Saturday, July 30, 2016

PvP night - Those little changes...

Last week when I did some PvP it was as if Alliance was lying down or something. This week it was back to normal.

When you win a BG now you get a box that has a BoA token in it (for buying current and past gear for your wardrobe) as well as a current PvP item, or gold. That's not a bad thing, and I'm busy collecting up these tokens, as I'm sure there are a few PvP items over the previous seasons that I need to collect.

There were some things that were HUGELY annoying.

I was sitting around in Resto spec but every time I zoned or hearthed it would stick me back into DPS/Boomkin spec. That was irritating!

I kinda forgot that the Honourable Medallion (which is what we use now to break things that make us lose control of our character instead of the trinket) was in my spellbook rather than in my bags.

Also, old abilities that had been taken away are NOT taken off my bars. Cyclone was still there and I was trying to use it, wondering what the hell was going on why can't I cast it? Well, because it's not in my spellbook anymore! That was VERY annoying! Now I have officially removed it from my bars. And I also have this bad habit of trying to buff people with Gift of the Wild constantly. I know the buffs are gone but I need to eventually remove the muscle memory of buffing after a death.

We had some wins and some losses. We also did some skirmishes since Splatz had deserter buff after his computer was playing up. Those actually went rather well. We won our few skirmishes, and then we went back and did BGs where I was yelled at because I had somehow forgotten to blacklist the 40man PvP BGs. Apparently those reset everytime you login... but I'm not so sure about that.

AV was really hard. The mobs were for 110 players and so it was heaps harder! Everything was harder! We had to win by reinforcements attrition, and that meant we lost because people were being picked off. We were ahead for a while because we had taken 2 towers and their captain and they had taken 2 towers, and they won by taking Iceblood Tower out. Ugh, that was a loooong battle with not much reward. Totally my bad.

Isle of Conquest I don't mind so much now because all I need are wins, and those are easy enough to do. We won one and we lost one. Bomb running seems easier at the moment - have they removed the ability to defuse from the other side of the gate? I also found that once I was inside the keep I couldn't get out (though whether that was an interaction bug because around that time I also found I couldn't pick up any seaforium) which was a worry if people WERE defusing from the other side. I was heals every time in that BG which was probably fortunate as there was heaps of damage going out when we did the alliance boss in the keep.

Another thing - we're all PvPing in our PvE gear. Our PvP gear is not scaling well, so we might as well do it in our PvE gear. Of course, legendaries are not working (thank goodness) but I guess that's a good thing since it means I can clean up my bags more. Which I should get around to doing, by the way.

The druid overall seems quite powerful in PvP as boomkin. Throwing out an AoE starfall and it continuing to fall even when I'm interrupted is kinda cool. I DPS'd one Eye of the Storm and spent all my time in the middle trying to keep people off the flag, and that worked for a while until the Alliance got some gumption and started taking bases. Was good for Bloody coins too!

All up, PvP is still enjoyable, healing and DPSing. Now that I have a bit of DPS that I can do in resto, it takes away a bit of the doldrums. I am really looking forward to unlocking the honour system in Legion. I wonder what the first Friday PvP night will be like?

Friday, July 29, 2016

Raiding - Did I say raiding was easier? I take that back!

Hellfire Citadel may seem a lot easier, but Mythic BRF is harder than when I last did it!

Of course, having to do mechanics and things, is part of that.

We had a fair number of people on, but they couldn't stay the full time, and we died a few times as we were bumming around. We were looking for something relaxing to do, and mythic BRF wasn't quite the ticket. Lots of people not feeling well because it's that time of the year.

It was kinda funny all the things we did wrong, or had forgotten. Like having three tanks and three soak groups for Gruul. And the acid spit from Oregorger that needs to be soaked by the tank because the ranged were taking an absolute smashing from it. And I had forgotten there was fire in Oregorger too. How is it that I can't remember these things?

There was some vague recollection of needing priests to mind control something and remove a buff from slags in Blast Furnace, and so Sars switched over. We had dropped down to 16 by now, so it was going to be ugly, especially as people were not quite on the ball with mechanics. There were little mistakes - people running away with their bomb instead of dropping it at the furnace door, mistaking a rupture for a bomb which meant there was an ugly fire patch on the floor right where we wanted to deposit our bombs, and tanks getting smashed by adds overwhelming them. We decided to call it quits after a few attempts and go and relax in mythic Highmaul instead, and we did that with a much smaller group and it was slightly challenging but went ok. There was some whoopsies on Butcher with positioning and slashing, and I had my massive oopsie when I failed to run out of the mountains in Tectus or killed myself with the red cloud stuff. I wasn't sick so I couldn't use that as my excuse!

