Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guildleader chores - Is it time for a break from raiding?

Aza told me he wanted a break from raiding, and I know that a few people would like a break.  Sev is already on a break, and HK told me he was hoping for a break, Last night when I asked people what they wanted to do 5 people said they were happy to extend, but Morz said if we don't get it this week then call it quits after that and have a break.

We had a good attempt last Thursday, with a 4% wipe on the last Paragon.  If we can get there again we can do it I think.  It would probably be really good for raiding morale too, I think.

I don't want to force anyone to raid, but I don't want to stop raiding.  I am happy to just have a break if that's what they want, and let those guildies who still want to raid go PuG our raiding elsewhere.  There must be some teams trying to make mythic groups come 6.0 who would need some decent players.

Aza was getting his Garrosh kill done, and Luxy also said she would get hers done elsewhere as well, since we weren't going to do it.  I thought about whether I would want to do that.  I think I also felt a little bummed because at the end of this expansion we had not downed the end boss, unlike WotLK and Cataclysm.  Is the content harder? Are we not as good players this time around? I actually feel like the fights are harder this time around compared to previous expansions or is that just a decline in my skill?

I think perhaps what is bothering me is that this is the first end of expansion where I am the GM.  Under my leadership the guild was unable to down the last boss of an expansion - is this the legacy I will be leaving behind?

Also, I don't want to raid without my guildies.  I want to be with them when we kill something - and is going with other friends in other guilds going to look like an abandonment of my own guild?  I think that inside it wouldn't feel right. It wouldn't be so bad on a flex or something but I think that it looks like I don't have faith in my own guild (even though we aren't killing it anyway since we're on a break.. but it's the principle!).  I personally don't have any issues with my guildies going out to get their kills, but as GM I don't think I should be.  I guess it wouldn't be so bad if we raided together with another guild, but I can imagine those with friends outside the guild would not want to do that - why would they want to raid with a bunch of strangers if you could go with your friends?  I think that a kill would feel rather hollow to me without the presence of my officers, friends and guild raiders.  The shared excitement of a kill that we worked towards is its own reward.

Years ago, many people wrote about how great if felt to kill Deathwing, at the end of Cataclysm.  I yearn for that feeling with killing heroic Garrosh.  And you know what's really embarrassing?  I feel like I'm having a first world whinge.  I shouldn't be complaining, really.  There are many people out there who haven't killed heroic Garrosh.  I don't know if the number of people killing an end boss at the end of this expansion is higher or lower than previously, and maybe that would give me a reference.  But really, that doesn't matter. I just wanted to do it.

So, Brahski is going to sub in for Aza next week,  Drauka is back so if everyone else turns up, we will have the full complement again.  So, one week to get Paragons down.  Or there will be some big decisions to be made.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Waiting for 6.0 - Fun on the Isle of Giants

Crooked said to me, how about I pass some time on the Isle of Giants?  I might as well chase an achievement there.  So off I went to farm bones with Crooked.

It wasn't too bad.  We picked up bones, laughed at a few people, and I even ran across someone from Dath'remar that I knew who had transferred over to Saurfang.  It's a small world.

We got lots of pets, and I even saw the Stunted Direhorns on the Isle - pity they can't be captured! We saw them kept in square pens or hiding under tables.

And then we saw a rare on the ship - War-God Dokah.  What ship?  You know, THAT ship, with the big dino on it.

But how do we get there?  We tried sneaking up to the ship and then big scary dino chasing us in the water.  Then we tried the Timeless Isle trick where you go till you get fatigue, then fly in.  Crooked died of fatigue whilst trying to get back, and I was excited because I managed to fly over and then get dismounted near the ship... except I hit the ship and died LMAO!

So Crooked and I thought oh, what the hell, let's just try and kill the dino.  So we engaged it, nearly killed ourselves, but at least the dino was dead!  And it was great for me that we did because I managed to get that last journal that I had been missing for AGES!!

Then we had to kill all those trolls on the ship to get the War God.  They weren't too bad.  Here is Dokah, a fine looking Zandalari troll specimen.

42 million health.  Wow.  OK, this could be painful.  So I beared up and Crooked hit lust and off we went.  Essentially Dokah was like a Warbringer with all their abilities, so not a problem if you can solo a Zandalari warbringer.  We nearly did it - Crooked and I nearly got it down but I died, and then Crooked managed to live a little bit longer, and I thought he was going to get it... but then in swooped an avenging orc shaman who was flagged and started blasting Dokah! It was Luxy, here to save the day!  But then oh no, Crooked died and Dokah converted to Luxy's tag and she picked up the loots, but Crooked and I were happy that we managed to see it.  Luxy felt bad for taking our loots but I was happy to just get a screenshot :D

So that was fun.  Crooked got all his Zandalari lower-limb-attacking battle pets so he's happy.  Now I've got something else to do in the week or two before 6.0!

Oh, and WHY do all these Zandalari trolls like Red Blossom Leeks and Juicycrunch Carrots so much?  I guess that's one of those Zandalari secrets...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Achievements - A nice round number!

There are so many achievements under Lich King Raid - that 10 and 25 man achievement thing was just made so many achievements!  One of the ones I had great difficulty doing was Nerf Scrapbots (10man).  Trying to keep them away from the boss is so hard, and especially at our gear level when we keep killing them just by breathing on them!

Unfortunately, we had to get Tacky on his mage to get the achievement, so I will have to come back and help him get it on Tacky.  But after wiping for ages last night trying to get it, we got it with a combination of Tacky, Hk and Luxy's mage, Lacrox, myself, Crooked and Faithless.  We ended up putting XT on one side of the room and hoping for good RNG and piles of bots coming out of the furthest piles.  Putting it in the middle was bad and we couldn't keep the little robots away before they got destroyed from CC damage or dying from pets or being consumed by XT.

Did some for Faith but was really trying to get some for Lac since he came along - he doesn't often hang out with me so I wanted to have something to show for it.  Got him the Iron Dwarf , Medium rare.  And you know, it's different - Razorscale doesn't kill us with enrage anymore!

OMG, I was at 19990.  I needed one more achievement.  You know, I actually wanted to do Ulduar just to get 25 man Who needs Bloodlust, but after that huge effort on XT, I couldn't face doing anymore.

So what to do now?  I thought I'd chill out on the isle.  Crooked decided to keep me company and rep farm with me.  I was going to camp rares, but when there's company, Shaohao rep farming isn't so horrible.  Luxy came to help us but poor Luxy got separated from us when we got distracted by rares and the like that she died a lot. Poor Tacky felt bad, he was our dedicated healer.  But it was a bit after 1am when I finally hit exalted.

Woo! I hit the magic number!

So that was exciting!  Luxy told me to enjoy it while I could - because once 6.0 or WoD hits, a whole bunch of achievements will be converted into Feats of Strength and my achievement points will go down.  I still have a few achievements I need to work on... but maybe I'll just sit and look at the pretty number for a while.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dreams of a new computer dashed!

So after my computer was playing up due to overheating I was seriously contemplating a new computer.  I had opened it recently and cleaned out the big fans, but the CPU had been taken out of its slot to be checked so maybe it just needed more heat sink grease stuff (thermal interface material or whatever you call it) to make sure it had good contact with the heat sink.  So I begged HK to get me some from his work - handy to have people in IT people around.

Anyway my GPU was still running hot so I didn't know what to do about that and so I thought maybe it was time for a new one.  And hell, if I'm going to buy a new GPU I might as well go the whole hog right?

I have always been envious of Sev having a 5k gaming rig.  I have never spent that much on a computer, so I thought ok that's it, I want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on my computer too just so I can just say that I did and everyone would just think I was crazy. But hey, I'm the one enjoying it so I might as well, right?  And it's tax deductible... yes I know I'm not in IT but I do use my computer to do things for work, so it's tax deductible.  Geez, I have colleagues who have apparently claimed their $10k watches as tax deductions because we need them to check a patient's pulse... now that's dodgy.

Anyway, so then I decided what is the best of what's best out there right now...

Nvidia Ge-Force GTX980

Now this was released recently.  Look at this thing, it's gorgeous.  Oh I suppose I could get two GTX970s SLI which might save me a bit of money but it will make my case crowded.  And it's pricey.  I like the Gigabyte one, a shame it hasn't got a heat sink on the bottom. Not as cheap as the EVGA card, but I've always liked Gigabyte.  And it says this card may be a little quieter than other cards... not sure how three fans is quiet...

However, I don't really play any of those heavy 3D games like Tomb Raider or Thief on ultra settings so perhaps this card is a little wasted on me. I just play WoW and I do video editing and run 2 24" monitors so that's about all I do.  Though I am tempted to get one of those 4k monitors...

