Achievements - A nice round number!

There are so many achievements under Lich King Raid - that 10 and 25 man achievement thing was just made so many achievements!  One of the ones I had great difficulty doing was Nerf Scrapbots (10man).  Trying to keep them away from the boss is so hard, and especially at our gear level when we keep killing them just by breathing on them!

Unfortunately, we had to get Tacky on his mage to get the achievement, so I will have to come back and help him get it on Tacky.  But after wiping for ages last night trying to get it, we got it with a combination of Tacky, Hk and Luxy's mage, Lacrox, myself, Crooked and Faithless.  We ended up putting XT on one side of the room and hoping for good RNG and piles of bots coming out of the furthest piles.  Putting it in the middle was bad and we couldn't keep the little robots away before they got destroyed from CC damage or dying from pets or being consumed by XT.

Did some for Faith but was really trying to get some for Lac since he came along - he doesn't often hang out with me so I wanted to have something to show for it.  Got him the Iron Dwarf , Medium rare.  And you know, it's different - Razorscale doesn't kill us with enrage anymore!

OMG, I was at 19990.  I needed one more achievement.  You know, I actually wanted to do Ulduar just to get 25 man Who needs Bloodlust, but after that huge effort on XT, I couldn't face doing anymore.

So what to do now?  I thought I'd chill out on the isle.  Crooked decided to keep me company and rep farm with me.  I was going to camp rares, but when there's company, Shaohao rep farming isn't so horrible.  Luxy came to help us but poor Luxy got separated from us when we got distracted by rares and the like that she died a lot. Poor Tacky felt bad, he was our dedicated healer.  But it was a bit after 1am when I finally hit exalted.

Woo! I hit the magic number!

So that was exciting!  Luxy told me to enjoy it while I could - because once 6.0 or WoD hits, a whole bunch of achievements will be converted into Feats of Strength and my achievement points will go down.  I still have a few achievements I need to work on... but maybe I'll just sit and look at the pretty number for a while.


  1. Congrats, that is a sweet number. And congrats on nerf scrapbots too. That is one of the ones I am still missing, can never seem to get it no matter how we try.

    1. It was a long time coming - it is still a hard achievement! But what we did seemed to work - stack XT on a far wall and hope RNG is good and focus on CC'ing the mobs that come out from the far piles. If you're lucky, if you have almost enough and then some spawn from the closer piles, you can kill those and the back piles at the same time and get the achievement.

  2. Congrats Navi!

    Also, feral druid Navimie? Whaaaaat?



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