Heroic 25 mans ICC

With me stepping down on Wednesday raiding I've been missing out on getting to do heroic ICC 25. Last week they did Rotface, and this week they did Marrowgar, but I managed to squeeze in for Rotface (AND topped healing mind you!). The sneaky thing was I also managed to get Trauma heroic! So new mace for me YAAAY!

Bahada managed to score Marrowgar's Frigid Eye from Heroic Marrowgar, so she was pretty happy!

Targetme was quite upset that we were doing heroic modes and not killing LK... I whispered to Bel "Well maybe if he healed better he might be able to do LK 10 man kill".

Vamps made a reappearance and he raided for a bit before his net crashed so that was nice to see. Another person who I hadn't seen in ages was Taxxe who had been away from WoW for a while but was back as casual and I encouraged him to get back into raiding once he got his life back in order (he left suddenly due to personal issues which I did ask about and were rather... illicit in nature IYKWIM).

Raiding of late has been rather blah. But since I got online and initially there wasn't a raid spot I decided to go out and spend money and managed to get a couple of achievements which cost a lot of money, like the 50 mounts, completed my Brew of the Month club, Cenarion Hippgryph, Haris Pilton bag, Kirin tor signet ring.... 10k + gold down and I still have 31 mounts left to find for the 100 mount achievement...