PvP: A surge in interest

Interestingly, as people are getting bored with the game in general, there seems to be more interest in PvP.  I wonder if even the hardcore PvPers are sick of the game and off doing other things.  But guildies are keen to PvP and that's a good thing!

Sars and Crooked are more interested in PvP at the moment (funny, I thought they would love PvP since they both come from PvP servers), and Luxy, our only resident High Warlord, seems always happy to PvP with friends.  With Licks, Sars' friend, also PvPing, it is easy to get a group going, and PvP is always more fun with friends.  And Licks liked hanging out so much he server transferred and joined Frostwolves.  Woot for a new member!

On Saturday night even Aza was doing BGs with them!  I was a little bummed I couldn't do any group PvP with them and tried to queue solo - ugh boring! I am sure when Shab gets back he will be happy to find there are lots of people to PvP with. I managed to get one game in on Saturday night with everyone before I had to leave (I was being interviewed by Hawgeye for Blizzcon CD).  But Sunday night was a bit of a stuff up because someone might have fallen asleep and woken up close to 1am... but my guildies were still going.

It was a good round of BGs and we won every one.  Even I got an achievement!  Crooked and Sars were raking in the achievements too.

I felt a bit guilty for being an achievement hunter in BGs.  Shab would tsk tsk me.  But Luxy and Sars and Crooked are all for achievements so they helped me get another one in Eye of the Storm.

I felt like a bad player, running from base to base with the guys so I could just get kills for the achievement.  I am normally a base guarder, on heal duty for the FC and generally playing defence. Boring, but someone has to do it.  And being a gloryhound doesn't win games.  But it might get you achievements!

Even Exray and Lushen are getting into PvP!  Who knows, we might have enough for a guild RBG! But more PvPers is good - hopefully Shab will have more non raiders to play with during his play times.  I worry that I will lose my dear PvP friends if our guild just focuses on PvE.  But it's exciting times and I am welcoming this sudden surge of PvP interest, yay!


  1. Also, if you ever feel like tackling the bloody coins I'd love to try and assist. I doubt I'd get far on my own.


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