Monday, October 31, 2016

Attuning for Kosumoth the Hungering and the history of the hunt

In MMO Champion last month there was a post about Kosumoth the Hungering, a World boss that can drop a pet or a mount. There was an attunement to do with it and Wowhead had a very nice step by step guide on how to do it - though the pictures left much to be desired! So I decided to take my own pictures so I can remember that little chain myself.

I had fun trying to find the little hidey spots. So well hidden by bushes, leaves and cleverly placed crystals! I wasn't as good as finding them as HK though, but it was rather satisfying.

Here we are at each spot, trying to click the orb.

1 - Cave in Azsuna (38, 37)
2 - Stormheim (32, 75). There's a mob outside that does a ton of damage which can make it hard (pictured below with a monk Paralyse on it)

3 - Val'sharah (41, 80). There is a mana fiend here which does a lot of damage if you don't interrupt it's spellcast.
4 - Broken Shore (32,72) - underwater cave entrance. Watch those steam vents!
5 - Azsuna (59. 13) 
6 - Under the Shark on World Map (67, 14)
Don't worry, I don't bite!

7 - Highmountain (56, 38)

8 - Azsuna (53, 26). Took us ages to find this one under the leaf!

9 - Sunken Ship (49, 90). This one was a bit tough, so bring a water breathing potion if you're not feeling confident about finding the way in. You just have to find your way through a ship.
What the entrance looks like

We're done! Here we are looking at the orb on the table, but apparently this stuff on the table is the clue to the whole thing! There was something on Reddit about it and how they figured this all out.

Hey everyone, thought I'd let you know how Kosumoth came to be spawned because it was a pretty cool thing. It started as people searching for how to get the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph in the the wowhead comments here:
It was discovered that there are extremely hidden caves throughout Broken Shores with dark orbs in them. To give you an idea of how hidden these caves were one is in a broken ship in the middle of the ocean south of Eye of Azshara, through a crack, and then hidden behind kelp, basically three layers of secret you have to find. Another is a hidden cave that has another hidden cave near the entrance that actually has the orb.
It was then noticed that Drak'thul, the hermit orc on Broken Shores, has one of these orbs next to him. A commenter on Wowhead discovered that if you do an easter egg with Drak'thul (where you find a relic hidden in a cave nearby and give it to him and he speaks old god) it allows you to click on those hidden orbs, which are called Hungering Orbs.
Luckily next to Drak'thul is a table and on that table is a mix of pebbles and an orb which helped find them all. It was discovered this is actually a makeshift map of the Broken Isles and that the pebbles mark the different places where the orbs are found (with Drak'thul's orb as Suramar and Broken Shores as a fel candle). Here's a pic of the world map with these clues superimposed.
Through trial and error we discovered that the orbs had to be clicked in a very certain order. We collectively as a group went over them and eventually hitting the last one spawned Kosumoth. 
Credit to all the amazing work people put into this in the Wowhead comments.
Edit: This has blown up a bit so just wanted to make an edit to let everyone reading know that I was only a small part of the awesome group that found this mount, I just wrote it up first.
Extra special credit goes to:
iCoffeeMan for linking the hidden orbs together
Kellathon for discovering how to activate them
Blackfaded for organizing the final search
arandumdude for discovering the pebble map
and all the others on Wowhead who scoured the lands finding the caves. We're still actively searching for the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph if you want to join in on the fun.
Kudos to all those guys! I did wonder how someone figured out all this stuff, but it just goes to show that there are people out there who are super dedicated and persistant, and worked this all out so the rest of us could access it!

They even honoured each person to unlock it in each region!
Yes that would have been cool if I had seen it! I am sure everyone by now has 3 Hungering Claws - I wonder when the mount will be the world quest reward?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Legion - more addictive than any of the last 2 expansions

I have not played this much WoW since WotLK, I think.