Besides, I am running a GTX590 and that's way out of date, so I think it's time for an upgrade :)

Intel i7-5960x vs i7-5930k

This recent CPU has got eight cores to process info with - that's a hell of a lot of multitasking (is there even a word for octacore, gosh who remembers when dual core was exciting)!  As a woman I totally approve of this - more things done but it's a bit of overkill.  Most reviews say it's aimed at servers rather than gaming rigs (taken from PC Gamer and Tom's Hardware).  I'm sure that the i7-5930k with its 6 cores (LOL hexacore - these words don't sound as cool as quad core even though it's better) would be just fine for my needs, I mean I have a i7-3930k now and that had been really good. Plus it is $400+ cheaper.

But buying this new chip means I have to get a new motherboard too!  So Now I have to get an X-99 motherboard (and I'll probably go get a Gigabyte one) since I need a 2011-3 socket.  Which also means new memory too!  Blah!

Anyway, after I had all these dreams of a shiny new beast to play with, HK went to look at my GPU to see what was wrong with it.  And... well.  I have to tell you I have never dismantled a GPU to clean it before but this is what he found when he opened it up...

Ok holy crap that is a lot of dust in there.  NO WONDER MY THING WAS OVERHEATING can't get any airflow to the heatsink WHOOPSIES.

How embarrassing.

Anyway, he cleaned it up for me and now "both things are purring along like kittens."  And yes way better, my fans are no longer blowing at full blast trying to work at cooling something and not getting anywhere, so my computer is purring along nicely.  Saved me from a big expenditure... but boy was I looking forward to forking out the dough on a new shiny toy :D

Edit 27 September: OK, I went and bought it anyway.  There is no DDR4 RAM to be found in Sydney at the moment so I now have a GPU (ended up buying the standard Gigabyte GTX980), CPU (5630k) and X-99 Gigabyte motherboard.  Hopefully next weekend will have a new computer up and running - and coincidentally Zeirah got a new comp as well!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Raiding - Slow Bug Progress

Paragons has been going slowly.  Our best is 5 of them down so far, but we still struggle with stupid little thing sometimes.

I cannot CC those stupid parasites to save my life.  Drauka or Snowcaller always break my roots so I run around like crazy trying to get it off me so I can stand still and heal people.  I wanted to take Faerie swarm so I could slow those stupid things but because I also Faerie Fire the Paragons I didn't really want Skeer walking slowly away from Rikkal or walking slowly away from the Bloods.

I thought I would be clever and symbiose Jazz so she could get an extra heal out and I could help yank someone who was being mesmerised by a kunchong.  Aza was mesmerised so I went and yanked him and there was a lot of screaming.  Uh oh what did I do?

"NAVI!  You yanked me CLOSER to the Kunchong!!!"

Oh shit. Whoops.

There was good progress on Monday and I was happy that we got 5 down. Just 4 to go!  Need to live better through that lines phase!  Damn it hurts!

Drauka is moving house this week so he wasn't going to be on Wednesday or Thursday so I begged Sev to get on, at Morzierz's request.  Sev said yes. But then Aza told  me he wouldn't be on Thursday because he bought a heroic Garrosh mount run.. at raid time.  MAN.  Talk about bad timing. Fortunately I could ask Brahski to sub for that, and it also gives me the opportunity to see what he's like in group raiding, as so far I haven't seen him doing anything, but he's been around, offering to help where needed.

I have one problem, or maybe two.  My CPU is overheating.  I think I need more sticky gooey stuff.  My video card is running hot too - at a whopping ridiculous water boiling temperature.  Computer is shutting down randomly which I'm sure is temperature related.  I've pushed all my graphics to low, fans are on high, and there will be no streaming but this weekend, I need a new computer, or at least a new GPU. Time to spend some of that hard earned money of mine.

Guildleader chores - do bad people deserve another chance?

I had a bit of drama the other day in guild which was unpleasant and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Last week someone asked me if they could join my guild.  I don't normally let people just join willy nilly, and I do talk to them for almost an hour (give or take a few raid bosses or arena battles) and if they're still hanging around after that after all my questions then I usually ask them to come to Flex and see what they're like.  If they're social, then I let them in and see how they go. Most of the friends of guildies get in with no issues, but it's not often we have a few solo flyers.  We have only had a few socials join that way lately, and Thohand, one of them, seems to fit in well as a social non raiding member, playing his alts and making friends with others in the guild.  Even Morz came that way - though he was a raider recruit.

Anyway, this person, whom I shall call Bob, said they would like to be social but maybe raid one day.  I told them I had no raid spots and it was unlikely they would have a raid spot in the future, unless it was just Flex (or normal, which is what it would be now) once a week as a guild group thing.  They seemed happy with that and said they were looking for somewhere with friendly people.  So I went over my guild rules of no trolling and being nice to people etc and let them in.

Over the next few days they chatted a little bit in guild, but nothing particularly noticeable or annoying.  Bob was online a lot.

I was at home getting the kids ready for bed when I got a text from one of my guildies:

"Ooooh Bob is Evilzod, no wonder I found him annoying lol"

I read that and my blood froze. There is someone on my server that everyone who knows him finds annoying and despises, and that person I shall call Evilzod for this post.  He is known to be one of the server's biggeset trolls and is whiney and annoying to boot.  Sev and I did something with him once on the Timeless Isle and we don't remember him being horrible to us, but there are others who have said that he harrasses them constantly with tells and macro spams.  Someone that I certainly don't want in my guild.  And someone that I had refused entry when he asked, and my guildies had implored me strongly that they did not want in our guild ever.

"Oh really? Dammit" I replied.  "Oh god does everyone know?"

"No just me" my guildie replied.

I was fully intent on getting online and confronting him when I got the kids all tucked in.  Boy was there gonna be hell to pay for lying to me.  I had never gkicked anyone before.

Then my guildie told me that Evilzod was doing stuff with the guildies who had strongly worded their opposition to him joining the guild.  It was not going to be pretty if they found out. Oh my god there would be an explosion.

Thank goodness said he wanted to put the kids to bed.

I raced online and logged on to see them finishing their challenge modes.  I went and did an internet search on a world of warcraft related site to verify what my guildie had said was true, and it was.  I whispered Bob and said "Tell me the truth.  Are you Evilzod?"

He said he was not.  I said that I had just looked it up on a certain site and it said that he and Evilzod were the same person or alts on the same account.  Bob said that he was Evilzod's brother and had taken his account.

Alarm bells were ringing.  But in fairness, he hadn't done any crappy things in the guild. Yet. And though I cannot condone lying, I could see what was going on.

From all accounts, Evilzod seemed young. If someone annoyed him once I could see that he would have been an idiot and trolled them back.  I am not saying this is the right thing to do.  But it's an example of the cycle of abuse and rudeness spiralling out of control - you hit me, I hit you, you hit me again, I hit you again blah blah blah.  Somehow, this kid had started attacking everyone around him, lashing out like an idiot, a stupid idiot.  Perhaps somewhere in that silly head he realised this is not what he wanted to be and wanted to start over.  Change his name, change race.  Hope that nobody recognised him and try to be a more mature player and get out of the cycle.

And now he was lying because he was found out.  Typical teenager.  God I hate to think my kids are going to be like this in 10 years.  Though I had no proof that he was lying, it didn't sound right.  I kept thinking to myself, "innocent till proven guilty" and so I wrestled with myself to give him the benefit of the doubt.  But man, I hate people lying to me.  But I tried to be calm about it.

"I don't care if you are Evilzod or his brother," I said.  "Evilzod has a really bad reputation for being whiny and a troll.  You haven't done anything wrong here yet and I would like it to stay that way. Many people here don't like Evilzod and will want you to leave."

"But I'm not him.  He's whiny and he's a kid.  I'm not like that."

"Ok," I said.  "I'll take your word for it.  But I don't want to see any Evilzod behaviour. NOT ONE. There will be no trolling and no whining.  I'm sorry but this is your only warning."

GOD where were other officers when I needed someone to talk to DAMNIT.

"Have I done anything wrong?" asked Bob.  "I haven't done anything bad in guild have I? Has anyone complained?"

"Nobody has complained." I said.  I could not fault that.  He hadn't done anything wrong that warranted a kick yet.  I feel bad, but I was itching to find a fault.  Lying should have been the reason for it, but I could understand why he did it, but I didn't condone it.  And I started wondering if maybe he was trying to be better.  Maybe he wanted to change.  How could I not encourage people trying to get back on the right path, because if I just booted him maybe he wouldn't head on that path to being better and go back down the idiot path again. Oh by the earthmother, what do I DO.

And then... it started.

I got a tell from the Frostwolf who was with him in challenge modes.

