Friday, September 17, 2010

So close on heroic BQ but no banana!

We tried heroic BQ yesterday with 7 healers - initially I thought that was a bit too many but I think that we might have needed it! But we were so close that final time and perhaps with some bloodlust we might have made it that last bit.. but oh well!

We had good healers yesterday. 3 pallies with 2 druids and 2 priests. Though one of the priests was an offspec healer.

Garnik was doing his usual attitude, saying why did the feral druid stack agility, and then when some bracers dropped that were leather, he said those are not healing bracers. Poor Bahada was copping a beating yesterday, Shadevar yelled at her for not moving towards him for a bite in BQ heroic fight, in vent! To which I said back in vent that NO HEALER should be moving in that fight for any bites, because our job is hard enough as it is. Even Fue was amazed how hard work that fight was, he healed his guts out and needed an innervate as well. The fight mechanics and situation being as they are, me and Baha are always the top of those heal meters anyway because of the consistent raid damage and our quick aoe heals and ability to move around and do stuff. I look forward to trying it again on Sunday, if we have the people turn up for it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Got 1550 achievement in 5s!

Had a good run in arena today - had some shitty games (one in particular was the 4 boxing shamans and pally) but we got to 1500 and we played 20 games too and then we got the 1550 achievement which was exciting!

I bought my Wrathful legs today, I don't know why I hadn't bought them before, but I suspect it was because I didn't have enough arena points.

LK 25 down at last!

At last we killed LK on 25 man!  I think all the 10 man practic helped and it was quite rewarding, and it was looking good from the early attempts.  Moo and Shady both got weapons, and me and Cymre took home the Tier.

Now I have 4 piece offspec Tier!

Poor Fleeping, he died very early from being dropped off the edge by a Val'kyr and was lying around watching... well nothing, you can't see anything once you've been dropped over the edge!  At least he got rezzed on top at the end so he could dps the Lich King.

I bet people will want to join our little guild now!  Already Ayelena had a friend who wanted to join (a DK), and apparently Sarthane said that Orcation would like to come back.  Sarthane was on vent and heard us talking and was super bummed that he couldn't be there to kill LK, he must have whinged about it for about 5 minutes.

Tanks: Manbull, Lacrox, Coolidge
Healers: Navimie, Bahada, Cymre, Biship, Fueghan, Beldarien, Tupence
DPS: Moopie, Lushnek, Shadevar, Lokain, Sevril, Azadelta, Ayelena, Eboniee, Mazlakk, Caedis, Wetfishslap, Fleeping, Duskull, Corael, Autocrat

I tell you it was hard to get to sleep after that.  I was so so so so very pleased!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moo close to getting all his shards...

Geez Moopie has had a fantastic drop rate with his shards for his Shadowmourne.  It felt like it dropped almost every boss this week!  And last week was a pretty good drop rate too!  I think one more full 25 clear and he should have all his shards.  There's a little countdown on the MOTD about it, for those who are in the know about what's going on.

Man, I wish I coulda gotten all my ones from Ulduar!  But it's not the same thing I guess, not as much effort going into it and then you have to kill some extra things anyway.

There was an officer post saying that perhaps we should extend this week's 25 man... but with Moo so close I don't think that's a good idea.  What's a couple of people whinging we don't do LK when we have a long term officer (and friend) not getting his weapon with only one week to go!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zalazane's fall

Did the mini quest chain reclaiming Echo Isles - cute little fight, like the retaking of Undercity.  At least there's gold and an achievement at the end, and a little thing that turns you into a troll!  We see troll druids - well at least I know now where they come from!  I think it's cool that trolls cat form is a tiger!  I think I'd like to be a troll druid, maybe I'll make one just for fun!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heroic 25 mans ICC

With me stepping down on Wednesday raiding I've been missing out on getting to do heroic ICC 25. Last week they did Rotface, and this week they did Marrowgar, but I managed to squeeze in for Rotface (AND topped healing mind you!). The sneaky thing was I also managed to get Trauma heroic! So new mace for me YAAAY!

Bahada managed to score Marrowgar's Frigid Eye from Heroic Marrowgar, so she was pretty happy!

Targetme was quite upset that we were doing heroic modes and not killing LK... I whispered to Bel "Well maybe if he healed better he might be able to do LK 10 man kill".

Vamps made a reappearance and he raided for a bit before his net crashed so that was nice to see. Another person who I hadn't seen in ages was Taxxe who had been away from WoW for a while but was back as casual and I encouraged him to get back into raiding once he got his life back in order (he left suddenly due to personal issues which I did ask about and were rather... illicit in nature IYKWIM).

Raiding of late has been rather blah. But since I got online and initially there wasn't a raid spot I decided to go out and spend money and managed to get a couple of achievements which cost a lot of money, like the 50 mounts, completed my Brew of the Month club, Cenarion Hippgryph, Haris Pilton bag, Kirin tor signet ring.... 10k + gold down and I still have 31 mounts left to find for the 100 mount achievement...