I remember when I first started playing I could easily play for 12 hours a day. Hours and hours doing the PvP battleground grind, or doing dungeons for that druid dungeon set. I remember fishing for stonescale eels in Tanaris to sell for gold and handing in the Yellowtail for the supplies to open the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. I could do that for hours.

I had kids back in WotLK and so my time to play was cut back with having to look after toddlers. I still played a lot (16+ hours a week) but nowhere near the 30 hours a week I was playing before kids.

Come Pandaria and WoD there was no urge to login. Even with new content I wasn't spending hours on end on the Timeless Isle or Tanaan Jungle, or even grinding rep. I still did all the content, raided, pet battled, PvP'd but I had felt like I had a good balance to my WoW life and real life.

But Legion is different.

I worry about trying to login and get my world PvP quests done. Towers are great now that they are only once a day. The night time routine was stay up till 2am get the world quest done when it resets. Or go to bed earlier and get up at 6am to do it. Also need to get all your AP quests done. And, I don't want to miss any of the pet battle dailies so I can get my achievement. The app also keeps me glued to  my game, making me plan what world quests I need to do as soon as I logon.

Mythic plus keeps us doing dungeons non stop. I like looking for mythic plus groups in group finder to get more AP, make new friends, and even learn new things! That actually happened to me the other day - I did a Wardens +4 from group finder and they did the did the second boss inside the alcove he stands in for the whole fight. When he teleports away, you just line of sight him and the boss and the adds will come running to you. Made it so easy! You're always facing the stupid eye who stuns you if you don't face it, and you don't have to move around. I was so excited about it that I talked non stop in officer, to my dungeon buddies, basically to anyone who would listen and forced Kyxyn and Aimei to do this strat. I think I talked about it for a WHOLE DAY! And that I learned from a PuG.

And we are still working on bosses in the current tier but there is new stuff coming out! Karazhan is now out and there will be new things to do there, and a new raid (Trial of Valour) will be out in a few weeks, which means more new raids to do.

There has not been so much interesting content like this for a long time. It has made playing WoW so much fun again!

However, it does mean that the addiction factor is up there. And relationships, work, sleep and health can suffer if you don't get a grip on it.

A friend of mine was complaining about their partner, who had moved to a more progression oriented guild. When they weren't raiding 4 hours a night, they were doing mythic dungeons to get AP and work on their keys and gear. The game had never bothered my friend before, in fact, they had been very supportive of it, but now, their time together was suffereing. Date nights were cut short because the player had to raid or do dungeons (or farm) and when they asked for more time for them they were met with anger and told they were being unreasonable. They used to be very supportive of their partner's gameplay but now felt like they were invisible and betrayed. My friend told me that now they hated the game, and they never used to before and the partner had been playing for many many years. The player was now playing 40+ hours a week, as much as a full time job! And the player was loving it. Couldn't be happier.

Before you say "Oh, that person has a problem" I will testify that the game really IS fun. I could also play all day! If I was single, I probably would play all day and eat all my meals in front of the computer.

Kyxyn was playing huge amounts, and is now cutting back since he is on Prestige 4 and exalted with all reps as he wanted to spend more time with his family. Crooked was complaining that he felt a bit overwhelmed just trying to do his AP quests and wondered how all of us who had kids, families, jobs etc found the time to play as much as we did.

It's fortunate as well that our guild is casual and doesn't put the time pressure on players, with raid taking up vast amounts of time and farming for raid mats and doing dungeons making up the rest of the time. I can imagine in a hard core guild that thettime dedication would be more compulsory than what ours is and even though we do play a lot in our guild, there is no feeling of FORCED to play more than say... 4-6 hours a week. Right now I would say I play about 25 hours a week, which is still a significant number, and I still have time to get all my chores done. Though my income tax, BAS, timesheets and tidying of my desk are the things suffering from my playtime. It is true that at the moment I am loving the game more than I've loved it in a long, long time.

I hope my friend's partner comes around and realises that they need balance. Then it would be win win for everyone.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Patch 7.1 is live and buggy!

