Healing Festergut 25

Been some issues about healing with tanks dying and what not.  After looking at our logs and some other people's logs I thought I'd make a blog about it then post it on guild website.

Some people say use 5 healers.  But we'd all have to be pushing out 6k hps and not many of us are up to that I'd say.

Doing without a pally wiill be painful to say the least.  I wish we had another healing paladin as a spare but that's not going to happen any time soon.

Yesterday I'd say we had an ideal makeup for Festergut healing.  A pally, 2 priests, 2 druids and a shaman.

Important healing points (note this is druid biased):
1) Raid healing is important at the start when people have no inoculations, once the inoculations build up the raid starts taking less damage I noticed.  Rejuvenation is good because if someone starts vomitting you can swiftmend them back up.
2) Tanks constantly need heals but by the time he starts reaching 3 inhales then pretty much need all of us healing him non stop (that's at 9 bloats on first tank at the switch)
3) Tank switch is important.  At the first tank switch the tank needs to blow all their cooldowns and then the healers have to keep him topped up until they wear off.  Probably a waste to do guardian spirit here, I'd save it till Fester's on his 5th breath (6th breath I know is at 5-6 bloats after 2nd switch).  The bad thing is healers can get lazy because the tank seems easy to heal when the cd's are used but suddenly takes a hit when they all wear off.  Need to watch for that.
4) Spores - make sure you're under one!  The worst thing is when one of the healers has one and has to run out to the ranged because there are 2 in melee or something.  I can never see which symbol is on my head, I only know if I have the spore.  Also after he does the Pungent Blight need to get the raid back up because if their health is low and the inoculations are gone, they'll start taking damage again and die.  So WG, rejuvs on them helps (from my POV) but chain heals, CoM, renews will get everyone back up quickly too.
5) Whenever WG is up I pretty much chuck it on melee to top them up.