So close on heroic BQ but no banana!

We tried heroic BQ yesterday with 7 healers - initially I thought that was a bit too many but I think that we might have needed it! But we were so close that final time and perhaps with some bloodlust we might have made it that last bit.. but oh well!

We had good healers yesterday. 3 pallies with 2 druids and 2 priests. Though one of the priests was an offspec healer.

Garnik was doing his usual attitude, saying why did the feral druid stack agility, and then when some bracers dropped that were leather, he said those are not healing bracers. Poor Bahada was copping a beating yesterday, Shadevar yelled at her for not moving towards him for a bite in BQ heroic fight, in vent! To which I said back in vent that NO HEALER should be moving in that fight for any bites, because our job is hard enough as it is. Even Fue was amazed how hard work that fight was, he healed his guts out and needed an innervate as well. The fight mechanics and situation being as they are, me and Baha are always the top of those heal meters anyway because of the consistent raid damage and our quick aoe heals and ability to move around and do stuff. I look forward to trying it again on Sunday, if we have the people turn up for it.