Saturday, July 30, 2011

Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll #2

I have to put this as numero uno for this week as Rio posting this pic made me realise that I had no idea who Dath'Remar was!  So thanks Rio for inspiring me to make another random trivia post :)

How does Jasyla do it, she always seems to have great "how to" guides for just about everything.  And it was funny because I do get comment frustration sometimes when I can't post anonymously that I won't even bother posting, and she has ACTIVELY gone out to educate people.  Gogo Jas!

Hilarious to read, and easy to relate to.  I was in a Battle for Gilneas yesterday and the one game we lost was rather frustrating.  There was one mage, and I whispered him while we were waiting for the battle to start "Do you have any spare food?"  His reply?  "Fuck off."  I mean like... woah.  That was a bit uncalled for.  And he was in PVE gear which I wouldn't really care about ordinarily but he made comments like "Well you guys suck at BGs so I'm going to AFK here while I go get a drink."  Anyway, so the match wasn't going anywhere and one dps said to me "Are you a healer? You're not healing much."  Well, no I'm not, I'm standing around with everyone else because it's pretty pointless for me to go charging off anywhere unless there are dps to heal, coz I ain't gonna kill anything as a healer am I?  So I basically said "Go somewhere and I'll heal you."  So I did.  Though I do have to admit I am often on guard duty as I do have a little bit of survivability and abilities to keep people off a flag until backup arrives.  Warstomp, healing, hurricane are all very useful little things that buy a few seconds here and there. (I got to this blog via Dwarven Battle medic again!)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Molten Front Offensive and other achievements

Grinding Molten Front Dailies has finally paid off and I have The Molten Front Offensive.  That Flaming Hippogryph is mighty purty!

I still baulk at having to pay 1k gold for pets though.  Got the Hyjal Bear Cub at least.

Spent most of the day farming for Mr Grubbs.  Did all my EPL quests and then killed mobs for about 4 hours.  Server was about to reset and I finally got him!  I was so excited!  So I was hearthing and then a mob attacked me and interrupted my hearth, and I killed it and... it dropped ANOTHER Mr Grubbs.  I mean WTF...

Had some lucky Battle of Gilneas victories today, and managed to nab Battle for Gilneas Perfection, Newbs to Plowshares and Double Rainbow.

Knowing whom your Realm is named after - Who is Dath'Remar?

This post was actually inspired by Rioriel because I noticed he did a postcard on Khadgar.  I recall when our guild was on Khadgar and in BC, Khadgar was there in Shattrath we were all like ooooooh is that who our realm is named after!  So I realised today that I had no idea who or what our realm, Dath'remar, was named after.

This is The Shrine of Dath'Remar in Eversong Woods.  Here is what the plaque at the bottom of the monument says:

Dath'remar Sunstrider was the first high King of Quel'thalas.  He was the leader of the Highborne who survived the War of the Ancients.  You can read more in WoWWiki here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Polishing off those last Archaeology achievements

Eastern Kingdoms is full of holes that I dug today.  Not only did I manage to get my Blue Streak, I also got Kings Under the Mountain and Diggerest.  And I got my Pterrodax Hatchling today as well.

I spent most of the day doing archaeology to get those dwarf items.I was so pleased to see Silver Kris of Korl finally that I was in a digging frenzy trying to get Dwarf digs.

Enjoy it while it lasts

Ok well I can only enjoy this while it lasts.  So here it is!  My brief moment at number 1 achievements in the guild.

Getting Legacy of Leyara done ticked it over.  That and a couple of dungeon achievements (To the Ground! and Acrocalypse now).

Since then Thraso has caught up so will likely overtake me again soon.

My sad realisation for 2v2 Arena

Patch 4.2 has come with some sad revelations for me in arena.  I no longer think that Sev and I can get a good rating in 2v2.

Since the new arena season, we have been frustrated that our usual methods of arena play have not worked.  That is, our survive the burst and whittle you down out of mana so we can burn you slowly technique.  These days nobody is running out of mana and our dots pressure is easy to outheal now.  The consequence of me putting increased pressure is making me run out of mana.

