  We never tried it so we never did find out if we could have done it or not.  Yay Frostwolves!