It wouldn't be a patch day without bugs!

The first bug I noticed was the Withered Wrangling in Ambervale - the map would trigger around Meredil but you wouldn't have an action button to use. But you had to go all the way towards Falanaar to get it to trigger (ie the Ambervale area). So that was annoying.

Then Kyxyn noticed his legendary ring wasn't proccing with one of his abilities anymore.

But there are also cool things! The Karazhan attunement is at least running in concurrence with the weekly quest for a cache which is to do 4 mythic dungeons (and there are 4 mythic dungeons for the Kara attunement).

Also there were 3 emissary things up. Obviously a patch reset that and we had 3 to do, which was cool!

And then there is THIS:

I went cat form in Suramar city for my dailies and I noticed that when I have the disguise on it turns me into a mana sabre!! HOW AWESOME! It used to make me drop my disguise everytime I changed form, but this is just so cool!

Also, mana things like flowers and potions and books and shards are now blue on the map instead of yellow. Makes it easier to differentiate them from herbs, fishing pools etc. Neat!

That was just my dabble into 7.1. What did you guys get up to?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Raiding - Sigh, I TOLD you we weren't a mythic guild....

Blizzcon is almost upon us, and with so many raiding guildies attending, some in key roles, we were going to have to wind down raiding a bit until it's all over.

However, the last two raid nights we couldn't do mythic - not that I was overly upset, mind you, because that meant we could do mythic + instead.

I think the thing that disappointed me the most was that there were 4 people I said could move from normal to heroic raiding. You think they'd make more effort to show up! Only one of them was showing up consistently, whereas the others had not made any appearance to fill the numbers. Not that they are obliged to, after all, we are a casual guild and we're ok with that, but I better not hear any of them complaining to me about being left out of raid when they couldn't get on to help out when needed!

Monday was partly my fault. I fell alseep and woke up only a few minutes before raid (thanks for the wake up call Sev) and I didn't see an SMS from Sars to say he was going to be late to raid because he left his keys at work. We only had 19 for raid and it wasn't worth wasting an hour wiping if we weren't going anywhere - I'd rather save my flask!

So most of us did mythic plus after and that was more fun. And more AP. And smaller repair bills. Patch is next week so I don't expect much raiding on Wednesday because after a patch everything is buggy and we'll have a restart smack bang in the middle of raid, I'm sure!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fishing mounts galore!

Legion is really rewarding those fisher-folk - I heard there is a new aquatic mount from Darkmoon Faire from fishing using Darkmoon Daggermaw as the currency.

I only just got my Margoss fishing mount - here is an ABYSSMAL picture of me on it!

There, on the right. I was swimming around on the Dalaran fishing island attention seeking with all the other fishing people there who were all trying to get the same thing. This is what it actually looks like....

A shame I won't be riding around underwater that much! I wonder what we will be using all these underwater mounts for... If only I could fish from one of them! Now that would be a cool thing to add to the artifact weapon.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Second thoughts on NOT doing my Prestige till 7.1 and other PvP things

I hit Prestige 1 this week and didn't tick it over because I didn't want to have no talents for arena. However, I am wondering about all the wasted honour this week!

It was made worse because Sev and Kyxyn both hit level 50 and then Prestiged. And so now both of them have no talents but didn't want to waste honour.

I think about how much honour I wasted and it was probably about 1.6 k per day for the last 5 days. And a bit more than that on Friday because we had arenas and things - I could have been at least level 10 by now.

Kyxyn finished Prestige 3 and he got the mount, which actually looks really cool! Now I really want one! It's such a show pony! It even twirls around on it's hind legs and tosses it's head.

In other PvP news I managed to finally mount that drake in the Bareback Brawl.