It did seem harder to me. I oomed heaps more. I don't have as many Oh CRAP cds, and not being able to respec easily in raid is a challenge. I need to carry mana pots more than I have been, but that's probably how it's going to be in Legion anyway.

Anyway, I think that from now on we'll just take it easy and farm heroic BRF for those missing wardrobe pieces. I still want The Black Hand.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Raiding - It's all so much easier!

I am expecting a ton of guilds to now be getting Mythic bosses down now that the changes have been implemented. Early days after the patch, mythic guilds were struggling with the changes but since then the multiple restarts have made some changes and now things are really easy!

We did HFC last week to see how hard Archimonde was and it was easy - we took Medeine (Daenerys) and she got her mount. This week we did a full clear on Wednesday in 2 hours and we took Neri along as our tourist and she got her mount and walked off with a whole bunch of leftover gear. Neuro was having a fun time healing her, and I was laughing because I was amazed she was still alive whilst all the other shamans seemed to just die!

It was a fun raid, with shenanigans such as Kyxyn autorunning into some trash mobs whilst one the phone, Ultra and Moisty getting sent in for Kilrogg with gales of laughter set off from Koda making puns about their names. I was happy everyone threw the orb properly for Iskar! There was a bit of disapproval about my terminology.

"Navi, it's not CHUCK the ball, it's pass the orb to the person with the wind debuff..."

Surely everyone understands chuck the ball. Geez.

There were some buggy things which was annoying as hell. Kilrogg's Heartseeker debuff wasn't removed when you were in the zone. Iskar's fire debuff wouldn't drop off after the fire was done and Ultra was squealing help so Neuro spent all his mana being Ultra's pet healer. We had close calls with things like Fel Lord and Xhul with accidental blow ups but those mistakes were mitigated by nerfs and outgearing things. Neri seemed to enjoy herself and loved her mount. Next week we should look for other guildies who haven't got it yet so we can help them get it before Legion.

Tonight we are going to try to get enough for Mythic Blackhand so we can get some transmogs happening. And a guild achievement. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Letting Splatz loose on the guild bank

Splatz felt like a spot of spring cleaning, and he asked if he could clean up the guild banks, so I gave him unrestricted access to the guild banks. So not only did the guild tabs get moved around into a more logical order, they also got new icons, and there are even descriptions in the INFO tab for each section of  the guild bank! I had to take screenshots and laugh about them.

We have actually changed the potions icon now to a beer. It matches the food buff which is an ice cream!

I do like the descriptions he put in there! We don't bite! LOL

Check out the Navizor section of the Daily Frostwolf? Geez! LOL

Who knew he was so eloquent? LOL! And I think it's time I turned the guild repairs on a bit more often, don't you think?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Achievement: Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's rest

This legendary Firelands chain is quite easy to solo now, and I probably would have done it sooner if I wasn't so lazy!

I've had previous posts when I followed my friends through their chains (when the Legendary was current), and it was exciting then, and even now, when I'm the one doing the quest, it still has that sense of awesomeness about it.

For those who want to start it, I got it from Orgrimmar from Ziradormi, who is in the Warchief's room. Apparently you have to kill a molten giant before the quest will appear, but if you have ever done Firelands then you should be fine! This is the Quest chain itself (from Wowhead)
  1. A Legendary Engagement/A Legendary Engagement

I have been dragging my feet when it comes to doing Firelands, but I seemed to rally myself in the last months to get it done. I was pleased to finally finish it and it was nice to see that people in Orgrimmar still stop and congratulate you and watch the whole ceremony unfold.

So if you can use Staves, I recommend you starting this easy legendary chain. You can do it all on your own and make a bit of gold on the side from those multiple Firelands clears.

And here are some highlights from when I was doing the chain...

Yay me! Another cool thing to add to my collection :)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Doomsayers - get your pamphlets here!

MMO-Champion said this morning that the Doomsayers were up in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. The Orgrimmar one is in the tauren area, near the totem pole. CONVENIENTLY located near a graveyard!

He give you a random pamphlet every 20 minutes, and there are 12 to collect for a Feat of Strength (so you can't search for it in your new search function in achievements) but you can do it faster by dying and he will give you one after you've died. I did the rez sickness method (thank goodness my bank is now clear because of wardrobe or I wouldn't have been able to do that) and put all my gear in the bank before I started killing myself with fall damage and then it's super short run back to him from the graveyard.

