Rotface 10 down!

Ding Dong Rotface Dead! Which Rotface? The Wicked Rotface! Ding Dong Wicked Rotface deaaaaaad!

Finally! 3 attempts and the last attempt was a bit iffy but we managed to get it down!

Tanks: Hyad, Chihako
DPS: Moopie, Huntinhk, Sevril, Eboniee, Shadevar, Caedis
Healers: Navimie, Beldarien

Eboniee was offhealing and we had Chi kiting, Hyad tanking, Bel cleansing and healing the people with the debuff, Eboniee healing Hyad, and me healing Chi. It really is just getting the situational awareness things right, with the slime spray, the ooze explosion and knowing where to run with the little blob to join the big blob...

I think it's just important to keep an eye on the MT when the MT healer has got the debuff otherwise the MT goes splat.  Gets a bit crazy with raid healing by the end, and the kill attempt we beaconed the MT.