I did have an unfortunate silly encounter there the other day in Bareback Brawl. I am not a big fan of hitting other players because I'm not that good a player, but I WILL hit back if someone hits me. I don't get cranky about being hit (it is a FFA PvP zone after all, that's the risk you take when you are there) unless the people are dishonourable players who either wait for you to engage mobs and get low health and then gank you, or wait for you to almost kill a mob then kill you and take your kill. Yes, I know that all is fair in PvP but that sorta thing doesn't sit well with me!

Anyway, silly me saw an alliance paladin from Cinder's guild Ominous, so I backed away from them, wondering if they would leave me alone. My mistake! I should have at least had my back facing away from the cliff edge! The run back was a bloody pain the ass! But the cool thing was when I ran back and then went to finish my world quest the dragon was up! So totally worth being punted off the cliff :D

Overgrowth is a pretty cool talent, I must admit. It's the final honour talent in resto spec, and I do use it in arenas a lot. I should get around to writing that post about how my amateur PvP tips and talent selection choices, perhaps when I have more time!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I am a Pridelord!

I have been a bit clueless about my druid artifact hidden appearances, but I did find out that I had chosen the wrong Class Hall progression for my resto hidden appearance. However, I couldn't do much about that until after I had finished doing all my research (as if I will be wearing 2 legendaries anytime soon...) so now that I'm done I have spent my 2k resources on switching the research to the 2 plots of rich soil.

And the boomkin hidden appearance I need to be exalted with Dreamweavers, so not much I can do about that at the moment.

The Guardian hidden appearance drops off Ursoc, and Amayeti got that the other day. Which was kinda cool!

A week or more ago, I was walking through the Dreamgrove and I had a funny emote.

I didn't know what it was so I ignored it.  However, the next time I went out there the emote was there again. I went to google it and found out that it was part of the hidden appearance for the feral druid.

I went through the Feralas gate and went to look for this stone, which apparently you only have 5 minutes to find. Fortunately this one I found without too much hassle.

The next day I got another screech, this time from Duskwood!

I had a bit more difficulty that time finding the stone. I cheated and went to Wowhead and entered some of the coordinates that people had put there and found it.

It was after raid a week later that I got my final screech from the Hinterlands gateway.

I was stressing out big time, running around looking frantically for the stone. I was on Discord and Kyxyn had asked me to come do the PvP world quest and I said I couldn't because I was looking for my hidden appearance. Well. The lack of enthusiasm was laughable!

"Wait, a hidden appearance for a spec you never use?"
"We won't have to put up with you actually PLAYING that spec do we?"
"How could a hidden appearance be more important than helping your friends finish this PvP world quest faster!"

Despite the vast amusement that I was getting a FERAL appearance, I was getting freaked out I couldn't find the stone and was yelling to Aimei/HK to get on Wowhead and tell me some coordinates because I couldn't find this damn stone! Fortunately before he could find the correct page I found the stone and then I rushed back to the Emerald Dreamway and there was Ela'lothen the Moonspirit sitting there.

What was I supposed to do? Was it sit in front of the spirit?

Oh right, sit in cat form!

BOOM! Achievement!

So now I am a fluffy cat in feral form. I have to admit the PvP skin looks really cool, though do I really think I'll get 1000 honour kills in cat form? I doubt it! But I can try!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Raiding - Fifth - no Fourth! With Myth Nyth

Ok, that was a totally lame attempt at alliteration with my blog post title. But Myth Nyth has a nice ring to it.

We did have a little look at Nyth on Thursday which was a bit disorganised and chaotic and we said we'd look at it a little more closely and tune it a little bit.

The main difference as that 10 stacks of rot gets you mind controlled so trying not to get rot stacks was important, and then making sure you went into the melee group when you were MC'd so they could DPS you out of it was also important. I was a bit confused at first, because I had more than 10 stacks and wasn't mind controlled but you only get mind controlled after a breath.

What we ended up doing was splitting the room into two with 2 groups each side. Then with the rot, we'd have people placing their rots in a line towards the boss rather than at random patches at the edges of the room. The problem with the patches around the edge of the room on both sides was that when the rot got sucked back into the boss they would all come together like a wave and there was no way to dodge that as well as dodge the bugs.

