Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nefarian down!

On Monday night we had 25 people turn up!  So off we went to do Nefarion again (we did have some attempts with 24 people on Sunday) and I wondered how are we ever going to get all these people up on pillars!

A lot of people thought that doing Nefarion with 25 people when we hadn't even downed it yet on 10 was silly, but I disagree.  I think that those people who were not included in the 10 man and would like to see it on 25 man got a feel for the fight and actually enjoyed the challenge of it.  And most people did try quite hard I thought.

So on Monday we seemed to get Phase 1 down alright (it's good having the same tanks doing the dragon tanking on 25 man as we do on 10 man) and we started our attempts at getting on the pillars.  And of course get the interrupts right!  There was one very good attempt where the only person who didn't make it onto a pillar was Faithless and everyone else was on the pillar and we managed to get to Phase 3!

Coolidge tanked the adds on Sunday, and Epidemais tanked it on Monday.  Coolidge did quite a good job on Sunday, and Epidemais though he didn't quite know what to do at first did quite a reasonable job though with a few hiccups to start (having not tanked it before I think he was a bit anxious about it).  He had difficulty seeing the adds at first but after a while I think he got the hang of it (and he may have zoomed out his camera by then!).

So we had 2 tanks tanking adds in Phase 3 but we had difficulty keeping up on heals.  I think we just need to focus on keeping everyone topped up as much as possible and hopefully the tanks can kite the adds correctly so they don't get breathed on!  Boy is that fire everywhere!

So after that attempt we decided to call it and try to focus on our 10 man.  So we had quite a few goes with us dying on getting up on the pillars etc, and we were on our last go for the night.  Cym died then Lushnek died and then I was chasing Thraso around... then I died! And then Thraso died and we were like oh crap...  and we were on 1%.  Cym got rezzed by Hwired but died quickly again :(. We called it and everyone just stood there for about 1 second before they decided to just keep dpsing it see if we could get it... 1500k.... 1300k...1000k... it was amazing we didn't think they could do it, but when they got to 200k it was like.. OMG we can do it! 50k... then BANG!  Nefarion is dead!

There was guild spam with our kill as we got Defendor of a Shattered World, Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider, Blackwing Descent and Blackwing Descent Guild Run.

So what dropped?  Can you believe it - there was 2 items I could use!  One was Helm of the Forlorn Vanquisher and Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King!  However I didn't have the dkp for either item - there were 5 people in the raid who could use that Tier piece and Cymre got the mace!  So I have to shamefully admit that I was upset for a full minute when I knew that the Tier piece was going to elude me - and I was sitting around with my blue helm still!  But after sulking for a little I realised I should just be happy that I got the kill!  The other item that dropped was Akmin-Kurai, Dominion's Shield, which Thraso took.

Tanks - Hwired, Thraso
Healers - Navimie, Cymre, Shaimster
DPS - Lushnek, Sevros, Moopie, Xynzelle, Roshii

Now I have the title, Navimie, Defender of a Shattered World.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ulduar video finally made

Well just a couple hours of spare time managed to get me to make a simple video for Ulduar.  I  have to say that Windows Movie Maker is a POS to use, crashes all the time and then gets errors with the videos constantly that I can't create the video because one of the clips is corrupt.

I can't even get the HD movie done because the program keeps crashing...

But at least I got one little version off which I uploaded to youtube and you can see it in my Gallery page as well.  Though I might as well put one here as well since this post is about the video.  But you know what I forgot?  I forgot to put in it that it was made by Navimie!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank you Chimaeron! Bracers at last!

Last night attendance was sketchy and disconnections were rampant so we ended up having one attempt at 22 man BWD but it was fail.  So we split into 10s.

I really wanted my bracers/helm and so I was hoping we'd go!

DPS was slow, and not the best but at least stuff was killed.  Chimaeron was painful but after the 8th attempt or so we got it down.  Melfina was d/cing so I had to get Jinjer back in the raid to help out with healing.  He dc during Magmaw so I two healed that with Belinia (Nabe) and I thought it was a bit stressful but he thought it was ok.  Too much low health for my liking!

Atramedes was quite easy, but Maloriak was hard, and we didn't end up finishing it so that was a shame.

But I was so pleased when my bracers dropped from Chimaeron!  At long last!  Yay me!  Take a hit in the intellect stakes but my spirit has now improved so hopefully last a bit longer during fights.  Though I may miss that extra intellect.

Anyway, one more blue to get rid of and my raid set will be all epic.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nefarian attempts on Monday

Not enough people turned up on Monday for a 25 man Nefarian attempt, and I was late but fortunately I managed to score a spot.  We had Thraso and Hwired tanking, and me, Shaimster and Cymre healing.  Aza, Sev, Xynzelle, Moopie and Lushnek were dpsing.