The 12 pamphlets are actually quite amusing! Be careful as they are grey items - easy to vendor when you're cleaning up your bags whilst doing the achievement!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Patch 7.0.3 - The Busy Reality

Patch dropped in the early hours of Wednesday but I was unable to login till I got home. When I logged in, it was overwhelming all the things that needed to be done!

Firstly, the wardrobe.

Everyone was spamming guild when they logged in with the Fashionista achievements and it seemed pretty easy to get all of the achievements for each item slot. I'm surprised they didn't make it 300 items for each slot, rather than 100. Shirts seemed to be what people lacked the most, but they are easy enough to buy from the guild vendor. Now we are all Fabulous!

Secondly, the bag cleanup.

Now that all our transmoggable items were in wardrobe, everyone was cleaning up their banks and void storage. The amount of space left was astonishing. And it was very welcome! Everyone crowed about their newly found 100+ slots of storage, and I was thrilled to be able to empty my void storage and bank of all the weapons, cloaks, shirts and cosmetic items (I had forgotten these would go into wardrobe). That alone took me more than an hour.

There was also a whole bunch of things that became toys. I had a panic attack because I couldn't find some of the things that had become toys (such as my Chef's hat) but they had magically appeared in my mailbox because they had been upgraded. Phew! I was more distressed about the things I had thrown away that had suddenly become toys (like Breath of Talador, Ever-blooming Frond, Tasty Talador Lunch) and thought I had better go back and do those things on Minndy some day.

Thirdly, all our action bars are empty!

Xyn and HK were talking about their empty action bars. I didn't have empty action bars, but I DID have some spells missing. The others were spending time redoing their bars (though to me I can't imagine how long that would take, surely that would be quick?).

Fourthly, there were a few people that were looking for invites to the guild. Friends of people, and so I was having disjointed conversations with various people whilst in the midst of trying to clean my bags, look at people's transmogs that they had made and update my healbot spells. That took up a good 20 minutes!

Lots of people asking if we were raiding. And we have learned by now, that we will not raid after a patch because inevitably there will be bugs and restarts smack bang in the middle of raid. And we were right. there was a restart scheduled fro 10pm. So it was lucky we weren't raiding. Nobody would be ready anyway, with all the chaos with abilities changing, gear switches, empty bars and new talent trees. But, we decided to do something light, like Heroic Blackhand, with 10 people.

That had a big nerf, but it was kinda rough! Healing wasn't as smooth as I had hoped, and I feel like I need some warming up to get used to it. One thing that I did like was that my area of effect ability would only highlight and place within it's cast range (Efflorescence, which has replaced wild mushroom, and it now permanently acts like it's glyphed. I must be the only person who used it unglyphed). No more Nature's Swiftness that I could see. Nothing that a well rounded druid can't handle, but just a little different to what I'm used to!

Anyway, we killed it by brute force, and quickly (and nobody paid any attention to mechanics) but it didn't feel easy. So I think tonight we should try some heroic raiding to see what it's REALLY like.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Warlords of Draenor in 5 words #WoDin5Words

I thought it would be interesting to see what guildies had to say about WoD in 5 words. When #Brexitin5words was going around on Twitter, I thought some of what they said was really amusing, so I roped my guildies in to play. I'd love you to add your 5 words (and it has to be FIVE WORDS! Not 2 words or 3 words! FIVE!) in a comment at the bottom of this post!

Navi: I finally raided as Boomkin!

Xyn: Garrisons gone but not forgotten

HK: Oh, I don't know Nav

Sars: Khadgar is a bad ass

Crooked: Lonely Garrisons, Cut content, facebook

Neuro: Highmaul BRF HFC Fully cleared

McTacky: Three phoenix out of five

Navi: Why are groups all melee?

Splatzor: Please no more Hellfire Citadel

Morz: On again off again relationship

Kael: Please destroy my beloved Garrison!

Fielsa: Log on, Garrison, Log off

Naesca: Not as Bad as Suspected

Moisty: Let me take a selfie

Mysz: Login, auction, instance, ponder, logoff

Luxy: Guild wars 2 fun fun!

Tye: Level all of the alts!

