Ruby Sanctum 25 down on Thursday!

Yay! Ruby Sanctum down!  It was surprising we only had about 5 goes at it and got it!  Now I wonder if it was fluke or maybe we're just getting more skilled... but we had some really encouraging attempts!  And at least this time we one shotted the mini bosses (whereas last time we wiped continuously on adds etc).

At least I didn't die on the actual kill attempt!  Everyone got the hang of the cutter.  Oh and the funny thing was that Maxmknight had to leave (though not so funny that it was due to personal problems/tragedy) and so we 24 manned it and got it...

Loot wise we got.. oh dear I can't remember!  I do know that there was a spell power thing with no spirit on it but for the life of me can't remember what it was.  And there was something HK took.  Will update this blog when I can figure out what it was.

Chi was really good at doing the twilight realm tanking with rotating it and stuff.  Lac was tanking the outside.

Tanks - Lacrox, Chihako, Epidemais
DPS - Huntinhk, Autocrat, Moopie, Sarthane, Eboniee, Faithless, Mazlakk, Caedis, Wetfishslap, Sevril, Azadelta, Helyon, Maxmknight (most of the night), Smashpally, Shadevar, Kablekill
Healers - Navimie, Bahada, Rockhoof, Melfina, Beldarien, Targetme


  1. Huntinhk - Sharpened Twilight Scale
    Eboniee - Cloak of Burning Dusk
    Smashpally - Apocalypse's Advance


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