Raiding - No go on the SoO, instead we'll go do old heroics yo!

No Morz still and Ravz was nowhere to be seen but Drauka had a sneaking suspicion that he was unwell or had a family member unwell, so that may explain why we hadn't seen him all weekend.

So what to do?  There were a few options and we decided to do some old raids which were kinda hard and if we were gonna faceroll them it would be best to do it with our best geared players.  So off we went to do Heroic Heart of Fear and continue on on our extend in Heroic Throne of Thunder.

Heart of Fear was actually quite easy.  Amber-shaper was the stumbling block last time and we used brute force on it this time.  Empress too was a brute force fight and that was good for the guild achievement.

Then we went to Throne of Thunder we I reactivated the lock so we could start at Dark Animus which was our stumbling block last time. We had a few attempts but the Anima ring was making Exray die so that got changed around a bit and we brute forced that down as well.  As long as we didn't move... it was ok!

Iron Qon wasn't much of an issue (I think we ignored all mechanics) and then Twin Consorts we had a bit of trouble because we killed the moon consort and then had difficulty when the sun did this massive AOE effect which  killed us in 2 pulses but it's attenuated a bit by the icicles.  Anyway, it went down, and that was fine! My computer decided to freeze during Iron Qon so I didn't manage to screenshot the achievement :(

Then it was onto Lei Shen.  Not much time for Lei Shen but we had one attempt and we were a bit rusty!  Didn't get that far, but at least I've got a more progressed lockout to start from for future attempts!