Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The things children say - about World of Warcraft

Some people may think of laptop raiding as a really terrible way to raid, but the other version of laptop raiding is having your child sit on your lap, unable to sleep, whilst you are raiding.  My son and daughter love watching me play WoW, but since I'm always sneaking off to play after they all asleep, the times they get to watch are few and far between.

Last Saturday, my son had napped during the day so he was not sleeping by raid time and he followed me downstairs when I was doing Flex.  We started at Blackfuse and he shouted "Airport!" because this is what he saw:

This is not my pic, but you get the idea...
The moving conveyor belt reminded him of the airport luggage carousels.  I had to laugh.

Then we went on to Paragons, and he saw Kovok.  "Mama, crab!" he yelled, pointing at Kovok.  I've never thought of Kovok as a crab!

It's not the first time he's come up with some interesting analogies.  One time when we were doing Immerseus, he yelled out "Mama!  Smurf!"  Well, it is blue, after all...

But I thought this drawing by my 6 year old daughter on Monday was really cute.  Her father thought it was a badge of shame (and I think, so did my sister and brother in law), but I looked at it and thought it was really cool!

Why would they think it was a badge of shame?  I think because they thought "So this is how your daughter sees you? As a game playing addict?"  In truth, my daughter hardly sees me play - she knows I go to play after she goes to bed, and it's like some secret fun thing that she wants to be a part of.  On Saturdays she tries to stay up late so she can sit and watch me play (usually when her dad is out or away from home) and maybe even get a turn at playing my toon.  Sometimes I play on Sundays during the day so she can have a run around.  Navimie (and the person behind Navimie) get some love in this pic!  I wish I didn't have such a pot belly though.... but look - I'm HAPPY playing World of Warcraft as shown by this pic!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dragonray's Mog the World in 80 days Competition concludes - And we have a winner!

For those of you who missed it, Dragonray had a competition on her blog titled Mog the World in 80 days, which was to create a transmog every week for 12 weeks based on countries who were celebrating their national day that week.  And after 12 weeks, we had a winner!

And the winner was Syrco!  This image was created by Cymre, who along with Kamalia (who designed the logo above) and myself, were judges of the competition.  Syrco walks away with the grand prize of a Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Digital Deluxe edition!

Runner up goes to Plaidelf, who gets a mount of her choice!

Here are the winning rounds for each week.

Week 1 - Tyledres (Lichtenstein)

Week 2 - PlaidElf (Vatican City)

Week 3 - Luxy (Bangladesh)

Week 4 - Syrco (Sierra Leone)

Week 5 - Luxy (Romania)

Week 6 - Syrco (Sweden)

Week 7 - Linzie (USA)

Week 8 - PlaidElf (Uruguay)

Week 9 - PlaidElf (Papua New Guinea)

Week 10 - Syrco (Cyprus)

Week 11 - Syrco (Angola)

Week 12 - Tyledres (Tanzania)

Congrats to all entrants and winners!  I have to say that I was the laziest judge - my scores were always the last to get in, so I'm sorry for holding up the results for many of the weeks!  Dragonray did say that all three of us had widely different tastes in our winners and judging, and when we got on Skype the other day to discuss the winner, our differences went aside because it was a clear winner with Syrco taking out 4 of the 12 weeks.  Thanks Dragonray for the awesome competition and I hope everyone had a great time participating!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wait... do I know you from somewhere?

Sometimes it feels like lots of people we knew on Dath'remar moved to Saurfang.  Maybe that's the place to go to?  But the other day I had a whisper from someone on Thursday who asked me if we were from Dath'remar.

I didn't recognise the name, but I said yes we were.  And they said that a long time ago they used to be part of the guild, on a different toon.  It reminded me the other day when Sev, Shab and I were doing an arena against an alliance team with a druid, and we beat them rather soundly.  the druid was doing strange gestures at me and I think Sev even asked me if it was a friend of mine.  I checked the name - nope, nobody I know.  But at least they weren't spitting on us or laughing at us, so did some random friendly emote back before we defeated her.

As we were waiting for our next queue I got a whisper from a level one toon, who happened to be that druid and said that he recognised us - he used to be on our guild a long time ago, back in WotLK.  He said that I probably wouldn't remember him, and I said you never know.  He said his name was Darksiider, and that he remembered me because I had been nice to him when he first started playing.  Now, he has his own PvP guild on Tichondrius, alliance side.  He said that he was such a noob back then, and he's different now, and he seemed pretty serious with his arena - I looked him up and he had some good ratings! I did btag him, but you know how my btag is - if you don't talk to me when I talk to you, then it's highly likely you'll be removed, so when the time came to make room, he was one of the ones I removed.  But you know what was funny?  I found a mention in my blog from years ago about Darksiider! It was one of those /facepalm moments from guild chat in 2011...

Bhura is KyXyn's druid.  As you can see, he hasn't changed in 3 years.. still a little shitstirrer. And yeah... Darksiider wasn't the fastest horse out of the stocks....

Anyway, back to that DK.  He said his name was Whatthe or Whathe (ie What the).  And, I did remember him.  ANOTHER Hunter!  Not a very good or memorable hunter mind you - but I don't remember anything bad about him.  I said that I vaguely remembered his hunter, but I didn't remember anything else, and he wasn't sure if it was a good or a bad thing that I could remember him.  He said that when he saw our guild he saw some names he recognised, including mine, Sevrus, Aza and Snowcaller.  Sev and I were puzzled about Snowcaller - really, he remembered Exray's DK?  I can't remember Exray's DK and I was in the guild for ages... LOL (but I remember his other toons).

At least they were both positive interactions.  I would hate to have someone come up to me one day and spit on me and say that my guild was mean to them back in BC or trolled them and caused their dog to die or something.  I guess the big giant World of Warcraft is a whole lot smaller than we think.

Friday, April 25, 2014

PvP - Rainbow Pony time!

Though we weren't aiming for it, but knew that we would eventually get there, Sev and I got our Rainbow ponies last night.

We've been fortunate that we have had some people keen to PvP - it was a hard at first but we've had Memfus (DK) and Virper (Medio's hunter) happy to PvP regularly with us and though they are not Shab, it's been interesting to have non casters as our 3rd partners.

Last night Sev and I sat out after Galakras so that McTacky, Dragonray and Lom could come in, and much to my disappointment there was no mainspec loot for them to be had from Iron Juggernaut till Spoils.  Bummer!

Medio was in Siege of Orgrimmar, and so Sev and I asked Memfus to PvP and he was happy to arena. Boy did we have some awesome games!

