Friday, May 30, 2014

The talented Madame Euphyley

I had one of my "Oh NAVI /facepalm" moments this week.

About September last year Euphyley had her baby and so she took some time off her blog, but she started doing some craft things!  They were GORGEOUS!  I instantly bought some and sent them to my friends for Christmas - they loved them.

One of the Christmas presents was a bit late...must be that international Christmas rush I decided to give that person a different gift.  Then I thought I'd give it for their birthday - but I got something better for their birthday so I decided to keep the item. So I opened the box to get it out and what I found...

... was OMG there was something inside the box that had "For Navi" written on it in addition to the other gift item.  And it was this cute little treant!

I was thrilled, and then instantly MORTIFIED. Poor Euphy will think I am the ungrateful friend EVER - it's 5 months later and I hadn't even thanked her for this gift!!!

So I emailed a gushing letter full of thanks and apologies for my tardiness but she knew I hadn't opened the box as I hadn't said anything!  My little treant is sitting at my computer with me, and its just all types of awesome and I think what a brilliant talented friend I have!

Of course, I'm not the only one who thinks so.  In February this year, Euphy was interviewed by WoWInsider's Anne Stickney - you can read the article here.

Big bear butt also plugged her earlier this week!

But let her art speak for itself.  Here are some pieces which I find particularly special!

I've been adopted!
I'm sitting with Santa and a Norwegian Painted Horse now!
Not convinced?  Go check out Euphy's other artworks at her Deviant art page, or in her Etsy store. And yes, this time I put in my order for Christmas WAAAY in advance :D

Minipost: Raiding - So now we start the Malkorok wipes...

Guess what!  Server restarts in the middle of raid on Thursday!  What a surprise!

Fortunately we were only doing Nazgrim and Malkorok attempts.  Nagrim is easy now we've got it figured out, but damn those snipers still hurt.  At least I didn't die!  Lucky me rolled my heroic tier gloves and Nath got the Tier that dropped.  Guess he no longer needs the essence to upgrade those trash drop mail gloves.  I wonder where they have all gone.  In our first few weeks doing heroics we had tons of those things... I don't think I've seen one drop for a while now.

Then onto Malkorok. We did have a few goes last week and we had our positions set out this week, except Aza was tired and didn't want to play so Asys was DPSing - making us down one ranged.  Morz and I healed, and I somehow ended with Jazz and Luxy on my side, and Morz had Sev and Nath.

Man I had so many stuff ups.  Those purple things can be really far away!  I missed a couple, another one I displacered to it and went through a bubble as I got there, and another one I must have gotten a bubble coz I died.  I know it was doing my head in with watching everything, but when I put all the people on my side in my party, that makes it easier for me to keep them topped up.  Our first go was our best go with Malk getting to 15%, but after that we didn't have many good goes.  I wonder if Malk will be a bit like Immerseus, some weeks it goes great and other we just wipe and wipe and wipe...

The tanks are getting better at surviving and my pissy little Ironbark is put on the tank who is coming on to tank, whilst guardian spirit is going onto the other.  Not sure how it will roll when Asys is healing again, but probably spirit link and lots of heals...

I thought before that I wanted Malkorok for the bracers, but I am at haste cap now without reforging and pushing more mastery stuff, so maybe I don't need the bracers for haste.

Overall it's going ok, and the raiding atmosphere seems positive.  I'm glad I had 1000 valour to fully upgrade my new gloves!  Awesome!  Now I have nothing to upgrade so I can start hoarding valour again.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PvP - Decent Arenas last week

Our 3s have been pretty regular lately.  Both Virper and Memfus have been happy to play with us, with Memfus even enjoying 3s so much that he's willing to play past the 100 games (which initially he was just doing for the mount and then he was going to stop arena'ing) which is a pretty positive testament for us that being in 3s with us is fun.

I decided to try a heavier mastery build as I was way past haste cap. I really noticed the difference, as my heals seem to be bigger.
Playing with a DK has made me understand them more, as well as playing with a hunter.  I've found that DKs are actually squishier than I thought, and hunters tougher than I thought. When we play with Virper (hunter) I can pillar a lot more - with Memfus (DK) I am constantly out in the open trying to locate my teammate who has the big bullseye on his head.

Another thing I've been looking at is the mage/warlock/healer combos we come up against.  In contrast to how we played our Afflock/Frost mage/Resto druid, there are heaps of polys going out as well as lots of fears.  Crowd control has been the mainstay of those teams and it has been done very well in the ones we've faced.  I wonder how we're going to tackle that when Shab comes back in WoD.

There was one game which was particularly good - it was a rogue/warrior/resto shaman team.  Who to target?  The boys were thinking rogue, but I was hoping they would do the shaman and they ended up getting the shaman who went down like a wet noodle.  It was interesting that their MMR was high.  You just hope that with a double melee team they will come to us and draw out the healer, as opposed to those who are a bit better and play their melee close to the pillar for their healer.

We did have a team with a shadow priest and a windwalker monk (can't remember the healer - might have been a paladin) who absolutely smashed me the first time around, so when we got them again, I was going to play it a little safer.  And it was immensely satisfying to beat them after they walloped us so soundly.

But the best thing I've enjoyed with having a DK/lock is the dot spread.  I feel happy when I see the mana of the other healer going down. I like faerie swarming the other team's DPS so that the healer has to dispel them and they can eat the silence from Sev's dots and then do catch up heal spamming and go oom. I get scared when I see a double dot team opposing us - we had an afflock and unholy DK team and I think we beat them but I was a bit scared because I can't dispel diseases!  We also came across an unholy DK and a frost mage - which was good because then it would make polymorph a less attractive option for the mage, but they died.

But those rogue teams can sometimes be so painful.  A number of times they opened on my teammates and put the cloud down. My poor teammates were half health before I could get to them and I spent ages playing catchup after that.  Some of our worst games were against good rogues.

I'm now in full Prideful gear and just trying the PvP meta gem out to see if it's better or not.  If it's no good, I'll just go back to my old meta.  I wonder how we'll go in arena this week!  2 more weeks and we'll get our season Conquest achievement :D  And makes me glad that Luxy does her 3s at a different time of day to me - I think I would be scared to see Putress and it might put me off my game!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Raiding - A couple of bashes at Malkorok and getting Crooked his achievement

We had a few looks at the Malkorok and I really need to pay more attention to what I'm doing.  I feel like sometimes I'm so busy looking at shields that I'm not looking at bubbles, and then I keep getting my shield popped and then I'm trying to get the tanks and I totally forget to get my swirly.  And if that's not stupid enough, I did stand in the bad thing a few times and died.  FAIL NAVI!!!

But everyone is getting used to it.  Mana was not as big an issues as I thought it would be, but does that mean I'm not healing enough?  Maybe it's because I'm standing next to Jazz.

Sev was having real issues with mana, as life tapping would probably be REALLY BAD.  Probably as we figure out things it would be ok, but for the moment while we're figuring it out, it's bad!

It only felt like half hearted attempts to me because it had been a short raid week (2 days and 4 hours total) and we wanted to do Garrosh this week.  But we did try and we were still trying to get through one phase 2 without people dying.  But we went back to hit up normal when we hit half time.  Sev and Asys dropped out so Crooked and Asys could come along.  Was good for Crooked because we needed someone to use some loots!

We were being annoying to Aza - because we were trying not to let Thok transition and so the casters were having a poopy time trying to do anything (no paladins sucks too!) and Aza was just autoattacking because he was unable to do anything.  Luxy too said that she could only get an instant lava burst whenever.  We only got to 47 I think, but I think Morz and I will have our next goal to never let it transition and kill it.  Jazz and Nath had no issues... maybe get Sev in next time.  And more melee.  LOL.