We played a game yesterday against a druid and a warrior and it was really frustrating.  Perhaps we were approaching it wrong - perhaps we should have focussed cc on the druid and had the felpuppy eating the heals off the warrior, instead of trying to get the puppy on the druid to eat their mana away slowly.  But that fight was a symptom of what games have started to look like, too many games.

I recall a few games ago where the 2 of us were unable to kill a disc priest.  A lone disc priest.  Who just ran around and healed themselves and never ran out of mana.  It was really frustrating.  We did that for a good 10-15 minutes.

Then of course there was a double healer act which was equally frustrating.  The pally left out of boredom but that ended in a draw after 45 minutes of time wasting.

So I think that I may have to focus on our 5 man team for our weekly points and arena fix.  Because 2s have made me frustrated and that makes me sad, because my 2v2 games used to be the highlight of my pvp week.

Read here to see more whinging druids:
Resto druid pvp/arenas 4.2
Resto druids in arena

 Ok, the clockwork gnome is here to make me feel better.  Looking at pets makes me feel better ok? :P

Monday, July 25, 2011

Professor Navimie I presume?

I forgot that I got my 20 rare digs for the achievement It Belongs in a Museum! so now I have my new title, Professor!  Xarek was asking so which rares did I get, did I get Zin'Rokh? Or one of the staves? How about the shield? Or Tyrande's Doll?

So, OK, I have basically dug up 20 useless items.  I had none of those cool things.  Though I do think the pets are cool, and the mount, and of course I have the Ring of the Boy Emperor which is very cool and I still use.  Everything else is... well, junk.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Highlights of the week from my Blogroll

There have been so many times I wanted to write in my blog about other people's blogs and what they think, that I think I might start a weekly thing where I write about what has moved/inspired/amazed/educated/awed me caughty my attention in other people's blogs in that week.

Jasyla's post this week was the most intruiging for me, looking at the mana saved/gained having Moonglow which reduces spell cost by 3% per point, versus Furor which increases mana by 5% per point.  Some great graphs and explanations (I feel like I am back at Uni trying to learn something!!!).  However I already have 3 points in Moonglow and points in Furor, so this is more useful I think if you're trying to decide between the two.  Highly recommended if you're interested in numbers!

Ok, the main thing that amazed me was... Saunder is Aussie??  The amount of Aussie WoW bloggers out there amazes me, and the fact that I am reading their blogs.  I thought most of these guys were Americans.

This post is so true!  Time management with 2 kids and choosing which dailies to do has really been brought out with my WoW gaming!  People often ask me how can I play WoW when I work 10-11 hour days AND have 2 children?  Well kids go to sleep and I don't know what others do when their kids go to sleep but I raid!  I can't remember how I got to this blog, I think it was via Fannon's blog.

Friday, July 22, 2011


A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. - Nelson Mandela

Ever since Cataclysm came out and we started raiding BWD, I patiently sat by and watched everyone slowly getting their epic helms and tier helms.  It will drop eventually, I thought, and besides, this heroic blue one is really good (Cluster of Stars).  It has haste and spirit, so I don't really want to change it for something else unless it's something with similar or mastery.  So I was hoping for the Atramedes or the Tier helm from Nefarian.  But week after week Atramedes did not yield it for me.  Every other druid got an epic... except me.

That lack of epic helm got me into a lot of fights with my friends.  When guildies wanted to skip to do Nefarian, I refused because I wanted to do Atramedes so I could get a chance at a helm (mages and other druids were ahead of me on DKP).  How many times did I force a full clear when people complained that stuff gets DE'd (yeah well it's ok for them, they have full 359!) I have lost count.  Anyway, no permanent damage was done, but I still didn't have a helm.

So coming into Cataclysm I still had my blue helm.  I hadn't done that many ZA runs to get the helm there (gosh I remember when I had the original ZA helm! Helm of Natural Regeneration) so I did finally get a 353 helm (Amani Headdress) after a goddamn Zandom.  Not my perfect choice as I lost a lot of haste but mastery is just as good!

So I wore it a few weeks, and I was wondering how long I'd have to wear this crappy helm for (maybe the whole of Firelands!) and on our Beth'tilac kill yesterday, Cowl of the Clicking Menace dropped.
I screamed HAT in officer! Fue asked me, "Do you want that, Navi?" and Ampharos laughed.

