Massive recruitment drive

Raid turnups have been so pathetic lately that Fue did a huge recruitment drive and got us lots of DPS, 2 healers and 2 tanks.

It started with Manbull posting something in forums saying that it was like our guild is stagnating where we're not trying to progress we're just farming stuff.  And he did a poll on it.  Quite a few people replied, people like Shady, Maxmknight, Bel even.  And of course officers replied to that post too.

I think they just wanted to vent their frustrations.  Some of the people who complained are not really that great players, and that irritated me.  But Tout got a bit narky and posted something which had a "stfu or leave" undertone (Bel's words!).  Though I didn't think his post was bad at all.

So this week was the first run with the new people.  And it went rather well!  They're not too retarded, which is good and I'm quite pleased with my healers, a resto druid (Bahada) and a holy priest (Allexus).  There are 2 new tanks, a DK (Rhii) and a warrior (Crungoar I think), some new DK dps (Helyon and ... damn I can't remember), and a hunter (Torgr.. something, everyone keeps calling him Trog!), and a lock (Ayelena).

My healers are really good.  Bahada heals really well, and out healed me in a few fights!  And her gear is decent, but if she was as geared as me she might be even better than me!  She knows the fights on 10 so not much explaining required for her.  Allex had terrible connection so her heals weren't crash hot, hopefully if her net is ok I can see her healing a bit better.  This takes the pressure off me a bit - being the only resto druid healer makes it kinda hard but now I can take breaks!

So we managed to clear everything up to Sindragosa.  Sindy as usual is a pain in the bum and tanks DC'ing didn't help much.  I wonder how weekends will go.

I think I scared the new healers with my initial introduction of myself.  They were like... ooook hi.  But after an hour or so they got used to me and chatted away with no worries at all.  It's nice being the boss sometimes.  Bahada has 4 kids (!!), and she's 33.  She has a 16, 13, 9 and a 15 month old.  And she is a stay at home mum (single too) so she looks like she can raid most nights.  Allex has 2 kids (5 and 1) and she's married to Torgram.

Last night Melfina was falling asleep, and died to some really stupid things.  So brought Rocky in to heal for him and we only had one attempt after that.  Rocky amazingly didn't die to the pull ins, though I now owe him 20g.  It's actually baby Rocky playing, not real Rocky.  Which is interesting since baby Rocky is a much better player than real Rocky.  I guess because baby Rocky has done LK on his other character.

The funny thing is, with the 2 new healers being chicks, Shady was (predictably) all over them.  Hilarious.  Tout was very keen on them too, telling me how great Bahada is.  I find it strange that people want to tell me about my healers, since I'm the one who watches them on the meters, how they do in situational fights, and also know what gear they have.  I mean I can tell you which healers use what particular weapons and who has and has not got the particular healing trinkets.  I even know how many Tier items most of my healers have too.  Granted I only have about 6 people to watch, maybe up to 8... though I guess HK knows what weapons the other hunters have, and Sev knows what weapons and trinkets the other warlocks have.  OK enough spouting about how great I am!  I would like to get some Ruby Sanctum in sometime.  Hopefully this weekend.