The teams that kicked our asses constantly were the awesome cc teams.  When I was crowd controlled they would burn down the boys and I was left raging and swearing.  I think the guild has become used to how Sev and I PvP and last night we had an audience.  Sev was getting smashed by the warrior and with mortal strike on my heals felt like they were doing nothing and so I said I was going to cc the warrior and while I was casting cyclone (non SotF and also non NS) Sev died.  He told me off about why was I cc'ing when I should be healing, and I said he had hots on already and he had mortal strike so I was trying to help him - why didn't he use his portal to live longer?  Sev retorted that he'd already used it and didn't want to waste it and then I had another minor grumble and then our audience piped up saying we sounded like brother and sister.

We had some easy teams but there were no triple DPS teams last night.  I was so focussed on healing and running and hiding that I didn't even notice sometimes that the other team had lost a member.  There was one team with a warrior, a mage and a priest, and we were in Blades Edge Arena, and they were hiding under the bridge and we were on top.  Memfus kept trying to drag someone up, and he first death gripped the mage who blinked away, and then he got the priest (and then it was an all out melee and I could not see a thing amongst all the frost nova, death and decay and all the damage and healing numbers going out.  But I think the mage nearly died, he ice blocked, the priest lifeswapped and then the priest died - wewt!  That was a good battle, and one that I was thankful we won because I had forgotten to take Sev's portal for symbiosis and didn't want that to stuff me up.

There was a monk healing team with a rogue and an enhance shaman that I thought was going really well because the boys had all their health down below 50% and we were still good, but suddenly I was focussed and stunned and I was mowed down by the rogue and shaman.  I think at that point I was yelling at Sev to save me but Memfus wasn't on Vent, so we got him on Vent after that so that he could help out by yanking one of them off me next time.

SO MANY WARRIORS though!  So hard to find teams without a warrior in them, and I tried various combinations of Ursol's Vortex/Faerie swarm/Disorienting Roar/Typhoon and I think that Faerie swarm is not a bad thing to have with a warrior.  Ursol's cooldown is too long for me, and requires me to press twice whereas Roar I only have to hit once.  But it's situational.  The only thing that seems to work well with warriors is to either have them kited away from their healers (but even then they can be hard to kill) but it's just hope that they're put on me so I can run away and have a few ccs left up my sleeve (roar, roots, cyclone) and 3 escapes (displacer, portal and gateway) because Memfus hates hitting them coz he's always parried, and Sev gets locked down by them.

The damned Psyfiend is annoying as hell.  Lucky it has hardly any health!  I know I complain about being cc'd so much but I have a half decent cc toolbox myself - except I am shackled because I'm not allowed to cyclone much.  I do like the dot spread from the DK and warlock though, I know I get anxious when I see it on my teammates and am glad to see it mirrored to the other side for once!

So here we are with our rainbow ponies!  Take a good look because you won't see me taking the poor thing out much, as it is going back into the bookshelf after this pic. Horses really aren't my thing, but hey I won't look a gift horse in the mouth...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Non WoW: Why I think being a Disney Fairy is cooler than being a Disney Princess

In one of my general discussions with Kyxyn, we started talking about Tinkerbell.  We both have daughters of similar age, and so we often share what our girls have been doing or what has interested them lately.

The latest Tinkerbell movie, The Pirate Fairy, was released recently and we had both seen that.  Watch out, spoilers incoming! (That is, if you intend to watch this movie and I can't imagine that many people would).

Zarina is a dust keeper fairy with a thirst for knowledge - she wants to know WHY pixie dust works and why there is only blue pixie dust - why not yellow, orange, pink or purple?  She experiments with the pixie dust after being told explicitly not to, and ends up causing some major damage to Pixie Hollow. She is then relinquished of her dust keeper fairy duties and she leaves Pixie hollow to forge out her own future.

She returns a year later during a large fairy celebration, and puts everyone to sleep, and steals the blue pixie dust cache from the pixie dust tree (blue pixie dust regenerates the pixie dust tree so it can keep making pixie dust).  Tinkerbell and her friends manage to avoid somnolence and take up the chase, and Zarina evades them by throwing a rainbow of pixie dust at them, which causes them to switch their talents with some amusing results.  It turns out Zarina is working with pirates who want her to make their ship fly so they can go plunder more people.  Once she creates the pixie dust tree, she is captured by the cabin boy, who was pretending to follow her all along, who turns out to be none other than the young James Hook - the future Captain James Hook (voiced by the dreamy Tom Hiddleston).  Tinkerbell and her friends rescue and forgive Zarina and they foil Hook's plans and return to the celebration and Zarina's talents with pixie dust are recognised and applauded.

Kyxyn said that it was his favourite Tinkerbell movie yet.  I was surprised.  He said that it was much better than the first Tinkerbell, and I objected saying that I think I enjoyed the first Tinkerbell more than I enjoyed this one, though I still liked the movie and so did both my kids.

Kyxyn said that Zarina was great - she had an inquisitive mind, and a thirst for knowledge and the WHY of things, that he said it was difficult to cultivate in his students - he WISHED that his students showed more interest in the pursuit of knowledge and science, which itself is a noble thing.  I could see his point of view.

I, however, had a different view of Zarina. I didn't like what she did at the beginning because it was dangerous - she had been told specifically not to do it and yet she did it anyway.  By sheer luck, nobody was hurt.  She left and she did naughty things - stealing from the pixie dust tree - but in the end all was forgiven because she realised the error of her ways.  For Kyxyn, in his line of work, Zarina's zest and enthusiasm is something to be encouraged - in my line of work, working like that is dangerous.  I work with patients, and it is highly unethical to be experimenting on people to learn new things, even though it would give you a great deal of knowledge.  New knowledge is a great thing - but at what cost?  Brilliant research came out of Nazi Germany in areas such as hypothermia and subsequent resuscitation, but at a great cost to humanity.  So I have an aversion to people doing secret experiments that could be dangerous, and to me, this was an example of that.  But isn't it interesting how both points of view can both be right?