So now I have a nice shiny hat.  I am so pleased.  I might even display it just because I'm so happy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

More achievements today!

Well lots of achievements done today and late yesterday.  This morning I managed to get Infernal Ambassadors (which I should have been able to do earlier) and Fireside Chat because I finally got to the Furnace side.  And I also got The "Unbeatable" Pteradactyl: BEATEN! too.  Here's a pic of my new blue mini jouster.

Yesterday did a heroic (with a dying connection) and managed Moo, Lushnek and Balinar helped me get Don't Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet!  So that's another dungeon achievement knocked down!

My thoughts on Firelands Dailies

Whew, the daily grinding is getting a tiny bit tedious.  What started as 3 dailies, rapidly turned into 7, and then into 13.  The good thing about dailies is that they give money.  But boy is it crowded.  I try to do my dailies in the morning (or sometimes even at work), but this weekend I am away.

The dailies I find hardest to do are the killing ones.  Fortunately Blizzard made it nice that you can share kills, especially big mobs with 300k+ health.  Like those Molten Behemoths.  Or the mobs in Sethria's Roost.  It takes me forever to kill them and if I didn't have those druids helping I would be dead most of the time.  That happened to me today actually.  I died from 2 mobs hitting me and then while flying back to my body I flew just off Sethria's Roost into Ashenvale and then my flying mount disappeared, stranding me in Ashenvale.  I thought I would have to take rez sickness but fortunately someone was kind enough to rez me.

The daily I did hate at first was Between the Trees. Chasing those damn deer spirits around was really difficult until Xyn told me the easy way to do it was to stand in the path of them and they'll just run into you.  But the easiest daily for me is the Burn Victims - throw a rejuv as you run past and they're tagged.  But I hear priests and pallies have it just as OP as well - pallies just run around with an aura of some sort on while they're doing mobs and it just picks everything up around them.  Priests just holy nova like crazy and not only does it tag kill mobs it also heals burn victims.

Sometimes Those Bears up There quest is a big buggy - I am sure I have thrown them on the trampoline but I don't get the count for it.

I unlocked the Druid dailies yesterday and did them today - I think that the Shadow ones are easier to do than the Druid ones.  Well the good thing about unlocking all those dailies was that I got Fireside Chat because we talked to the Druid NPCs.  And doing the Shadow ones means you can get Master of the Molten Flow.

And my personal pet hate of the Druid dailies?  Would have to be the starting one where you have to protect the guy as he walks up and parts the flames.  Ok, maybe I'm doing something wrong but I keep dying.  Lushnek told me to cheat and just run up the side - the far left side - but I died to flames.  Everytime.  So as painful as it is with all those mobs on me, I think I will continue to follow that guy through the flames and just heal the crap out of himself and myself.

Friday, July 15, 2011

2 10 mans this week in Firelands

Yesterday was a lousy day because the server was going to restart at 10.  So were just shy of a 25 and so we did 2 10 mans.  We had 2 inexperienced healers - Liteofdawn and McTacky - so we split them between the two groups.  I actually stacked good dps into one group with Belinia offtanking and Hwired tanking, and in my group I had geared DPS but not the top dpsers with Nokturn and Thraso tanking.  So the group makeup was like this:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 1 got Shannox down before the reset!  And they got Embers as well!  They came back after the instance restart and also got Beth'tilac down with another Ember!  So that was pretty awesome for their group.

Unfortunately for us we didn't get Shannox down before the reset so I didn't want to come back because we would have to clear all the trash again.

The cool thing was we had lots of epics drop yesterday from trash!  Our group had the Druid boots LW recipe (woot!) and Obsidian Cleaver, the other gruop had Plate boots BS recipe and the Strength trinket.

Today however Nokturn didn't turn up and Fueghan was back so we got him to tank and we managed to get Shannox down.  So that was pretty cool.