It didn't take long to get the hang of phase 1.  I was healing the Nef tank, Cym healing the Ony tank and Shaim healing the dps and off tank.  It probably only took us 2 goes to get the rhythm right.  Then came the next hour of struggling to get Phase 2 right.  The biggest problem was getting on top of the damn pillars.

I was still having difficulties with jumping onto the pillar, because jumping means you fall back into the magma and get extra damage.  Also timing when to start rising also was difficult.  I decided to just stay on the bottom till the magma stopped rising then go to the top, have my head pop out and then walk forward, not jump onto the platform.  After passing that tip along a lot of people seemed to do better.

Then getting the interrupts just right.  We managed to get the hang of it after a while and we got to phase 3 twice.  Next we have to survive it.  Healing seemed to be a big issue then, and I can't wait to try it again so we can get the hang of it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bel is back on WoW!

I was excited and thrilled to see Beldarien back in game.  He was a sorely missed paladin and though he is not particularly keen to raid but doesn't mind hanging out with us, I'm just happy to see him.

He has been back for about 2 weeks actually, but I totally forgot to blog about it.

So anyway, yay for my channel chat partner returning, and hopefully he spends more time making some awesome WoW music vids.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Patch 4.2

It feels like Patch 4.1 just came out and everyone is already talking about 4.2.  Obviously the big excitement is that the legendary is coming so our casters are all excited about that.

But of course I am here to comment on Druid resto changes.  I know very little else really!

Omen of clarity clearcasting now will last 15 seconds.  Awesome.  Though I have to admit I never really had a problem with it's duration anyway... it was enough time for me to get a regrowth or HT off anyhow.  Currently it doesn't have an internal cd and it refreshes itself whenever it's procced so I can't really see a problem with how it is currently.

The other thing that is changing is that symbiosis is going to become Harmony, which increases direct healing by 10% and casting direct healing spells grants an additional 10% bonus to periodic healing for 10 seconds.  Each point of mastery increases each bonus by an additional 1.25%. Healing Touch, Nourish, Swiftmend, and the initial heal from Regrowth are the direct heals that this affects.  This is kind of good for me, because I have specced into a nourish friendly spec and I do use lots of regrowth when it's free.  So my hots will get buffed if I use nourish?  That's kind of cool.  But it does change my healing a bit, as we go from being hot queens to be more like... paladins... :P

But here are things that do affect me...

Mana Tide now grants 200% of the caster's Spirit, down from 400%.
Bleh.  Well mana regen talents are being nerfed all over.

Innervate now grants an ally target 5% of his or her maximum mana over 10 seconds, but still grants 20% of the druid's maximum mana over 10 seconds when self-cast.
^^.  GDI, there goes all my uber innervates I've been scumming of Lushnek.  Time to live off my own innervates...

And it wouldn't be patch discussion without some mention of Tier 12... the Tier 12 4 piece bonus is when LB blooms 2 other targets nearby get healed for that same amount.  But when the hell do I let LB bloom in PVE??  Geez I try NOT to let it fall off!  So does this mean I have to let it bloom more often so I can heal more people??  I guess it would be kinda cool in TOL form.  2 piece bonus is a 40% chance of getting 1% mana back when u heal with LB.  Which is ok, but not brilliant.

So.. thoughts on my Tier?  Looks wise I think I look like it's straight out of a Troll instance...  Looks like I won't be showing my helm any time soon...

Finally! I finished ZG!

Having been on holidays and having limited time to play I didn't really get the opportunity to do ZG properly.  I did it once with Epi tanking when we had no idea what we were doing and were nutting it out without reading strats.  Which is all fun, but doesn't get me any achievements... or completions of dungeons!

So I had tried a few times to pug the damn thing and I kept stuffing up or getting distracted.  Today I did it and I was so distracted I did a godawful job and the tank left the group because I was so terrible.  That was ZA though, and I have done that (though I would like the bracers from there).  Anyway, then I finally got a ZG group which went through a few tanks before we got it done, and thankfully Julian stayed asleep that whole time and Erika was vaguely cooperative and let me finish the damn instance.  So yay to finally having done ZG!

ZOMG! Al'Akir down!

We bashed away at Al'Akiron Sunday on 25s till about 10pm and then switched to 2 10s which actually both went rather well!  Both got to P3 quite easily (like first attempt) but then had some rather meh goes.  I know the first time I got to phase 3 I was like oh my god what do I do now...

Doing it on 25 was like how we did it initially on 10 man.  People spread all the way around.  In 25 man there are 8 groups and they are all stacking on circles on the drawing with 2 dps and a healer on each spot.  That worked pretty well.  We had 8 healers spread around so that was not too bad, though we did consistently get to phase 2 and one time we got it with almost everyone alive, but we never got to phase 3.