I do think that Disney fairies are much more inspiring than Disney princesses - because teaching kids that its cool to be a tinkerer or an engineer is way better than teaching them to be a princess (Come on, really, what do princesses teach my kids about being useful in society). And also the fairies all work!  They have different jobs, they work hard, and they work together!  And with Zarina now and her Pixie dust Alchemy - hopefully my kids will see that and think it's cool to become a scientist, and learn about theories, and experimentation and wanting to know the WHY of things!  Kristen Rutherford at Nerdist sums it up brilliantly:
"I’d rather be a pixie than a princess. Especially when the pixies are working hard, changing the world, and being sassy."
The princess mentality and culture disturbs me because I see many young girls these days whose aspirations seem to be nothing more than to find a man who will treat them like a princess and their whims will be catered for. But though that may be more the older generation Disney Princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty), the more modern princess has goals and dreams (Rapunzel, Little Mermaid) and embarks on adventures to achieve their goals - admittedly, Ariel did it to catch a prince - but if you look at Tiana from Princess and the Frog, who was an ordinary girl who dreamt of owning her own restaurant and worked very hard for her own goals, she ended up with a prince after she taught him the frivolousness of his idle ways and the value of work.  That may be why that princess story didn't end up very mainstream, because maybe people don't LIKE aspiring to work your guts out to pursue a dream! Then you have Merida in Brave, who was a willful princess, skilled with a bow and arrow, but it was a story about a mother and daughter's love for each other.  Then you have Frozen, the two princesses living an idle life of play and staying at home, but at least there was a lesson to be taught in both of these - that you don't need a man to have a happily ever after.  Some good lessons about being good to each other, but not really much about the real world.

When I say this to my husband or my brothers-in-law, they say to me "What's wrong with wanting to be a princess?  Isn't it everyone's dream to be rich and live happily ever after?"  Perhaps it's just me, but I'm too working class - I feel like the best reward are the ones you earned, rather than the ones that are given to you. I value things that I've worked towards, because sometimes the reward is in the journey, rather than the destination itself. And perhaps, that is why fairies are better role models to me because they work hard, see the fruits of their labour, and yet they still have plenty of time for play, adventures and fun.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Frostwolves Bedtime Story Strats - Garrosh Hellscream

"Do you want me to tell you about how we beat Garrosh Hellscream?" I asked my daughter.

"Who's Garrosh Hellscream?"

"He was our leader, but he became bad, so we had to go fight him."

"Why did he go bad?"

"He got greedy and wanted to be stronger and stronger and even did bad things to people just so he could be a super strong leader, and that's bad."

"But you said that it was good to try harder."

"But he wasn't good... well actually he was trying hard, BUT he did bad things to get there.  You're not supposed to do bad things to become good at something.  Just like you're not supposed to cheat when you play a game just to win.  That's not fair.  You have to always play fair - you wouldn't like it if the other person cheated to win would you?"


"OK, so let me tell you this story - because beating Garrosh was REALLY REALLY hard."


Thrall, our old leader, came with us to talk to Garrosh.  He wanted to try to talk some sense into Garrosh, because they used to be friends.  If he could talk to Garrosh and Garrosh could stop being bad, then we wouldn't have to fight him.

"But if you don't fight him, there won't be a story," said my daughter.

"If you can avoid any fight, then you should try. Fighting is only what you do when you can't do anything else. You should always try talking first."

Thrall came in and started talking to Garrosh. He told him that it wasn't too late to change and be good, just give up now.  But Garrosh thought Thrall was being a wuss.

"What's a wuss?" asked my daughter.

I screwed up my nose.  "Umm, well being a wuss means you're being a coward, it means you're scared and you're not brave."

"Why did Garrosh say that?"

"Because Thrall didn't want to fight with Garrosh and Garrosh likes fighting.  Garrosh thinks that if you don't fight it means you're scared and that you're a wuss.  But just because you don't want to fight doesn't mean you're a wuss.  Sometimes you want to fight, but you know it's braver not to, because fighting isn't right, because people can get hurt."

Thrall got mad at Garrosh for calling him a wuss and tried to use magic to stop Garrosh, but Garrosh had so many bad shaman helping him, that Thrall couldn't use his magic to talk to the wind, fire and earth.

"A shaman like Aunty Luxy?  Is she bad?"

"No, it was like a bad version of Aunty Luxy.  Thrall is like Aunty Luxy, he uses magic, and totems, and makes lightning on people.  But Garrosh's bad shaman army made it so he was not able to use his magic, and so Thrall went to hit Garrosh with his hammer, but Garrosh has a really big sword!  He hit Thrall really really hard and Thrall got hurt really r eallybad.  So, Thrall told us to go fight Garrosh for him."

"Thrall has a hammer?  Like Thor?"

I laughed.  "Yes, Thrall is like Thor!  He makes lightning and uses a hammer!"

Garrosh was standing on his throne, and his throne room was very very big!  He had two big spiky wheels on both sides of his room, which hurt a lot when they rolled across the floor.  There was an orc called an engineer who would wind it up and then roll it onto us, so if you kill those engineers, they can't make the big wheels come out.  We usually make the hunters go and kill it and they often make funny mistakes!

"What kind of funny mistakes?"

"Well, the hunters we play with do funny things.  One time Nath was supposed to do it, and he said he would do it, but when the time came to do it, he forgot, and both wheels came out and squashed us and we died. Another time, Alariantha was supposed to do it, and he didn't kill the engineer fast enough but he didn't tell us!  He just said "Oh, you might have to dodge this wheel," and everyone was wondering what he was talking about, until both wheels came out and everyone died and mummy laughed because Ala didn't know that it was going to kill us if both wheels rolled on top of us.  Only Aunty Luxy has killed the wheel properly on the first time I saw her do it.  But we still have one wheel come out and squash us a little bit, because it not only squashes us, it squashes the baddies too, and Garrosh has lots of soldiers come help him fight and one wheel will kill them but it won't kill us - not unless you're a bit silly like Uncle Asys was one time and stood right underneath the wheel and got totally squashed and died.

Garrosh also throws his axe at us, and when it lands on the ground it makes a big puddle of magic appear that burns your feet, and if you hit the axe and break it, the puddle gets smaller and goes away.  When we first did it we used to run away from it, but now we all stand in it and Mummy and Uncle Morz just heal everyone when it hurts them.

"Why don't you run away anymore?"

"Because people who are running around can't hit Garrosh or the axe or anything, but if they stand still they can hit things.  Uncle Owl was like that, he hates moving when he plays his chicken. It's a bit lazy, but it's ok, it just means Mummy and Uncle Morz have to do extra work healing."

After a while, Garrosh's health got low and then he took us to his dreams.  He has a few different dreams and in all of them we have to kill big or little shas, and then we have to hit Garrosh.  He yells "DESTRUCTION!" a lot, and he hits people in front of him with a big purple ouchie which will kill you so when he yells "DESTRUCTION" you have to run to his back so he can't hit you.  But he turns around all the time and yells all the time, so you spend a lot of time running around.  He does that for about 1 or 2 minutes and then we go back to the real world, but when you hurt Garrosh in his dreams, it hurts him in the real world too.