"Why did you invite Bob to the guild?"
"He's social."  Fuck, he knows.  Everyone will know now.  For 2 minutes I thought I might be able to help this kid.  That time was about to be over.
"No.  WHY did you invite him.  DO YOU KNOW WHO HE IS?"
"Yes," I wasn't going to lie.  "I know."
"Why did you invite him when you knew?"
"I only found out literally just now.  I didn't know when I invited him."
"I want him out of the guild. Do you know our reputation has just taken a huge hit?  We are the laughing stock of the server!"
Now that was a bit extreme.  What the hell do I care what other people think for me making a mistake?  "For doing what?"
"For helping him with his challenge modes.  Nobody would take him because he's a troll. And now we just did."
"Why did you take him?  He's only been in the guild a few days!"
"He paid us."
I rolled my eyes.  "You took his money - so you took money from an idiot.  That's his problem."
"I want him gone."
"I can't kick him till he does something bad.  I have already discussed this with him.  One Evilzod move and he is gone."
"I am really unhappy about this Navi.  We are all really upset."

I decided to ask Luxy, who was the nicest person in the guild, what she would do.  She never trolls, she hates being mean.  She never swears.  She gives things away.  She likes helping people. Even she said to kick him.  Or maybe just encourage him strongly to leave.

I whispered Bob.  "They know who you are."
"But I haven't done anything wrong," he said.  "Are you kicking me?"

But I wanted to.  But my conscience was burning me.  I could have helped him.  I could push him to be better. Maybe all he needed was one person to be nice to him.  Or maybe I'm just kidding myself.

It was raid time.  Officers were getting online now and I told them what was happening.  Neither Morz nor HK knew who Evilbob was.  They don't read trade chat enough.

"Just wait and see," they said.

So I'm trying to concentrate on Heroic Paragons and I start getting tells.  Another guildie has found out who Bob was.  And telling me to remove him because he hates him.  Not only guildies.  Other people I know are whispering me, asking me if I know that Evilzod is hiding in my guild.  Word travels fast.

I should just kick him.  But I can't.  Not yet.

Suddenly in the middle of raid, there is yelling in guild chat.


I actually don't know if there was anything else said.  There must have been something bad because people didn't like what was said. The screen was panning too fast for me.  HK said in officer "I'm kicking him" but Bob left the guild on his own.  Phew.  That drama sorted.

Naturally, now there were lots of people asking questions in guild chat.  Who was that, was he hacked?  What's going on?

Some of the guildies started to enlighten the guild by saying he was a douchebag troll who had lied to get into our guild and so that he could get challenge modes done.  I was already cranky and I did not want to see all this crap in guild chat.

"That's enough. Nobody talk about it!"  I said in guild chat.  "I don't want to see another word about this in guild chat,  It's over. If you have any questions you can whisper me personally and I will explain it all to you."

Well, that silenced guild chat. I had a few whispers but I think people asked the others what was going on.  I explained what had happened, but everyone now thought what an idiot Bob/Evilzod was.

I whispered Bob and said that it was a very immature thing to do.  I said he didn't have to do that. He said he left because "I thought you were going to kick me anyway."  I said I hadn't definitely thought about doing it, but after that outburst, it was inevitable.  It kinda reminded me of the "I'll quit first before you fire me" defence.  "Everyone hates me anyway," said Bob.

"I don't hate you," I said.  "I am very disappointed in you lying to me and also for the childish outburst just now.  But you've not done anything wrong to me."  And I meant it.

Everyone is glad he is gone. I am glad too.  I don't need the stress - it felt like a timebomb waiting to explode.  But inside I have the small niggling of guilt, because I might have been able to make a difference.  All of my guildies would say that he's not worth it, he will always be a little shithead, and he will never change.

But what if I could make a difference? Shouldn't I at least try?

So I sat down to write to him about what he should do if he really wants a new start. For one, he would have to not indulge in any of that crappy behaviour and he should be honest and upfront with any new guild he wants to join.  Tell them that he had a history of being difficult but is willing to make a change.  People like honesty, and it's even better if you manage to keep being honest.  No more lying.  It only undermines your integrity and resolve.

Secondly, I thought he would do better on a new server.  No matter where he went here, people would know who he was and it wouldn't surprise me if they continued to troll him like he had trolled them before.  Also, telling his new guild of what he was capable of, "warning" them, wouldn't surprise me either.  Bad reputations stick like shit to fur.

Thirdly, I said he is welcome to talk to me if he wanted advice on stuff.  If he was really a total asswipe he would just ignore me and tell me to F-off.  But it's no skin off my nose if he wants to talk and ask about something.  As long as it's not begging for a run, gold or an item, and not asking to come back to the guild, that's ok.

But I do understand that most people would think I am wasting my time on him, as he acted so poorly in the past.  The only difference is that he didn't act poorly to ME.  I didn't see proof of what he did to others, but I don't disbelieve them.  If someone was truly all bad, then surely it would be in everything they do.  I can imagine them reading now and thinking "I wouldn't care if he died."  What a horrible sentiment.  But people who were hurt by him in the past want to hurt him back, I understand that. I just don't agree with it.  And what if he did die - as in he killed himself because everyone was mean to him all the time?  Would I and should I feel guilty about that? I think I would feel guilty.  But I can see the general reaction.  "What an idiot."  "The world is better off."  "He won't be missed." Does that sound familiar to you?  Doesn't it sound like bullying?  Is bullying him back when he bullies others the right thing to do?

I don't know why I am spending time thinking about this.  I'm sure that he will not change. I'm probably wasting my time and he was just using me to get places. But maybe, just maybe he might have been going the right way.  And if he did, then it would be all worth it.  Because even one person redeemed is worth it. Sigh, I think that's what is bugging me, is that maybe I could have helped, but I failed.  Or was too scared to try.

Gawd I sound like a bloody missionary. Enough of the goody goody talk - back to business as usual with bug squishing and alliance smashing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

PvP: A surge in interest

Interestingly, as people are getting bored with the game in general, there seems to be more interest in PvP.  I wonder if even the hardcore PvPers are sick of the game and off doing other things.  But guildies are keen to PvP and that's a good thing!

Sars and Crooked are more interested in PvP at the moment (funny, I thought they would love PvP since they both come from PvP servers), and Luxy, our only resident High Warlord, seems always happy to PvP with friends.  With Licks, Sars' friend, also PvPing, it is easy to get a group going, and PvP is always more fun with friends.  And Licks liked hanging out so much he server transferred and joined Frostwolves.  Woot for a new member!

On Saturday night even Aza was doing BGs with them!  I was a little bummed I couldn't do any group PvP with them and tried to queue solo - ugh boring! I am sure when Shab gets back he will be happy to find there are lots of people to PvP with. I managed to get one game in on Saturday night with everyone before I had to leave (I was being interviewed by Hawgeye for Blizzcon CD).  But Sunday night was a bit of a stuff up because someone might have fallen asleep and woken up close to 1am... but my guildies were still going.

It was a good round of BGs and we won every one.  Even I got an achievement!  Crooked and Sars were raking in the achievements too.

I felt a bit guilty for being an achievement hunter in BGs.  Shab would tsk tsk me.  But Luxy and Sars and Crooked are all for achievements so they helped me get another one in Eye of the Storm.

I felt like a bad player, running from base to base with the guys so I could just get kills for the achievement.  I am normally a base guarder, on heal duty for the FC and generally playing defence. Boring, but someone has to do it.  And being a gloryhound doesn't win games.  But it might get you achievements!

Even Exray and Lushen are getting into PvP!  Who knows, we might have enough for a guild RBG! But more PvPers is good - hopefully Shab will have more non raiders to play with during his play times.  I worry that I will lose my dear PvP friends if our guild just focuses on PvE.  But it's exciting times and I am welcoming this sudden surge of PvP interest, yay!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reverse Navipodcastspam (or Navi gets a surprise)

As some of you may know, I was on Blizzcon Countdown podcast on the weekend, giving my perspective on how I would do things differently if I went to Blizzcon again.  Hawgeye was encouraging me to be more social and out there, and most of my guildies know that I am somewhat but other times I am horribly embarrassed and stupidly timid for no good reason at all.

Hawgeye sent me a DM this morning when I was out:
"are u at home by any chance, im thinking of a little promo recording..first time effort :)"

I told him I would be thrilled to take part.  I just had to find a time.  Fortunately I had 20 minutes before lunch - and Hawgeye said that would be a good time.

So he calls me on Skype and I'm chatting away and then he brings in the other guest, whom he wants me to chat with.  AND I see the person popping up... OMG

It's Ghemit.

I knew EXACTLY what was going on!  This sneaky, amazing, awesome person that I pretty much only met the other week had decided to surprise me by bringing me voice to voice with someone that I didn't have the guts to talk to at Blizzcon last year!

Needless to say there was lots of squealing and OMG being thrown around.  This whole incident reminded me of when Dragonray brought Rades to meet me.  Which was also OMG WTFAMAZING.