I was being cheeky in Paragons again.  Exray ran and pulled whilst I was distributing loot so of course I nearly died when I got bug jumped.  I dumped my symbiosed Windwalker's grace for a Lifegrip and as soon as he started tanking Kovok I yanked him out.  I wanted to do it during the fight itself, but with Crooked there, I didn't want him to get the wrong impression about me.  After all, this is SoO, very serious business /nod

We ran a little over time - gosh Crooked died a lot - but we thought it would be ok because it's Garrosh and it won't take long.  But... OMG we are such noobs, we wiped because we were doing so great on damage after the first dream phase they were trying to push him over so we wouldn't have another dream phase and those damn DPS tunnelled and didn't break MCs and so everyone got MC'd. BAD BAD BAD!

That added another 8 or 9 minutes to raid.  We did it the second time around and got it down and 4 of us got heirlooms - me included!  I was happy to get Hellscream's Warmace, and Luxy got a tanking shield, Exray got a strength axe and Aimei got an agility axe.  Pretty cool!

Crooked got his achievement, and like Dragonray, had no idea there was a mount.  I think he was happy to have that little surprise on the side! He's been busy trying to collect mounts and I think surprises like these are always the best ones.  Grats Crooked!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Raiding - Why I really should think twice about random PuGs in Flex

It might be because of the patch, as people try to get valour again, or it might be people trying out their new gear to see what numbers they can pump out - or it might be because those Legendary drops in Diablo 3 are no longer a temporary thing but a permanent fixture -  but for whatever reason, we had an amazing turnout for Flex on Saturday.

This late in the expansion I don't expect to see the higher end players dragging their alts through flex anymore - they're all PuGging normals now so Flex is not something they need.  And I expected that.  However, having some of our own higher end players coming is a much better tradeoff and with Exray's two friends from Dath'remar (Mariette and Zulishi), as well as Luxy's friend Putress, we always seem to scrape in with enough.  However, we had a solid 20 people turn up to raid on Saturday which was fantastic, and for the first time I got Faith to come in and do Garrosh, and she was a bit nervous but I reassured her it would be ok.

I did have one regret in that raid.  As I was sitting around in the Vale waiting to start the raid, a random warrior started talking to me.  He asked what I was doing, and I said I was queueing a Flex.  He asked if he could come, and I asked him the usual questions of whether we had done it before, and that if he joins our flex I expect respectful behaviour to the other raiders, and he said ok.  So I took him along.

I say this to my daughter, but somehow I don't practice what I preach...
But I might have forgotten to say to him that he should listen to our raid leaders (though actually, in Flex we don't really have any because it's a bit clockwork now) because he was being really irritating.  He kept saying "go" or even pulling mobs because he used to tank and now he was DPS.  I said to him in with a smile "Dude, settle down, we're getting there!" and he was all "???", as if he didn't know what I meant.  He also said that he had done Flex 4 but he'll come along to help out.  He was 15th on DPS.  I don't think I really needed him to "help out".  Having Aza, Luxy, Sev, Nath, Aimei, Snowcaller on their mains was what I thought of as helping out!  I said to him, nicely, that he was being a bit impatient and to relax - after all, we HAD done this before.  He said it was all cool, he liked doing YOLO Flex runs.  YOLO flex runs??? Geez, if I wasn't irritated before, I was now!  We are a casual heroic raiding guild thank you very much, not some disorganised bunch of randoms!

Another thing that I noticed that meant he must have been annoying was when Exray was telling "the warrior" to stop pulling.  Exray must either have been really grumpy OR he was annoyed he wasn't getting his vengeance, because the warrior was pulling the trash before Garrosh and we actually nearly wiped on that bit, with two thirds of the raid dying with uncontrolled adds.  Exray usually doesn't get grouchy about anything.

I think the last straw for me was when I was quickly explaining how the Garrosh fight went (because Faith had never done it with us before and I knew she would be nervous, so I made the instructions as simple as I could and emphasised the importance of not dying in the dream phase) and then the warrior started saying how the first time he tanked Flex Garrosh it was a one shot, and was pretty easy.  Oh my god, you could almost hear the steam hissing from my ears, as I bit my tongue and plastered a smile on my face, and thought "Happy thoughts, happy thoughts," as I sweetly said that I was explaining the fight because we have a particular way of doing it.  The fight went great, it was smooth and Faith managed to live through most of it and get her achievement, which was pretty cool!

Morz got his second heirloom (he got his first one last week) which means I must be the one of the few left with only one heirloom!

Fortunately server restarts happened and there was a forced disband of the raid.  The warrior sent me a battletag request, and there was no way in hell I wanted to see him ever again, so I politely said that he could friend my toon (Luxy's brilliant solution!) as I had no other toons.  "Well, that's pretty stupid," he said to me.  "Why would you only want to play one toon?"  I rolled my eyes.  COULD THIS GUY BE ANY MORE IRRITATING? DEFINITELY no BTag for you!

I'm sure he wasn't trying to be malicious.  Maybe he was very young or inappropriate. But by now I was in no mood to educate and it's so much easier to just NOT invite him to the raid.  So when we started up Flex 3 after the restarts, guess who didn't get an invite.

I was pleased to see Kyxyn back in Flex since he had been obsessed by Diablo lately.  I did have a giggle - because one of Kyxyn's reasons for cutting back his WoW was to get fit and spend more time exercising, but Sevrus pointed out that Kyxyn had merely turned his time in WoW to time in D3 staying up those super late hours for long periods of the evening, so where was he finding time for this so-called exercise?

It was a great run.  And I hope we can do that again next week - well, without the non toilet trained strays that I managed to bring home with me.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A busy Saturday including a guest spot on Behind the Avatar Podcast!

Yesterday was an awesome day for a lot of reasons - went out for lunch and had Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (Pho) and had Yogurberry afterwards (frozen yoghurt), picked up hubby's new car (fanciest car we've ever owned so I 'm too scared to drive it), sat down to chat to Leeta from Behind the Avatar and though I was nervous, I had a lot of fun and forgot to be nervous and the whole hour just FLEW!  Then straight after that, like the bad parent that I am, I dragged my 4yo son and 6yo daughter to go watch the M rated X-Men: Days of Future Past with hubby and Lushnek and Eddings.  Naturally, when you take kids to movies you have to be armed with your usual pacifying tactics - we went and saw the 5pm session which is dinner time for the kids so I got them started with a Happy Meal (buys about 20-30 minutes), and we also got a mega tub of popcorn (buys you another 30minutes), and the kids did watch a little bit of the movie, but I try to save things like iPad for halfway through the movie when they start to really get restless.  My son is the bigger problem but he often sleeps through the movie if it's dark, but yesterday he didn't but overall he was pretty well behaved!  We also sit close to the front of the cinema so we don't disturb people in front of us with the kids talking.

After that, I had to quickly bathe the kids and get them in bed so that we could raid - and I got on just in time for Flex which had one of the best turnouts ever - almost everyone online was in the raid and we had 20 people and it went really well.  Funnily, like always, Garrosh always seems to go smoother than Blackfuse, and it even went better than Paragons but that was because I was being a turd and I lifegripped Exray's DK tank back when he was trying to tank mobs (because he LOVES running to pick those Paragon trash up when we're spread out so that we get leap bombed and die) so Paragons themselves just went ridiculously crazy with lots of people dying to ... I'm not sure what, but I lived.  Shame about everyone else....

Even a server and instance restart in the middle of flex didn't phase me.  Nothing could ruin my day!