What a good day in Achievements and Arch

Well, today was a good day for digging!  I completed quite a few Troll artifacts as well as a rare!  So I got the Voodoo Figurine (yay another pet!), and I now have the Ancient Amber (Fossil), Clockwork Gnome (Dwarf), Pendant of the Scarab Storm (Tol'vir) and Arrival of the Naaru (Draenei) to work on!  So if I finish those I'll be Professor Navimie!
And I finished my Seven Sceptors today, as well as Let's Do Lunch: Undercity (Roach was last one I needed - in fact lots of people needed it, they got their achievement today too) and Ludicrous Speed.  So all up a really good day.

PS: I forgot to mention I got my Menagerie a few days ago. YAY!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Healing Beth'tilac normal (10 man Druid POV)

Matriarch of the Cinderweb brood, Beth'tilac and her merciless offspring sate their appetites by sucking the magma and fire from the corpses of elementals. To provide her broodlings with added sustenance Beth'tilac has woven a network of incendiary webs throughout her web to trap unsuspecting prey.
- from Dungeon Journal

This 2 phase encounter was challenging - it took us 3 days in 10 man to get it down.  Lucky me got to attend on the last day (which happened to be kill day)!  Note - we are not a heroic guild and we are all dressed in 358 gear except for our new Hyjal rep gear and new VP gear.  So this blurb is mostly for guildies and non heroic/casual guilds.

Basic overview

Beth hides on top of her web for phase 1 and if nobody goes up there she does venom rain on the raid below.  To get up there you climb Cinderweb Spinners' webs.  When her fire energy is zero she sets herself on fire and you have to get off the web and go back down.  However down below there is action too - a Cinderweb drone comes out who sucks fire energy from Beth so kill it before it starts doing that too much.  At the same time Spiderlings come up and head toward the drone and have to be killed because they heal the drone... and heal Beth too if they're up when she comes down.

In Phase 2 she's on the ground and it's a dps race.

Phase 1 - topside

Let the tank go up first, then follow.  Don't let the dps get the web ride before you or it's tanksplat!  On the top watch out for meteors and the big hole in the middle... only go for the hole when it's smoldering devastation time!  Oh and don't muck around with the web string because if you click it and don't do it right it disappears.  And if you leave it took long it also disappears.

Druid pointers: having been up top I would have to say it's probably best if the druids don't do this.  With only 2 or 3 people up the top, wild growth and efflorescence are wasted because the 3 of us are just too spread out and .. well there are only 3 people instead of 6.  The tank however is quite easy to heal up here.  Oh and watch that step...

Phase 1 - underweb

Tank takes the drone and should try and kite it away from the spiderlings if some of them make it through the aoe and dps.  The dps should each be assigned a cave to keep an eye on so they can get the spiderlings.  Ranged obviously best for this.  Melee are either best up top or dpsing the drone, but they can help if spiderlings are getting through.  Healing this requires a bit of movement because the tank moves away and the dps are moving towards their caves at times as well.  You wish they'd all just bloody well stand together to make it easy to heal.  Lots of raid damage, but healers are best sticking to the middle and keeping range on the tank and yelling at the dps to move closer.

Phase 2 - burn

Everyone not a tank should be standing at her tail which at least makes that part of AOE healing easy.  The tank gets a Widow's Kiss debuff so they will require some tank swapping as having that debuff decreases healing taken.  And they also do damage to people near them if they have that debuff hence why we are far away from them.  The start of phase 2 is not too healing intensive but as you get about 90 seconds down the track it's getting heavy and using healing cooldowns would probably be good from here onward.

Druid pointers: I would save tree form for 60-90 seconds into Phase 2 and tranquility after tree form drops off.  Innervate early so you can get a second innervate in because it really is mana intensive.  I saved my efflorescence and swiftmend for raid and kept LB and OOC procs for the tanks.  Wild growth spam works well here too haha!

