Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I plan to upgrade in terms of priority

So many new things - so many new bosses - so many Valor (valour!!!!) points to start collecting again!  So here is what I'm going to do in terms of my gear upgrades.

Since we're going into Dragon Soul tonight, we will probably be doing the first 4 bosses, and here's what I am looking to collect.

All bosses except Deathwing can drop
Trinket - Windward Heart (not a bad trinket, a bit different from Eye of Blazing as it works off crit heals rather than ordinary heal)
Ring - Signet of Suturing - (haste and spirit - another good base for me to keep my haste up)

Neck - Perified Fungal Heart (spirit haste makes it better than spi crit for valour)
Bracers - Mycosynth Wristguards (nice mastery and some spirit on it)
Weapon - Vagaries of Time (1h mace - crit haste - but probably not my first choice of weapon)

Legs - Tier token drops here
Weapon - Scalpel of Unrelenting Agony (nice stats with haste and spirit, making it easier to keep my haste up)

Warlord Zon'ozz
Hands - Tier token drops here
Trinket - Seal of the Seven Signs (haste effect is passive proc not on use proc, which I like)

Hagara the Stormbinder
Shoulders - Tier token drops here
Belt - Girdle of the Grotesque (another mastery spirit item - not bad but easy to reforge)
Ring - Ring of the Riven - (haste, mastery ring - I like it I wants it!)

So that leaves me with what to buy first with my Valor points?

As cloaks seem to be in short supply in this raid, it looks like that will be my first purchase (Woundlicker Cover).  Depending on how easy it is to do the second half of Dragon Soul, I think my next purchase would be the shoes (Boots of Fungoid Growth).  Then I'd probably get the relic (Mindbender Lens).

What about the crafted items?
The crafted items seem to be not as good as the normal drops in Dragon Soul.  Better than LFR though, so maybe those items are best for those who don't do normal raids.  I think I'll give them a miss.

Patch 4.3 is live

It's hard when you're at work and you're itching to get on and see all the changes with patch.  I logged in just now and got my Tyrael's charger, which does look rather lovely.

And to have a look at Void storage and Transmogger.  I'd hate to see it at peak hour.  I deposited some of my stuff in but it doesn't take Unique soulbound stuff which is a lot of my tabards and other holiday items and silly dress up things, so that is annoying.  And I haven't got time to do my Transmog set yet, so I'll sort that out later - I don't have the bag space at the moment either.

A few guildies online doing the new instances, and Nok was doing LFR on his DK.  He said it was easy.  Sounds like we'll have some easy loot tonight - hopefully knock half the place out in one night.

I tried to read up a bit on the raids and my head is all full of purple blobs and green blobs and I can't for the life of me remember which is what.  Tonight shouldn't be too much of an issue - it will be Thursday when we break up for 10s that will be the time to pull out that knowledge.

See you guys tonight at raid!

IntPiPoMo - Number 49+50 - Silithus

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

This barren wasteland is a foothold for the Ahn'Qiraj, with hives and nests everywhere, and the lone Cenarian outpost of Cenarian Hold keeping an eye on them.  The AQ opening event was awesome - I don't have my screenies of those fights anymore but I would have loved to include them in here.

That concludes my 50 pictures for November!  I hope that you enjoyed looking at them as much as I did - I love screenshots!  Please feel free to comment if there was any in particular you would count as your favourites :) 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OMG I was one of the winners for the 2011 Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving contest!

Amerence's Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving contest closed yesterday and the judges made their decisions.  There were so many fantastic entries and creative ideas that have not only given me new blogs to read, but also some great ideas for further blog posts.

I checked my blog this morning to make sure my IntPiPoMo posted and then replied to all my comments and then went to work.  After I had settled at work for a bit I looked at my phone and there were about 12 Twitter messages mentioning me, so I went to look and I had all these congratulations about being one of the winners!

So thanks to Amerence for organising such a great event that got a whole heap of people in the Blog Community involved (yay Blog Azeroth!), and for the judges for taking the time to read everyone's entries.

I was tied with Effraeti who did the most GORGEOUS story with her 5 year old daughter, which I thought was fantastically creative, hope I can do something like that my daughter when she's old enough.  I am so excited that my entry was considered equal to hers, what a fantastic honour!