Moisty: I miss 10 man raiding

Bish: There was not enough content

CTwin: I cry when not raiding

Koda: Great getting to know Frostwolves

Disco: Thank God Illidan is back

And here are some replies I got from Twitter:

@GearDread: I actually had fun, yeah
@shadowlightings: I finally left the game
@jubtrig: Fifth World of Warcraft Expansion
@froo: Oh look, even MORE orcs!
@theiggep: Who thought this was fun?
@cinder_tweets: Horde is not for me
@Grimmtooth: Many spikes, many manly orcs
@blindidiotgod: It was a thing, yeah?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2 new mounts

Kyxyn is astounded that I have never managed to get one of the mounts from the Tanaan rare spawn big bosses, and this week I got my FIRST one! Apparently they have a 15% chance to drop? Geez, I must just be unlucky! This is the Tundra Icehoof.

My second mount is the Sabrestalkers exalted rep one that costs 5000 claws. And is it just me, or does anyone else think this Bristling Hellboar looks a bit like Pumbaa?

Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase!
Still a long way till 300 mounts! I should try harder... but I am just SOOOO lazy :D Mounts don't really excited me...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Last minute achieves - Double Agent and Terrific Trio

After I got Minndy to 100, I thought why don't I get Miniices to 100 too? Then I could get 2 more achievements!

I was going to take it easy and read the storyline and get to know the whole of Draenor from the Alliance perspective. I wanted to know more about Yrel and who turned bad on the Alliance side. However, when I was worried that the achievement was suddenly going to be requiring me to be Level 110 or something after patch on Tuesday, all my good intentions went flying out the window, and I just power levelled her on Monday night from 90 to 100 with the help of 3 Elixirs of Rapid mind, and 3 of the Accelerated learning flasks from the garrison.

Here I am, Level 100. Miniices was my hiding toon from way back before RealID was introduced (where I used to go when I had the poops with the guild and went to go hide somewhere else and play WoW), and once realID was introduced I stopped playing her. I never got her to max level, and I only sporadically played with her (that shaman with her is HK's draenei who is my levelling buddy - you didn't REALLY think I could do it on my own do you?) but with all the down time, it was a nice little SHORT side project.

People asked me why a mage? Well, if you noticed, my first alt to 100 was a warlock, my second, a mage. What is the significance? Well, my arena buddies for the last many years was Sevrus and Shabahdu, who are an affliction warlock and frost mage respectively. They are probably the 2 classes I understand the most, and also, now it's a little bit useful for me to know how they are played so that I can yell at my arena buddies about cooldowns etc. Sev of course is rather pipped that I did a warlock first, but in reality, Miniices has been around longer, so which of my PvP partners am I honouring more? That's open to interpretation! :D

Those Elixirs of the Rapid mind are still a bit pricey, going at 3k on the AH, and I didn't have the gold for all the pots, so my guild leader kindly gave me some gold, and when she makes a toon on Saurfang, I will return the favour!

But yay me! Who would have thought, that I would have 3 max level alts? Is that a testament to how long Draenor has dragged out? I actually think it's those levelling pots that have made me want to do it, seeing how fast it can be done. My only regret is that I still haven't seen the Shadowmoon Valley storyline! And when will I ever come back and do it now?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Patch 7.0 Pre-Legion - You have 2 days to get yourself organised!

I was surprised and excited that Prepatch was going to drop on the 19th, and there are a few things that you need to get sorted out before Tuesday because some things are going and it's your last chance.

  • Challenge modes - With challenge modes rewards finishing with the patch drop, it's unsurprising that prices have skyrocketed as the D-day approaches, when they were previously abotu 250k, now they are going for about 400-500k. If you want the weapons (gold) and the mount (silver) you need to get onto that pretty soon!
  • Ahead of the Curve  - Raiding achievements will be gone with the patch, though the raids will still be going, of course. Carries have been pretty cheap of late - I saw one for about 20k on my server! The mount will still be available I believe.
  • PvP - get that last minute arena/RBG rating achievement or get your 100 wins if you want that mount! Gosh that will be a heavy slog in 2 days... or if you were almost there, finish it off!
  • No more legendary ring stuff. Not that I care about that (though why anyone would care about that come patch when there will be new stuff to get in Legion that's better) but if you want the achievement, you haven't got much time. You'd have to be close to getting it to finish it in 2 days though.
  • Brawlers guild - which is why I was doing it the other week because I heard it would be gone with the patch. Get in there and give it a go, though if everyone else has the same idea there may be a queue!
  • Hono(u)r and Conquest will be converted to currency at 75-85 silver per point (I think), like they do at the end of every season, so either use or sell your Champion's Honor. I sold mine. Also, the big difference is that Honor and Conquest are not coming back!
  • Get rid of all those HFC BoEs now! They'll be worthless soon!
  • Garrison gold missions are taking a big nerf, so do all your gold dailies if that's your main source of income. 