Show your healer nubness by:
- falling down the hole from the top of the web when she is NOT about to do smoldering devastation (ie oops was that a hole there?)
- not standing with the raid in phase 2

So what yummies for Resto druids can you get from Beth'tilac?
Cowl of the Clicking Menace
Cindersilk Gloves
Funeral Pyre - not my choice but if it's going to be DE'd...
Smoldering Censer of Purity (rare drop from any of the bosses)

I think it's more of a dps check fight than a healer check fight.  We have done it now with a few different combinations so I'll list them all here so you can see anyone can do it!
Combo 1: Top - paladin, Bottom - Resto druid holy priest
Combo 2: Top - Holy Priest, Bottom - 2 paladins

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Farewell to Cymre

It was going to happen eventually, but my good friend Cymre left the guild yesterday.  Her other half, Coolidge, left a few months ago, with the thought of quitting game, and also our raid times were too difficult for his American time clock, he wasn't able to regularly attend.  All those in Frosties know that Cym and Cool are almost inseparable and they like to do everything together. As most of Cym's friends are in Frostwolves, she stayed because I asked her to (she was going to leave as well, as she was feeling a bit emotional at the time), because I didn't want her to be lonely in WoW!

Cym and Cool came over from Khadgar (which is where Frostwolves was from originally) because her friends are here (one of the closest being me! She introduced me to WoW in 2005... and here I am still!).  They have their own guild that they have had since Vanilla, Mischiefus, which was kind of like their own secret playground if you know what I mean /wink /nudge - populated with their mains and alts.  On Khadgar they started doing some 10 mans but eventually decided to come over to Dath'remar.  Maybe she missed me?  :D But likely it was because they were looking for a fresh start and nicer ping.

Just recently, Coolidge decided not to quit WoW, and wanted to work with Cymre on levelling their own guild, so Cym has gone back to her own guild (where all her level 85 alts live anyway!) and work on her guild rep and maybe one day start a small raid guild again like she used to have on Khadgar.

People asked if I'm ok with her leaving.  But she hasn't really gone anywhere, realID means that your friends are never far from you in WoW, so we will still talk as much as we ever did.  And I have to say sometimes it can be really hard being an officer when good friends are in the guild!  Bossing your friends around can be .. well... stressful!

But now Thraso is number one in achievment points in guild.  That makes me number two.  So at least I have an attainable goal now - see if I can have the most achievement points in the guild!

So good luck to Cymre and hope you remember the fun times and achievements you had in Frostwolves!  Oh and I'm stealing some of her cute rare pics... this is the best one I think!  Ever since I saw it I have had it constantly on my mind....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Yay first boss kills in Firelands! Beth'tilac and Shannox down!

Well that was an effort!  We killed Beth'tilac as most of the raid died.. but at least someone was alive to do a Mass Rez.  Pretty mana intensive for our first kill so maybe once we do it again I can write a little blurb on how to heal it from a druid POV.

So people here for the kill were:
Tanks - Hwired, Thraso
DPS - Lushnek, Moopie, Sevros, Xynzelle, Roshii
Healers - Navimie, Belinia, Beauti

So our first loots are Avool's Incendiary Shanker and Ward of the Red Widow.  Grats to Roshii and Belinia!

So we went to Shannox after that, which was actually not that hard a fight.  Just got to watch those traps (and I need to update my dbm so I get trap warnings!).  We actually went a little over time and just as well we did because we got the kill on our last attempt (well it wasn't really the last attempt, we had 2 attempts but one didn't count... /grin).  I was an idiot and stood on a prism trap in the last 1%, but at least we got it down!  Everyone seemed pleased because it was relatively easy compared to Beth'tilac.

So we got Legplates of Frenzied Devotion and Coalwalker's Sandals.  Grats to Hwired and Xynzelle!

Trash mobs in Firelands raid - part 2

Last night we had 20 people on and not enough for 2 proper groups (there were 5 healers in the leftover group!) so we ended up doing a trash run for rep.  So we decided to head towards Rhyolith which had some different trash but the more impressive trash was up near Alysrazor where there were 2 Blazing Monstrosities who were chained by Harbingers.  At first Ampharos just stepped in and we got pwnd by blasts from the Harbingers, the eggs hatching and the monstrosities... but it turns out you can ride the Monstrosities!  And shoot stuff!  Now that was cool!  Look closely down below and you can see someone riding them!

Then Staghelm came out and then Alysrazor and of course all fire peacocks (!!) look cool!

I found this great link for Firelands trash by Icy veins!

