Getting my head around Cata druid healing

I think I've finally gotten the hang of it.

After having oom issues all the time (which basically made me rethink my whole healing strategy), I have finally figured out what I need to do.  And then I read some blogs and found out that I should be healing like that anyway!

Bad habit #1: Throwing rejuvs around
Can't do that anymore.  The mana cost on it is ridiculous.  I now only have it rolling on the tank if his health is about 80%.  And throw it on a few dps who start to get below 50%.

Bad habit #2: Regrowth on regrowth
Another expensive spell.  Did have some benefit in LK but now is just stupid.  I think of it now more as a direct heal which has a hot which can be swiftmended.  I only use it on tank.

Good habit #1: Nourish is back in
I used to use nourish a lot when I had hots on, and then it became longer cast time and I thought bleh.  But now it's good again, I am going to have to stack more haste to get it how I like it though.  Now I like Nourish and I do try to time it so it refreshes my LB stacks

Good habit #2: Letting LB bloom
Now that I'm getting the hang of tree, I throw LB everywhere on everyone during those damage phases and let it bloom if i can, otherwise I stack them all up and let them bloom when I pop out.  I have to remember to let it bloom on the tank when his health is getting down and just refresh it when his health is high.

New habit #1: Watching for Clearcast/OOC
I really keep an eye on it now.  As soon as it's up I either throw a HT on the tank (so at least I can refresh my LB) or if he's ok then I put a regrowth on one of the dps. Unless of course I'm in tree form and they have a LB on them then I nourish them.  But it procs so often I'm glad I can get lots of free spell casts.

New habit #2: Innervate early
This OOM business is bugging me big time so I innervate early so maybe I can have an innervate towards the end... though to date no fight has been that long that I could innervate again.