When we come back to the real world, Garrosh started doing something different -  mind controls - which meant he made you do bad things to your friends.  To make him stop doing that, you have to hit your friends who got mind controlled until their health gets low and then they will go back to normal again.  When we were learning, Uncle Aza kept forgetting that he shouldn't use his big spells like chaosbolt on people because sometimes he KILLED them instead of getting their health low.

"That's a bit mean, isn't it mummy?"

"He forgot, that's all.  He doesn't do it anymore, I think.  He hasn't killed anyone for ages."

"But why did he have to hit them so hard?"

"Uncle Aza just likes hitting things hard, and you want to hurry and get their health low otherwise they hurt you instead."

"But can't he use some softer spells?"

"He does now.  Some of the other people are annoying sometimes and use sticky spells which stick to you for a while and hurt you every second, and it still hurts them after they aren't mind controlled anymore, and that really annoys mummy because she has to waste time cleaning it off."

"Like Uncle Sev's spells?"

"Yes, just like that.  But Uncle Sev knows not to use his sticky spells on people because Mummy will yell at him."

Garrosh was still throwing his axe around, but the other new thing he did was spin around and throw whirling magic (called whirling corruption) everywhere, which hurt everyone in the room.  That wasn't so bad, because it just meant people had to stand together so they could get healed.  After he did a few mind controls and a few whirling corruptions, we went back to his dream again and everyone tried not to get hit by the DESTRUCTION purple stuff.

When we came out of his dream, Garrosh had gotten stronger.  His whirling corruptions now became EMPOWERED whirling corruptions and they hurt SO MUCH that Mummy and Uncle Morz had to use our special healing spells or else people would die! Mummy used her healing stars and Uncle Morz put bubbles everywhere.  This empowered whirling corruption also made lots of little sha came out and started following us around, and Uncle HK and Uncle KyXyn said not to kill them next to each other because if they died next to another sha, it would make that sha stronger and it would hurt more.  They also had to fight hard to live too, because Garrosh put a Despairs on them which hurt them a lot, and so they had to take turns hitting Garrosh because the Despair would kill them if they got too much on them.Everyone was supposed to take their Sha away and kill it so it somewhere by itself.  Garrosh was STILL doing his mind controls - he controlled Uncle Aza a few times and we had it hit him super fast because he was yelling "I'm CASTING!" and we had to kill him till his health was low so that he wouldn't cast anymore.

"What does casting mean?"

"If Uncle Aza is casting his spell, that means he'll make someone ELSE mind controlled which means they will be killing us instead of killing Garrosh."

Eventually Garrosh's health went down to 10% and suddenly we got a surprise! He turned big and purple and ugly and lumpy  and he got a little bit of health back.  We now had to kill him superfast - and break the people out of their mind controls because we couldn't interrupt them anymore so you had to kill them till they're almost dead to make them not have any more mind control.  Uncle Kyxyn now had to keep Garrosh attacking him all the time while Uncle HK grabbed all the sha's that he could so that everyone was free to hit Garrosh.

Aunty Luxy cast bloodlust, which made us move super quick so we could cast lots of spells and hit Garrosh more times (and make mummy and Uncle Morz heal faster) and soon yay!  Garrosh was dead and we got to get some of his big treasure!

"Did you get any?"

"I didn't get it that time, but on one of the other times we killed Garrosh I got something!  Uncle Aza got a big weapon to give to his demon to use, Uncle Sev had gotten a trinket which made his spells stronger, and Uncle KyXyn got something pretty hat to wear.  Aunty Luxy even got a special weapon that she can use when the new World of warcraft comes! Oh and guess what we all got as well?"



My daughter put her finger to her chin as she pondered.  "Did you get... a sword?"

"Mummy doesn't use swords."

"Is it a.... dragon?"

"No, but it's cool like a dragon!"

"I give up."  My daughter gives up too easily. Lazy little thing :P

"We all got new wolves to ride!"

"What colour was it?"

"Brown I think."

My daughter rubbed my hand.  "I wish you could get pink wolves to ride.  That would be really nice, don't you think?"

I smothered a smile.  "I think Uncle Sev would think that would be a WONDERFUL thing to ride!"

Blizzcon 2014 announced - but I'll have to pass this year!

Earlier today Blizz announced that Blizzcon 2014 will be on November 7 and 8.  Though I had a fantastic time last year, I don't want to go this year because it's too close - I probably need at least 2-3 years between Blizzcons to keep the magic, I think!

Ticket prices have gone up!  $200 a ticket now, which is a jump from last year's tickets price of $175, but I am sure it will still be a sellout as it has been every other Blizzcon.  However, I am thinking, that with Blizzcon in November, I very much doubt that that Warlords of Draenor will be released before then as they will be having a lot of stuff to do to get ready for Blizzcon.

I feel bad for all those people who missed out on Blizzcon tickets last time - I wish that Blizz would let some people who missed out last time be able to get tickets this time - perhaps they could track it through your battle net accout or something and give some priority to those who didn't get tickets before.

I wonder what will be in the goody bag this year?  Another murloc pet or will it be a murloc on a mount this time?  Hmm, I am thinking we need a Murloc warlord so maybe a murloc with Garrosh's shoulders? MURSCREAM!!!

So this year, virtual ticket for me!  Looks like I'd better set that weekend aside so I can watch the streams and stay up late and catch up on all the gossip that comes out of Blizzcon.  Anyone going to Blizzcon 2014? Good luck in getting your tickets and may the REFRESH be with you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Raiding - Lots of chocolate but not lots of raiders

Easter is a bad time to be raiding. People are away, people have family commitments, people are out partying (in my old age, I find it odd to be imbibing excessively over Easter) and so that means there are less people out there to raid WITH.

And then you have the more unusual excuses, which I think are cool.  Nath was having a busy work week because, as a baker, he spent all week getting up early making hot cross buns and he hated the damned things.  I told him to send them all my way... but that didn't help the raiding situation much.

So we had 9 for raid on Wednesday, and Jazz asked if she could sit out and so I tried to make it work by pugging in Medio to help on his paladin, from Blackrock. Jazz said she would come if needed but she would rather not go without Nath, but I know they like to raid together, so I let her have the day off.  However, since Morz was busy having a hot date on Thursday, he wasn't going to be raiding, so I asked if she could be there for Thursday and she said she would.

