Raid on 10 February

Well we managed to get an all guild run for 25 man this week.  Pugging last week managed to nab us 2 new raiders - Idriel a pally and Maxmsomething a DK. Idriel came with us to our pug 25 ICC last week, and Maxm was from a pug VOA we did.

Knocked off the first four bosses in under 1.5 hours, no wipes.  Bit messy though.  We 6 healed it with no problems and after the Saurfang nerf we could do it without letting people die, even though we had slightly crappy dps.

Decided to attempt Festergut even though we didn't have the dps but we did manage to get the strategy down reasonably nicely.  Only 4 people are above the 7.5k dps that we need to get him down.  Though we did also only do it with 24 people, but even a 25th person wouldn't make much of a difference I think.

Alas, no cloak this week but Marrowgar's ring dropped which was nice but I passed it to Tanimaga.  I think I want to go for a Tier token next week but I haven't quite got enough badges yet.

Hyad got to dps this week which made him happy.  He even got some offspec loot.  He needs some better gems and a better weapon but he was working on his rotation and I think it has made him happy about playing again.  Especially since Fue told him that we needed an arms warrior and now he's working on loot and dps rotation and practicing.