Frostwolves Friday Fun Run - SoO Wing 3 and Terrace of the Endless Spring

I hate to muck up flex night on Saturdays so I thought it would be nice to do some of the meta achievements in there - but one wing at a time.  Naturally I'm a bit selfish, so I chose a wing that I needed things done, and we could never do on Saturday flex days, which was Wing 3 - Malkorok (Unlimited Potential), Spoils of Pandaria (Criss Cross), Thok (Mega Snail vs Giant Dinosaur).  We had Aimei, myself, Luxy, Tacky, Crooked, Drauka, Vexil (for the first boss), Kahrax, Daeneirys, Haevela and Faithless turn up. Putress also came on his rogue.

I was a little bit worried about the group make-up but Aimei was more worried than me. Especially with Criss Cross, I wasn't sure if we would make the time and the swaps!  Unlimited Potential was easy, and it turned out we had plenty of DPS for Criss Cross - all we did was clear our side, then start heading over using the chain, and not pull the handle till we're all across.  Worked out easily actually.

Then it was time to let Gary out of his cage.  Just hope nobody got run over!

And that turned out rather well.  Only one or two people died and we had plenty of healers to dispel and do healing so it all went rather swimmingly.

Then what to do what to do...

I decided that the easiest thing would be to do the Terrace of the Endless Spring on normal.  Will have to come back and do the first boss a few times so everyone can get that achievement (Power Overwhelming) as it requires you to kill the three Jinyu fishy dudes in a different order.

Then we did Who's got Two Green Thumbs, which is easy to do when you're healer heavy and overgeared for encouner.  Tsulong didn't even go into the golden phase and the tree didn't die.

This Face Clutchers one.. I never knew there were things in the water. Anyway, the only problem with that was that people kept killing theirs from cleave damage but we got it.

This one was a little more tricky and we wiped a few times when we stuffed it up but what the guys did who got feared to the Pagoda was hide whilst those who remained behind killed the Sha.  That worked well!  All in all a pretty good night and lots of achieves all round!  Shiny hands yay!  Though what am I doing to Kahrax's face??