First look at 25 man hardmodes in ICC

Well with 2 guildies getting carried through 25 man LK we managed to open up hardmodes so we can try them.  We attempted Marrowgar.. ouch!  And that didn't go too well.  But we did Gunship which didn't seem all that different from normal and another abacus dropped which Melfina got.  Nice! Heroic abacus.

Then we went to Dreamwalker and Sindragosa and Sindy wasn't so bad, felt like it was a lot better than last time.  People are starting to get the hang of doing it on 25 but phase 2 is the hard bit and getting everyone coordinated is hard.  Of course I did some dumb things and blew myself up.  But I think 22% was the closest we got.  Still got a long way to go if you ask me.

Dreamwalker was highly ordinary.  Remind me not to send Biship inside.. my healing was way better than his and he was in the dream and I was outside!  For the successful attempt it was me, Melfina and Beldarien.

Melfina has been irritating me a bit with his know-it-all attitude.  Targetme was being a princess yesterday because Sevril made a joking comment about healing in the heal channel and Target got upset and left the channel.  Sev felt bad, he only makes jokes about the good healers...


  1. Hmm, testing

    Hey, my google account worked! Well, if I make jokes about the not-so-good players I try not to joke about their abilities - could be a touchy subject. That's why I usually tease you and Bel :p - Target is definately off the list now.

  2. Well at least you think I'm a good player :P it's not just because we're friends!


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