Dreamwalker 10 man healed to full!

Awesome times yesterday.  We started late because me and Hyad had baby stuff to do but we did Dreamwalker and managed to heal her to full after quite a few attempts.  Poor Eboniee couldn't heal outside so well so sent her into the dream and I stayed outside and healed everyone.  First kill so was awesome!  Found that the person on the outside needs good AOE heals or fast heals so druids, shamans and holy priests are probably best at doing the outside.  Paladins FOR SURE have to go into the dream and heal Dreamwalker.  100k LOH HAX!

Tanks - Hyad, Duskull
Healers - Beldarien, Navimie, Eboniee
DPS - Azadelta, Huntinhk, Deathrazor, Caedis, Faithless