Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lich King 10 man DOWN!!!!

Last Thursday 27th June we finally killed Lich King!  Admittedly we did have 20% buff, but it was so good to finally get it down!  It was our last attempt, right on the end of raid time.

Tanks: Duskull, Hyad
DPS: Huntinhk, Sevril, Shabadu, Shadevar, Moopie
Healers: Navimie, Beldarien, Melfina

A fist weapon and a caster dagger dropped.

And bloody Shady, he's always dying.  Though I was pretty close on stupid deaths too.  If he didn't have tricks of the trade, next time he's not coming!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finally! Got my bracers from Dreamwalker.

Yay I finally got my 264 bracers from dreamwalker woot!  Made me a happy tree.

Bracers of Eternal Dreaming

Was a good run last night.  We did first 4 in an hour, then Dreamwalker, then Blood wing and got Blood Queen down after a few goes.  Had 2 dead people, one was a dps, one was a healer, so the DPS wasn't gimped too badly.  Hopefully will have a few bashes at 10 man Lich King again this week.  We managed to get to phase 3 a few times, getting the hang of phase 2 is hard!  Having the defiles on me and Sev who are quite mobile is good, having on the melee really sucks.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blood Queen Lana'thel down on 25!

Woot we managed to get Blood Queen down!  Was close and we had a couple of MCs there at the end (which was really annoying) and we got it right on the enrage.

I think we only had about 5 attempts at it!

I got myself a new pvp healing trinket.  And it was nice coz this week we've downed 2 end wing bosses!

Had a quick bash at Sindragosa today.  Not bad attempts.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Putricide 25 down!

Well it took us until they had the 15% buff but we finally got Putricide down!  6 healers, 3 tanks and lots of dps.  We must have had quite a few goes, maybe about 6 before we got it but the encouraging thing was we were getting to phase 3 ok.

It as good to get more Tier gear!  It was all Warrior Hunter Shaman though.

Anyway, video to follow.