But look at all the things to look forward to!
  • MOAR BAG SPACE - Wardrobe is out!
  • Gnome hunters, and mechanical hunter pets! Not that I play alts or alliance... BUT STILL
  • No more secondary stats or glyphs. Hmm, wondering how that will pan out...
  • Did I say more bag space? :D
  • New vanity pet models - I especially like the rabbits! But heaps of models have been updated.
Anyway, go forth and do your last minute pre-patch stuff!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Silence is Golden - a new community initiative by Blizzard

A few days ago on the Blizzard blog they announced that after the prepatch that there would be a new silencing penalty, which I thought was rather interesting.
World of Warcraft offers many opportunities to engage with other players in a variety of ways and to help support positive experiences in these engagements we wanted to inform you of a new silence penalty we will be implementing with the pre-expansion patch for Legion. Depending on the type of report, players who are found to be abusive in chat or engage in inappropriate chat behaviors may be silenced from engaging in certain ways within the game.
If someone is reported multiple times with the Spam or Abusive Chat penalty then after an investigation, then they'll receive an account wide silencing penalty. It limits their ability to interact in  the community in the ways listed below:

Silenced Players Are Able to:

Whisper to friends (both WoW friends and Friends)
Reply to Whispers from Non-friends
Party/Raid Chat (with Invited Players)
Create Parties and Raids
Talk in Global Channels that have a moderator
Share Quests
Sign up for a pre-made group

Silenced Players Are unable to:

Talk in Instance Chat (Raid, Party, and Battlegrounds)
Talk in global channels that are auto joined (such as General or Trade)
Create Calendar Invites/Events
Send in-game mail
Send Party Invitations
Send War Game Invitations
Send Invitations to Duel
Update a Premade Group Listing
Create a New List for a Premade Group

The first time, they will be silenced for 24 hours. Apparently the penalty will double with each subsequent time they are "silenced" and there is no limit.

Personally, I think this is a GREAT initiative! I was thinking Blizzard may being out some increasing type of censorship after the racist comments during the Dreamhack Hearthstone tournament when TerrenceM, who is a black player, was subjected to a heap of racist black comments in the stream chat channel which was difficult to moderate, and intensely nasty. Here is a link to a sample of some of the nastiness.

Mike Morhaime issued a statement to Polygon, condemning the actions of commenters on the DreamHack livestream. "We're extremely disappointed by the hateful, offensive language used by some of the online viewers during the DreamHack Austin event the weekend before last," president Mike Morhaime said. "One of our company values is 'Play Nice; Play Fair;' we feel there's no place for racism, sexism, harassment, or other discriminatory behavior, in or outside of the gaming community."

And now I see that Blizzard is finally taking it serious. Some people have complained - is this enough?

Well it depends on how much monitoring they are going to do. People complain now that they report people and nothing happens - but I am hoping that with this new thing, it's a lot easier to investigate (from chat logs) and then action can happen.

I think that this sort of punishment is more helpful than a ban because a ban doesn't give you much of an opportunity to improve or regret your behaviour. I think everyone should be given a chance to be a better person. A more cynical person may say that Blizzard would also like to keep collecting your money so rather than ban you, they'll just keep letting you play and subscribe to the game.

Any move that is out to improve the toxicity that the community has become is a welcome one. I often report people for language and offensive behaviour, and I think that now I will feel like I am doing the community a justice by continuing to do so.

What are your thoughts on this?

And here is a picture of Atramedes (for whom you have to kill to get the achievement "Silence is Golden").  Heh heh.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Guest Post: Kyxyn and how "The Pixar Story" relates to WoW and real life

Hi to all whom may be reading,

My name is Kyxyn and I am a member of Frostwolves and, as a punishment for my sins, I read this blog. I noticed that Navi mentioned the other day that she was watching the Pixar Story and that she felt that Pixar and Blizzard were similar organisations.

I texted her that I didn't agree and volunteered to write a blog post about it. What I wanted to highlight was what works so well at Pixar rather than a comparison of it to Blizzard, and I hoped to gives some insight as to what we are trying to achieve at Frostwolves, and some lessons for real life as well.

Firstly, its impossible to understand Pixar without knowing whom the main players are (past and present). These are John Lasseter (animator), Ed Catmull (computer scientist) and Steve Jobs. Lasseter is the Chief Creative Officer of Pixar, Catmull is the current president of Pixar and Jobs was the CEO of Pixar.

