My Cataclysm wish list - pre raid

List time again!

It's actually rather difficult because I have been doing a lot of dungeons with Lushnek and he wants the same loot I want.  It annoys me that they take the spirit stuff.  Why can't these damn dps take the bloody hit stuff.  If only hit rating gave non dps some kind of buff then it would be easy to share all the loot.

Now in general I am going for anything with spirit on it.  I love spirit.  My next stat is haste, then crit then mastery.  I do lots of tank healing in heroics so I think mastery is important.

So here is what I want to get:

Cluster of Stars -  2200 Justice points (got! It was the first thing I got with my justice points actually)

Quicksilver Amulet - H Blackrock Caverns (got 3/1!)

Spaulders of the Endless Plains - Dragonmaw clan - Honoured (got these - but I want the one below)
Mantle of Bestilled winds - H Vortex pinnacle

Robes of Forgetfulness - 2200 Justice points (got)
Vest of the Curious Visitor - H Deadmines (I have this but I would rather have the JP one)

Solar Wind Cloak - H Halls of Origination (I have the normal version)

Oasis bracers - Lost City (I wouldn't mind the normal one either if I don't have the Heroic one. What is it with all this spi/mastery stuff! More Spi/Haste please!  Apparently doesn't drop much - the normal ones drop in heroic a lot from trash)

Deep Delving Gloves - H Stonecore (I have Tier now! yay for Tol Barad)

Withered Dream Belt - Exalted Dragonmaw (Got! 24/12)

Leggings of Clutching Roots - Revered Earthen Ring (Got!)

Decapod Slippers - H Throne of Tides
Though I actually have a BOE drop from a rare spawn that Aza gave me which is exactly the same Tarvus's Poison Scarred Boots

Band of Life Energy - H Halls of Origination
Ring of Frozen Rain - H Vortex Pinnacle
Veneficial band - H Lost City (I have the normal version)
Kibble - H Blackrock Cavern (Got)

Tear of Blood - H Stonecore
Sea Star - H Throne of Tides (Got on Xmas day)

Weapons 1H
Scepter of Power - H Halls of Origination (I have the normal version)

Apple-Bent Bough - 950 Justice points (I have this)

Weapons 2H
Soul Releaser - H Halls of Origination (Got!)