Leeta and I had a good old giggle through the podcast.  Sometimes the funniest things happen when you're NOT recording.  We had a false start that started off my first round of giggles and we had to start the show again.  Also, I was saying to her how podcasters always have such calm collected voices that when you talk to them when not recording, you can hear the real them - I was thinking specifically Rho and Hasteur because they sound so exact and clear in their podcasts but when you talk to them they do get excited just like the rest of us LOL!  Fimlys and Hydra actually sound EXACTLY how they talk on their podcast!  Leeta to sounds really precise in hers but off air she's just as excitable as I am!  I had a listen to myself - gawd I hate listening to my voice, it sounds weird - and I say too many umms, and I am interrupting all the time /facepalm.  Gawd how can you listen to that!

If you want to hear me talking non stop about myself then go and check out Behind the Avatar Episode 48! Thanks to Leeta for considering me for her show, it was super fun to have a chat!

PS: It's up!  I am sure I got the links right... it should have been up when I made the post :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Raiding - You really notice those upgrades with 5.8.4 !!!

Everyone was happy to be raiding last night.  After the ridiculous Wednesday server f-ups which destroyed our ability to raid or even log onto WoW for any level 90, everyone was super keen to see what our newly upgraded gear was going to be like in heroic SoO.

(For those who aren't on oceanic times and missed the whole kerfuffle, the speculation of what was wrong was that any toon that had upgradeable gear was stuck in places with no NPCs, unable to log off unless they Alt-F4, able to chat in guild and whispers but not able to do any interactions like mount or professions.  There had been a server restart at 745pm and after that was when the issues started and they persisted until another restart at about 1030pm.  I ended up playing Navijr since she was unaffected by whatever was going on).

Exray was worried that we would kill Immerseus too fast and be over run with adds. But that wasn't a problem - Immerseus went down easily.  In fact, everything went down easily.  Nath sat out for Immerseus, Protectors and Norushen, I sat out for Sha, Asys sat out for Galakras, Aza sat for Iron Juggernaut, Sev was out for Dark Shamans and Morz was out for Nazgrim.  We cleared the whole lot by 2245 - that was better than our normals record.  There wasn't much loot going around unfortunately - though Exray's DK got a ring and a 2H weapon, and Asys got Tier gloves, and an offspec ring. Seems like we are DE'ing more loot than we are getting - but it gets a bit like that, I think.

But I will say that everything SEEMED easier.  It felt like they had nerfed the instance rather than given us buffs.  I was worried about Nazgrim as I hadn't done it before, but we did it ok.  Asys died from the Sniper once and after that I was more vigilant with it and tried to heal him more.  On one of the fights - I don't remember if it was Iron Juggernaut or Nazgrim - Exray/Snowcaller died and Aimei had to tank the last bit on his own for a little bit and managed to live. I suspect it was Iron Juggernaut.  And that even went really well, not much of a stress.

So we had a look at Malkorok and it's so fiddly. We've only just started so we're still working it out, but we have SO much ranged we're fighting for space.  Everyone seemed keen to do an extra day of raiding, so I've put an event on the calendar for tonight to see if people want to do a make-up raid to catch up for our lost day on Wednesday.  If we do raid tonight, we'll spend the whole night doing Malkorok and see how it goes, and do a full clear on Monday for Garrosh.  This time I'm going to go!  But if we don't raid tonight, no biggie, I'm happy just finishing off the raid on Monday and having a fresh go next week.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Frostwolves finally has their Thundering Serpent Hatchling!

A number of us had done the Gold challenge modes with other friends not in the guild - Owl, Aza, Luxy, Lushnek, Vinyl (Muppeteer), Nova (Stormshot) - though Vinyl and Nova are really Concur Blackrock guys and have their golds on more than 5 characters back on Blackrock.  But we hadn't done it as a guild group, and one day Owl wanted to get Lushen his golds and so he took his DK, Snowcaller, with Aza's hunter Azagamma and myself to help.  We also took one person new to challenge modes - Crooked.  I love having an elemental shaman!

It's different doing it people you're not used to. I do most of mine with those Blackrock guys and I'm used to their strats.  LOL, the other day, I remember being a little bit indignant when Ctwin (the GM from Onineko-Blackrock that often runs with these guys, and also drops in to help our Garrosh Flex sometimes) was there when we were doing Shado-pan Monastery and when we got to Sha he was telling me not to dispel the debuff... I rolled my eyes and chewed him out because I had done at least 90 challenge modes, all of which I was healing so I did have SOME idea of what I was doing, especially since we were with the Blackrock guys that I normally run with anyway.  Probably me just being a bit prickly, and I did apologise after... sort of.

I helped Lushnek with his Challenge modes so he could get his transmog set - he is dreadful when it comes to transmog...  at least now he looks well dressed.

So our first night we did 6 challenge modes and it was a while before we got back to do the final 3 for a full clear.  Last night, after the ridiculous shenanigans with the server that caused massive turmoil over all servers during peak oceanic play time, we had time for a few challenge modes and everyone was on so off we went.

I had a drama.  My addons weren't working!  I didn't realise it till later, but somehow my WoW had defaulted to my EU WoW which only had Mogit as its addon.  I didn't figure that out at first so I went and healed Scholo with no addons.  That was bloody awful.  I died so many times because I was stressing over button mashing for heals whilst running with mouse and clicking on people.  And my lifebloom and harmony fell of ALL THE TIME, so I was feeling like the most ridiculously stupid healer on the planet.  I also forgot what I had bound for dispel so it took me 4 seconds to figure out my dispelling.  I don't know how we did it, but we managed to get a gold for Scholo despite my pathetic healing.  Next up was Brewery and I did not want to heal that without addons, so I finally figured out it was my EU WoW being defaulted so I copied my addons folder over and re-entered my healing spells for healbot and we were ready to go!

A few false starts (that first room can be a killer for healer agro) and the run went pretty well. I always hate that brew boss at the end if you don't stand right, but as long as the melee know where to stand, I'm good - I hate standing there because I get confused and I keep hitting people with my beer vomit debuff. And when Brewery hit gold, the guild hit gold!  Yay!  Finally everyone in Frostwolves can get their Thundering Serpent Hatchling!

Just a quick Jade Temple for Crooked to finish off his golds.  Then it was time to take some pretty pics!

That was fun! I love challenge modes, they're a great way to get valour points and full of fun things like achievements!  I think Owlwas thinking of selling runs, but I'm not sure what the market for that is like on Saurfang.  I look forward to helping another friend of mine out soon - hopefully we can all get on at the same time so I can do some more!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Minipost: Why, fancy seeing you here at the upgrade vendor!

Look at all these people at the upgrade vendor!  Patch today brought those extra upgrades to all items and I've never seen so many people standing there.  And the isle was busy too as people were getting their coins so they could upgrade more.  3000 coins for 100 valour is easy work, and you only need 30k coins to cap valour for the week - though next time I won't be an idiot and buy heaps.  I noticed you can't horde the Deeds of Valor because they have a 1 day life, so you can't keep them for next week.  Interesting.  Well, I need something to buy with my 175k coins - because I'm still only honoured for Shaohao rep and so I can't even waste money on that ugly mount.

Nathamanz said it felt like cheating.  Well, we'll see tonight how it goes.  I bet everything is just going to MELT.  Might be a good week to smash everything as fast as we can!  We'll see at raid tonight!

Navispam - Meeting Leeta as I'm about to be on Behind the Avatar

I'm excited this week because Leeta from Behind the Avatar has asked me to be on her show!  Her podcast is as the name suggests - she is interested about the person behind the WoW toon and what makes them tick.  Oh god, I have to try my best to speak clearly and calmly and not say so many "you know" and "ummm" and "errr"... I don't know how these podcasters do it! Leeta is a very busy bee - she not only has Behind the Avatar, but she also cohosts Geektopia, CtrlAltWoW and Corpse Run Radio podcasts.