To take another leaf from Dragonray... this picture she had on her blog pretty much summed it up.

I am a little embarrassed that recording started from when I got on - I might have tried to speak a little better and clearer - but its pretty obvious I was shocked and surprised from that drop in!  You can listen to me being an idiot here, at Blizzcon Countdown.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

OMG this will have to be a guild REQUIREMENT for Frostwolves!

It's no secret that I am excited about Warlords of Draenor because we will see the Orc clan for which our guild was named and hanging around a lot with Durotan, the great Frostwolf Chieftain.

Once upon a time we had a half-joke saying that all guild members should have Frostwolf Howler mounts.  And most of us do.

But I read this on Bubbles of Mischief, from the PTR, and was VERY excited:
I had just completed a common Draenor project in Frostfire when the next one revealed the Ancient Frostwolf Fang: 
"In life, no two creatures will share a stronger relationship than that of a Frostwolf orc and his or her companion wolf. The two eat, sleep, and fight side by side until one or both dies an honorable death. Even then, sometimes not even death itself can stop a frostwolf from coming to the aid of its beloved orc."
This gives you the Frostwolf Ghostpup.

The picture is from Bubbles of Mischief, as I have not done the PTR quest myself, but it is all kinds of awesome. It's a battle pet. It's ADORABLE. And it's a FROSTWOLF.

Need I say more?  Frostwolves, I just have found yet another reason to be excited about the expansion.  BRING IT ON!  And yes, this will be a guild requirement!  The GM has spoken.

Public right to knowledge versus Privacy

I am a bit slow sometimes when it comes to things and last night, someone told me there was some news that was a bit of a bombshell in regards to someone I consider an online friend.  It was a surprise to me, and it made me think a lot about how I react to things when I first hear them.

The person in question came out - not as in came out that they were homosexual or transsexual -disclosing that they were a registered sex offender.  I went to read that person's post about it to see what they had to say about it.  If you're in the WoW community then you would know who I am referring to, but I don't see the need to publicise it further with specific references because this post is about my thoughts on the subject.

The complaint was registered with regards to a child so I was surprised that the offense wasn't listed as a child sex offense which has even GREATER social backlash.  In Australia there has been a lot of clamouring for sex offenders to be listed online so that the public can be made aware of the "dangers" of having a known offender living close to you or working at your local store.  The government of Western Australia has a Community Protection website where "Dangerous and High Risk Offenders" can be searched by the public.  Queensland has recently rejected a sex offenders register, and it is a very polarising topic within the public.

I have not been a supporter of a public register because I know that witch-hunts will ensue once those people are revealed.  They are trying to protect their families, is their claim, which I understand. However, I don't ever think it's right to infringe on someone else's freedom because of your worry about the danger they pose.  There are other ways to take those steps to protect yourself and your own, and I tend to believe if people were truly dangerous, our justice system would have dealt with it. I am sure many people will say that is not the case.

Making this a public register opens all sorts of doors for "other" public safety concerns.  For example, as a medical professional, some patients have the belief they have the right to know if their treating doctors have HIV or Hepatitis. Of course, I disagree with this.  We have Universal precautions in place that protect the patient from infection - and those same precautions protect US from patients who have those diseases.  I treat patients all patients with the same precautions and assume that anyone could have those diseases.  And then what's next - all HIV patients should be some sort of public register so people know who not to have unprotected sex or share needles with them?  You shouldn't be doing that anyway!

What about armed robbery?  Assault? Murder? Does the public need to know these too?  Where does it end?

I went and googled US registry of sex offenders and entered the details of my friend to have a look at what crimes were committed before I made my judgement.  There were no offenses or convictions listed - which corroborated their story.  This is different from Australia where you actually have to be convicted of a serious or dangerous crime to be on the public register.

I won't deny that when I first heard it, I thought of all my interactions with that person to see if they had done anything that would indicated they were dangerous or predatory.  I couldn't think of anything - in fact, that person was rather reserved and I am the boisterous one!  I read their story and immediately thought I could see how the misunderstanding or mistake could come about, and after checking it out to the best of my ability I found that their story seemed to be as it was. Some would say that if I was a true friend I should have believed them at face value, but I don't think there is anything wrong with checking all sides of a story.

There are women out there who cry rape or assault falsely to use as a weapon, but these are few and far between. There are many more real victims than these malicious ones.  But the ones who are accused are forever tarnished.  It's a blight that never goes away.  And unfortunately for my friend, for the rest of their life, they will live with the tarnish, even if no wrongdoing was committed.  And these Americans have made it public, and you can search for it via your area to see what "offenders" are around you.  Ugh, talk about no privacy at all.

If you think back to Christie Golden's WoW fiction, War Crimes, rehabilitation and being given the chance to change, be given a second chance, and be a better person were a big part of that story. This is a little different - my friend has been labelled as having made a mistake and is now paying the consequences of that.  But even if there was significant crime, I think that one should judge from their present and not their past.  Be aware of it yes, but don't let it colour all your interactions, and judge on their current behaviour and attitudes. Though my voice matters little in the big picture, I let my friend know that the disclosure changed nothing between us.  I just hope everyone does the same - and I think for the most part, they have.  Those who didn't - well, I respect their choices but maybe you wouldn't want to have friends like that anyway.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Frostwolves Melbourne Meetup Pic Commission by SleepingFox

I swear I am Sleepingfox's biggest fan, and I couldn't help but want to commission a big artwork from her about our recent guild meetup in Melbourne.  So here it is!

How awesome do we all look!!!  Starting from me in the middle and going clockwise around the table we have:

Navimie, Sevrus, Lushnek, Voros, Lominari, Azadelta, Nathamanz, Jazzbangers, Dragonray, Morzierz, Hyad, Sabrehawk and Zeirah.

Another great piece of work Sleepingfox, thank you so much!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Minipost: See if you can beat THIS killing blow

Maybe you have to be a PvPer to understand.  Or maybe just a healer.  Or maybe just silly.

It takes pure skill to be able to do a miniscule amount of damage and get a killing blow.  Or maybe just pure luck.  Either way, noobfire ftw.  We did wonder how I managed to only hit for 440, surely couldn't be a melee hit.  Licksqt decided that it was probably that they had gotten his health that low and my moonfire ticked.  I guess that must be it.  But I was laughing my head off.

I am excited because Sars has been heavily into arena and managed to play 118 games in one day with his mage friend Lick and is now fully conquest geared and now we can do more arena!  It is very exciting for me because now I have someone to play with :D

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

If I could go to Blizzcon again...

I would do things a little differently.

Don't get me wrong, I had an AMAZING time at Blizzcon.  Even with all the hype, it was all that and more.  And I will go back to Blizzcon one day - obviously not this year, but I am thinking that I might attend the next one.

Here are the things that I would do differently!

  • It took me ages to do my registration - as in HOURS.  If I'd gone earlier, like at 3 or 4pm (instead of 6pm), perhaps I would have gotten out earlier and check out the parties that were happening.

  • Parties.  Another thing that I found a bit disappointing.  This was probably due to my lack of initiative and being shy at approaching people I did not know, and I think that is the thing about parties.  To get the most out of a party you need to be the LIFE of the party, and be willing to be forward and not be shy.  I spoke very shyly to Doobjanka but got tongue-tied, and I was close enough to blow in the ears of Matticus, Damien (from Icy Veins), Ghemit the Hunter but my stomach was wrenching so badly I couldn't pluck the guts to go and say hello to them.  And Devs!  Why would they even acknowledge me?  Why do I even care if they think I'm an idiot - would I think someone is an idiot for wanting to say hi to me?  Next time I will say thanks to them for making an awesome game and how amazing it must be to be a minor celebrity for working at Blizzard!  I had the most fun at the parties where I knew people and were looking forward to meeting them. I am not a party person, I think.  I like social gatherings with friends.
  • After sitting in my seat for the main arena I should have headed straight for the Blizzcon store. By the time we figured that out, the queue was monstrous.  And all I could get was posters!
  • I should make a list of people who were going to Blizzcon that I would have loved to catch up with.  I didn't do that, I kinda did it on they fly.  So I missed out on seeing Draynee and Summer Sal and Earthmother knows who else!  But I did see a lot of people on my "in my head list" and was super glad that I did!
I envy all those going to Blizzcon this year - I want to do it again!  However, I can relive a little bit of the experience because little old me is going to be interviewed by Blizzcon Countdown this weekend, talking about being an international Blizzcon attendee and adapting to that LA climate!  I was recommended to them by Hasteur so I hope I don't do a bad interview and let him down :)  Oh, I wonder if Blizzcon Countdown edits.  I'd better watch my language, and focus on not so many "umms", "like you know" and "if you know what I mean".  And guess what time I set for the interview... 2am Sydney time :D  Looks like it will be a late night that night! :D

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bringing an undergeared alt to Flex? Now that's a story!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was strongly encouraged by my guildies to bring poor little Minndy, my new and first alt to max level, to Flex.  Now, Minndy was never created to be a raiding toon.  My dear little warlock was mostly going to be a farm and professions mule that will help me with my pet battles.