Oh and just to show that we did clear trash up to Rhyolith here is the big rock himself:

I wish we could have engaged him just to see what it was like!  Oh well, sometime in the next few months perhaps!

11000 Achievement points today

I made it to 11000 today!  I got Have... Have We met? today - Mankirk was my last one and he was in my party today - wasn't that easy!  Everyone was telling me to macro it... but geez it's just as easy to type

/tar chro
/tar hemet
/tar mank
/tar nat
/tar link
/tar thas

and /wave if one popped up.  After all, killing mobs in Sethria's Roost for that quest basically means you just put one dot on and you have the kill, giving you plenty of type to type that all that /tar stuff.

Of course I was tracking too so as the list got smaller it got a lot easier.

So yay to me!

There are still a lot of achievements to do with the whole Firelands quest chains and dailies which I haven't done.  I was terrible yesterday and kept getting hit by the breath of the dog (/facepalm) so I had to give up after the 3rd go, as I only had limited time to complete my dailies!  And of course the one with the birds and soar.... ugh I want to get that one done the easy way as soon as the daily comes up again!

Frustrating arenas - I hate rude people!

I really dislike people who laugh at you during arena while they are being difficult or killing you.  Last night was a bad night, we had a 5s where there was one pally healer, one ret pally, a warrior, dk and a rogue.  They killed us and were spamming rude things at us, which I don't think is very sportsmanlike.  I don't do that when I kill a team continuously.

So we gave up after getting them 3 times in a row.  And dying 3 times in a row.  It felt like my team did no damange to them whatsoever.  Their healer didn't even get any heals off and the health of the others was like at full.

Then I decided to try some 2s...

Not any better.

We got a double healer team who basically just ran around and were trying to wait out the game time.  Sev said that he was sure that that team would usually just hope the other team afk's or leaves the arena rather than waste time there, and he was probably right.  Anyway, we didn't get them down because a holy pally and disc priest are terrible to kill when we don't have the burst for it.  So that was a waste of 45 minutes.  And they also spent their time laughing at us.  So me and Sev had to just sit down and not do anything just to not be provoked.

Just plain rude.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A fun heroic 5 man pug - my lucky day!

I had the house to myself (sleeping baby and hubby and daughter out) so I thought I could get a quick random in for my Valour points (sorry, I know it's Valor but I refuse to use that American spelling!)

Now I tend to choose randoms rather than Zandoms because they tend to be quicker and sometimes Zandoms can be soooo long.  Unless you're with guildies of course.

So I got into one and it was a bunch of 4 from the same guild and server.  The first thing they said was "Hey, this is an achievement run, is that ok with you?"  Music to my ears!

It was Halls of Origination and the only achievement I didn't have there was I Hate that Song.  And fortunately for me they did it.  That made my day.  Unfortunately for them we didn't make it through the run for the Faster than the Speed of Light, but we did make Sun of A... and also Straw that Broke the Camel's back.  Boy that felt good.  I am still holding on to that 3rd place in achievement points!  But the other 2 are speeding away from me!

Edit:  Well I'll have to add it to this post because technically it was on the same day.  So Nok and I pugged 3 dps for a ZA run and not only did I get 2 achievements (Ring Out! and Hex Mix) but I got a new helm too!  However there were a few hiccups because we wiped a few times on Ring Out, with lag and me dying early (silly me didn't move properly and got charged twice by bear).  So all in all a good achievement day!

New but Old tank joins guild

Guess who is back?  Nokturn!  He has joined Frostwolves on his tanking pally and I'm hoping he'll stick around for a while!

So guess who is looking forward to maybe having 2 10 mans at last... fingers crossed!

So all we need now is a bear tank and we will have a tank of each class to play with.  Now... I was joking the other day when I was thinking of speccing bear as offspec to help with tanking.. I have absolutely no idea how to tank anymore.  I feel like all I do is live and breathe healing.

So welcome to Nokkie and hope he stays for a while!  Ok it's a bit weird that he's on a female tauren pally not his undead warrior... but hey it's all good :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Circle of Healers

I noticed a great deal of bloggers in my blogroll had participated in Saunder's revival of Miss Medicina's old survey.  My blog wasn't around way back then, but I thought it would be great fun to participate though I am not in the league of Jasyla or Beruthiel in terms of druid healing, so here are my answers!