I remember when I first met Leeta - it was on Twitter, and I was introduced by Amijade, I think.  The funny thing was, Leeta was another AIE member, which brings me to a grand total of 3 people I know in AIE, all of whom are warlocks. LOL.

Leeta loves doing things which are HARD.  I see her there with her insane title, and she's doing her Gonna Need Bigger Bags achievement, which is another of those things I've put in the "too hard" box.  I told her that I had only recently discovered she was Aussie, which was rather stupid of me since I had listened to her podcast before but the penny just hadn't dropped until I listened to her interviewing Moogyver and I realised - hey they all have the same accent!!

Leeta says that WoW is her only MMO and she does so enjoy this game.  I can relate - after all it's my only MMO and just about the only thing that I play really (except for android phone games like 2048 and Candy crush) and I still love it.  She told me that she is totally addicted to coffee - but I knew that from her twitter LOL!

I look forward to being on her show on Saturday and guys, if you listen, don't laugh too hard as you find out all the stupid things I used to do in WoW and about how I play and if anybody does an "umm" or a "you know" counter, don't tell me if it's over 100, ok? :D

Server maintenance blues

I'm going through one of those needy phases.  It's annoying me, because I feel like I'm in my late teens again, staring at myself in the mirror and thinking "What is wrong with me and why doesn't anyone like me?"

Ok that just sounds really stupid. Let me rephrase that.

I am at this point in life, where everything seems to be going right.  Work is stable, kids are healthy, money is comfortable and my work is respected and I feel good about getting up and going to work those 4 days a week that I do work.  Even things in WoW are going well - we have a solid 10 man team, we're killing stuff, people are happy (mostly!).  My arena buddy Sev and I have 2 people that enjoy doing 3s with us, so we can get a 3s team going every week and go smash some faces and celebrate our victories and losses. I even get the chance to heal challenge modes constantly just because I love them, and even Cymre has asked me to do some with her (just finding the right time is the difficulty).  And I'm pet battling and being a total selfish bitch because I had a smug feeling of satisfaction as I knocked 4 guys out of the #3 unique pets slot on Guildox Oceanic as I edged them by one pet.  Petty, yes.  But hey, I love collecting pets and I want to be #1 Oceanic for unique pets.  I just have to get my arse in gear and do my PvP pet battles.

I refuse to believe I have end of expansion blues.  I NEVER get end of expansion blues.  I still love logging into the game and doing stuff even if people aren't.  So it can't be that.

Then WHY do I feel like I'm alone out there in the World of Warcraft?  Where is everyone?

I think it's just that I'm not really good at the solo WoW.  There's things I want, but I have to do it alone. Like the PvP pet battles.  Or getting my last archaelogy achievements.  Or levelling my pets.  Doing my farm. Gathering herbs and mines.  Getting the insane title - actually, I don't think I could ever do that.  That and "I'm going to need Bigger bags" are in the too hard basket.

I think it's because other people are in the end of expansion blues, the people I normally hang with in game are off doing other things.  Others that I would like to hang with are in a different time zone.  And those that ARE online are busy playing with other people and I feel like I shouldn't be asking them to hang with me because they clearly have other things to do to keep their interest in the game.

My battletag always has people on it, but they're just hanging out in battle net, or they're playing other games.  I don't have someone to play with who likes to do what I do.  And I tried to pug the things I like but it's just not the same without someone else there that I can chat to.

And I can't find anyone to Navispam!  My list is long but servers are down and that sucks.  But the EU side is quiet too - nobody in my list of people to visit are online (though maybe they're at work or something), but like I said, a large number of the people I wanted to see are not playing WoW anymore.

I guess I'm someone who needs the Middle M of an MMO - Multiplayer.  I like to play the game WITH someone.  I went to the Timeless Isle and I tried to kill things for Shaohao rep and I got bored of that really quick. Rep farming is SO much more fun with more than one person. I did rescue someone who was being chased by some mobs and they thanked me, that felt nice.  And I suppose that I did help that person in Townlong and gave them a buff because they were standing next to me fighting mobs and they waved a thank you.

I think that's what I need to make me feel better. I need to feel USEFUL.  I should be going out there and helping random people out in game - I'm sure some of them will just tell me to go away or be plain rude, but I'll take that in stride.  I don't need people to thank me.  Maybe I will make a new friend.

Or maybe, this frustration is stemming from the fact that I didn't get to login to WoW today before the server shutdown and do my farm and my Nomi and my tailoring cooldowns.  And also that everytime I try to finish a comic, I need some picture or background and I can't get into game to go get it.  And WoW model viewer is still annoying me with shoulders and groin flaps and eyes that seem to be eternally closed.

First world problems.  That's what someone said.  I'm complaining about a whole bunch of nothing.  People are starving and I'm whinging about being unable to find people.  People are in being kidnapped and sold into slavery and I'm complaining about Shaohao rep.

Except I'm a married mother of two and it's my evening free...
Extended maintenance.  I think that's what's giving me the poops.  Only... 4 hours to go till servers are up again.  No, I'm not addicted at all.  No sirree.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Raiding - Nazgrim down!

Sev was back from his sojourn in the country, so it was time to put some full DPS into the team!  This time I decided I would sit out and let the boys heal it (as Asys seems to be really full of confidence these last few weeks and it would be good for them to get it down) and I just cruised in Vent listening to the fight whilst I bummed around on my farm.

The first attempt went REALLY well.  Unfortunately Snowcaller got a bit excited (as he does) and taunted late, and ended up with Aimei dying and the raid wiped at 3% or something. Jazz had died earlier from something and so he couldn't be rezzed.  OMG I was excited! Nazgrim is going down TODAY!!

The next attempt was even better because it was a kill.  Woohoo!  Cheers all round!  That did seem a lot easier than Dark Shamans LOL!  Lootwise Luxy and Aimei both got heroic tier gloves and the sword was given to Aza's demon to play with... again. I swear that Felguard needs his own bank to keep all his weapons.

After that there were a few looks at Malkorok.  Morz is probably going to sit that one out because disc priests aren't that great on Malk compared to me and Asys - but that's a while coming.  I think everyone is excited about the patch coming and everyone wants to get their gear before we try to progress anymore and that seems ok.  Plus it will get me up to speed and see if I can heal Nazgrim or not!  There's a hell of a lot of ranged... I felt like we were fighting for space.  I peeked in to have a look before I dropped again so we could finish off normals.  Tacky came in and they cleared the whole instance with 4 people getting BoAs from Garrosh last night.

But a lot of gear is getting sharded.  Makes me wonder if we should be sneaking some other people in for the easier bosses.  Or whether we should be starting to do heroic Protectors again for Jazz.

I've left the kill pic at home, so I will upload that later.  But grats Frostwolves!  8/14 heroic - who would have thought we would be doing that?  I wish I was there - but hey, I'll get my turn!  Exciting stuff!!

Maybe I should be nice to Spammers for just one day....

I have often said that I write for myself, and not for anyone else.  With it been NBI month and all, there's a lot of people talking about how to get yourself heard, noticed and getting involved in the community to  make friends and get traffic.

I realise now that it's not really true.  I really LIKE having a community of bloggers around me.  Though I still maintain that it doesn't particularly bother me if people read what I write because... well, it's basically the spillover from my brain when my mind starts getting full, and this blog gives me a great way to mind dump so I can make room for more useless thoughts in my head.