Last week, people were asking why Minndy wasn't in Flex.

"She's not geared," I said.  "And she only does 30k dps, if I'm lucky."

"I'll heal, " said Koda.  "Then you can bring her."

"Umm, but I will be the worst sort of carry!" I said.  "I have no idea how to play."

No idea is probably an exaggeration. I have a tiny idea. But it's not really that much more than no idea.

"I don't understand this cruelty to alts," said Nath.  "You shouldn't be mistreating your alts."

"Since when are you part of the WSPCA (Warcraft society of prevention of cruelty to alts), Nath?" I asked. "Minndy is perfectly happy living on the character screen."

"Navi, you bring your main every week to help us in Flex so we can bring our alts and get gear," said Tacky and Koda. "We want to help you with your alt, you deserve to bring your alt."

How could I argue with that?  What a lovely sentiment.  Geez I love my guildies.

It was only hours before raid that I realised she also had no GLYPHS.  Oh gosh, the guild bank only has a few as well.  So I rocked up with a grand total of 3 glyphs.

So we were starting up Flex, and I was about to do Wing 4.  "Where's Minndy?" my guildies cried.

Mctacky said "Navi, don't you remember the rules about flex?"

I thought to myself, I should know - I made them.  "Umm, wasn't it to have fun?  And that if you don't meet the DPS requirement for Garrosh you have to sit out?"

McTacky said "Well, yes, but also, you said that ALL guildies are welcome.  Minndy is in the guild, therefore, she is welcome."

AWWWWWW .... /grin

But, it is Wing 4 after all and we have an achievement to get.  And also after that it was Garrosh time and I have rules about Garrosh.  But it went well, and after that it was on to Wing 1.

I logged onto her for Wing 1 and gave her a good look over.  In fact, little Minndy was even worse geared than a boosted 90 toon.  I had a blue weapon and a crappy green trinket but at least I was in Timeless gear for the most part.  Except maybe my blue chest and shoes. And gems and enchants? Umm, yeah there were none of those.  Pots and flasks?  Why would I waste that on someone doing so little DPS?  This was crazy.  I put up another half hearted attempt at refusal but my guildies wouldn't have a bar of it.  This was embarrassing.  I hate being the worst at anything.  And I didn't want to flask and pot up because what's worse than being the worst is, trying NOT to be the worst and STILL being the worst.  Bloody disrespectful lot too - telling the GM what to do!

All these things I had never done before!  Watching blue blobs slide by into Immerseus knowing I couldn't do anything was agonizing!  And I got my first piece of loot as well!

Ooh and another first - I was EXCITED to have the Mark of Anguish in Protectors - OMG where are my defensive cooldowns, and ooh, who should I pass it to now?  But it was cool. They even the did the Go Long achievement (Sorry Drauka!  I didn't know everyone wanted to do that!).  Oh and OMG Sigils of Wisdom.  I had forgotten what that was - thanks to everyone for reminding me it's the legendary stuff.  Having only done it once I can't remember stuff I did MONTHS ago...

Being a DPS is much more stressful than healing.  This rotation thing?  Geez!  It's not like I can be a bit more dynamic with green bars going up and down, I only look at the red bars.  Totally bizarre! And also, if I'm on Minndy there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER to be having my healbot up on the side.  It's distracting and I keep wanting to click on it to heal people.

Oh! And another novelty - the JOY of NOT having to dispel for Sha of pride!

I left the raid and logged back onto Navimie and everyone told me suggested I should bring her for wing 2 as well.  WERE THEY JOKING?? Galakras' AOE and Iron Juggernaut's AOE would kill me... it wasn't going to be pretty!!

The healers reassured me I wouldn't die.  And you know what - a testament to them because I did not die.

Exray had this hairbrained idea that all warlocks would go in the tower with him for Galakras.  With no healer. Ok, that's fine, but I'm pretty useless up there so I wasn't sure what I would do.  So I just dotted up things best I could - couldn't really do much because things died before I could Soul swap it all around - and then jumped down.  After we did the second tower, Jazz said she would stay and shoot and I got all excited - ANOTHER thing I had never done before!

"Can I shoot it??" I said excitedly.  It wasn't really a question.  Nobody is going to argue with the Guild leader when she wants to do something.  Well, actually I dunno about that, I have been BOSSED AROUND a whole lot today!

I saw the rope and was heading to it.  Jazz told me to use it, and I nearly said something... because though I haven't done the shooting before, but I certainly have laughed at everyone who didn't go up the rope!  But I was too excited, I'm going to shoot Warlord Zaela off Galakras!

So I hop in and I'm looking around.  Oh god, where is Galakras?  I was looking up towards Orgrimmar but then I when I swung my camera around there Galakras was, more towards the docks. I just wanted to check the delay on shooting, if there was any, so I could make sure I was sync'ed so I hit 1 once.  Cool.  I got this.

Woah what the hell, Zaela is blasted of her mount? It just so happened Jazz shot Galakras as well.

OMG I started the event too early.  All the adds are still up!!!

"Navi, what the hell?"  I think I'm getting used to Exray saying that to me this week.  The raid is laughing at me, and I'm laughing my ass off too. Holy crap, I can't believe I just did that.  WHOOPS.

Anyway, Galakras dies, and I lived.  Yay me!

So next it's Iron Juggernaut.  And amazingly I lived there as well.  Gee it's so different as a DPS.  I don't even have to LOOK at the health bars and worry about healing people.  But boy does that make the fight a bit boring...

Dark Shaman was.. umm... interesting.  We had 3% to go and the tanks died.  OH SHIT.  I am running around thinking I CAN'T REZ ANYONE MY USEFULNESS HAS NOW EXPIRED since we'd rezzed the max already.  I thought oh great, we're gonna wipe at 2% but somehow we lived, and it died.  And more weird.. I didn't die.  Thanks healers!!!

Next was Nazgrim and I did a few booboos... like I might have accidentally cast an agony on Nazgrim during Defensive stance (yes, tab targetting is BAD... oops) and there were a few Warsongs going out... ugh, and I got an assassin once but I did the right thing and put my back to the wall and someone else hit it harder than I could hit it and it died.  Exray even said at the end "Wow, I'm impressed that Navi didn't die to the assassin."  Hey, I was surprised too.  But then again, big hugs to my healers!

So I got a few items - not sure if they are the right things I should be wearing, but hey they're much better than what I had before.  And it's all in fun right?  It was never about the loot.

Thank you my dear Frostwolves!  It was fun - in a weird sort of way - but it was definitely an interesting experience to say the least!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Minipost: Glory of the Orgrimmar raider

On flex last night we did the Blackfuse achievement, which was the last one that I needed for the Glory of the Orgrimmar raider.  Lasers and Magnets and Drills! Oh My! has to be done over a few occasions, and a few of us just needed the Crawler mines part of that achievement.

Which landed me another mount that I won't use, but an armoured protodrake spawn of Galakras is nothing to be snorted at!  I am not sure I like the angle on which I sit, but, it's pretty cool to get the achievement!

That was an interesting flex.  I was forced asked by my guildies to bring Minndy along, who was woefully undergeared, unglyphed, unenchanted... but that's another post all on its own.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Raiding - Could I do anything ELSE wrong on Thok?

I did it again. I ran into Thok's mouth. Firetruck firetruck fireTRUCK.

It's not like I am so stupid that I turn and run into his mouth because I want to, I actually am turned around waiting. Thok has stopped and I'm preparing to run back because if Morz is the next person to be fixated there will be no healer standing with everyone doing dispels.  And I guess that Dinosaur has a bigger hit box - or rather, chomp box - than I thought.  I think I should just give a wide berth rather than run straight back to tanks as the stormcrow flies.

But that wasn't the only stupid thing I did.  We were in phase 1 and somehow I must have accidentally hit F1 instead of F3.  F1 is stampeding roar (bear form).  F3 is faerie fire.  Anyway, I was trying to refresh faerie fire and then lay a mushroom because I must have popped it and hadn't put it back.  So with my accidental bear form, I then hit 9 (Razer mouse 9 on the thumb side) which is to lay a mushroom. Nothing happened, and I must have spammed it a few hits before I thought what the hell is wrong with this and decided just to throw some rejuv's out since I'm not casting.  As I do I realise I've popped out of bear form and I thought oh oops I've hit stampeding roar.  Exray yells "Navi... what the hell?" and I'm puzzled - how on earth does stampeding roar affect those guys.  After we wipe Exray wondered why I had taunted the boss.  I was perplexed.  I asked Aimei, did I do that? Aimei said yes the boss turned to the raid and targetted me and I realised ... 9 on bear form bar is taunt.  Whoopsies!

