Cataclysm World Event

The quest chain for Cataclysm stuff started a few days ago, finished that. There is a feat of strength achievement where you have to destroy a rift of each of the 4 elements. There were so many people camping the damn things in Northrend, that I gave up. However, these rifts are present throughout Azeroth and Outland but the daily item only drops from the zone which is your level (which is Northrend for us 80s).

It took me a while but it is actually quite easy to see the portals and elementals when they spawn. Before they spawn they look like:
Air - look like dust clouds and some moonfire type graphics before they spawn the elementals
Water - mage blizzard
Fire - patch of fire on ground
Earth - I can't recall because every time I've seen this one the elementals are already running around

Managed to get the achievement yesterday and got the Achievement for Hyad this morning.