(I can't contain my enthusiasm!!  I am still so very excited!  OK Navi, calm down, enough with the exclamation marks...)

So coming in second was JDKennada's Billy Joel PianoMan rewrite for the competition which I thought was really clever and wish I'd thought to do that with my poem (the timing and spacing of the rhymes can be subjective and I was worried it wouldn't come through right).  Go read and sing along!

Give us a read Blog Azeroth
give us some thoughts today
Well, we’re all in the mood for a good read
And we know you’ve got somethin’ to say!!

Rioriel came in 3rd with his pictures and words post (Rioriel takes some of the best screenies in the whole WoW blogosphere IMO!) with each picture fitting perfectly with his words of thanks in Titan format.

It's 7 hours after I found out and I'm still all SQUEEEEEE about it!  I really loved writing that poem (it was written at one of those times when you have your creative burst of energy and stuff just seems to flow) and I was happy with the end result, and my guildies were happy with it, and so too were a lot of the people who read my blog (Thank you all for the lovely and supportive comments!).  I rang Cymre, Lushnek, Yuda, and Roshii and Aza (who didn't answer) to tell them about it (though Cym already knew of course!)

And you know what?  I'm just glad I didn't have a Guardian mount already.  Phew!  I would probably just tell them not to buy it and save them the money - I was just happy to be part of the community :)

IntPiPoMo - Number 48 - The Lost City

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

Probably one of the most screenshotted places in Uldum.  Still spectacular at night.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday raiding - 6/7 Heroic!!! and 3/7 heroic down for 2nd group!

Last night we killed heroic Beth'tilac. And boy were we happy. 6/7 Heroic YAY right before patch.

To be honest, I didn't think we'd get it.  Or at least get it that fast.  The first few attempts we had spiderlings sneaking through and Souglyy died a lot, getting stuck in the poison or just out of my range.  But that really was the hardest part for me, chasing them around to their caves to keep them healed up while throwing a few heals on the raid as well.  She said she wasn't disengaging because as soon as she was about to do it, another lot of spiderlings would come and then she'd be far away from them.  Ampharos didn't take as much damage as Souglyy.  And I am really proud of her, as everyone thought she wasn't up to it on a survival hunter, but she just went to prove that she can do it as survival, despite what everyone says about being Marksman.  Each attempt we did we survived a bit longer and there was improvement despite the pessimism of Voe and Moo about us being able to do it.  So well done to Souglyy for persisting and getting it down.  I am sure she was feeling down about the whole thing because she was really quiet for the whole fight.

Some things in that fight are quite freaky.  Sometimes I'm concentrating so hard on health bars I was standing in poison for a bit, and that stuff slows you too.  And taunting those spinners down is important because boy is it annoying when you're trying to heal someone and you get webbed and you can't do anything except watch their health dwindling.  And then when the drone targets you, I'm freaking out because I'm running back to the tank, trying to get the drone away from spiderlings, hoping I'm not getting everyone sprayed and now I am FAR away from Souglyy and Ampharos and getting annoyed with people saying turn it away!  I might have even travel formed to get back to them once.  And when the drone targets one of the spiderling DPS and the drone is rushing over there doing its Boiling Spatter and I'm standing in it's path, it's like shit get it the hell out of here!!!

We only got to phase 2 once (and that was the kill), and I'd already stuffed up by doing a Tranquility earlier instead of a warstomp (doh, buttons next to each other), but I managed to sneak one in towards the end right as the CD was up, but it was too late for Souglyy and Moopie they died just as I was casting it which was during Ember flare but it was too much to keep them up.  But we kept going, and we got it down after 7 minutes and 29 seconds.

No loot was sharded though, with Beauti taking Funeral Pyre, Souglyy taking Flickering Shoulders and Moo taking the Crystallised Firestone.

I remember when Hwired said "We can just have no dps up top and we can do Beth'tilac in phase 2 starting at 100%" and I was thinking OMG I will have no mana for that phase, and Voe thought exactly the same thing.  She came down with 87% I think (someone may correct me on that) and I was just healing all out.  I had actually swapped trinkets - I put my Darkmoon card back on because I wasn't going to keep any dots up to get my Necromantic focus to be up.  Probably just as well because I managed to keep my mana up enough to heal for the end.  My mana was taking a beating though, but I wasn't on mana fumes and I didn't have to pot.  Voe complained about his mana too.  Beauti was up top so she was probably wondering what the hell we two were whinging about.