Anyway after much pain, Thok was done.  And wouldn't you know it, all loot including Tier was sharded.  At least Luxy rolled a ring!

Blackfuse was going much better than Thok, and to me it felt easier.  Morz and his tunnel toilet microphone was not working but I think we knew where we had to go - Jazz helped with the calls so I didn't have to worry about that.  We got close - but then a missile turret got through when we were at 6% or something and then we wiped on our last go for the night.  Well, at least Monday it will go down and we can at least get started on attempting Paragons.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Raiding - Chomp chomp chomp SPLAT

I had been panicking a little wondering about my healers.  Ravzz had been sick and had not logged in for 5 days, and I was worried.  Morz still had no computer - had it REALLY been 9 days since I saw my dear disc priest?  But, suddenly both of them were on, even though Ravzz told me he'd rather not raid if not needed since he was still doing poorly.  But it was back on, and off we went to our extended raid which had halted on Spoils.

Spoils needed a few goes and loot was all sharded.  Bleh.  Maybe we were rusty.  But that was nothing compared to Thok.

Jazz said she didn't mind being smooshed by Thok because we were so happy to have Morz back.  But man, Thok was just a nightmare yesterday.  We were transitioning way to early.  I tried not to stack with the others to make it not transition

You know Thok is going poorly when:

  • I am SERIOUSLY considering using treants instead of tree form in phase 1.  I wonder if those poor trees get interrupted during roar.
  • When I actually notice VE isn't on.  There was one attempt that health was so bad, and Jazz said that might have been her fault because she didn't get VE on and got interrupted.
  • I open my talents and check my gear after EVERY single wipe wondering if I should change anything.
WHY is it, when we do the first Phase 1 we are HARDLY even clumped and Thok transitions.  Yet, when we have fire phase and we're standing RIGHT ON TOP OF EACH OTHER it refuses to transition.  Damn you, you big scary dinosaur.

Sorry to say I was streaming for learning purposes.  I have no idea what anyone learned except that we sucked big time. Ugh.

So, I will be fresh and ready for Thok today.  Maybe I SHOULD ask Luxy to put healing tide totem at 12 instead of 15.... and I wonder what the hell else I forgot to do.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Navimie's Guilty Confession: Sometimes I am not a team player

I had an encounter the other day, which was not particularly out of the ordinary, but it upset me, and I have been thinking about it a lot, and why it upset me.

People talk about how horrible people are in LFR but before there was LFR those horrible people were in random battlegrounds.  Battlegrounds can be full of self righteous selfish people - whether it is about getting the most killing blows, doing the most damage/healing, chasing down someone on the other team who killed them before in a retaliation... and they may ignore all the tactics of the BG for their own agenda. You get used to that.

Another thing that is particularly common is that the loudest complaining person will be someone who is the worst geared or doing the least damage.  I see that a lot too.  Usually they will be yelling about how terrible we all are, and it is SO tempting to reply with some retort, but instead try to reply as politely as possible that they should leave if they don't like the game.  And, funnily enough, it's often a rogue or a hunter.  I'm sure that's just a coincidence.  Not saying they are problem players, but for some reason, 80% of the time it is one of those two classes.

So I thought I would try and queue as a DPS just to try it out - my damage is horrible but I need practice but though I queued as both damage and heals, I got a healer role so after I zoned into the battleground, I was switching back to heals spec and healer PvP gear.  It was Temple of Kotmogu and I was the only healer at that time.   DK, rogue, shaman and mage were some of the other classes there and I hadn't put symbiosis on because I was hoping I could find a hunter to symbiose in case I had to carry the damn ball.

"Hey druid," said one of the rogues.  "Ever heard of symbiosis? I hear it's good."

I ignored him at first.  I don't have to explain my reasons for not using symbiosis to anyone.  He kept going.  "Hey druid.  You gonna learn to play? Do you know what symbiosis is?"

I got a little bit irritated. Ok, maybe a lot irritated. "It won't be for you," I replied. I should have not said anything.  That was my mistake. I should have said I had just boosted this toon to 90.  A little implausible for a druid in full 550 ilvl PvP gear but maybe it would have been an amusing thing to say. Probably better, I should just have ignored him. Yes, opening my mouth when grumpy is bad bad bad.

Another healer joined, a resto shaman and off we went.  I ran to the only person who got an orb, a shadow priest and healed them and myself as I tried to get away from the hunters who were burning us down.  One of the alliance orb carriers were killed and it was up close to me but I was really busy so I didn't pick it up, and another alliance grabbed it.

"Nice pick up fail druid," said the rogue.  That was it, I thought to myself.  Not healing that dickhead.

The game turned around later, and horde managed to hold 3 orbs, with me holding one, a monk with the other and the rogue with yet another.  I was having fun running around one of the low rectangular boxes which gave nice line-of-sight issues from enemies, dodging a warrior and healing myself and the other rogue kindly dispatched the warrior and I kept him alive as I threw some heals on the monk but none on the rogue. He might have gotten a splash heal from wild growth but I wasn't going to directly heal him.  He died without heals and he said "Druid, heard of healing?"

"I don't heal assholes," I replied.  Ugh, why did I do that, I should not have said anything!  But at the time, I was irritated as hell and I hoped he would just leave the battleground.

"Heard of winning? How about you do your job and heal people?" That sentence may have been censored by me somewhat but I had already decided not to answer anymore.  I concentrated on my own job healing and we caught up from our 500 point gap to be almost 100 between us.  I had by then used symbiosis on the DK but the alliance could smell victory and were rallying hard to keep us from catching them.  The monk was yelling at people to get orbs.  We were about to lose.  The rogue yelled at me a few more times like when I couldn't get to an orb, or when I died with an orb, or when I let him die again for whatever reason - there was a shaman there, he could have healed him, I figured.  I wasn't even paying attention to him by then.

"No thanks to the fail druid," said the rogue, as the last points ticked.  "GG"

I did a smiley face into the BG chat.  I wasn't going to say anything about his crappy damage for that fight.  Can't do damage when you're dead from no heals.

When the game ended, I thought what a waste of time that was.  I had forgotten I was honour capped so I didn't gain any honour from that BG.  Also, no win so no bonus either and no ticks towards any achievements.  I guess there were some honour kills.  At least that was something.

Then, I actually started feeling terrible.  Why was I feeling upset?  I complained to someone that I was feeling upset about it, and they told me that it's just BGs, and that always happens, why would I feel bad?  I thought maybe it was because I was being singled out and being personally picked on, rather than someone ranting at everyone in the BG.

Godmother wrote a post yesterday "You get what you give" and she said:
It really doesn't have to be about you all the time, or your needs, or the loot or achievements. Being selfless isn't hard and it is often its own reward, especially when you understand what can be achieved if you don't automatically always put yourself first.
And I think that was what was making me feel sick inside.  It wasn't because some idiot decided to personally pick on me - since when has that ever bothered me? It was because I put my personal vendetta ahead of the team and that may have caused the team to fail.  Maybe I could have won that BG if I had healed that rogue.  Then again we might still have lost.  Where are all my grand moral stands on team play and unity now?  How petty am I to just not heal someone because they're being a dick? Am I no better than those people who think they are too good for a group and cause a wipe just because I can?  I felt bad thinking that I was no better than the tank in Godmother's group who got pissed off for being kicked and pulled the boss to wipe the raid.

I thought about whether I would do that again - not heal someone just because they were annoying the hell out of me.  And the sad answer?  Yes, I would do it again.  Perhaps that makes me a bad person. But consider this - does healing someone who is being a dick make them more likely to continue to being a dick?  If I don't heal them, will it change anything - will it make them stop being a dick? The answer is no - it doesn't matter what I do, they'll still be an asswipe.  So why then should it make any difference if I heal them or not heal them when their behaviour doesn't change and healing them may actually benefit me by getting a win?

I think for me personally, I was hoping to make it less fun for THEM.  If you don't get healed, you can'd do damage.  If you don't do damage, you look gimp compared to everyone else.  If I had healed him and he had done superb damage because he'd been alive, that would have just been more ammunition in his cannon fodder to lord it over everyone else.  Crappy reasoning, I know.  But it's food for thought for me, on whether I should suck it up so that I don't punish everyone else with my personal ego issues.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Raiding - No go on the SoO, instead we'll go do old heroics yo!

No Morz still and Ravz was nowhere to be seen but Drauka had a sneaking suspicion that he was unwell or had a family member unwell, so that may explain why we hadn't seen him all weekend.