We struggled on Sha this week and Asys was having issues with Vent, being unable to hear us call for lust (we ended up having to use drums because Luxy was dead, I think).  He logged because he felt bad about me having to talk to hm about it on Thursday, but fortunately Nath said he would come and help!  So we had Nath for the rest of the night and that finished off our heroics, but it meant we were really behind - we only got to Dark Shaman by the end of the Thursday night!

On Monday I thought we had our joint raid but come 830pm only 4 Scion members were on, and didn't look like any of them were raiders, and we ourselves only had 4 people on, so we ended up just doing normal 10 mans.  We didn't do too badly, considering we had 4 non regular raiders in the group (Tacky, Dragonray, Lominari and Alariantha).  Poor Tacky had to swap out from Thok because I wasn't good enough to be able to 2 heal with him, and we at least got to Garrosh but we only had time for one attempt.

Ala hadn't done normal before and so he died when Malkorok did his Breath of Y'shaarj and he stood in it. But he got the hint real fast after that! Lom got a heroic warforged helm upgrade, which was pretty cool.  I think Exray picked up tons of offspec stuff and unwanted Tier pieces.

Flex on Saturday was also a little on the short side, but we did manage to get Garrosh down, and Crooked got a Flex Garrosh kill was pretty cool.  Putress picked up ANOTHER heirloom!  That's two in two weeks!

But raiding feels a little stagnant lately.  I'm itching to try a new boss kill - if Asys doesn't want to try healing Iron Juggernaut this week, maybe me and Morz can try it with Medio healing on his paladin to give us a 3rd solid healer to play with.  If not, perhaps we can bash at Nazgrim again.  Fingers crossed for a good raid turnout next week!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Two more Liebsters means more excuses to post

I had Lorelei at The Pixel Lives of Lorelei nominate me for a Liebster (on April fool's day - for one minute I wasn't sure if she was joking or not) and I put my reply on her blog, but I thought I would also put it here so I can remember it (otherwise I'll feel like I was eternally ungrateful for not remembering who nominated me).

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started in January 2010, when all I wanted was to make a BIS gear list for my druid that I could cross off.
2. What inspires you to keep blogging?
I love writing. I used to like writing diaries when younger, and now I think of blogging as my way of remembering things that happened in game. I may not have a huge readership, but I’ve made great friends along the way.
3. What do you look for and appreciate in the blogs you follow?
I love to hear the voice of the person behind the blog, and that I feel like I’m talking to them. When people reply my comments on their blog, I tend to like their blogs better as it feels like they enjoy talking to me – so all my favourite blogs are people that reply to every comment that is made on their blog.
4. If you had to describe yourself by comparing your personality to a game character/race, what character/race would that be?
This is dreadful, but I think I have the personality of a gnome. I’m a little bundle of energy and excitement almost all the time. The horde part of me is disgusted.
5. What are your all time top 3 favorite PC/console games?
My favourite game is WoW, but other games that I loved a lot were Simcity and Heroes of Might and Magic.
6. What PC/console games are you enjoying at the moment?
I play WoW and Hearthstone, but I also play Disney Infinity with my daughter on PS3 sometimes. I don’t really like it though.
7. Do you enjoy playing any non-digital games?
I LOVE board games. Pictionary is my favourite board game, but Monopoly and Bananagrams are also much enjoyed!
8. What do you like to do in your spare time when you’re not gaming or blogging?
I love making things. I do cross-stitch, scrapbooking and cardmaking. I also like to sew theatre scrub hats for myself.
9. If you could spend a day in any fictional world (from any game, book, movie and so on), what world would you pick and why?
I would have thought I would choose Azeroth, but actually, if I had to pick somewhere, it would be on the Starship Enterprise (new version with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban).
10. What season of the year is your favorite?
Autumn. Winter is too cold, Summer too hot and Spring gives me hay fever.
11. If you could magically learn any language in the world, what language would you learn?
I would like to be fluent in Arabic. Hardly any Asian people speak Arabic!

I had another Liebster nomination the other day from Noritam at My Mom Plays WoW but she didn't pose me any questions, but I wanted to thank her for nominating me and I was reading her blog - I love how people are discovering and enjoying the game and their adventures along the way.  I suppose most of the blogs I read are like that - about enjoying the game and sharing their experiences.  She did have some fascinating facts about herself - she has 2 different coloured eyes!  I was immediately thinking of Xmen: First Class where Charles Xavier was picking up some girl in a bar who had two different coloured eyes and told her she was a mutant.

Edit: Omg sorry I didn't realise it was white font on yellow highlight!  OMG who could READ that... fixed now!

Edit 2: OK I get it now! Noritam wants me to do the questions she was given - which means I'll do the questions Ancient set!

1. How long had you been playing WoW when you realized it was not a passing fancy but true love?
I think it was after the first 10 days. Cymre gave me the 10 day pass and I played it and hubby played it and we were fighting over whose turn it was to play so that's it! Out we went and got two accounts. And I've never stopped....

2. Are you a screen shot taker and if so guesstimate how many you still have.
I have a lot of screenshots. I take screenshots of stupid things. At a guesstimate I think I have about 2000, but I could be wrong, since I do clean it up once every blue moon. Now that I do comics as well I take lots of screenshots of items in game to use in comics.

3. What is your favorite zone and why?
Arathi Basin! Kill alliance, hold a base, and annoy people by healing myself so they can't kill me. Haha!

4. What are you most looking forward to or dreading about Warlords?
I have both! I am looking forward to seeing Durotan, the leader of Frostwolf clan (for which my guild is named)and his mate, Draka, who sounds like an awesome character. And everyone knows what I am dreading... LEVELLING. UGH.

5. Who is your favorite non-essential character in-game? A favorite repair guy or an auctioneer that you always must deal with.
I may not have a favourite non essential character, BUT I always choose the one on the right. I always go to the auctioneer on the right, the banker on the right, or even if I have to pick a mount in an instance (eg Grim batol, ToC) I pick the mounts on my right... weird, I never really thought about that before. Huh.

6. When I started my blog I was too scared to comment on others. Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011 changed that for me. Is there an event or blogger that made you feel comfortable commenting on blogs?
That event was the same for me too! That's how I met Tome of the Ancient, Erinys and JD Kenada - all from that event! After that, I was more comfortable chatting to people.