But I do get curious when I see have a certain number of pageviews.  But it BOTHERS me when I go to see what they're looking at, and it's clear that it's just spambots who are artificially boosting my pageviews.  It's WORSE, I think, feeling like you thought people are reading you when actually.. they aren't!  I would rather feel like nobody is reading, than to find that all the traffic coming through is looking at a post I made 2 years ago about a guild achievement!!!  Which you can tell as well from the number of spam posts that particular post attracts.  I don't understand spambots.  What is so attractive about that post?  It's titled "Guild Level 23 and United Nations".  I mean... REALLY... it's a super short post and I keep cleaning up the spam and it keeps coming back... it feels a little bit like cockroaches, every now and then I bomb them to get rid of them but they just never die.  Though blogger is a lot better lately with blocking spam.  I just wish that my artificially inflated pageviews was not spam!  I think I'd much rather be happy with 10 pageviews from real readers thatn 500 from spammers!

Anyway, 21 spam messages deleted.  I feel much better.  And 587 deleted from the spam comments.  Holy crap.  I swear I just cleaned that up last week.

Perhaps I was being a bit harsh.  Maybe these dandruff remedy blogs, or diarrhoea remedy blogs actually READ what I write.  Maybe those guys who say that they love my content and could I go give them some tips on their hair curling blog about to write REALLY are asking for my help.  Maybe I should stop being so skeptical and be NICE to spammers for a change.

OK, so today, I am going to be nice to every spammer on my blog.  But just for one day.  I am going to reply ever single comment made by spam just to prove to myself that I'm not a nasty horrible person, and that I have everyone one chance.  And maybe I might even click the links too.

If I'm not here tomorrow, you will know that I have been either infected with some hideous computer virus or the police have shown up at my door because I've been clicking too many porn links or something...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

PvP - When losing is better than getting a tie

In PvP it's always bad if you tie.  In arena, a tied game means both teams lose.  I never realised that it was the same for a rated battleground.

Rated Battlegrounds are interesting because you can lose a game and still get conquest points.  So called YOLO RBGs, which are PuG RBGs where it's not an intense strategy but just play to see if you get  a win, are a good way to get the last few conquest points because your arena rating isn't high enough to increase your conquest cap to the 2200 mark.

I remember a lot of people griping about losing an RBG giving you points.   I'm not sure why they made it that way, but it does encourage people to make teams to play.  It's really hard to get into RBGs otherwise, especially when you have no rating, nobody wants to take you.  Also, then there are more teams playing, more games going so shorter wait times for everyone.  I don't see a problem with it.  The problem I have is finding an RBG.

You never see people advertising for RBGs on Saurfang, since it's not a PvP server.  I have level 1 alts in a number of PvP servers for that purpose only - finding an RBG.  Unfortunately, the times I want to play, there are hardly any people looking for people for RBGs.  Luxy has a toon on Mal'Ganis and she says she sees people asking for PuGs all the time for low MMR (matchmaking rating) RBGs, but I have never seen any when I've been on Mal'Ganis.  I've looked on Tichondrius as well, but they tend to be looking for people with ratings about 1700.  On the oceanics, I have toons on Jubei'thos, Barthilas and Frostmourne and there was no love there last night.  However, when I went to Blackrock I finally found a YOLO RBG and so swapping Btags, I went back to Saurfang to get on my toon.

It was pretty good actually, we had one win and one loss.  A shame I wasn't already conquest capped from arenas!  But we had a loss and then... we had a tie.

I've never had a tie in an RBG before.  And I didn't know that it would be like an arena, where there would be no conquest points to either side, and also loss of rating for all parties.

So the sad thing is, that it would have been better if we lost that game!  And we thought we were doing so well against that guild team.  Unfortunately, I had to go after that so I couldn't play again, but at least I have found a way into PuG RBGs after a year!  One more item to go until full Prideful!

Note: Oh and before anyone asks why don't you use OQ?  Well, that would be good except my Btag is full and I haven't got room to just let an addon randomly add people.  So I have to be a bit picky and choosey about who is on it.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Frostwolves Bedtime story strats - Frostwolves and the Big Bad Robot Scorpion (Iron Juggernaut)

"We haven't had a World of Warcraft story for a while, mummy," said my daughter.  She wormed her feet into the crook behind my knees, because her feet were cold and I was warm.  I squeezed her hand.

"Last time I told you the story about Iron Juggernaut you didn't like it, you said it was boring."

"No I didn't!" she said, glaring at me indignantly.  "I can't remember that one!  Can you tell me again?"

"I'll tell it again, but if you interrupt me all the time then I'll stop telling it, OK?  Your brother is trying to sleep."

"Just whisper it then?"


And so I started whispering the story of how Frostwolves killed Iron Juggernaut.


Iron Juggernaut was a really big scorpion robot who was made by Siegemaster Blackfuse - who always loved making big bad machines!  This big scorpion robot was guarding the gates to Orgrimmar, our city, so we couldn't get in and get to Garrosh.  On it's big spiky tail there was a laser beam, that would shoot at us and burn us, it's mouth was like a big oven that could shoot out HUGE flames of fire, and one of its claws was a big sawblade - the other claw was a big scary looking drill.  All over its body were guns and cannons, always shooting at us.  It was a big scary machine, and it hurt everyone A LOT.

There was a big fence around Iron Juggernaut, mostly so that once we started fighting, the gates of the fence would close and we couldn't get out.  But the fence was really helpful because Iron Juggernaut would knock us back really hard and having the fence there meant we couldn't get pushed back too far.

"What does knocking back mean?  You mean knocking on a door?"

"Actually, knocking back is when you get hit so hard you get pushed back really hard.  We call that a knock back."

"Haha! Is that like knocking on your back like this?" She reached around me to try to rap her knuckles on my shoulder.

"No, it's like if I pushed you really really hard and you fell out of bed, that's a knockback."

My daughter pouted.  "That's not very nice, Mama."

"I never said that the knockback was nice, you funny girl!"

Uncle HK and Uncle Exray were the tanks - they had the important job of making Iron Juggernaut look at them because it would blast fire at them from its mouth and burn them and make their armour melt!  They would take turns after each of them had 2 or 3 fires on them, because if they had any more fire on them, they would die.

When Uncle HK and Uncle Exray weren't tanking Iron Juggernaut, they had to go jump on bombs.  Iron Juggernaut would throw crawler bombs at people and then the bombs would dig into the ground and start ticking!  If you didn't jump on the bomb then the bomb would explode and cause damage to EVERYONE there, but if someone was really brave, like Uncle HK or Uncle Exray, and jumped on the bomb they would save everyone from getting hurt, but they would take all the damage instead and go boom!  They'd get blown up high in the air and then land on the ground with a big THUMP!

"You mean like in Captain America when Captain America was small he jumped on a bomb to save everyone else?"

"Yes! Except lucky it didn't go off for Captain America because he would have died because he had no armour on."

"Wow, that's really brave of Uncle Exray and Uncle HK."

I giggled.  "I am going to tell them that next time, that you thought they were brave.  I bet they'll love it."

Sometimes, if people were too far away then it was hard for Uncle Exray and Uncle HK to get to them. Uncle Nath and Aunty Jazz were happy to help!  They could sometimes take a bomb, but only if they used their special abilities which meant they could only do it once in a while, in an emergency.  Uncle Nath was a hunter and he used his Deterrence which was a spell which made little knives spin around him which made him take lots less damage for a few seconds, and Auntie Jazz used her Dispersion which turned her into a shadowy cloud that doesn't take damage.

"Dispersion and Deterrence both start with D," said my daughter.  "That's funny isn't it!"

"It is," I said. "D is for Damage! No, D is for Don't Do DAMAGE!"  Oh, I was very proud of that.

"Haha, you're silly, Mama!"

"I know."  I grinned, unapologetically.

