Heroics - happy and sad

The other day we just managed to get our gear score right for heroics - Hyad was holding us back, he was resisting buying gear to upgrade his item level.  Anyway, we managed to get together and so we thought ok, heroics here we go.

Now I never expected it to be easy.  I was looking forward to the challenge.  But it was really tough, but I was doing lots of group healing too.  It's the group healing that kills you because you just can't get enough heals on the tank.

So.. we did a random and ended up Lost City of Tol'vir.

The first two bosses went ok-ish.  Had a few wipes but nothing too bad.  But the next boss which was the Prophet who does the shadow form/phase thing, was totally killing me.  I was OOM all the time and we were dying in the shadow phase because I couldn't heal through the shadow damage.  We wiped continuously on that until respawns came up and we decided to call it quits.

Hyad after that told me he hated it and didn't want to do that again.  Of course seemed to imply that I need better gear... but I know that, I'd do heaps better with better gear.  But it wasn't all my fault.  I'm sure if the dps stood in decent spots and did better dps it would be a shorter encounter too.  We had Hyad, me, Sev, Lushnek and Xynzelle.  All bar Sev were just new to heroics.

The next day we decided to try heroics again but this time we took Aza and Moopie and Sev decided not to go because he was doing guild PVP.  And we did Lost city again and we did much better that time.  I even got some gear, a new chest (which was not my ideal choice).

Then we did Deadmines and boy that's a long instance but it's quite funny!  I liked the cookie eating thing, I stuffed up that achievement but I'm sure if I do it again I'll get it right.  I managed to score a relic out of it as well.  Though none of the two items I got had any spirit on it... damn shame.