Sindragosa down on 10man!

After 2 nights of doing it we finally got Sindragosa down!  Epidemais had been drinking on Friday so his attempts were very ordinary (he kept dying all the time) but he watched the strats and got his act together for Saturday (and was quite enthusiastic about trying again) and it was heaps better.  I did die on the final (and successful attempt) though... twice!

Tanks : Hyad, Lacrox
Healers: Melfina, Beldarien, Navimie
DPS: Sevril, Huntinhk, Moopie, Duskull, Epidemais

Then we went and had a look at Lich King... and since I hadn't read it I had absolutely no idea of how it went.  So we just went and died but at least we got there!