Wow 4 wings down in one night!

Wow last night was the first night we one shotted every boss in ICC and cleared all 4 wings!  And I even got new loot to boot!

Admittedly it was the start of 30% buff so it was easier to clear.  And healing was easy peasy.  We had 6 tanks turn up though... 6!  Craziness imo.

I got a new offhand - I decided to take the offhand from Blood Queen, though in reality I really would rather have the offhand that drops from Sindragosa but I have never seen that drop.

But on Blood Queen I swear, 3 idiot dps got mind controlled.  How hard is it to bite someone that hasn't already got a bite on them?  Geez.  I thought we were going to wipe and we even had the quest to do as well so I didn't want any stuff ups there!

Interestingly though on Dreamwalker, I had 3 healers going into the dream, and I was 3rd on healing meters.  And I got irritated because I wanted Rocky to do bloodlust because he was in the dream and could bloodlust when he came out, but Targetme decided to bloodlust, saying in heal channel "Hey I can do bloodlust too" but he did it at the wrong time!  I wanted bloodlust AFTER they come out of the dream.  And of course he did it right before they went into the dream... what a waste!  I chastised him afterwards and he said he knew when you're supposed to bloodlust when I was trying to explain to him when you are supposed to do it and why.. yeah right.

I think we're doing Ruby Sanctum today.  I bet Melfina won't turn up.  He seems to good to raid with us when we're trying new things.  Looking forward to trying though.