Xynzelle is back

I've been lazy and not posting.  I forgot to post that Xynzelle is back!  After finding a balance between life and WoW, he has decided to come back to WoW and is being carried/dragged through ICC and picking up some loot along the way.

Of course it won't take him long to find his feet and be back on the top of his game again, in typical Xynzelle style, as he is one of the best mages I know, as well as being loyal, amusing and a great team player.  Even Hyad likes to poke fun at Xyn, saying in raid the other day "Who is that mage whose DPS is lower than mine?".

Xyn tells me he has put his computer next to his wife's sewing machine - so they can spend more time together while he plays.  Now isn't that cute?