And you know, after killing Beth, I think everyone was on such a high that we forgot how to play for a bit because we started doing stupid things:
  • We stuffed up the achievement for Domo, Only the Penitent... (Belinia!), 
  • On the first pull of Staghelm we weren't stacked enough so we had a Scorpion/Cat/Scorpion transition which was a wipe...
  • We forgot to run out for one of the scorpion phases and we got swiped
  • We wiped on Rag trash
  • My one little stupid thing... I was so excited about the kill I forget to send a tell for the staff... but that's ok, Beauti took it so I don't mind

I was looking at my healing and I do use WG a lot, though - though of course that was during Beth'tilac with lots of AOE damage going around (minimal on Staghelm was you would imagine given the mechanics of the fight) - I wonder how my healing will be affected come 4.3.  Oh dear, you can even see where Voe ran out of juice in phase 2 in Beth!

My group
Tanks - Hwired, Belinia
Healers - Beauti, Voe, Navimie
DPS - Sevros, Roshii, Moopie, Ampharos, Souglyy

The other group did well too!  They consisted of:
Tanks - Fueghan, Manbull
DPS - Azadelta, Sekken, Fallnapart, Shabadu, Entranosh
Heals - Gutsy, Targetme, Tahleah (Nok's priest)

They got Baleroc and Majordomo down on heroic, and look at this - they did Baleroc with 3 healers, with 6 seconds left till enrage.  I thought our DPS was good in our group, and we couldn't do it, so next time I want to do it with 3 healers as well, so that I get the opportunity to heal Baleroc.  I think it was a great raid night all around, and after  3 nights of raiding I am going to say that I am glad that we have our new recruits.  2 groups doing heroic stuff, giving a little of that competitive edge... I like it.  Now I'm looking forward to 4.3, I can compete again.

IntPiPoMo - Number 47 - The Charred Vale

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

Where the charred land meets the water, the water is actually boiling!  You can see the bubbles and the clouds of steam rising from the ocean on this coastline section of Stonetalon mountains.

Guildie Guests Azadelta and Sevros - Warlock Woffle time

This week's guests are Sevros and Azadelta, our two high dps warlocks both different specs (Affliction and Destruction respectively).  They are our two locks doing the staff quest (Sev being first and Az being second) and unlike most other players of the same class in the guild, these two are really good friends - something that's really hard when you are competing for Tier, gear and Legendaries.

So you guys are the highest 2 warlocks in the guild and you guys are great friends right?
S - .... :P Yeah
A - Of course ^^, me and Sev have been good friends since we met back in vanilla
S - Yep we PVPd together in vanilla bgs
A - Both champions :D
S - :) Both use Defilers tabard mostly still
A - Best tabard ever, but you gotta keep the style going
A - It doesnt fit in well with the T12 =p
S - Glowing green skulls never die!

Do you ever have class rivalry? like on dps meters?
S - No absolutely not, what are dps meters?
A - >=)
S - But if we did I'd be well ahead
A - Always a bit of rivalry with damage
S - =p
A - Ahead? pah!
A - I couldn't see you from the number 1 position!
S - Yes, very pretty on those single target fights, but on a REAL fight with lots of mobs....
A - Only bosses count!
S - Like Beth and Rhyo?
A - Multidotting aoe seed spam hacks imo
A - Pah! I do alright on Beth let's not talk about Rhy >.>
S - Hmm yes we should mention, Az is a fire mage not a warlock
A - Fire mage has nothing on me!
S - He calls himself "destro" but we all know what that means
A - Affliction is just code for lazy imo
A - Why wait to kill something?
A - Burn it imo
S - Pyroblast ... soulfire... are we getting picky over spell names now?
S - Yeah but at least I can wait to kill multiple somethings at the same time :P
A - Not my fault! rain of fire sucks!