7. Do you have any strange WoW quirks? For example I seem to think the harder I hit the keys the more forceful my attacks are. I know … but it can’t hurt.
I have that problem with clicking the mouse when I'm pet battling. I know it's not my turn yet, but still I click on the first attack maybe thinking my turn will come faster... Oh, and jumping. I am always jumping. I blame Sev for that.

8. Do you have WoW themed things in real life? Example.
I don't really, but I have lots of WoW paraphernalia like toys, cards and artwork. I am a sucker for WoW custom artworks and I have a lot of commissions of my characters and my friends done!

9. Are you lucky enough to have real life friends or a spouse who plays WoW too or are you bravely going it alone?
Cymre plays, hubby used to play, and a lot of my guildies started out as virtual friends are now real life friends. Oh, and I have a bunch of people at work that I found out play WoW, and that's our talking point these days!

10. Do you still find surprises in-game that you didn’t know were there? I recently saw someone selling a Wine Glass. How did I miss that! My bank alt needs one!
I get that with every pop culture reference I find in game.

11. Finally, do you think you’ll still be here when they pull the power and turn off the lights? I know I will.
Be here where? You mean in game? Or blogging? I think that I will be one of those old fogies who will be playing the game till I'm a grandmother - I can see it now, they'll be talking about those people who played World of Warcraft for 25 years and it will be people like ME they're talking about. And as long as I play, I will be blogging. Because I am scared of that day when dementia kicks in and all those wonderful memories I had of this game will be lost... but they won't be lost because they will be here on this blog!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Navispammed: I had a visitor, Tahugrumm!

I'm a simple person and easily pleased, so yesterday you can imagine my delight when I got a whisper from a low level toon named Tanugrumm!

Tahugrumm said that he wanted to say hello because he read my blog.  How exciting!  I immediately went over to take a picture with him, though it did take me a while as I had promised me daughter she could play World of Warcraft and even though I directed her to the Orgrimmar portal, she still wandered around sitting in every body of water to "bathe" my toon before I could coax her to switch to flight form and fly towards the arrow.

Naturally I was burning with questions, and in my excitement they all came out in a rush.  What toon did he normally play?  Where was his toon?  Which server?  When did he start playing?  What did his name mean?

Tahugrumm said his main was on Hyjal, with the same name so I went to armoury him, but couldn't find him. Then, sheepishly he told me that he had misspelled his own name!  LOL!  I found his toon, and naturally admired his transmog as he was in Tier 6, which is always a good tauren look.  He said he had been feral, but now was tank, and his name was a randomly generated one.  And here I was, playing around with the letters trying to figure out if it was an anagram (Um hurt mag, Mum art Hug).

He said that our raids sounded like a lot of fun, and he would like to come to flex one day. I noticed that his raid progress was waaaay ahead of ours, and said that Flex would be so boring for him!  He said that he would come anyway, even though he had an 11 hour time difference, and I said I would watch him and learn how to feral, since I am way sucky at it.

He also told me that he enjoyed reading my bedtime story strats and when I asked him which one he liked best, he couldn't pick one.  I still like Immerseus best as it was the one my daughter liked the most, and that was more incentive to finish writing my half finished Garrosh one.

I gave him a token of appreciation for brightening my day, and hopefully I'll get to see him again one day, and thanked him again for reading.  Cheers Tahugrumm!  Does this qualify for a sticker?  Yeah, of course! Any excuse to use Ancient's sticker :D

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I guess it's time to pay attention to Garrisons

When Blizz announced the Garrisons feature for Warlords of Draenor, I wasn't particularly excited.  It reminded me of Heroesof Might and Magic, where I would have to keep upgrading my keep to get better defences, produce gold and build armies.  I listened with half an ear when they talked about how your "followers" in the garrison could go and do your professions for you - that reminded me of your companion in SWTOR - and I know I did perk up a bit and pay attention for a few minutes when they said you could breed your pets there.

Then people said that you could build it in certain zones - and I was thinking of how Luxy used to describe her secret hideaway base/home she'd build in DayZ and wonder if I would have to defend it, or would it be like the farm and be out of phase for everyone.  I thought it might be something I would do but it wouldn't be a big thing to me, like PvP or pet battling is - and I certainly didn't think it would be a necessity (like Golden Lotus rep
Garrison Building - 3 tiers of upgrades

But, after reading WowInsider and also reading Alternative Chat (and she's even written a whole GUIDE to garrison building), it seems that Garrisons are going to be a major feature and an important cornerstone in Warlords of Draenor.  It seems to be a place where you could spend a lot of time in WoW, like how pet battles were, making a game within a game, with it's own little quests, things you can only craft in a garrison, and a way to boost your collections of other resources.

And it's not going to be phased just to you - your friends can come and see you too (admittedly, I had heard that somewhere).  And you can show off the cool buildings and trophies (from achievements), your mounts (apparently the stable can display 5 of your favourite mounts).  The followers feature where they go and do dungeons and get you STUFFS.  Sending them off to get stuffs is pretty neat, but it's going to be a little bit like dailies, I imagine, or doing your daily profession cooldown - more reasons for Blizz to make you login everyday to play!

Godmother concerned me because she said that you will HAVE to have a Garrison because you'll keep having to go back to it when you're levelling.  That it's possible you can't max your tradeskills without one.  Cymre was very excited about Garrisons, but she, like Ancient, is really big on solo or small group stuff, and Garrisons are right up her alley.  I guess Garrisons will be something I can do while I'm at work in down time whilst in WoW - and just when I thought Hearthstone was going to fill that niche for me since I get a bit tired of pet battling during those spare moments.  However, though initially I was chafing at it (because it sounded a bit like the Golden Lotus gate to opening up Shado-Pan and August Celestials), when you're levelling, there are so many things you have to do anyway.  I'm sure that there is only a bare minimum of things you have to do in Garrison to reach the goals you want - the rest of it is frills and pride and the feeling of something in the game that is yours and customizable.  Everyone loves to customize stuff, from their UI to their appearance, so I think the people who like those things are going to love playing with their Garrison.  In fact, after thinking about it I am kind of excited about it now - after being a bit apathetic before.

I mean this is all very cool - there is going to be so much more solo stuff I can do in WoW now (as opposed to archaeology, pet battles).  But you know what I really wish?  I would really like my Garrison to have a WARDROBE and an ARMOURY.  Somewhere to store all my items for transmog!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Raiding - The first joint raid with Scion: 25 man Garrosh

I can't help it - I was nervous.  I thought I would be the only one, but I wasn't!  I don't think any of the Frostwolves officers were nervous, but I had a few admit to some anxiety from the Scion side.  What if it went poorly? What if we didn't get along?  WHAT IF SOMEONE GOT UPSET on either side?