Note: This post will have spoilers for the documentary “The Pixar Story”. I hope that you will still want to watch it or revisit it, as I'm only discussing the first part of the film.

Lasseter’s dream was to be an animator, and he attended CalArts in pursuit of that dream. There were others at CalArts at the time who would be big names in film (Tim Burton and Brad Bird to name a few). Lasseter was lucky enough to be taught by some of the Nine Old Men, Disney’s veteran animators. In the documentary, Bird described them as “masters of their art form, with the attitude of a student”.

After success at CalArts (with two student Academy Awards) Lasseter attained his dream job, an animator at Disney. But the dream did not live up to its expectations, and after five years, Lasseter was let go.

At this point he met up with Catmull who was working for Lucasfilm, and as a result, Lasseter was picked up by Lucasfilm. This resulted in some major innovations in computer animation (a great example is the stained glass window scene in Young Sherlock Holmes and the Pyramid of Fear).

George Lucas was forced to part ways with his computer graphics division, and it was sold off with Steve Jobs as a majority shareholder of this news corporation, Pixar.

The collaboration worked fabulously and resulted in the first full length CGI feature film, Toy Story. The film did not have an easy development. Due to influence from Disney, the film was “edgy” which resulted in a film that was not funny. It was so bad that the original version of the film was effectively scrapped and rewritten into the successful animation it is today.

The success was so great a sequel was in the works. However, during the development of Toy Story 2, Lasseter needed a break and was not involved in much of Toy Story 2's production. However, the film being created was so poor, it was decided to redraft Lasseter back in, and his influence on restructuring of the team dynamic helped result in another masterpiece.

 I wanted to comment upon some points from above that really spoke to me.

Firstly, was the description of the Nine Old Men as "masters with the attitude of students". I liked that they believed that no matter how expert they were, they were always striving to learn. This is not a person regularly encountered within World of Warcraft, and I think that's a shame. The expansiveness of the game means that there are countless opportunities to learn and improve, yet the game seems to breed the elitist know-it-all. Within our guild, we hope to encourage everyone to see themselves upon a path of continual improvement. Isn't this the type of person we would all rather encounter? I think would be a great positive influence on everyone in the game.

When faced with a setback such as losing your dream job, Lasseter took opportunities that were presented to him. How do we deal with setbacks within the game? Do we navel gaze, do we complain, or do we dust ourselves off and persevere? The path of raid progression is paved with perseverance. Perseverance and grit are qualities that we seek to encourage and develop within our guild.

This reminded me of  a video I linked to Navi by Mike Rowe, which talked about chasing opportunities rather than dreams.

Lastly, the lesson learnt from Toy Story 2 by Pixar was the importance of team. The teams were simply not working together well, even though there were great people in the teams. How often has that been seen in World of Warcraft? What if, rather than thinking of yourself as the best ranged DPS or the best healer, you thought of yourself as someone who made a positive impact on the team experience every time you raid, and that was the most important contribution you could bring to a raid. Would that result in a more positive and progressive team?

It's probably not anything you hadn't already heard, but I guess I wanted to make the point that lessons could be learnt from unlikely sources. These lessons are not merely limited to a game (or animation), but rather they could apply to life in general. The Pixar Story has such great messages of persistence and teamwork shown in a relatable, real life way (though on a side note, as a maths teacher, it portrays maths as being an integral part of the animation industry which is something most people would not realise).

Thanks all for reading my Navi-edited blog post! Now I know why she is so slack and writes weekly instead of daily! It took me the whole weekend to write this...

Monday, July 11, 2016

Navime has Proven she is a Healer

Now, I know this is a rather embarrassing thing to admit, but I have finally got my Proven Healer in Proving grounds!

A lot of people said there is no shame in not being able to do it, as they hadn't been able to themselves. However, there are just as many who are not full time healers who have their Proven Healer title and wave it in my face all the time!

I've had lots of advice over the years. The best advice came from Crooked and Neuro, who told me that it was better if I did it in lower gear rather than have my high level gear scaled down. I got some PvP gear and had it in my bags and had delayed doing it as I didn't seem to have the time and when I did it was late at night and I was tired and made mistakes.

So, the other day I got on early and logged into game to try and do my Proving Grounds and I did it! I was eager to stop doing it so I stopped shortly after so the achievement could pop.

So here is all my rubbishy gear before I vendored it.

Yay for 10 extra bag slots! And other thing off my bucket list :D About time I got my Proven healer title! I did worry secretly that this meant I was a totally fail healer....