So why not demo?  Neither of you is demo off are you?
S - Hunter wannabes?
S - No
A - Personally, it's a play style choice
S - Pet reliant, cooldown reliant, great at AOE but... no
A - I have been demo in the past, but in cata I have found the play to be somewhat slow
S - Besides, I'd have to give up my felpuppy for a heavily muscled naked blue man.  You're the one with the Avatar name
A - As destro, or even as aff, haste is our main stat, where as demo focuses on mastery
S - Yeah, I feel the need
A - With mastery stacking spells tend to be rather... slow
S - The need for speed
S - Hmm this blog post may be a little long
A - No kidding :P

So the legendary in Firelands was all about you two really :P Was there any rivalry in terms of who was gonna get it?
A - I wont' lie.  I wanted it :P
S - A bit to start but Az was pretty good about me getting it first
A - But if anyone else was gonna get it, I was glad Sev will get it first
S - And we'll definitely go back and finish Az's
S - Maybe sometime around patch 6.0
A - In the grand scheme of things we ended very close to each other
S - :P
A - Sev will finish his next week, and I am only about 3 weeks behind
S - We'll do some alt runs to finish off Az's staff in 4.3
S - Then stand around in Org in dragon form making bad "I'm feeling kinda blue" jokes
A - Gonna be epic!

I still remember you guys talking about the original quest... in Nexus.. Do you still remember it?
A - You had to bring up the nexus Navi... it was a bad memory
S - Yes but we can't put what we were saying in print
A - ...
S - Children might read this blog Navi!
S - Oddly, I found some of the packs hard, and the last boss really simple, Az breezed through the mobs and then started yelling at the last boss
A - I had a more difficult time than Sev on the boss...
A - Was just not built for destro
S - Yeah drain life has its moments

How many goes did you guys have at it?
S - Died twice to packs then one shotted the boss
A - I stopped counting after 2am
S - I did get a little upset when my account money ran out partway through the dungeon
A - Made victory that much more sweet...

So when Caedis said it was easy and he 1 shotted it...
S - Mages are liars.  Everyone knows that.
A - It was pretty much built for mages spellsteal and counterspells
S - They're just habitually bad people
A - That too
A - Well said

How would you feel next patch when you are always separated...
S - Oh, well, that'll be "totally" different to this patch
A - I don't see why we would get separated next patch
S - Only time we're in the same raid is in 25 mans :P
A - We bring different aspects to the raid since we're different specs

Ok so onto the simple standard questions now :) When did you start playing WoW?
S - About a month after release - I bought it on release day, internet went down and didn't go back up, I spent a very pissed off month waiting :P
S - Started on a rogue called Nathrak
A - Sometime during beta i started this warlock
S - He was ... awful
S - Once i finally figured thigns out I created Sev (about 5 months into WoW) and have been playing him as a main ever since
A - I dont' remember when, but I was around for the opening of diremaul and UBRS
A - And the first raids
A - I Remember getting Tier gear from UBRS and t2 from MC
S - Southshore vs Tarren Mill
A - Epic pvp
A - I also remember sl/sl lock pvp
A- 5v1 and still kicking
S - Wasn't that BC?
A - I remember it =p
A - Doesn't have to be vanilla silly =p
S - I refused to use SL/SL - I was born an afflock and I would die an afflock - and I did, a lot was I recall

OK, So how did you both end up in Frostwolves?
S - Well, I was a full time PVPer for most of vanilla, made a lot of friends and a full time pvp group.
S - With the introduction of x-sever battlegrounds taht fell to pieces, but a few of my friends fromt he group were in frotwolves, I figured what the hell and applied
A - I met Gley during a WSG, we were having a battle for the most kills, he invited me to join and rest is history!
S - Since then, they've almost all left, but there's still a few around :)
S - Incidentally, late props to Chymasitia's group from Khadgar, best Arathi Basin runners EVER!
A - Hell yeah!

So what do you like best about being here?
S - Friends.
A - Friends
A - People I've known for 7 years
S - I'm not so bothered with the levelling and gear these days, it's meeting up with everyone and chatting mostly ;)
A - The day they stop playing is the day I do

And what do you dislike the most about being here?
S - Hrm - raiding 4 nights a week cuts into other things I like to do
S - Was loving Skyrim, and it felt like a bit of a drag to stop playing and go to raid almost every other night
S - I need to break at some point I think
S - (After I finish the staff and get some use of it :P)
A - the nights where we don't have enough people to run what we really want to run
A - and doing other things, I feel as if I shoudl raid with the people I've known for 7 years over the people I go drinking with
S - Yeah there's a sense of obligation there - if you dot' show for a single night your'e letting people down
S - I kinda miss pvping with Nav and Az in arenas, but at the moment we're just not doing well at it

Favourite mount and pet?
S - Oh, black war wolf (since late vanilla!) and Felpuppy
S - Unless by pet you mean my Wolpertinger
A - My dreadsteed will always hold a special place for me
A - My first epic mount, completing the quest was a big achivement back in the day
S - Sadly it looks more like a dead pony with my orc
S - Dreadpony that is
A - My favourite pet would be kupyap, its not a non-combat pet, but u never said it had to be!
A - But vanity pet would have to be Pebble, cutest rock thing ever.

