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Thursday, January 17, 2013

#500 pets again and the Awesomeness of Veluxia

I don't know if anyone has noticed but seems to not count one pet. I am not sure what pet is missing but Pet Journal Enhanced shows number of Unique pets and that also matches up with my Warcraft Pets profile.

So, while I was celebrating 500 pets, Blizzard says I only have 499.

I logged on yesterday before raid and Veluxia whispered me:
"Are you busy right now?"
"No," I replied.  "What's up?"
"General Temuja is up on Barthilas."
OMG, I have been looking for him for ages.

So Veluxia invited me to party on Luxypie her hunter, and we went to kill General Temuja.  I was pretty excited.  I wasn't the only one killing him!  There were a few people there killing him, and I wondered if they were all killing him for the achievement.  Which I got yesterday.

"Thank you Veluxia!" I cried.  "Hey, how did you know I needed that?  Did I tell you...?"
":P I was stalking you on armory," replied Veluxia.
"LOL you're too clever," I said.  "Thank you SOOOO much, I've needed that one for ages!"
"And check your mailbox," said Veluxia.
o.O what had she sent me?

I went to back to the Horde Hotel and checked my mailbox and what do I see...

A mail from Luxypie.

"How do you send me mail from Barthilas?" I asked her, but as soon as I hit enter, I realised she had made a low level toon Horde side on Dath'remar.
"Luxypies are everywhere!!!" she replied.
And guess what was in that letter..

... a Gundrak hatchling.

Navi: "OMG!  WHERE DID U GET THIS?" My hands were shaking in excitement, as I collected my pet from the mail.  "I have been looking everywhere for one!  I'm sick to death of Zul'Drak!  I even check all the AHs of my toons that have gold to see if there's one but I've never seen it."
Veluxia: "It was on the AH."
Navi: "Really?  I didn't see it!  Oh, must have been Alliance side."
Veluxia: "No, it was horde side."
Navi: "How did I miss that?"
Veluxia: "MY Horde side!  Barthilas!"

Ohhhh right.  LMAO!  Silly me.

"Congratulations on your 500th pet!" said Veluxia. "I saw you didn't have one and I thought, EVERYONE should have a Gundrak Hatchling."

What an awesome gesture!  Thank you so much Veluxia!