1. What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer?
Navimie, Resto Druid

2. What is your primary group healing environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans)
25 man (and 10 man when not enough on) non heroic raids, and Arena 2,3 and 5 (though 2s are my fave)

3. What is your favorite healing spell for your class and why?
Lifebloom.  Love it for PVP, I love how in tree form you can cast it on multiple people (like you used to be able to in the good old days), and I love how having it on makes OOC proc like anything!

4. What healing spell do you use least for your class and why?
I don't use healing touch as much as I used to.  I do for Main tank healing but in general I tend to use nourish a lot (cheap and with 3 rejuv's up and Nature's Grace proccing)

5. What do you feel is the biggest strength of your healing class and why?
Healing on the run.  Great for movement fights, great for PVP.  In fact I am so used to moving and healing that even in raids I can't even stand still, I'm running all over the place and jumping.  I do however blame my twitchy spacebar finger on my arena partner, Sevros, another jumping and constantly moving Afflock.

6. What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your healing class and why?
Not having a spell that improves reduces damage (like a bubble, pain suppression) which goes hand in hand (in my opinion) with not having a spell or ability to reduce threat (like fade or salv).  Because when damage gets big, heals get big, and agro gets big... splat tree.

7. In a 25 man raiding environment, what do you feel, in general, is the best healing assignment for you?
Personally, I always assign myself to tank healing.  I feel better knowing that the tanks health is kept up by me (and perhaps because we have some weaker healers of classes that I would ordinarily give tank healing to, and we get tank splats).  However, I do feel that my utility is best used in raid healing and grouped up aoe healing with wild growth, tree of life having multiple LBs, efflorescence and tranquility all helping the raid.  It is a bit mana intensive however!

8. What healing class do you enjoy healing with most and why?
Paladins.  Not so much now, but in WotLK they always seemed to have mana and would never need my innervate.  I always have that "safe" feeling when I am with one.  In fact I only ever 2 heal anything with a paladin (any other class I'd go 3).  And boy do I love that disco ball healing thing.  I often feel like tanks are safe with beacon and me hotting up the raid.

9. What healing class do you enjoy healing with least and why?
Holy priests.  They never seem to have mana.  And pre 4.2 I would be giving them my innervates.  Since 4.2 I can keep it now, with that Innervate nerf.

10. What is your worst habit as a healer?
Trying to heal everything.  It makes me OOM.  I should let other people do it, but as raid heal leader you can't help it sometimes when you notice the raid heals are struggling you have to go and help and then you miss the refresh on your tank.  And doing all the dispels was a bad habit I kicked, since I decided to drop Nature's Cure.

11. What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while healing?
People saying things in vent such as "I've got XX debuff on me", "MrX is dead" and "can I get a rez please" during an encounter.  OK maybe I'm just mean or short fused but seriously, all healers can see you have the debuff, you are cluttering vent, and by the time you say it I will likely have dispelled it (eg. consuming darkness with Algaloth).  And yes, you're dead I can see that, what do you want me to do about it?  Unless you're a tank or healer I don't really care... and I don't want to waste rez's on just anybody so just sit quietly until we decide who is going to be rezzed and if you haven't been rezzed yet it's probably because I'm healing my ass off.  OK, 'nuff said, getting peeved!

12. Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other healers for PvE healing?
I think making druids stronger tank healers has helped our role.  And with paladins having AOE heals now I feel like we can fit into almost any raid.  In fact I think you can heal anything with 3 of any class healer now.

13. What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a healer?
I have to force myself not to look at meters (I use Skada).  There are people who do more healing than I do, yet when they do the same raid they don't get the boss down.  So I look at boss killing as an evaluation of my performance - as long as I am alive at the end of the encounter.  World of Logs is great for looking at my overall healing and overhealing.

14. What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your healing class?
Druid healing is easy.  I think you have to know your class to know how to get someone from 1% to 80% with every cooldown and trick in the book.  And people think that it's easy to heal the raid on a druid.  It sure is, but it can be really expensive if you aren't doing it right...