So the rot lines were close to the tail (if the tail was 12 o'clock, the lines either side were from 11 and 1 o'clock), which I wasn't that happy with, but it seemed to work. The tanks also decided to get MC'd after every 2nd breath and that worked well.

On our fourth attempt, it was really messy but we managed to kill it with just 4 people up!

That was exciting! Those bloody monks got some great loot (haste mastery boots, which they said were terrible stats but they're great druid boots) but no legendaries that night!

We had a look at spider druid afterwards and we had so many issues with the tanks going splat after the first move! It's going to take some working out, but we did get better but we have ways to go yet.

Good work Frostwolves! Oh my goodness, since when did we become mythic raiders! I feel a bit silly because I kept telling everyone that we are a heroic guild and we only do mythic when we run out of stuff to do. And here we are!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Guildleader Chores - The Spirit Cauldron Debate

Cauldrons are back! We haven't had cauldrons since Lich King!

These Spirit Cauldrons require 4 of each kind of flask - agility, strength, intellect and stamina - and a Blood of Sargeras. The Cauldron then churns out 30 spirit flasks which will turn into whatever stat flask you need.

Expensive to make compare to the WotLK ones! But still, there is some benefit to it.

Getting the flasks for a cauldron can be quite pricey - if we bought flasks from the AH they are 1800-2200g for one flask! So to create a spirit cauldron from the AH it would cost at lesat 36000 gold. The thought boggles!

So we decided that it would be in the best interest of the raid to create a cauldron for raiding. Every member of the heroic raid has to come flasked anyway, so instead of them drinking that flask, they can put that towards the cauldron, and then they can take one out of the cauldron, which will be cost neutral. However, in a mythic raid (using mythic as an example because it's a nice set number of 20) 10 people can double dip and get 2 flasks. That's 2 flasks for the price of one. Sounds like a no brainer right? Just taking one flask per raid?

Of course, there are 10 people who will miss out. However, the alchemists get 2 hours out of one flask so they don't need a second flask, so they are the true cost neutrals in the raid, donating one flask and getting one back. So we can take them out of the people needing to double dip. That would still leave 4-5 people who need to take a second flask. But, you could take turns rotating that, so that on one raid night 5 people need 2 flasks for a 2 hour raid (which is what they would normally do anyway without a cauldron), and on the next night they can take 2 flasks from the cauldron.

It seems like such an easy idea, which would save people mats in the long run. In addition, the cauldron can also proc when it's crafted, so sometimes making one cauldron you can proc another 5 cauldrons! Which would save even MORE in gold and mats! However, you have to have 3 stars in the recipe for the cauldron to get that to occur.

So we thought we'd introduce it for raids, as it seemed like a good idea, saving mats and then people would only have to bring one flask per raid. However, we did not expect to have so much opposition!

A few guildies have expressed their concerns with this, mainly to do with controlling their own consumables. I thought that saving money or saving their proper flasks for doing mythic plus or other things would be more valuable to them, but they preferred using their own flasks rather than contributing towards the guild cauldron. However, it was very confusing to me, as I felt like if they contributed the flask they were going to take for the first hour of raid, they'd end up with 2 flasks that they could use for the whole raid, thereby saving one flask for dungeons.

I asked some friends of mine who were GMs of guilds with similar progress and 2 of them didn't know what a spirit cauldron was, and one said that the guild bank couldn't afford it. Only one of my mates used a cauldron and they made their guildies contribute 6 flasks for the week for the cauldron. Wow. We only ask for 3! Or really, however many heroic/mythic raids you will attend. However, we do have shorter raids.

We'll give people a few weeks to get used to the idea, and kick it in from Blizzcon. In the meantime I'm recording all contributions publicly so everyone can see who is contributing what. There was some concern that it's a lot of work - but hey, I'm the one doing the work, it's no harder than EPGP!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Raiding - Ahead of the Curve.. REALLY?