Iron Juggernaut also shot its mortar cannon at us, which put a big red circle on the ground.  You only had a second or two to run out of the red circle before the cannonball hit you.  It also shot people randomly with Laser burn which made them burn for a few seconds.  AND THEN!  It also did a borer drill attack which made spikes come out of the ground and hurt you feet and they would chase you, so you had to run away from them but be careful not to run towards other people because then THEY would get your ouchy spikes in the foot too.  And as if that wasn't enough, Iron Juggernaut also threw it's sawblade at us like a boomerang which would knock you back and hurt you.  It meant that the healers, Uncle Morz, Uncle Asys and Mama were very, very busy, healing everyone as well as trying not to get hit by all the bad things that Iron Juggernaut did to us.  It helped a lot if people would try not to stand in bad stuff, because the more bad stuff they stood in, the more they died and it was too hard to heal.

We used our bloodlust, which made us hit faster and cast spells faster, as soon as we started the fight.  This was because everyone was alive and we were all standing next to Iron Juggernaut.  After 2 minutes, Iron Juggernaut changed to tank  mode, where he would stand still and do different things.  One part of the fence went a LOOONG way back, and as soon as he changed to tank mode, we started running there.  It helped a lot when Uncle Aza or Uncle Sev put their warlock portals so we could take them to the spot where we had to meet up.

"What's a portal?"

"It's like a magic door that can make you move to another spot far away."

Sometimes, Uncle HK got very grumpy with Uncle Sev or Uncle Aza.  They liked putting their portals near where we were fighting and sometimes one of the bombs would be next to one of the portal doors, and when Uncle Hk tried to step on it he accidentally went through the doorway to VERY FAR AWAY.  You could hear him yelling whenever that happened, and so Uncle Nath knew when he had to jump on one of the bombs for him.

Ok, so when Iron Juggernaut was in tank mode, he didn't have to have Uncle HK and Uncle Exray holding him anymore because he didn't shoot fire from his mouth, and so EVERYONE ran far away because it did MANY MANY more red circles on the ground. But, he would only put those red circles close to him and running far away meant we didn't get hit by any red circles! Before, he was doing one every 12 seconds or so, but in the tank phase he would have 4 or 5 all around and it was so hard to try to not stand in one.  He also turned into an earthquake making machine for that whole time, and those earthquakes hurt us for that whole time he was in tank mode.  If we thought there was a lot of healing to be done in the first part, the tank part was even MORE healing!

One of the new things he did was throw yucky oil puddles at you.  It hurt standing in them because it was hot oil and it burned your feet, so you had to move.

Another new thing he did was Shock pulse.  Whenever he did that he would knock you back REALLY far, and unless you put your back against something, it would be so far that you couldn't even see your friends anymore!  But, because we were already so far away, and with all our friends, we were near the back wall so we just got pushed back into the wall and then we fell to the ground.

After he did one of those shock pulses, he started shooting us with a new laser that followed you.  Whoever had the laser following them had to run away from us so that they didn't burn us with the laser, AND they had to make sure not to make the laser run over one of the yucky oil puddles, because do you know what happens when fire hits oil?

"It... goes BOOM?"

"Yes!  It goes BIG BOOM!  Just like in the movies!  And then we would die and we would have to start again.  So it was really important for whoever was taking the laser to watch where they were running."

There were still crawler mines for Uncle HK and Uncle Exray to jump on so they were busy all the time.  But because there were so many bad things happening, we had to use our special healing spells so that we didn't die.  When we first ran back to the meeting point, Uncle Exray put up his anti magic purple bubble so that we wouldn't get damaged.  Then the shock pulse would hit us, and after that mummy would use her tranquility, the magic healing stars.  Then Uncle Morz would use his Bubble Shield and we'd all stand under that, and then we'd get another shock pulse and Aunty Luxy and Uncle Asys would both put down a healing tide totem, which was one of their magic sticks which would help heal us all a little bit.  Then Uncle Asys used Spirit link totem, which was a special magic stick only for healing shamans that would make us take only half the damage that we would have had, and help with healing for us.  Uncle HK also used his avert harm which meant he would make us take less damage and give that damage to him instead. It was so busy, and everyone would be running around like crazy, avoiding the laser and the yucky oil and then Iron Juggernaut would stop being in tank mode and go back into fighting mode and we had to run back to him and do it all again.

By then, mummy and Uncle Morz needed more mana (or healing energy) because we used ours all up trying to heal so much, and Uncle Asys would use his mana tide stick to give us back some energy (Uncle Asys never seemed to run out of mana).  Then we would start the whole thing again.  We had to do ALL THAT STUFF one more time, and if we managed to do all the things right, we would win!

"And you won, right?"

"Yes we did!  And there was lots of cool treasure you could get from Iron Juggernaut.  Mummy got new wrist bands, and Uncle Asys got a ring.  Uncle HK got some bracers too."

"I'm glad you got something this time."

"Me too. I love getting treasures!  OK, now it's time to sleep."

My daughter closed her eyes.  "Do you have a new story for next time?"

I stroked her head and whispered.  "Yes, the next story I am going to tell you is about how we killed the Dark Shamans - the ones who are like bad Aunty Luxies."

"Oh good."  She yawned and was silent after that.  Well, Dark Shamans certainly had an interesting story.  Luckily for me, that was for another day.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Raiding - a good 2 days despite ANOTHER server restart

There was a positive vibe when we started raiding this week.  With Dark Shamans going down last week, we were all pretty excited that we were getting places and going somewhere!

Immerseus went down one shot, for the first time in AGES!  I think the Lushen + Jazz on adds really does the trick.  Everything went smoothly until we got to Galakras.  Then we wiped. Not once, but twice!  After that we were onto Juggernaut and we just wiped for the rest of the night.  But we had gotten our easy bosses down, so that was a plus!

Morz had a coffee date planned for Thursday so he wanted to leave early.  So we hoped to start early, but Asys said that he would only be able to get home at around 9 anyway.  But I logged on early to see if we could start as early as possible - and lo and behold, there was a server restart at 10pm... ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME???  So that left us with a very short raid indeed.

And the last person to logon was Morz - I rang him whilst he was in the shower.  But we kicked off before 9 and we got started on Iron Juggernaut.  It only took us 5 goes to get it down and we got some good loot! I got Laser-Slice Signet, and Aimei rolled Laser Burn Bracers. There was 20 minutes till 10pm and Aza wondered if we were going to bother doing Dark Shamans, since there wasn't much time.  I said there was probably enough for one go, considering the servers usually start going down at 10pm so we might have till 1015pm.

Aza has this bad habit of dying from the first tombs when we start the fight.  Owl teased him about it, and wouldn't you know... Aza died from the tombs.  Great start to our only go for the night!  We only got halfway through the fight before I killed Nath and Jazz when I got the Foul stream.  We quickly wiped it up - there had been no 15 minute warning yet, time for one more go!

We were doing really great this second time.  We got to 25% and popped bloodlust, and then poor Nath and Luxy died!  I rezzed Nath, hoping Luxy could pop, but she couldn't and we kept going.  OMG we were going to do it! Woohoo!  Dark shamans down before server reset!!!  Jazz told me not to take a picture of her tombs, because they were not as beautifully stacked as her previous attempts.  Nath however dumped his all over the place, typical male...

Loot was good!  I rolled Kardris' Scepter and it just so happened that it was the drop as well and Luxy actually WANTED a loot!  So now she has a mace and a shield - she won't die so much now maybe!  Aimei got Damron's Belt of Darkness - 2 loots for him in one night? Looks like he's been praying to RNGesus!

Now that leaves a whole day on Monday for us to figure out this "easy" General Nazgrim.  I might sit out depending on if we have a proper DPS turn up, but we'll see how we go.  Wouldn't it be great if we got Naz this week!  That would be an amazing week!

