Arena Achievement!

Boy was I lucky on Saturday! I did some 2v2 with Sev and after a disastrous 1st game (I think we lost 16 points) we got Hot Streak! I didn't want to say anything as we got to 8 games thinking it will jinx us and when we were at 9 games I was really anxious! We still didn't say anything and when we got them down (there was a close moment in that game too!) and got the achievement Sev said woot! and I said WOOOOT. Made it to 1400 and 1500 respectively so we both got to buy some new gear.  Then the next game we got a lock and disc priest and we lost.

It was 3 min till WG and Sev queued us for a game and we got in and I said to Sev, do you think we could do WG after this game? To which he replied as long as it wasn't a 45 minute game...

... it only turned out to be a 30 minute game.  And poor Sev got so cold he was actually standing up playing and jumping around to warm up.  And his hands were numb, so he said he was hitting the wrong keys.  We were playing against a mage and a disc priest.  Now I would have thought that Sev could handle the disc priest on his own so I basically was kiting the mage around and around. But the priest kept drinking!  I thought maybe it was becaues Bheetom was being slowed by the mage... but I've decided to blame it on Sev and his numb fingers.  I figured out I should focus the priest and when they're casting mana burn I just bear form.  Why I didn't do that earlier I don't know but made it so easy!  And then I stuffed it up at the end trying to get from the door to the coffin (we were in UC arena) and I was blasted by the mage and priest and Sev was sheeped so he couldn't help me and I had used all my CD and I died :(

And WG was over by the time we got out.


  1. Had some other problems with the disc priest - he'd fear my pet away and then the mage would freeze it in place so the priest could drink again ... but yeah, biggest problem was the complete loss of feeling in my hands and feet mid fight. :p


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