I have to admit I was VERY surprised to kill Xavius on Monday night after only 11 attempts!

Having done it on normal it was much the same, just everything seemed to hit harder. That spooky trash at the beginning where you're standing in blank white space and then all these things start creeping towards you....

The fight is a little bit Cho'gall/Sha of Pride, where you have a corruption bar that you don't want to max out on or you'll get mind controlled. And there are heaps of ways to get corruption - hit by adds, being hit by abilities, dispelling debuffs...

But there is a dream phase where you can reach max corruption and all that happens is that you get kicked out of the dream - a bit like a get out of jail free card.

We were having issues with healers going crazy, especially the ones who started outside the dream. We figured out it was adds getting to us (and for me in particular, it was sharing meteors when I was already at high corruption).

From the healer point of view we have our own things to coordinate, so my understanding of the DPS roles in the fight are limited. The dreamers were supposed to dispel stuff off the tanks, which gives them and us corruption, and also soak adds and pools.

There was also a line of thorny things which was like the arrow you get when doing Phase 2 in Archimonde, and the tanks were having issues with that constantly rolling over them. We did have a bit of confusion about WHERE we were supposed to be running those things - we thought it was through the middle but not on top of the tanks.

To make it all clear we added rainbows.

W were supposed to run it between green and orange. Yellow was where tanks were going for dispels. Purple was where I was running to when I had an add on me. However once someone pulled their rainbow out to show the line of running everyone wanted to play with their rainbow so hopefully everyone understood what the hell they were supposed to do.

I was getting people to dispel 2 and then swap because we did have some accidents with running into stuff and getting more corruption. That seemed to work well. And the third person was always the one doing it when we got out of the dream and having to take a bit of corruption.

So for the kill attempt we had:
Tanks: Kyxyn, Aimei, Chikaku
Healers: Navi, Cosima, Nerd, Dil, Yeti, Ram
DPS: Sevrus, Crooked, Ultra, Duck, Splatz, Vorkrack, Naesca, Erve, Sars, Fox/KT, Gen, Lushen, Fielsa, Eurie

We couldn't believe it 7/7H already! So what now? Mythic? Geez, it seemed so unlike us!

But we will do another week of heroic, and when we've cleared it then we'll look at mythic. I'm not looking forward to whittling down to 20 when we have so much more with more than 20 and we'll have to institute some changes - hopefully it will go down well!  Good work Frostwolves!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Raiding - It makes me sad to kill Cenarius!

We had Spider boss and Cenarius planned for Thursday, and even though we managed to get Elerethe Renferal down in just over half an hour, it felt like more than an hour! But it was good to get that down and have a laugh because everyone seemed to be getting a cloak!

Then it was onto Cenarius. You know, it felt like one big mess and I felt like we were missing something. We were! Everyone was forgetting to stand under the bad tree, and people were being a bit careless with their thorns, running them into the raid instead of out of the raid. People were also cleansing their stacks too often so that others were stuck with high stacks pulsing damage out to everyone. But, once we got to 30% it was easy - just living to that part was the tough bit!

I did some extremely LAME healing. I will have to improve on that next time!

Amayeti got a Legendary! Look at poor Cenarius... I'm so sad! Our druid patron god.... how can this be!

So now we have all of Monday on Xavius. Exciting! Good work Frostwolves! Sorry you couldn't be there again, Aza....

Edit: Oops, I forgot, it's all a nightmare! So once you defeat Xavius, you see everyone again - Cenarius, Ursoc etc - as their normal selves, nightmare free. I guess everyone will see that in LFR too if they don't get to do normals.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Suramar City - A place of tears, joy and entertainment

The Nightfallen quest line and dailies seemed to consume a great deal of my time every day as we worked towards opening up the mythic dungeons, quest lines and finally our class hall armour set.

But the city itself is more than just a quest zone full of fun and some not so fun WQ.

