New Achievements this past few weeks

Excluding all the fun runs and alts hitting 90, there have been still a few stray achievements to pick up.  The first one I got with my guildies after raid last Wednesday, and that was cool.  We managed to do most of the meta achieves too - and the one that we didn't get, I think everyone already had it.

Then the next day, Tacky convinced me to stay up late until the instances reset so we could do VoA whilst we still had Wintergrasp.  I tried to solo it for a little bit but I couldn't do it - so I waited for Tacky and Luxy to come and help me.  They made it SOOOO easy.

And an incidental PvP one.

And on Frostwolves Fun Runs a fortnight ago we managed to get Primordius down, but we're stuck now on Animus.  Need a fair bit of coordination still, I think!

Oh, and by the way, Luxy moved her priest over - I am OFFICIALLY (via the in the guild achievements, #2. Though on armory I have been #2 since Luxy joined Frostwolves on her shaman :)