And are you guys looking foward to MOP?
S - Sorta, the new talent trees make me a bit nervous though, I like putting a lot of time into picking specific talents and customisng my character... I konw why they've changed it but I dont' like it much.
A - Pandamonium!
S - And my wolpertinger will OWN pebble and the Hyacinth Macaw
A - New content is always good, new lock changes look very awesome
A - New resource for destruction, looks very interesting and fun!

Conversation deteriorated after that, going off topic, talking about air versus grass types, and air versus rock types and pokemon moves...

Thanks boys for the interview!  Wish everyone was that chummy with their class rivals!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll November 27, 2011

It's been a bit quiet this week.

BigBearButt ran a competition last week to post your own imaginative idea for a new outrageous class ability one that could hold it’s own in awesomeness with Stampede, a hunter ability where they send all 5 of their current pets to attack for a short period of time on a long cooldown.  He announced the winner this week - the winning answers were pretty cool!  Check them out here.

It was the week of Thanksgiving and a number of Blog Azeroth Bloggers wrote thank yous to the bloggers who helped them in some way.  I was chuffed because I got thanked by Cymre, Tome of the Ancient, Akabeko and Draccus.  Ancient's one was really touching because she wrote such nice things about my blog, it totally made my day.

And my favourite 3 IntPiPoMo from the blogosphere for this week are

IntPiPoMo - Number 44 to 46 - Goblin Hospitality

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

Why is it that the only resorts in game are run by Goblins?  There's the one at Feralas and one in Azshara.  Look at these drinks and food - Fish burgers, awesome!  The calendar is amusing :)

Sauna at Gallywix's Pleasure palace.  Pure indulgence, look there's a hookah for smoking, and plenty of drinks around.

The accommodations at Gallywix's.  I find the banana wallpaper amusing.  In Feralas at Steam pools they have pineapple wall paper, like the pattern that's on the bed spread.   Well at least Gallywix's isn't far from Orgrimmar if you want a nearby holiday destination :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New rare pics for the week

Found all the rares for Mulgore this week. Even Ghost Wolf, who isn't even rare anymore, so he doesn't make the list but at least deserves a mention.  I already have Pokey and Mazzranache but I took them again to see if I could do it any better.  Mazzranache is still my favourite.

Did a few sweeps through Feralas as well to pick up the last few I needed to finish the zone.  The Razza looks pretty awesome.

And in Stonetalon Mountains I managed to get:

Got some better pics of the Darkshore "Ladies" as well.  Lady Moongazer has nice clothes, don't you think?

And!  Polished off Tanaris.  Updated my Caliph Scorpidsting pic with this one with the silverdragon portrait - thanks Roshii for the original but now I have a Navi-style one.

IntPiPoMo - Number 43 - Isle of Blizzard Employees

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

This island in the middle of Lake Dumont in Feralas is populated by a number of NPCs named after Blizzard Employees who were all members of single team in Blizzard.  So far here is the list of all those on the island and who they are:

Brandan Vanderpool - Game Tester, Production assistant WotLK
Brian Horn
Casey Fulton - Game Tester
Jake Patton
Judah Mehler - Tester for Starcraft
Jonny Throop - listed in WotLK credits but as ?Representatives
Larissa Bussell - Production assistant for WotLK
Lucas Merino
Mary Ann Skweres
Matias Volkert
Ryan Sly
Som Vanderpool - related to Brandon?

