OMG this will have to be a guild REQUIREMENT for Frostwolves!

It's no secret that I am excited about Warlords of Draenor because we will see the Orc clan for which our guild was named and hanging around a lot with Durotan, the great Frostwolf Chieftain.

Once upon a time we had a half-joke saying that all guild members should have Frostwolf Howler mounts.  And most of us do.

But I read this on Bubbles of Mischief, from the PTR, and was VERY excited:
I had just completed a common Draenor project in Frostfire when the next one revealed the Ancient Frostwolf Fang: 
"In life, no two creatures will share a stronger relationship than that of a Frostwolf orc and his or her companion wolf. The two eat, sleep, and fight side by side until one or both dies an honorable death. Even then, sometimes not even death itself can stop a frostwolf from coming to the aid of its beloved orc."
This gives you the Frostwolf Ghostpup.

The picture is from Bubbles of Mischief, as I have not done the PTR quest myself, but it is all kinds of awesome. It's a battle pet. It's ADORABLE. And it's a FROSTWOLF.

Need I say more?  Frostwolves, I just have found yet another reason to be excited about the expansion.  BRING IT ON!  And yes, this will be a guild requirement!  The GM has spoken.


  1. So cute! But surely there is a non-ghost Frostwolf Pup, right?

    1. Ghosty one for Ghost Wolves! :D

    2. Maybe the ghost wolf rank should have one as a requirement!

  2. Who knows Tacky? :D maybe! Maybe not!

  3. I so desperately want to play again! I hope to be back soon.

    1. Look forward to seeing you back some time soon Zwing!

  4. If I was in your guild, I would completely approve of this!
    Heck, I'm not and I still fully approve. It's such an adorable pet. ;v; I know I'll have to try and snag one myself!

    I also spy someone on a non Frostwolf Howler there!


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