Festergut 25 down!

Gosh after our attempt on Wednesday where we had only 30k left and we wiped (and it was the last attempt for the evening) we tried it again and managed to get it down with Lacrox bubbled!

We had a lousy healer turnout, only 4 mainspec healers and one offspec healer (Bel, Navi, Tani, Melfina and Eboniee) and we did attempt to 5 heal it but the raid healing was just too much for us.  In the end we got Chihako to get on his druid and heal and we managed to get it down.  Had me and Tani on ranged at start, and the rest on tanks and raid.

DPS was better when Hyad was arms and giving the dps a boost, but it dropped off unfortunately when he switched to tank.  Lacrox came in to substitute for Firehybrid who kept disconnecting and dps'd in tank spec and gear again.... imagine if he'd gone ret we might have had a cleaner kill!

So who was there for the fight:

Tanks: Fueghan, Hyad
DPS: Autocrat, Azadelta, Dephyle, Duskull, Epidemais, Faithless, Huntinhk, Idriel, Lacrox, Mazlak, Maxmknight, Moopie, Sevril, Shabadu, Shadevar, Shamps, Yigbeta,
Heals: Beldarien, Chikana, Eboniee, Melfina, Navimie, Tanimaga