ICC 10 man achievements Part 4

Cymre and Coolidge joined us today and so we did a few achievements for them and you would not believe how easy Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion was!  We got it in one go.  The oozes died pretty easily.

Then we did Heroic Festergut... which we died quite a few times because I was told to go outside and I hadn't done that before and so I was too close to Cymre one time (she ran close to me!!!) and we got the vomitting and then I think I died or the tank died.  Then we also got hit with slime so our cast times were super slow and that killed the tank on tank swap as well.  But we finally got it, with Cymre in melee and me and Bel doing the outside.  So Hyad and Lushnek got their Heroic: The Plagueworks.

So we did Portal Jockey for Cym and Coolidge and then we're on Sindragosa, which is my last achievement for the drake.  Lushnek and Sevril still need Once Bitten, Twice Shy so we'll be on normal Blood Queen tonight if we get Sindy down.

Thraso was pretty cool about everything, he chatted to me about the achievement and how to do it, and I said we're going to try a burn method.  He didn't think that was going to work, but my friend Cavendar on Alliance Proudmore assures me it can be done however he does it with a shaman and since we have no hunter or shaman we have no bloodlust which makes it just that much harder.  I think our melee needs to tone it down for the first phase a little though.  Being the only healer, constantly having the debuff means healing can get tricky at times.  Phase 1 can be as slow as we need, so no hurry there.  Some off heals could help during phase 1 when I get a high stack, but we can tune that.  He does say luck plays a part a little, depending on who gets ice blocked, but he assures me its worth a try, as thats how they've done it.

So close to my drake... I can almost taste it.