Ok I sat reading the credits of Cataclysm and WoTLK, I don't think I can be bothered looking anymore :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday raiding - 2nd group Heroic Rhyolith

With me being late last night, I wasn't sure if I could raid at all, but my group did Baleroc with Lushnek (who was also late) and got it down rather easily.  They were 9 manning it for a while and didn't do too badly.  I was bone tired though and made lots of mistakes during Alysrazor and was dead for a long time on the kill attempt.  Not that it's an excuse... well, actually that's my excuse! :P

The other group had all the Zodiac guys in it and they got Rhyolith down.  WITH FUE DRIVING.  Amazing!  He must be trying to impress the new recruits I'm thinking.  Just wait till he's relaxed enough and he has his left rights all mixed up again.  Poor Fue got teased in officer about it.

It was Vanquisher tier week for us.  The gloves dropped and Roshii got them.  So now he has 2 pieces of Tier.  Maybe I shouldn't have passed for him on those legs!!!  I don't like the gloves anyway.  Bleh.  Hwired got some Tier I think.  And Voe got a chest.  So last night Bale and Alys went down.  Sunday night is Beth night.  I hope the DPS have got a plan.

Fue picked up ANOTHER rogue yesterday.  A server transfer.  I wonder how he went.  Well, they got Rhyolith down so it couldn't have been that bad I suppose.

People are still nervous about the big influx of new people.  I have lots of complaints from those in the lower tiers of raiding about not being able to get into raids and then these new people come and walk straight in.  It seems unfair, I know, but you HAVE to be reliable in attendance to be able to raid.  You can't just turn up once a week and expect to get in.  The new guys have all been told that they have to turn up to raids otherwise they aren't guaranteed a spot.  And everyone should follow those rules I think.  Even the socials. 

IntPiPoMo - Number 42 - Valley of Bones

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

These Dead Goliaths are impressive.  Huge and both holding a trident in their dead hands, they are found in the Valley of Bones (a frequent archaeology digsite).  The Valley floor is littered with what some believe to be bones of the Old Gods, and nobody is sure if these skeletons are dead Old Gods or servants of the Old Gods.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday raiding - new recruits and our first look at Heroic Beth

So Fue grabbed some new recruits to fill out our raid to make 3 raid teams - 2 heroic groups and 1 normal group.  There are some people who like to raid casually and it would be nice to have a group made for them, though I do still miss a 25 man where we all can hang around together.

So who are these new people?

All of them come from Zodiac Guard.  I've seen the guild around, but one of the guys told me that the Raid leader stopped playing and things have been kind of stagnant from there.

Gutsy - Disc/Holy priest from Zodiac guard.  He came from the Realm forums in our recruit post.  I'm not sure if we really needed any more priests, as would like a paladin or a druid but any good healer is always welcome.

Augment - Combat rogue.  Hard to look at any rogue after having Roshii around (but mind you he is in heroic gear so really can't compare!!!)

Entranosh - Blood/Frost DK.  Came as a tank, but Fue likes him as a DPS atm.  I think we need a tank :)

Fallnapart - only joined on Thursday, didn't raid on Wednesday.  Fury/Prot.

So how do you think it will turn out?  Over the years I have been cautious when large groups of people come - I don't want to be too reliant on them as when they leave enmasse if they are unsatisfied then it leaves gaping holes in our roster again.  However, I like to ensure they get a Frostwolves welcome - after all, we're not hard core snobs, we are a guild, and we are nice people.

Anyway, back to the raid last night.

So we looked at Beth'tilac heroic for the first time.  All I can say is OH... MY... GOD.

I don't think I have pumped out that much healing for any other fight in Firelands.  All of us were all 16k+ HPS and still health was low.  The main problem would have to be the spiderlings.  I really think that a mage would be best on that fight.  Though Souglyy is good DPS, it may be because she hadn't read up the fight or watched the video that made it a bit difficult for her to know what exactly to do (or it could be her spec).  You're supposed to "block" the spiderlings (I think) from getting to the raid and exploding and putting poison on the ground.  But you have to kill them as well.  So I'm not exactly sure what the deal was, but a lot of spiderlings were getting through and puddles of poison were everywhere.  And then when the Drone fixated on one of the spiderling killers it would run all the way over there and that was crap because then all the spiderlings reached the drone.  It just seemed really really hard.  And it felt like our DPS wasn't quite up to it.  Anyway, it was only our first time there, and you know how it is, you go for the first time and it seems impossibly hard but after getting a strat down you, you get the hang of it.