So what to do?  There were a few options and we decided to do some old raids which were kinda hard and if we were gonna faceroll them it would be best to do it with our best geared players.  So off we went to do Heroic Heart of Fear and continue on on our extend in Heroic Throne of Thunder.

Heart of Fear was actually quite easy.  Amber-shaper was the stumbling block last time and we used brute force on it this time.  Empress too was a brute force fight and that was good for the guild achievement.

Then we went to Throne of Thunder we I reactivated the lock so we could start at Dark Animus which was our stumbling block last time. We had a few attempts but the Anima ring was making Exray die so that got changed around a bit and we brute forced that down as well.  As long as we didn't move... it was ok!

Iron Qon wasn't much of an issue (I think we ignored all mechanics) and then Twin Consorts we had a bit of trouble because we killed the moon consort and then had difficulty when the sun did this massive AOE effect which  killed us in 2 pulses but it's attenuated a bit by the icicles.  Anyway, it went down, and that was fine! My computer decided to freeze during Iron Qon so I didn't manage to screenshot the achievement :(

Then it was onto Lei Shen.  Not much time for Lei Shen but we had one attempt and we were a bit rusty!  Didn't get that far, but at least I've got a more progressed lockout to start from for future attempts!

New Achievements this past few weeks

Excluding all the fun runs and alts hitting 90, there have been still a few stray achievements to pick up.  The first one I got with my guildies after raid last Wednesday, and that was cool.  We managed to do most of the meta achieves too - and the one that we didn't get, I think everyone already had it.

Then the next day, Tacky convinced me to stay up late until the instances reset so we could do VoA whilst we still had Wintergrasp.  I tried to solo it for a little bit but I couldn't do it - so I waited for Tacky and Luxy to come and help me.  They made it SOOOO easy.

And an incidental PvP one.

And on Frostwolves Fun Runs a fortnight ago we managed to get Primordius down, but we're stuck now on Animus.  Need a fair bit of coordination still, I think!

Oh, and by the way, Luxy moved her priest over - I am OFFICIALLY (via the in the guild achievements, #2. Though on armory I have been #2 since Luxy joined Frostwolves on her shaman :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Minipost: Paying for Skyshards

Healers aren't really good at kill farming, and I honestly couldn't be bothered so when I saw someone selling an Alani kill for 20k I decided to take it.

Wow, she certainly dies fast...

And that was that. Loot for me!

Well, it's a lovely thing to add to my collection but boy, that seasickness from riding one... another thing collecting dust in my mount wardrobe.

Frostwolves Friday Fun Run - SoO Wing 3 and Terrace of the Endless Spring

I hate to muck up flex night on Saturdays so I thought it would be nice to do some of the meta achievements in there - but one wing at a time.  Naturally I'm a bit selfish, so I chose a wing that I needed things done, and we could never do on Saturday flex days, which was Wing 3 - Malkorok (Unlimited Potential), Spoils of Pandaria (Criss Cross), Thok (Mega Snail vs Giant Dinosaur).  We had Aimei, myself, Luxy, Tacky, Crooked, Drauka, Vexil (for the first boss), Kahrax, Daeneirys, Haevela and Faithless turn up. Putress also came on his rogue.

I was a little bit worried about the group make-up but Aimei was more worried than me. Especially with Criss Cross, I wasn't sure if we would make the time and the swaps!  Unlimited Potential was easy, and it turned out we had plenty of DPS for Criss Cross - all we did was clear our side, then start heading over using the chain, and not pull the handle till we're all across.  Worked out easily actually.

Then it was time to let Gary out of his cage.  Just hope nobody got run over!

And that turned out rather well.  Only one or two people died and we had plenty of healers to dispel and do healing so it all went rather swimmingly.

Then what to do what to do...

I decided that the easiest thing would be to do the Terrace of the Endless Spring on normal.  Will have to come back and do the first boss a few times so everyone can get that achievement (Power Overwhelming) as it requires you to kill the three Jinyu fishy dudes in a different order.

Then we did Who's got Two Green Thumbs, which is easy to do when you're healer heavy and overgeared for encouner.  Tsulong didn't even go into the golden phase and the tree didn't die.

This Face Clutchers one.. I never knew there were things in the water. Anyway, the only problem with that was that people kept killing theirs from cleave damage but we got it.

This one was a little more tricky and we wiped a few times when we stuffed it up but what the guys did who got feared to the Pagoda was hide whilst those who remained behind killed the Sha.  That worked well!  All in all a pretty good night and lots of achieves all round!  Shiny hands yay!  Though what am I doing to Kahrax's face??

Saturday, September 6, 2014

So, after 9 years, I have my first....

Max level ALT!

And no, it was not boosted. Minndy finally made it to 90!

Moorc (Lushnek/Aimei) and I decided to go around picking up the Treasures of Pandaria for XP, and that helped a chunk with the levelling. It was agonizingly slow before.  Then we were halfway through 89 and Drauka must have been bored and he offered to run us through some dungeons.  So we did Siege of Niuzao and Mogu'shan Palace and that got us to 90.  Yay!

Minndy has not been a very good master.  Her demonic minions are always getting left behind, aggroing random mobs whilst Minndy runs along oblivious to their plight.  Perhaps that's how true warlocks are supposed to be.

Everyone has been asking me what she is going to do. Is she going to gear up?  Is she going to run some LFR?  Is she going to raid??

I asked Minndy.  She said she would like to gear up and PvP.  I said to her that she will have to do her share of pet battling.  She didn't like that very much.  She also asked me if I could dress her nicely, like Navimie.  I said I would look for some appropriate clothing for her but that MIGHT require her to do some work.  Like going out and killing stuff.

She was all ok with that.  And she said she wanted to get a legendary cloak.  Do I look like Jazz or Nath to you?? Hell no.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Raiding - You win some you lose some

Wednesday was a good raid day. Thursday was not so good.

I mean it's not a really good comparsion.  Easy bosses were done on Wednesday and slightly harder ones done on Thursday.  Morz has been out of action both days as his computer is in the shop, and I was worried about Iron Juggernaut.  But, it turns out we didn't need to worry.

Immerseus went down ok with 2 heals (yay a 1 shot - phew!) and Protectors was easy enough.  Noru and Sha weren't any drama.  We started substituting the shamans in for Noru and Sha - suddenly we had 4 shamans and it was WEIRD!  I was thinking look at all that Ancestral guidance and Healing tide totems! I think Crooked got a tier piece.  Then we took them all to Galakras as well.  And wouldn't you know it, I don't think any of them used a Healing tide - I suppose we didn't really need it anyway.  The Galakras kill was nice and clean.  Aza picked up some new shoes somewhere along the way.  Happy that people are still getting loot!  I also started using my coin rolls for this chance of a "heroic warforged" - before long I won't have anything to roll on because we're extending so I might as well, right?

Then it was time for Iron Juggernaut.  I had been dreading it because we sometimes struggle to 3 heal it - what was 2 healing it going to be like?  I was hoping that with an extra DPS we wouldn't have a second siege phase because it would probably be really ugly!  But, shamans have such good cooldowns that I think that made the fight a lot easier to heal that I thought, and we also had an extra Anti magic zone from Drauka which helped for the last knockback and with the healing tide totems out that really helped, and can you believe it, we got it the second go.  Wewt!  So, next time, apparently we're going to have 1 healer and 1 tank and 8 DPS, and Morz is going to solo heal it and they're going to kill it before siege phase.

Dark Shamans needed two goes as well to get down - not the cleanest of kills but it was dead a few minutes after the end of raid, and Luxy got her trinket, yay!

Thursday was a slightly different matter.  Wiped a  bit on Nazgrim, and Drauka picked up a nice heroic warforged 1H weapon.  I took the tier token for my off-off-spec.  Then we were on Malkorok and Crooked came for a try or three and Jazz jumped out.  It's not easy for a first timer, especially a ranged, and we were also stuck with 2 melee which was really annoying too.  We didn't get it and Crooked jumped out and Jazz came back in.  Got Malkorok down, rolled our eyes at his loot and then on to Spoils.  Ravzz hadn't successfully killed Spoils yet, so I expected it would take some time, and it did.  We didn't get it, and I was the stuff up on the last attempt because Nath died and then I died trying to run over and rez him (I'm sure I stood in something bad).  It turned out later Nath stepped in something bad so it wasn't TOTALLY my fault, but deaths on my side always feel like my fault, so I felt a bit poopy after that.  Thank god Morz is back on Monday, so that I can sit out for Spoils!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Navispam - Those Brutes, Sisqi and Gamrok

Lately, I've been on a quest to find people who are still enjoying the game as much as I am.  It's not been easy - so many people are unhappy about the game and their reasons are totally valid, but it's just nice to find someone who thinks the same as me about WoW.  Who isn't bored by it, who isn't complaining about lack of new content, who isn't saying to me that their class is broken.  Finding people who still love the game for what it is makes me feel like I'm not totally crazy for still liking the game.