Uh oh... great... now I've jinxed us.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Glow-ing future!

Yesterday I was flying around doing my pet battles trying to level my pet and I was at Seeker Zusshi in Townlong Steppes and there was a Night Elf female fishing next to me when I came out of my pet battle.  I looked at her name... it was Glow.

I was excited - is that my friend Glow? I waved to her.  She had just flown off, so she didn't wave back.  I stopped and thought for a second - maybe that wasn't Glow.  But I KNOW that Saurfang was her server when she was in Labyrinth - after all, Voros joined us here, so Glow should be here too.  Maybe I got her name wrong.  I did an armoury search for Glowbie, which was the name of her tauren priest on Dath'remar, and there was no Glowbie on Saurfang, not anything higher than 80 anyway.  It must be Glow.

Determined, I planted myself right in front her face in my usual subtle manner and waved enthusiastically in bird form.  Well, emoted in bird form.  A big tauren in your face when you're trying to fish can be mildly annoying to say the least.  She waved back, and I cheered and she cheered back.  It WAS Glow!

I Btagged her because emoting can only get you so far and then started chatting - asking where she had been, what she was doing, was she back, was she on a 10 day free return to WoW thing... and she said that she had bought Warlords of Draenor and she had to buy Mists so here she was.  She was just chilling out seeing how things were going here, and seeing if she wanted to play again.  She has been busy doing her crafty stuff, and we had a small giggle about her non-blogging and then I mentioned that I thought she might not have remembered who I was which earned me some Night Elf girly slaps for being a ning-nong.

I told her that Voros looked totally different to what I thoughe he looked like - Glow said that he looked to fair to be a Death Knight!  Blonde DKs are just kinda odd!  Voros isn't back in game but seeing Glow reminded me that I had hoped he would come back in Warlords of Draenor.

I had to go do some Challenge Modes with Owl, Exray, Aza and Crooked after that, and so I couldn't chat anymore, but I was super pleased to see Glow!  She said a lot of her guildies had gone to other servers and I asked her if she was going to follow them - she was unsure.  But she was levelling a hordie... I said if it ever needed a secret home she was welcome, but she was still finding her feet.  Anyway I was super happy she was back and having someone to talk crafty stuff with is always fun (even though my crafts are nothing like the cool stuff Glow does) - though compared to her my craft stuff is totally amateur :)

Welcome back to WoW Glow! I hope you stay a while :D (though, if she bought WoD, I guess she does plan to level to 100, amirite?)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Minipost: Upgrades so that we don't need SoO nerfs

So in WoW news today:
Gear changes are coming! First, in Patch 5.4.8 (which is currently in testing on the PTR), all upgradable epic items introduced to the game in Patch 5.4 will be given the option to upgrade 2 more times for a grand total of 16 item levels. This change will be applied to all items found on the Timeless Isle and in Siege of Orgrimmar. For instance, if you have an item level 553 Greatsword of Pride’s Fall and its Upgrade Level is 2/2 making it item level 561, once the new patch goes live it will display 2/4 and allow you the opportunity to bump it up to item level 569. Whether you’re working on a newly boosted character or progressing through Siege of Orgrimmar, we hope this change will provide you with the extra punch you need to take down your foes.
Well this is a different way to end the expansion.  In WotLK (ICC) there was Hellscream's Warsong where there 5% increase damage and health each week up to 30%  as the expansion came to a close.  In Cataclysm (Dragon Soul) there was Power of the Aspects where the bosses had an decrease in their health up to 30% by the end of the expansion.  So this time we get a boost to our gear using valour to help us kill those pesky SoO bosses!

Maybe Frostwolves can get to Garrosh before the end of this expansion! :)

My Wishlist for my Perfect Resto Druid challenge mode healing gear

I had never really thought about the gear I was using for Challenge modes, except I knew that Legendary gems and cloaks don't proc and set bonuses don't work.  So I was just using gear that I had replaced for Challenge modes, with normal metas but still using my cloak because the stats on it were quite nice anyway, even without the proc.
I'm an idiot. I should have used the Challenger title!
However, Aza was telling me that the more sockets you have in your gear, the better it is for challenge modes - which made so much sense!  I mean, I knew socket bonuses were preserved, but I didn't realise that gems and enchants were also not scaled down.

So I thought I would compile a list for my druid that would be ideal for challenge modes.  It's probably not useful for people who have already done CMs since you can pretty much make do with any gear if you play it really well, but there might be some people out there learning druid who will at least have some old gear that they wonder is good before they get rid of it!  I think that BIS CM gear is better for tanks and DPS than healers so they can put the damage out,.

I like stacking on the haste so I've chosen a lot of haste gear and put the stats when scaled down to Challenge Mode.  A lot of people prefer Mastery and that's good too - bigger direct heals and then better hots with Harmony.  I just find cast times too slow and I really feel it sometimes. The stats seem to scale the same whether the gear is LFR, Normal or Heroic or Warforged so any of them will be fine!

I think the T16 Helm of the Shattered Vale (from Thok in SoO) is the best choice because it has a meta and red socket with +180 intellect bonus. All the other helms have yellow or blue sockets with a meta socket, or have a lousy socket bonus such as spirit.
2106 Armor
+1349 Stamina
+659 Intellect (+180)
+523 Spirit
+406 Haste

I think the T16 Mantle of the Shattered Vale (SoO from Siegemaster Blackfuse) is the best bet, but if you want some haste, Hopeglow Spaulders (SoO from Garrosh)is not a bad choice... shame about those sockets.  Mantle of the Haunted Forest (ToT from Iron Qon) is not bad either!

Hopeglow Spaulders
Mantle of the Shattered Vale
Mantle of the Haunted Forest
Intellect508 (+120)508 (+120)508
Spirit365398372 (+120)
2nd stat365 Haste311 Mastery354 Mastery

The T16 Robes of the Shattered Vale (Sha of Pride in SoO) has mastery as the secondary stat and has 3 sockets with bonus intellect which will give it a huge intellect bonus. But Amber Parasite Wraps(Paragons in SoO) is worth cosidering because it also has 3 sockets (2 red, 1 yellow and socket bonus of 180 intellect) and haste if you like haste.

Robes of the Shattered Vale
Amber Parasite Wraps
659 (+180)
659 (+180)
2nd stat
406 Mastery
540 Haste
R, R,Y

I think most of the bracers with spirit are much the same.  I would use Castlebreaker Bracers (Iron Juggernaut) because it has more spirit and I do need some Mastery, but if I still needed the haste Vampire Bat Bracers (Tortos in ToT) and Bracers of Averted Fatality (Malkorok in SoO) are very similar.

Vampire Bat
Bracers of Averted
2nd stat
285 Mastery
301 Haste
309 Haste

Handwraps of the Shattered Vale (General Nazgrim, Timeless Isle Celestials) have 2 red sockets with 120 intellect bonus
+1002 Stamina
+508 Intellect
+362 Spirit
+359 Haste

There are many good options here!  Girdle of Night and Day (Twin Consorts in ToT) is the same as Stonebound Cinch (The Stone Guard in MSV) if you want more spirit (socket bonus), but I prefer Pennyroyal belt (Leatherworking, which is what I use for raiding anyway).  If you're too loaded up on haste then Seal of Karmic Return (Garrosh in SoO) is a good choice.  Don't forget to put your belt buckles in!