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Raiding - Revelations for me, and we CAN raid without Xyn

I am pleased that upper floor seems to go so smoothly now. But it is an endless source of amusement to the raid (or it could be an endless source of eye rolling) about the things that I still didn't know about Hellfire Citadel, despite having done it for about a year!

There was a few weeks ago, when a friend of mine was complaining about a PuG Heroic Archimonde, and the infernal had come out and he'd taken one away and had got it down to 40%, and then another melee had their infernal and dragged it over to his infernal to cleave them down. I was puzzled. So I had to ask HK - hey, so-and-so told me this story, what happens when you put the infernals together?

You could hear the incredulity in HK's voice. "What? How long have you done Archimonde now?"

I was unperturbed. I often don't know things. "Ages. Are you going to tell me or what?"

HK spoke to me very slowly, as if I was a child. "When you put the infernals together they heal, which is WHY Xyn says you have to take them away from each other. Why do you think they take them away?"

"I don't know," I replied. "I thought when they were together they did some kind of extra AoE or more damage from proximity to each other, like the little robots in Dark Animus (Throne of Thunder)."

Well, HK immediately texted Xyn about how the guild leader did not know that infernals healed when together. Xyn was not surprised. I told the story to Neuro and he partly defended me by saying that the infernals healing has never been mentioned in any of the raids that he has attended, so he wasn't surprised that I didn't know.

On Thursday, I learned something ELSE in HFC that was new. We were clearing the trash and Hk said to Moisty "Your job is coming." I knew it was to grip something, I never knew which mob it was. I just know it was a mob who ran away. So, we were doing that, and one of the mobs was trapped but it got broken out and it ran away. It ran into a pool and became one of the hulking things.

"Oh," I said. "I didn't know they turned into those things."

"What?" the same note of amazement was in HK's voice again. "Why do you think Xyn gets them gripped in week after week?"

"I thought it was because they were running away and they called more mobs or something. Like in Zul'Aman."

"NOOOOO," said HK, somewhat exasperatedly. "They turn into the big mob which does a lot of damage and yells and are hard to kill, that's why we kill and target them first."

Ohhhh. Well, the things you learn when you're DPSing. Healers don't need to know these things!

Wednesday was a good turnout day, and we trundled through middle floor rather well. Thursday we did bottom floor, and we had Zanthula join us for the first time. She didn't quite make the ilvl but she had been trying, so I said she could come for the first 3 bosses. It was a bit of a worrying raid, because we were getting a bit overwhelmed with adds in the first boss towards the end of it, which means that we are low on DPS. If we are low on DPS on the FIRST boss of HFC, and it's the easiest one, how would we go with the rest of them? We had Koda/Cosima, Sev and Neuro healing so I was DPSing. Lushen had some connectivity issues, so we were sorely missing his dps!

HK was concerned. Well perhaps that was an understatement. He told me that we couldn't kill Iron Reaver with this group. I didn't think it would be easy, but it could be done. So I had to ask the smart person in the group to put up some markers and organise the group for me - thanks Neuro! So we got Moisty to tank (much to Hk's dismay, because Moisty was top DPS), and got all the healers to pile in one spot and then everyone was much better. Zanthula warned me that she would die a lot, and she did die almost every attempt, but I hope she got the idea!

She stayed for Kormrok and left after that, though by that stage HK was feeling much more confident in the raid and thought she could have stayed for the lot. However, I already bent the rules to let her in for the first 3 and so she was happy to be allowed to come for the week. By next week she should be the right ilvl to be able to come for the bottom level.

Was a little close on Kilrogg but HK managed to move the boss away from the blood just in time. And Gorefiend was good, and there were no mistakes with the doom, thank goodness.

Not a perfect week, but it wasn't bad overall. I used to think there wasn't much challenge to doing heroic again,but it always is when you're doing it with a bunch of undergeared people, or I'm doing a different role, where each of us has to actually follow mechanics so that we can get through the fights successfully.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A random act of kindness that could also be a random act of meanness to everyone else!

After being on Battletagged podcast, where Cinder, Klor and Neuro were talking about how we can help new players feel welcome in the community, I thought about how I could help a little more.

I had lots of ideas and things I wanted to do. I saw on OpenRaid they had teaching raids - I would like to help with that! Unfortunately they are at dreadful times for an Oceanic player who is a parent and a full time worker, so I would have to make up my own times or find an Oceanic person who would like to do that (also the people who DID show interest in helping start one were on the Alliance side!)

I was walking through Darkmoon Faire, and I saw someone standing at the Darkmoon Deathmatch. The temptation was high - do I go into the arena and try to kill him, or should I help him get the achievement?