Anyway the 2 groups had lost people by 11pm so I was pvping when the other group asked me and Sev to join them which was exciting.  So on the first attempt we got to 0.5%!!!  So close! So everyone was really pumped for the next attempt.  We had a few dud attempts and then we got it!  Everyone was so excited!  So who was there for the kill?

Tank: Hwired
Healers: Navimie, Shnaptim, Cymre
DPS: Moopie, Lushnek, Beldarien, Sevros, Azadelta, Xynzelle

Oh and it dropped Tier helm! Warrior Hunter Shaman of course, what else? :P

Monday, May 16, 2011

Redoing my Raid spec

I had a long think about it and I decided to redo my raiding spec... again.  I respecced when Patch came out, as I wasn't particularly impressed with the Efflorescence changes, but after rethinking it, I thought I'd give it a try again.

So, I took 1 point out of Living seed and dropped NS and Remove Corruption and put max points into Nature's Bounty and Efflorescence.  So now I can get the full effect of efflorescence (3 targets with 12% swiftmend ticks) and also full Nature's Bounty (decrease cast time of Nourish by 30%).  I admit I never use NS in a raid (it's my dungeon and PVP spell) and if I'm raiding I don't need remove magic (as I have that in my PVP spec).  So I will be doing dungeons in my PVP spec from now on... see how that goes.

Cho'gall down on 25 man!

Wow, what a great night.  Last Thursday we struggled with Council and today we got it on the 3rd go or so.  Then we went to do Cho'gall and surprisingly it went really well!  The first attempt was really close, 6% to go, then we had a few wipes and then we got it!  So who was part of the Cho'gall kill?

Tanks: Fueghan, Thraso, Hwired
DPS: Haze, Moopie, Lushnek, Epidemais, Sevros, Ampharos (Gley), Faithless, Beldarien (yes he's back! he replaced Bish when Bish d/c), Shabadu, Xynzelle, Caedis, Ayelena, Earthwisper, Darksiider, Roshii
Healers: Navimie, Cymre, Beauti, Shnaptim, Jinjersnaps, Belinia, Melfina                                          

2 Conquerer (grats Cym and Sev) and 1 Protector (grats Thraso) dropped, and I managed to score a Fall of Mortality!

Good 5s games last Thursday

We did some 5v5 arenas last Thursday on the one day I was at home between trips and it was after raid, and Sev, Lush, Beauti, Beasti and I got together, and we thought bah we won't get many games... surprisingly we played quite a few games!  And we won quite a few too (8 to be precise).

We did battle the same teams a few times....

There was one team with a hunter, warrior, mage, shaman and rogue, that beat us once or twice but we beat them back 3 or 4 times.  The first time we lost, it was as if they weren't even touching the shaman, his health never seemed to move, and we got mown down.  The best strategy was when they burned down the shaman and then worked on the others from there.

There was the 4DKs and a pally group, that we killed a few times as well.  Multiboxers... well we just killed the pally and then cleaned up the DKs.

So it was great!  Beauti, Beasti and Lushnek all got High Five: 1550 so that was really really cool.  What a great arena day!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I can't remember which Tier was what...

I can't for the life of me remember what Tiers were what, after T3...  So HK told me so I think I"ll write it down here so I can always remember.

This conversation started because I was looking at the druid T12 - yuk.  I bet the green glowing bark skin armour is my one. BORING!

Tier 1 - MC - I had some of that.  Ugly deer horns!
Tier 2 - Ony/BWL - oh I love the moosehorns.  My fave tier helm
Tier 3 - Naxx - Had none of that
Tier 4 - kara/gruul/mag - I do remember the helm in one of my kara videos from prince
Tier 5 - SSC/TK - Hm, think I had shoulders
Tier 6 - Hyjal/BT/Sunwell - Ok had none of that before T7 came
Tier 7 - Nax/OS - yep had that
Tier 8 - Ulduar - yep had that
Tier 9 - TOC - yep had some of that too!
Tier 10 - ICC - how could I forget my T10?
Tier 11 - BWD/BOT - I really don't like the shoulders graphic

I should see if I can dig up some old pics!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yay! Veteran nanny thanks to HK!

The original post was me being stupid, and couldn't see the Elekk training collar in my bag.  I take back that post because I had Peanut there all along and I didn't see it!

I was worried because I wasn't here for Children's week and I really wanted to get the Veteran Nanny achievement.  I asked HK to do it for me and he did it but I couldn't find the pet in my bag.  So I had a boohoo I have to wait till next year post, but then he sms'd me to tell me that I'm blind it's in my bag so now I'm all happy again!  Yay Peanut!  And of course yay to my new Rat too.  Pics soon!