Girdle of Night and Day
Stonebound Cinch
Pennyroyal Belt
Seal of Karmic Return
Intellect508508508 (+120)508 (+120)
Spirit365 (+120)365 (+120)372343
2nd stat365 Haste365 Haste354 Haste378 Mastery

I'm using my T16 Legwraps of the Shattered Vale (Paragons in SoO or Celestials on Timeless Isle), but Pennyroyal Leggings (Leatherworking) has great haste! T15 Legwraps of Haunted Forest (Ji-Kun in ToT) and Magnetized Leggings (Will of the Emperor in MSV) are decent substitutes too. However if you want godly mastery, you need to get the Ra-Den leather legs, Kilt of Perpetual Genuflection.  3 sockets!! /drool (Yeah... I'm never going to see those...)

Legwraps of the Shattered ValePennyroyal LeggingsLegwraps of the Haunted ForestMagnetized LeggingsKilt of Perpetual Genuflection
Intellect739 (+120)739 (+120)739 (+120)739 (+120)659
2nd stat446 Mastery603 Haste530 Haste376 Haste363 Mastery (+180)

I think that the best boots by far are Spirit Keeper Footguards (Leatherworking).  2 red sockets and a socket bonus of 120 mastery gives these the best intellect out of all the boots out there as well as being easy to obtain.
1782 Armor
+1002 Stamina
+508 Intellect
+385 Spirit
+332 Mastery (+120)

It seems like all the decent rings come from Siege of Orgrimmar.  Laser slice signet from Iron Juggernaut, Seal of Eternal Sorrow from Immerseus or Signet of the Dinomancers from Thok are all good. Signet is good if you're not keen for anymore spirit - the other two are good regen.

Laser-Slice Signet
Seal of Eternal Sorrow
Signet of the Dinomancers
Spirit285 (+60)313 (+60)0
2nd stat293 Haste246 Mastery275 Haste (+60)
310 Mastery

Mana regen is what I look for in trinkets, and without a doubt, I think Relic of Chi-Ji (Inscription) has to be one of the best trinkets out there for challenge modes as a healer.  The mana regen on it is excellent.  Horridon's Last Gasp (Horridon in ToT) is also a good one for mana regen, as well as Spirits of the Sun (Tsulong in ToeS).  Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity (Siegemaster Blackfuse in SoO) is an acceptable alternative as well.

Relic of Chi-JiHorridon's Last GaspSpirits of the SunDysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity
Proc usePassivePassivePassivePassive
ProcIncreases spirit by 2682 for 20 secsHealing spells have a chance to grant 956 mana every 2 secs for 10 secsEach time spell heals, chance to gain 5079 spirit for 20 secs
Heals have a chance to give you 10160 spirit for 10 secs. Every 0.5 secs reduced by 508 spirit.
Cooldown55 sec cooldown
20% chance
(0.96+haste) procs per minute115 sec cooldown
15% chance
(0.92+haste) procs per minute

The heirloom weapons all have 2 sockets and ToT weapons also can have a socket added to them via Eye of the Black Prince so whatever you fancy from those you can use.  I think that, Torall (Lei Shen in ToT) is the best choice because of the intellect and the red socket.  But I've listed a few options from HoF (Unsok's Amber Scalpel is from Amber Shaper), Throne of Thunder (Amun-Thoth is from Council of Elders, Athame is from Dark Animus) and Siege of Orgrimmar (Warmace is one of the heirlooms from Garrosh in SoO). 

One Hand weapons

Unsok's Amber ScalpelAthame of the Sanguine RitualAmun-Thoth, Sul's Spiritrending TalonsTorall, Rod of the Shattered ThroneHellscream's  Warmace
Intellect305305 (+60)305 (+60)385 (+60)225 (+120)
2nd Stat372 Haste (+60)217 Haste
217 Mastery
179 Mastery155 Haste210 Mastery

For offhand choices, you can see that Purehearted Cricket Cage (Fallen Protectors in SoO) and Orb of Arcing Lightning (Iron Qon in ToT) are exactly the same stats, but the red socket is better in Orb. Revelations of Y'Shaarj (Garrosh in SoO) is a good choice too if you don't need anymore spirit.

Purehearted Cricket Cage
Revelations of Y'Shaarj
Orb of Arcing Lightning
Intellect421 (+60)421 (+60)421 (+60)
2nd stat222 Haste286  Haste
299 Mastery
222 Haste

If you look at 2H weapons they actually have more intellect but 1 less spellpower and marginally more health so they are good ones to use.  There are only 2 that can have 2 sockets (both from ToT) - Suen-Wo, from Twin Consorts and Giorgio's from Ji-Kun.

2H weapons

Suen-Wo, Spire of the Fallen Sun
Giorgio's Caduceus of Pure Moods
Intellect819 (+60)819 (+60)
2nd stat627 Haste
462 Mastery
481 Haste

But you can actually do it with any gear.  As I said before, I think DPS makes the bigger difference to challenge modes than healing, and if you are happy to chug those Klaxxi Ambers all the time, then you don't even need much mana regen either.  But that can get expensive and I like to be cheap and use Golden Carp Consomme because I can cook it with all those leftover fish I had from my fishing days (and you can buy it as well from food vendors in Pandaria).  But having good gear does help make challenge modes easier, and I hope that this list is helpful to someone else other than me!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Raiding - Yay Dark Shamans down!

I was hoping that I would not have any brainfart moments and not stuff up tonight, and I think everyone else was trying their best to do the same.  But the first few fights were inevitable stuff ups - I know that I stood in the foul stream once when I was trying to tranq, and another time poor Jazz died because of the poison mist totem dot and I felt bad because I should have tried harder to heal.  I have since manually put the debuff on my healbot so I know who has it so I can keep them topped up with hots and throw my free big heals on them. I did notice that if you had the toxic mist debuff on you, then you are never the target of foul stream. Which was good for me, because every time I had the debuff, I would be ready to move.  It's when you don't have it you have to spend one second wondering if you have to stand still because you're the one with the foul stream on you.

It would probably have been our 4th attempt where nobody died to the foul stream, and then we had two attempts with deaths on the pull from the tombs, and then after that we had an EXCELLENT attempt with a damned 1% wipe!  I was kicking myself for dying, and so was everyone else who died, and we rallied and managed to kill it on the next attempt.  Aimei died at 2%, but we had enough people inside to be able to live and boy was there a huge cheer when we got it down!  (Thanks McTacky for the balloon cheer early in the night)

We almost forgot to do a kill pic!

And of course the outside team had to have a pic too!

Nath and Lushen both got Haromm's Talisman (of course, Lushen ROLLED it!) and I had to DE the cloth helm.  Jazz rolled the awesome Kadris' Scepter which she doesn't want anyway!

Onto Nazgrim after that, and you always feel bad when people tell you how easy it is and you still wipe lots. The heals are heavyish for me - hots don't feelt enough for bonecrackers and healing myself while I'm being sniped puts me far from the tanks so I can only heal raid.  We had a bit of musical healers as we tried to figure out what heal comp to use, and it ended up me and Morz after me and Asys had a bit of a go at healing it.

Banner was going down too slow.  Rage was high.  Warsongs and ravagers were annoying.  I actually didn't have too much of a mana issue because when I was stuck being sniped I just healed myself and all my mana came back because I wasn't healing many people.

After killing Dark Shaman people were happy to reset again for next week to see if we can get loots from IJ and Dark Shaman.  I think if we had wiped on Dark Shaman we would have extended.  Fingers crossed for a good raid composition next week!  We tried to see if there were any bosses we could skip but people still need stuff from the bosses so we will keep doing them, I guess!  I wouldn't mind the ring from IJ, but I've been pretty luck with loot!  Don't need much now except

And where is Sabre lately??  Sev is out of action since he's in country town with abyssmal internet and so we're just making our numbers lately with no reserves.  I hope everyone can come tomorrow.