Raiding - Chomp chomp chomp SPLAT

I had been panicking a little wondering about my healers.  Ravzz had been sick and had not logged in for 5 days, and I was worried.  Morz still had no computer - had it REALLY been 9 days since I saw my dear disc priest?  But, suddenly both of them were on, even though Ravzz told me he'd rather not raid if not needed since he was still doing poorly.  But it was back on, and off we went to our extended raid which had halted on Spoils.

Spoils needed a few goes and loot was all sharded.  Bleh.  Maybe we were rusty.  But that was nothing compared to Thok.

Jazz said she didn't mind being smooshed by Thok because we were so happy to have Morz back.  But man, Thok was just a nightmare yesterday.  We were transitioning way to early.  I tried not to stack with the others to make it not transition

You know Thok is going poorly when:

  • I am SERIOUSLY considering using treants instead of tree form in phase 1.  I wonder if those poor trees get interrupted during roar.
  • When I actually notice VE isn't on.  There was one attempt that health was so bad, and Jazz said that might have been her fault because she didn't get VE on and got interrupted.
  • I open my talents and check my gear after EVERY single wipe wondering if I should change anything.
WHY is it, when we do the first Phase 1 we are HARDLY even clumped and Thok transitions.  Yet, when we have fire phase and we're standing RIGHT ON TOP OF EACH OTHER it refuses to transition.  Damn you, you big scary dinosaur.

Sorry to say I was streaming for learning purposes.  I have no idea what anyone learned except that we sucked big time. Ugh.

So, I will be fresh and ready for Thok today.  Maybe I SHOULD ask Luxy to put healing tide totem at 12 instead of 15.... and I wonder what the hell else I forgot to do.