I saw him target my character, so I switched into full PvP gear. And then I sent a btag request (since he was Alliance) and he accepted. I asked him if he was doing the achievement, and he said he was getting the box for the first time. I asked him if he'd like help to get it, and he said sure, but I said I wanted one favour - after the box can he duel me. He agreed.

I thought it was just us two but there were 2 others who appeared on the scene, and I helped kill them, then let him loot and then we duelled. I lost. My excuse was I had no cooldowns because I used them to kill the other two! But we all know what the REAL reason is!

So was I nice to that guy, or was it just plain mean to the other two players? I guess it's all a matter of perspective. Because one of the other two players were horde - and I should have chosen to help my faction, right?

Well, perhaps next week I shall choose to help someone in a way that can't be mean to anyoen else!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Can't escape the mythic pugging!

Well my mythic hiatus didn't last long - I have been asked to come along 2 nights in a row with another guild whose GM I am friends with - this time on Jubei'thos.

On Sunday I was with HK levelling our alliance toons and we were almost 90 and I was asked to go heal. I had forgotten that I was free that weekend to help, and so I apologised profusely to a disgruntled HK and went along - saying that it was only till they had someone to replace me. A short while, I  reassured him. Well, short is a relative term. HK watched 2 episodes of ST:TNG whilst waiting for me to return.

This other guild were doing Iskar which I hadn't killed before (but had attempted) and I listened to their explanation though I was a bit curious what happened to the people that had the debuff that only people holding the orb could see. Apparently if you kill the extra add that comes up in mythic quickly you don't have to worry about that. So I muddled my way through it, but I had a better appreciation for how hard it is to throw the orb to people when you have no idea who they are and you're scouring the list thinking who the hell are they talking about? One time I was supposed to throw the orb to the healing paladin for a dispel, and I threw it to someone whose name was similar but was a warlock. And in hindsight that was stupid because I could have dispelled that myself! Despite my stuff ups, I eventually got my first kill of Mythic Iskar, and I didn't look too gimpy, thank goodness.

I noticed that one of their healers was sitting out in that fight (who was their heal leader) and I whispered them saying that I didn't really need to be there, and I didn't want to be taking anyone's spot. Amusingly, they said that they didn't want to do that fight because they hated it and had already gotten everything that they need from that boss. But, now they were going on to Fel Lord and that was a progress fight, so I would need to sit out, and I was perfectly happy with that. I went back to playing alts with HK, and we hit 90.

On Monday night I was with Sars and Crooked - Sars was carrying our Herald toons for some Ulduar gear. I got another tell from my friend to ask if I could ask to fill in but I told them that they would have to wait for me to finish with my guildies and then I'd come, and to find someone else if they wanted to. I didn't think they'd really wait.. but they did. And so, off I went to raid again.

And this time, I got to have a bash at Fel Lord.

The main difference seemed to be that your debuff after soaking a swirly doesn't fall off after 2 minutes - it never goes off now. So you can only soak once. That didn't seem to be a big issue, but seeds as usual was the problem and there was one attempt why I spectacularly blew up the raid because I was stacked with the ranged and forgot to run out with my seed. Granted, I had just been instructed to tranq after that seed so I was concentrating on when I needed to do that, and somehow missed the big fat marker on my head AND the DBM warnings. Whoops. Way to make myself look good.

On the 4th attempt it went down. That was exciting, I got another new mythic kill!

After that they went on to do Tyrant but had to get through Socrethar first, which seemed even more painful than Fel Lord (5 wipes on Soc) but lucky me managed to roll mythic warforged socketed Tier gloves. Woo! I have never used my tier gloves, but I guess now is the time.

I can't help but feel a bit uncomfortable when these achievements go off in guild chat. Firstly, I don't want people to think I'm out there trying to get raiding because my own guild can't do them. I am only filling in - but is that any different from me going out to actively pug them? However, I might be oversensitive - maybe nobody cares!

However, I do feel like I am learning something. That will help me for later if our guild starts doing them in prepatch. I suppose Neuro will be there to guide us, but it helps if I have done the healing myself so I can coordinate heals a bit better. And it's something to pass time, though it's not like I don't have enough to keep me busy in game!

Will they need me again? I don't know. Will I go again? Probably. BUT, if I'm doing something with my guildies I will want to finish that first. With the Crooked organising a Herald of the Titans run, that's going to be a fun project for us to work on before Legion hits. Just a few more people need a little bit more gear and level!