Sisqi started following me on Twitter a while back, and if people have a blog and they follow me, I reciprocate and then start reading their blog.  She was enthusiastic about WoW, and I think I went to her blogroll and clicked on one of the links there, which turned out to be Gamrokhttps://twitter.com/Gamrok4, her husband.  Their blogs were similar, yet different.  The layout was the same, but the words were different, and I wondered, why didn't they just write together, like MrandMrsWoW?

So I mentioned it to them.  AND GUESS WHAT!  They actually did it!

And would you believe it, they wrote a story and I was in it! The "He Said, She Said" perspective reminded me of one of my favourite romantic comedies of the same name.

I digress.  Anyway, how could I NOT visit them after that display of awesomeness!  They were online at the time of those tweets and they wondered... aren't I on a US server?  How would I visit them on EU? LOL, with magic!  So off I went to find them.

Now I'd forgotten that I had made a Navispam toon on that server before looking for them, and in hindsight, it would have been awesome to make a tauren druid, but I picked the total opposite - an orc warlock. Actually that's probably not a total opposite - an undead mage may be the total opposite... oh I'm digressing again...

I headed to Razor Hill, and it had been a while since I'd been there so I took a picture of my new Warchief and my High Chieftain.

Gamrok and Sisqi were off doing individual things but they made it to Razor Hill quick smart and there might have been some drinking...

Off to find a suitable photo place.  There were weird issues with me on the rocket.  I kept falling off, lagging and phasing.  Annoying as hell.  At least I got an achievement out of it.

Tried the ground mount for a bit but that wasn't much better.  Back on the rocket we went, and headed off to Winterspring, Sisqi's fave place.

The two had just joined a new guild, and I had perused both their characters - I wondered what it was that they both enjoyed?  They said that they often played in parallel rather than doing everything together, but they would do their dungeon/raid achievements together, and they were hoping to raid in WoD.  Hopefully their new guild would accommodate that!  Gamrok wanted to flex his muscles in front of the ladies... so we humoured him.

So a big thanks to Gamrok and Sisqi for having me and taking me around for some fun! I hope they have a little something to remember me by :D  And, of course, how could I not write Navimie's perspective of their hilarious story? :)


As a nature loving tauren, Navimie normally enjoyed the rain.  But she hated it when it rained in Durotar.

The orcs seemed to love these barren deserts, but there was something unnatural about them.  Even when it rained, nothing grew.  Perhaps those orc warlocks, experimenting with those magics that drained the essences of life itself to be twisted into fel magic, had left only the hardiest of life forms behind - cockroaches, beetles, scorpions, weed-like grasses - and it took a more discerning eye than Navimie's to see the beauty in those creatures.

Navimie had been pet battling with Zunta just south of Thunder Ridge, and was wandering even farther south trying to capture another rare scorpid to use for more battle challenges when the first fat drops began to fall.  She glowered at the sky and quickly shifted to flight form to try to escape the impending downpour but rain was always an all or nothing event in Durotar - within seconds her feathers were soaked and her wings began to falter and she dropped from the sky.  It wasn't far to fall, but she hadn't managed to shift into cat form fast enough and she hit the ground with an unceremonial thud.  Navimie let out an unladylike expletive when she shifted back into tauren form and glanced around in embarrassment, wondering if anyone had witnessed her ungainly fall.  She sighed as she looked at the mud on her clothing and resignedly shifted into stag form, and sprinted to Razor Hill.

The inn at Razor Hill was not known for its fine food or strong drink - it was often the haunt of younger trolls and orcs as they worked on making a name for themselves.  However, there were some seasoned looking veterans at the inn, and Navimie sat the table, and ordered a moonberry juice - even the orcs couldn't do THAT wrong.  Or, she thought, grimacing as she took a sip, maybe they could.

The innkeeper, Grosk, was happy to lighten her hefty bags.  Navimie's bags were always full and she was too busy trying to bargain a better price for all her leavings that she barely noticed the Kor'kron warrior at the next table, his voice increasing with volume the more he had to drink.

"Who dares defy the will of the Warchief!" roared the Orc.  "Malkorok himself will be here in a few days and he will purge all of you who do not follow the path of the TRUE Horde!"  The orc turned to face Navimie and she tried to avoid eye contact.

"You taurens," sneered the Orc, as he lumbered towards her.  "You lack even the hearts of  true warriors, communing with the spirits and begging their permission when they should be yours to command!"

"Hey, now," drawled a brawny orc hunter, as he rose from his chair in the corner of the room where he sat with a female orc hunter.  The female had her hand out keeping their wolves beneath the table, though Navimie could see their hackles were raised but they obediently remained silent.  "That's no way to talk to a lady."

"LADY!" spat the orc.  "That's a title fit for the MALES of her species."  The orc turned his eyes to Navimie who tensed in her seat.  "Though with these tauren, it's sometimes a little hard to tell a male from female."

Navimie went to rise in indignation, but the orc female hunter sprang to her feet and shook her head at Navimie, her movements stealthy as the male hunter drew the orc's attention to himself, and away from Navimie and his mate.

A troll warrior cautioned the orc hunter.  "Hunter, wait, he is Malkorok's...." but the hunter stepped on, the warning unheeded.

"Maybe you didn't hear me right," drawled the hunter, as he grabbed the Kor'kron's shoulder and swung him around to face him.  The Kor'kron snarled and the hunter screwed up his face and waved his hand in front of his face.  "By Hellfire your breath stinks!"

The Kor'kron orc warrior's axe appeared in his hand as he roared incomprehensibly at the hunter, who adeptly dodged the axe swing and smashed his fist into the Kor'kron's jaw with an audible crunch.  However, the hunter was not quick enough to dodge the kick from the falling orc, and he caught the full brunt of it with the left side of his face, snapping his neck back but did not even stop the hunter in his stride.

"I am Malkorok's right hand!" roared the Orc.  "Malkorok, the chief advisor to the warchief himself!  You will pay for this insult, hunter!"

"Well, Malborok or whatever your name is," said the hunter, wiping his nose as blood poured down his lip.  "My name is Gamrok and I'll show you how you should be treating the LADIES..."

Navimie watched in fascination and mild horror as the two orcs wrestled with each other.  Gamrok looked like he had the upper hand, twisting the Kor'kron's arm behind him, but was then winded with an elbow to the gut which forced him to release his hold and the Kor'kron's clasped fists smashed into the back of Gamrok's neck and he fell to the floor, stunned.  The Kor'kron hefted his axe and prepared to make a downward maiming swing.

The female orc hunter leapt into the fray and smashed a large bottle over the Kor'kron's head, and he collapsed to the floor with a strangled cry.  She then sauntered back to her table to finish her roasted boar, as if nothing had happened.  Gamrok had missed his mate's intervention, and moaned as he stumbled ot his feet, catching his breath.  He eyed the unconscious Kor'kron and roared with laughter.  "I told you not to trifle with me, Kor'kron.  Siskie babe, don't you get up, you finish your food, I'll clean up this mess." Navimie gaped at Gamrok as he winked at her and then she glanced over to Siskie, who winked slyly at her as she continued eating.  Navimie wasn't quite sure what to say.  Gamrok has dragging the Kor'kron out of the inn, depositing him next to a water trough.  Navimie got up and followed him outside.  The other customers had already vacated the inn when the fighting began.

"Navimie," she said, inclining her head graciously by way of introduction.  By the earthmother, Gamrok was drunk as a skunk. He probably hadn't even felt half his injuries. Lucky this inn was BYO - you couldn't get drunk on any of the drink they sold here.

"Navy me?" he said, loudly, "You want me to Navy you? Baby, I don't speak much Taurahe but I'm already taken, by that there fine woman," and he gestured vaguely in the direction where Siskie sat.  Navimie smiled and surreptiously wove a rejuvenation over Gamrok, and the bleeding from his nose stopped and his jaw looked  a little less swollen.  She walked over to Siskie and thanked her for the assistance.

"I'm sure you would have done the same, Navimie," said Siskie, smiling.  "I'd offer you some drink but I had to waste it on that Kor'kron filth... damn, that was a good bottle," she said, with a sigh.

The rain had stopped so Navimie decided it was time to leave, before more of Malkorok's forces came to investigate.  Gamrok threw himself noisily into the chair and looked around, searchingly.

"Siskie!  What happened to our bloody bottle of Pandaren Plum Wine?"

"I finished it, you great oaf.  You were too busy to notice."  Siskie glanced at Navimie and grinned, and Navimie grinned back, as she shifted to flight form and flew towards Orgrimmar.