Who doesn't love doing Su'esh? Honestly that has got to be one of the most fun world quests in Suramar. Stomping on demons and eating them up is hilarious and you have to love the Jurassic Park references (the original quest is called Shalassic Park). Do you hear the guards screaming "Shoot her!" 

They also say "I'm fairly alarmed here..."

As well as John Hammond's continuous line of "Spared No Expense".

The World quest "Life Finds a way" which is a reference to Dr Ian Malcolm's line in the first movie.

And I had always thought the angle that you tried to ride Su'esh was a bit annoying, but if you mount her then /reload you get a nice central position!

Zanthula shared this (from Method Gaming) on Facebook, with the caption:
"When you're in Suramar City and your mask comes off..."

LOL! Of course if you're a pally tank you just go in and tank the whole lot of elites... but once you start doing all the reputation linked quests amongst elite mobs and there are mobs who can see through your disguise EVERYWHERE... thank goodness for all those canals and swim form...

An irritating thing that occurs a lot is that even if I manage to get to the elite quest mob I have to kill and don't agro anything, some idiot will come charging into the room kiting a zillion mobs to hit the quest NPC and of course, I will get agro from them and die.... GRRRR.

And who hasn't done this when you're doing the Party Crasher world quest? That teleporter right behind Eo'vyn? Who hasn't run right across it all the time trying to get to her? I actually find that rather funny!

The Sharing the Wealth world quest is horrible in peak hour - my guildies often say in guild chat if it's quiet there so everyone can rush there to pick up the barrels for the WQ and get it done quickly before the crowds come. However, I find that area a fun alternative place to the Vineyard to collect mana, though hunting through all the stalls for the mana infused gems and twice-fortified arcwine is a challenge!

Secret correspondence has a great spot under the stairs where couriers are always running. It's on the border of the zone at 48, 65 and they spawn so fast that the next courier is there just as your knife cooldown comes up. I always enjoy that quest since it's so fast and easy.

Meeting their Quota, which is the wine making daily, is also quite an easy and fast quest that I like doing. Though it can get very crowded there when everyone is there jumping in the vat and hovering about the ingredients, making it very hard to click!

It's nice now being exalted so I don't feel like I have to do every world quest in there. But it's still fun to hang out in Suramar city - and I still have to go find my Devilsaur lunchbox!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Raiding - Slick Sunday and a Spider Stomping Monday

Sunday night raids feel like Boxing Day sales at David Jones/Myer - or maybe like trying to get a Blizzcon ticket. There are only 30 spots for raid, and there are at least 40 people who would like to raid. We have an autoinviting addon that invites people who whisper "inv" to us which is super useful. So at 745pm when officers make the announcement "Raid invites are now open - whisper "inv" to Navimie/Kyxyn for an invite" the whispers come in and the raid fills up almost in 90 seconds. I had to stop invites at 29 to keep a slot open for Kyxyn and there were a few disappointed people! Also, Daylight savings had kicked in for Australia so a number of people were a bit confused at the times and turned up 1 hour late for raid.

We managed to clear the whole lot by 1030pm which was good. Now that we were familiar with the fights it was smoother, even with a few people who hadn't done it before. Last week we didn't do the first boss as we had done it on Wednesday - this week we did the first boss. It was easy to out heal the mechanics even though we tried to get people to follow the mechanics as best they could.  We had a loot break at 930pm where people could trade up the loot they got as personal that they weren't going to use, and that was quite good. We did it again at the end of the raid and it was good to see a number of people getting some upgrades.

Monday we were getting ready for Spider-Bird boss (Elerethe Renferal, the druid). I said in a previous post that we had an issue with poo-flinging, and that was something we had to get on top of because it would wipe the raid.

Essentially the two tanks are tethered and they need to minimise damage to each other by staying within 20 yards of one another. The further away they are, the more damage they take. Damage is duplicated on each tank (not shared!) and so the tank health is super spiky and the healers have a rough time of it.

