Pugging ICC 25 man - not a bad effort!

Didn't have enough guildies to raid with on Thursday so we ended up pugging a few people - like 6.  I think there were 2 ret pallies, 2 DKs, an ele shaman and a mage.

The good thing was that we managed to kill the first 4 bosses!  Wiped on Saurfang the first time, but it was close and then it all went smooth the second time and then we went on to Festergut.

Of course I think it's the awesome healers (Me, Xarek, Beldarien, Tanimaga, Rockhoof and Viles) and we had guild tanks as well.  Azadelta refused to come because he doesn't like pugs but he was replaced.

Loot was all rolls... scary!  I did make an officer post about that but we'll see how he takes that.