Starting at 830pm was already a bit of a stress.  Fortunately, I had walked my kids the 3.6km (according to Google maps) to McDonalds to get them a soft serve around lunchtime and that was enough to make them that little bit more tired so they would go to bed on time.  Worked a treat, if you can put up with the sticky fingers on the way home.

There were a few hiccups.  Unfortunately they were ALL on our side.  First hiccup was me starting the raid.  Yes, I forgot to change it to 10 man. But the other thing was that I missed Thursday's raid so I had Wednesday's lockout and that's why nobody could zone it.  Had to reform the raid after we'd filled the damn thing too.

Second hiccup - in good faith, I decided to let Scion raid lead.  After all, they are the more progressed guild and perhaps we can learn from them, AND we also don't really have a raid leader at the moment.  But having to learn their strats makes us a little bit more fudgy-footed, so there were problems with disorientation as we tried to figure out where we needed to be.

Thok was... ugh.  Messy.  I think it was positioning and stuff which threw us off a bit, and because they're working on heroic Thok, they had a particular way of placing the boss.  We had people all over the place, people getting trampled, people dying to poison.  It took us 3 goes to get Thok, and I was spitting chips when Owl rolled himself Thok's trinket... MAN I still can't get that!  I wonder if I'll be able to get it before the expansion!  There was SO MUCH loot to distribute, holy crap.

Our hunters made me laugh.  After they had their amazing DPS because of Thok, it was time to put them back in their place by giving them belt duty.  We put 2 hunters on each belt - one belt had our hunters, the other had theirs.  It was Nath and Alariantha - I was dreading it because it was going to be UGLY.  I don't know if Ala has managed to live through a whole Blackfuse whilst doing belts.  But there were DPS issues on the belts so they had to be supplemented a little, and in the end when it went down we had a lot of dead people!

Oh, and I am starting to see why being a resto druid sucks in 25 man.  In the presence of 2 disc priests and 2 shamans, there really isn't any room for hots to do anything except overheal.  Being at the BOTTOM of healing is something I'm not used to, and I don't think I like it, even though I have to accept that it's probably how my class works.

Paragons was fine, and we even got to hear Lushen speak. Owl said, if we one shot Paragons, Lushen will talk.  He said "Hello."  Well, that was pretty exciting!

What was funny, was Dragonray.  Paragons dropped 2 Vanquisher Tier pants, and I gave one to her and one to someone else.  She was swearing and carrying on in guild chat.  "F***ing pants!" she proclaimed.  I was wondering what she was talking about - maybe she wanted some other pants.  She started grumbling about how she was going to drop from the raid because of stupid pants.  There were a few more spouting carry-ons before she said "And that other guy wanted it offspec too. DAMN STUPID!"  And I realised, she was talking about the Tier pants.

"But you have Tier pants," I said in guild.  "Look in your bag."

There was no typing from her for 20 seconds.  I said it again.  "LOOK IN YOUR BAG!"

I went to check the loot distribution and yes, I had given it to her.  The silly duck didn't realise there were 2 pants to distribute.  "Well?"

"I can't find it," she said.

A chorus came out from the guild.  "Use the search function!"

Kyjenn said, "This is why you shouldn't drink when you're raiding."

"I'm not drunk!" she exclaimed.  Which made it worse because she had lost her excuse for being a dunderhead :D  Then she started to profusely apologise for her ignorant carrying on.... and all we could do was laugh.

Garrosh had a good first attempt, and the MCs at the end got us because we try to kill any of the adds, and maybe we should have.  The second attempt had people dying to the add on the way to Garrosh in dream phase so we wiped, and then the third attempt we got it. We even got an Ahead of the Curve achievement for 25 man!  I didn't know there was a separate FOS for 25s.

Jazz, Alariantha, Asys and Aza all got Heirlooms, so that was pretty exciting for them!  I think that everyone seemed to enjoy 25 mans. The officers got chatting after that and it seemed obvious we can do normals, but we may not be able to do heroics.  It looks like the best way to see if we can mesh is to do these Garrosh runs EVERY Monday.  I'll ask everyone and see what they think - but overall, everyone seemed to have a good time and there was minimal friction - I have already had some feedback and it's all been positive.

There are a HELL of a lot of them though...

Monday, April 14, 2014

The History of Frostwolves Guild

I thought I would write down the history of our guild, so that there will be some written record SOMEWHERE on the internet! So Frostwolves, have a read and take a walk down memory lane as I try to put together from various accounts (and from using Warcraftrealms) the journey of the guild Frostwolves.


The first origin of our guild was Frostwolf, on Khadgar-US.  The guild was founded by Toutatis (then Panauramix) on June 12, 2005.  Tout was playing with a girl named Kareen, who helped him found the guild. It was the first venture Tout had as horde after playing on Alliance as a dwarf warrior.  Gortez joined Toutatis and the guild was moving towards a solid group for 5 man dungeons.

It was during one of these dungeon runs that they picked up 2 brothers from trade chat, Nighthaunter and Dagman (better known now as Fueghan and Nabeshin).  They did a lot of 5 mans together and the two brothers joined Frostwolf. Dagman joined first in November 2005, followed by Nighthaunter in December.  Dagman brought his friends from Gefallene Council, Gley and Enna (then Noscos) to the guild as well. Gefallene Council was eventually absorbed by Frostwolf, with Silentogre, Davith, Rockhoof, Riky and Ghistal joining the ranks.

One day, Nighthaunter was running Scholomance and they PuG'd a tauren warrior.  Nighthaunter sent Tout a whisper, "I think I've found us a tank!"  And Moopie (then Madcow) joined in the guild in February 2006. Gley brought his friend Shabahdu (then Broth) to the guild shortly after.

Frostwolf started doing 10 man UBRS as well as 40 man Molten core as fill-ins with the guild Knights who became Ni.  Frostwolf wasn't big enough to run bit 40 mans on it's own at that stage.

Zul'gurub was released with patch 1.7 in September 2005 as a 20 man raid, and that was a great instance for Frostwolf, as it was a smaller raid and it was easier to pug people to fill the raid. In mid 2006 Frostwolf did many runs of ZG with PuGs from trade. Many of the PuGs who joined the Frostwolf ZG raid ended up joining the guild.  Suspect, Huntinhk, Kadburi, Fleckso, Navimie, Hyades, Biship (then Hellspawner), Sybille, Thinto, Seven, Cymre (then Tallys), Crackedskull, Demonspirit, Saintzhul, Vaakis, Dephyle, Mabaho and Abyssmal were among those who joined around this time. AQ 20 (Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj) which had been released in Patch 1.9 in 2006 was what Frostwolf worked on subsequently. Sevrus joined in late 2006 after joining in on AQ PuGs.