In spider forms she also casts poison on 2-3 raid members and they need to be placed in a certain spot away from the raid and also NOT covering the web bridges to the other platforms. She does two leaps into the air and does a huge buttslam when she lands that does a lot of damage that needs a healer cooldown. After that she casts tornadoes on people and those need to be placed AWAY from the poison pools or there will be poo-flinging, as the tornadoes pick up the poison and fling it everywhere.

After the first lot of tornadoes she does a pushback and that's where the poo flinging occurs! But if you don't put the poison in bad spots then there is no poo flinging and healing is easy!

Feathers appear after the pushback phase and 10 ppl are supposed to fly across to the other platform to hit her bird form. I was the designated healer btu there were heaps of times I didn't get the feather. I was wondering how to click on it when I realised that all you have to do was run through it. And wheeee, flying through the air!

Ultra was talking about stomping spiders. I had no idea how that was done, but HK told me that when you click on the feather action button you can choose a spot on the ground and you will go stomp! I did not know that! However I was too busy healing to worry about stomping things, but you're supposed to stomp spiders that Kyxyn is pulling to him, to keep them away from the boss.

After that more cyclones and poisons and same old same old, and then win. Apparently.

We had a lot of issue with placement at the start, and then we were getting phase 1 down right but struggling to get people across the web to the next platform. Ram told me to save more cooldowns for the other platform so I did and our kill attempt went heaps better!

So that was exciting! Loot going around, everyone is happy - except poor Aza was at work again so he missed out on yet another kill (he was away on Thursday also).

Had a quick look at Cenarius which doesn't look so bad, except we had some UI issues with some people (/cough Yeti can't dispel) so that made it a bit ugly. However, looking forward to see if we have any progress in next week's raid!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Happy to have the Fishing Artifact, but boy is it buggy!

I wasn't slow at getting my fishing maxxed , but I WAS slow getting my fishing artifact! I finally got my last rare fish this week and then I was able to get my Fishing Artifact! A big thanks to Sars for giving me that grubby Toenail so I could catch my last rare fish.

After that I had to fish up a Luminous Pearl. This is the first buggy thing with the fishing artifact. Even after I've handed the Pearl in I can STILL fish it up as a quest item. Apparently that's a known thing.

So I take my pearl to Dalaran where Khadgar pats me on the head. "Good job," he says. Tacky told me how condescending it sounded and he was right!

It does look pretty cool! And it's buggy here too! You have to come back to Dalaran to put artifact power into the rod, Underlight Angler. When you click on your weapon, it tells me to go back to my class hall to put the points in, but that's not correct. I had to Wowhead to figure out what I was supposed to do.

Marcia then tells me I have to go do a mini-scenario, kill a few murlocs and then fish up and kill this underlight beast, Mglrrp, that Nat Pagle thinks will make a GREAT fishing rod.

And here is another buggy part. Sometimes I go back to Dalaran to put artifact power into my fishing rod and I can't do it unless I equip my rod and reload UI. Even if I equip my fishing rod, it will not let me put any points into it.

However, I've been having fun in spare moments fishing for rare fish to level my fishing artifact. The best lures are those where you fish from pools - the Ancient Vrykul Ring and the Rusty Queenfish Brooch - as you can get tons of rare fish from pools!

So here are the artifact traits - doesn't seem too horrible to unlock but it's only something for me to do in my spare time. The fish a pool instantly ability is amusing - you fish and suddenly it explode and there is  a little barrel there with all the stuff from the pool inside it. Someone did that to me once and I had no idea what happened, but it's pretty annoying if someone does it to you haha!

I have found that I catch lures outside pools more often than inside pools. My guildies have told me the opposite but I spend so much time running around looking for pools that I waste my arcane lure buffs so it's easier to just stand and fish. Suramar is probably the easiest place to find pools reliably, I think, and doubly so because the Koi is an ingredient of my haste food.

How's your fishing going, and have you got any tips?