15. What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new healers of your class to learn?
I think that preemptive healing rather than reactive healing is important for druids, and if you don't remember that then people go down faster than you think.

16. If someone were to try to evaluate your performance as a healer via recount, what sort of patterns would they see (i.e. lots of overhealing, low healing output, etc)?
Lots of overhealing.  Hots tend to be like that and I'm not sure there's much you can do about it but damn it looks bad.

17. Haste or Crit and why?
Haste is always yummy.  Crit is better now but I still wouldn't stack it ahead of Mastery or Haste.

18. What healing class do you feel you understand least?
Priests, both holy and disc.  I have no idea what spells they use, and why their mana is always low.  I should level one and find out.

19. What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in healing?
I am a healbot girl (I can watch ticks of my hots, see curses and debuffs and people in range and have every heal put to my mouse) and I have only recently started using Power Auras for harmony and Lightweave/Power torrent which is great.

20. Do you strive primarily for balance between your healing stats, or do you stack some much higher than others, and why?
Intellect obviously!  Then haste to 1573.  After that I am free to get more mastery.  Crit is one of those extra things you don't try to get but always seem to have lots of.

Now who to tag to send it to?  I wanted to send it to Fannon but he was tagged on the first run!  And I think Ange has been tagged also.  So I'll tag Keeva (I know you're not supposed to do other druids but sheesh, I mostly read druid healing blogs!) and Amerence.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Occu'thar 25 kill yesterday

Well Arena season started yesterday and the new boss in Baradin Hold was out (Occu'thar - which is the big demon dog in the cage on your way to Argaloth).  So after a well timed instance and server restart (grrr) off we went to BH to do Occu'thar.

It was actually a very easy fight.  Basically tanks taunt of each other, face the boss away from us so we don't get the frontal cone attack, and watch out for when he turns around and stares at you with Focused Fire which also makes a void zone on the ground - easy enough to avoid.  It's when all his little eyes come out then you should all group up so you can aoe all those eyes down in 10 seconds otherwise they blow up for 25k dmg a pop, raid wide.  We did wipe at first, but the second attempt was easy.

There is minimal raid damage.  You only really have to heal people up when they stand in the void zone too long or if an eye manages to blow up.  One or 2 blowing up isn't too bad, at least it keeps me awake.  I have to say that from a healer point of view it was pretty easy.

And of all things, I ended up with Feral Tier.  Great.  Quite a few pvp items also, but nothing really for me.  Grats to all the winners!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Raid summary for the week

Well this week was all Firelands, with the last 2 raid nights actually doing bosses!  First we tried Shannox but I think our dps wasn't up to scratch because the add was taking out people really fast and we had laggy healers and offspec dps (ie healers!) so it wasn't that great.  And it took forever to clear trash to get there so we only got about 30 minutes to try it.

Yesterday we tried Beth'tilac which at least is fast to get to.  And man were the d/c's rife.  2 healers d/c and a couple of dps lagging really bad (like 2 or 3) so it was bad.  I think the aoe damage of the fight makes it bad for a lot of people.  We had 2 pulls from d/c people who logged back in right under the boss and basically caused 2 wipes.  Though this looks doable, but I think we will have to focus on 10 man to get it down.

So next week I think the plan will be for 2 days of 25 man and 2 days of 10 man.  Though I really would like to go for a Nefarian kill sometime.  Should I pug it or try to make it to one of the alt runs?  I don't think I should be playing WoW that much though.  Hyad aggro and all.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Scraping together 25 people for Firelands

Now it's great for everyone in guild getting their rep with Avengers of Hyjal, however, I do feel it is detrimental to raiding.  Not everyone is geared enough, we have a lot with lousy connections, and it's just painful because we have to clear trash to get to the boss and then wait for all the d/c etc.

Perhaps today it might be best if we do 25 man trash clear and 10 man the boss.  I can't see people being happy about that, but it might be the best for progression.

What would really be best for progression is to finish getting everyone their Tier Helms!  More Nef and a couple of tries at heroic would be good I think.

But how am I going to decide which healers to take?  Obviously I would take the better geared ones with better connections, but I think it will have to come to rolls to decide which 3 are going to get to go.