Animosity was a big guild on Khadgar and as that guild changed, many of its members were also at one time, members of Frostwolf.  This included Nokturn, Azadelta (then Azalpha), McTacky, Beza, Firehybrid, Evicene, Viles, Aoitora and Yozora.

Toutatis eventually became less involved with WoW, as he concentrated on activities in real life.  Leadership of Frostwolf passed to Fueghan and Huntinhk, but Huntinhk deferred the mantle to Fueghan.

2007 ushered in Burning Crusade, with more raid instances tuned towards our small guild as raids went from 40 to 25 man.  Karazhan was a popular instance.  There were some notable new members, including Priestietute (then Frostietute), Lacrox, Balinar (then Xarek), Caedis (then Tempestus), Arstor, Eddings Funkyjocks and Aioros.

As with all guilds, membership was fluid with members joining and leaving all the time. It was in late 2007-2008 when we had difficulty making our raid numbers.  We participated with another guild (Church of Hax) to form a raiding alliance for Tempest Keep, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon and Serpentshrine cavern, but it lasted for about one month. Dividing loot was tough and though some people were pushing for the alliance, some were chafing against it, and in the end EVERYONE had to be on the same page for it to work. Wetfishslap came to Frostwolves from Sodium.

By mid 2008 the officers of Frostwolf were scouting for a new home on an Oceanic server.  Dath'remar was chosen, and because the name Frostwolf was already taken on Dath'remar, the guild was reformed as Frostwolves.  There was no guild transfer function at that time, and it was up to everyone to transfer across and get reinvited.

Wow look at this new server, it's populated!
Faithless, Garnik, Shamps, Kyxyn (then Xynzelle), Undeademily and Deathrazor were some of the first who joined the new guild.  Chihako and McTacky came over from Khadgar to join Frostwolves.  Late in 2008 the third expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, was released. 10 and 25 man raids were now available for raiding and we started in Naxxramas then Ulduar and eventually Icecrown Citadel.  Our guild was a little slow getting into Ulduar when it was released with patch 3.1.0 in April 2009.  Bish and Navimie were both recepients of the legendary items but were unable to complete it during the tier.  It seemed such a short interval before, Trial of the Crusader, was released with patch 3.2.0 in August and Ulduar was left behind. In late 2009 to early 2010 that we had a large influx of members from a group of armed forces players station in Japan. Our numbers of raiders were flagging at that time, and Darkborn brought with him a lot of players that boosted our raiding numbers.  It was just in time for patch 3.3.0 which opened up Icecrown Citadel.  But those days were not to last, and after some time, and after a brief swell to our guild numbers he left after a disagreement, and took all those players with him, and left our guild with a large hole in it.  We still managed to bat on with ICC, despite those setbacks.

Moo getting his Shadowmourne
2010 saw Melfina, Targetme and Manbull joining, as well as Souglyy (then Bahada). In the middle of the year Ayelena and Corael joined us, and later by Thraso and Iadycroft.  To our relief, we were raiding regularly again.  Lich King went down, and that was the first time we had managed to kill an end tier boss when that tier was current. We even managed to get a few heroics in. In late 2010, the fourth expansion, Cataclysm, was released.

In early 2011, Roshii and Hwired joined the Frostwolves ranks, at the time of Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight. It was an exciting time in mid 2011 when Patch 4.2.0 was released with a new raid, Firelands, and a legendary staff for casters.  Voe joined Frostwolves around that time.  Sevrus was the fortunate caster chosen for to receive the first staff, and Aza and Lushnek followed soon after.  Patch In late 2011 Gutsy and Fallnapart joined which was around the release of Patch 4.3.0 bringing Dragon Soul. Of the two rogues we had, Augment and Roshii, Roshii was chosen to be the recipient of the legendary daggers in Dragon Soul. Around this time, Fue began to have issues with his hand, and began to play less and less.  However, the last patch before an expansion seemed to drag on, like it did during WotLK, and with such a long time on Dragon Soul, Frostwolves was able to defeat Heroic Deathwing on 10 man.  Bladewind and Ksret joined us towards the later part of the year.

Mists of Pandaria was released on 25 September 2012, and Raked (a friend of Voe's) joined our ranks. Fue returned to raiding but his wrist problems plagued him again and he once again stopped raiding, leaving us struggling to raid.  It was 2013 and patch 5.2 brought the Throne of Thunder raid. Disconcur, Luxy and Sabrehawk joined us around this time. There weren't even PuGs to be found to fill our raids.  Some of our core raiders left for greener raiding pastures, and Horde was severely outnumbered, and more and more people left the server or faction changed to be where there were more players.  We were stuck at Thunder King, and unable to get the kill before the next patch. The officers and Frostwolves had a long think - what did that mean for us?  Why would anyone come to our guild when there were so many more progressed guilds on the server and Horde recruits were already slim pickings.  It was decided that it was time to move the guild again. Lushnek was Guild master in Fue's absence, but it was agreed that upon transfer to the new server that the responsibility would pass to Navimie.

Saurfang was chosen for the relatively even balance of Horde and Alliance.  We even had a tank waiting for us on Saurfang - Asys joined as soon as we transferred across in  June 2013.  We had a large influx of social members, many were bloggers who were leaving a character in the guild (including Voros, Zwingli, Mataoka, Neri, Casadella and Dragonray) and we welcomed the new members.  Patch 5.4.0 was released in September 2013 and heralded the Siege of Orgrimmar raid.  Aza's friends Exray and Dralen joined us from Dath'remar (they had alts in the Dath'remar Frostwolves), and Morzierz, Alariantha and Shammcow were recruited through forums. Nathamanz and Jazzbangers joined when their guild disbanded, and Crooked came over, as he knew Morzierz and Luxy from previous guilds.

It was a good time for Frostwolves.  Raids were now full, and there was no drama, and the guild in general seemed happy.  With the sixth expansion, Warlords of Draenor, not expected to be released till the end of the year, we hope that this golden age will continue for some time to come.


Thanks for reading the history of our guild!  If any Frosties feel like I've forgotten you - drop me a line and I'll put you in the post - sometimes I can't remember everyone!