So last night all we did was Rhyolith and Shannox and had a look at Beth.  Tonight we will go finish off Alysrazor and Baleroc (gulp!) and then go back to Beth'tilac again to see if we can figure out any ideas to make it work.

Vanquisher legs dropped from Shannox.  I let Roshii have them.  Hwired (teasingly) said "Oh, what? Are you giving those to Roshii? Hasn't he got enough heroic gear?"  But maybe if he gets one piece he will stop sulking and then I can get the rest of what I need :) After all, I'm happy now, I have one piece of tier and at least I have something to show for being in Heroic Firelands.

The other group got heroic Shannox down too.  But they are doing the rest on normal.  I think they should at least do Rhyolith or even Alys because Alysrazor was reasonably easy on heroic I think compared to things like Baleroc and even Majordomo.

Unfortunately, I am at work while typing this, and it looks like I'll be at work for a while.  Which means I might miss raid.  Which will be crap.  I hate letting my raid buddies down!

Anyway, fingers crossed I can make it to the raid tonight.  I would like to try my hand at Baleroc healing - everyone tells me how druids are the highest on the healing for that, but it really depends who you let get the stacks.  If you let the druids get it then of course we will be highest, but if you let the paladins, then of course they will be the highest.

IntPiPoMo - Number 41 - The longest waterfall in Azeroth

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

I don't have that fantastic ability that some have to capture big objects.  I saw this waterfall between Hyjal and Azshara and it must be the longest waterfall I have seen, and I tried capturing it but I just can't quite get it.  This is the best I could get.  But the interesting thing I discovered was that are actually fishing pools of Mountain trout in these little outcrops in the waterfall.  What a shame it wasn't a more exciting fish.

The best and worst of Symbiosis

Yesterday I was reading about Symbiosis and thought wow, now is that a little bit OP or what?  Nerf our spells a little bit but hey, we'll boost you by letting you take someone else's ability?  Neato!

But since druids are the nice friendly sort, not nasty sorts like those mages (who only STEAL your buffs!), we are going to be sharing our abilities with our target.  And my brain was coming up with all sorts of funny possibilities last night.

This morning I got up and Lissanna has written some notes on how it's likely going to work.  It inspired me to write about what was jingling around in my head last night.

So I assume it's like Hex Lord Malacrass where he only gets certain abilities and they will be fixed, and not randomly picks some ability.  And it's cool how it lasts 1 hour and persists through death - I assume that means of you and your Symbiotic partner.  And it has no CD so you could technically cast it as many times as I wanted during a fight if I wanted different abilities.

So here is my (silly!) list of what I hope Blizzard lets us get, and what I hope they don't!  Note, this is resto point of view only, might expand it later.

AWESOME - (where do I start!!) Beacon of Light, Light of Dawn
WTF crap - Divine Favour - because I have no holy spells you bastards! :) though if it worked for nature it would be awesome

AWESOME - Spirit Link Totem (though I don't have totems, so that won't work but I can dream!)
WTF crap - Nature's Swiftness - umm, I already have this ability and mine is better... k no thx

Holy Priest
AWESOME - Guardian Spirit
WTF crap - Lightwell - OMG don't make me waste my mana making something that depends on other people to actually do something :P
AND HERE YOU CAN HAVE MY - Innervate, coz you guys always need it

Disc Priest
AWESOME - Pain Suppression
WTF crap - Inner Focus - coz that doesn't work on any of my spells!!!

Edit: Thanks to Erinys and Cymre for pointing out Disc priests don't have renew.  I didn't know that..

IntPiPoMo - Number 38 to 40 - Babies

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

I have a fascination with children in game.  This orphanage in Nagrand (Challe's Home for Little Tykes) has babies in it, and you can see 2 tauren babies, 2 troll babies, an orc baby and a night elf baby.  There are also baby tauren in some kind spinning cradle outside as well.

The Shattrath orphanage has a human, gnome and a dwarf baby.  Couldn't get the dwarf baby in this pic, but I liked these babies so much I think I might make a separate post later!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

IntPiPoMo - Number 37 - A glimpse of history

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

The quest in Jaedanar which started at Feronas Sindweller leads you to watch a whole series of Lore of Illidan.  Illidan and Arthas.  Illidan and Tichondrius.  This questline allows us to relive a great Night Elf's fall into darkness.